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  1. 27 minutes ago, UNT 90 Grad said:

    1986 Plano East grad here.  I miss the days of dominance in Plano ISD football (prior to the birth of Plano West).   Made me recall this playoff game between PESH and John Tyler.   Amazing comeback for not.  An exciting watch for those that haven’t seen it.

    I graduated in 1989 so fall of 1988 was my senior year when we beat Plano 26-0.  I followed Plano football growing up in Plano in the 70's but my blood turned Black and Gold when East opened.  John Clark was a great AD but things started to slip with Kimbrough and spiraled out of control under Brence (Brence was not well liked even when he was HC at Plano).  I'm glad they went outside the district to hire the new AD. 

    I was at that East - John Tyler playoff game.  Tyler physically dominated the game and we were really, really, really lucky to get back into it with those onside kicks.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, MeanGreen13 said:

    I belive Golf is next! The Bruzzy practice joint or something like that. 

    The next big thing on the agenda is updating and greatly increasing the size of the weight room and athletic center.  However, someone came in with a big check and the golf team is getting bumped to the head of the line.  That's how these things work to some extent. 

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Christopher Walker said:

    Given the new CFB paradigms of early signing day in December, I fully expect to see coaching change announcements this week.

    You want to let recruits know that the program is serious and inject some energy into a dismal season at a pivotal time right ahead of our most important signing period.

    Had we won and kept ourselves in contention for a bowl game, we could have protracted this process through the end of the calendar year. To me the only potential silver lining to yesterday is pushing up the HR processes.

    I was thinking the opposite. These recruits have bonded with this coaching staff.  Upsetting that would be more disruptive.  I expect any coaching change won't be announced until after the season and probably not until they have to.   

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