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  1. We need 2 club tickets for Marshall on Oct. 8. Location doesn't matter. PM me asap. Thanks. GMG! Got 'em
  2. Please do not insult this young man. He has shown this university nothing but the utmost respect. Full disclosure: my husband is a member of the Choctaw Tribe. GMG!
  3. Think I read they remodeled and it only holds 47k now. GMG!
  4. South Alabama win over Mississippi State 21-20! Wow! GMG!
  5. Yeah, saw a couple, white with green stripes and I think black. I think they were regular knit, not the slick material.
  6. Checked out the new Rally House. Pretty decent selection. It's off of 121 next to Petsmart. There's a couple more racks not in the picture, including some women's and kids stuff. GMG!
  7. New Rally House opens in Euless August 26th. Off of hwy 121 near PetSmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond where old CompuServe store was. Will check it out and report. GMG!
  8. Johnny Quinn and Patrick Cobbs at one of the early Football 101 clinics for women. (August 2005) GMG!
  9. Granddaughter and son-in-law at the spring game. GMG!
  10. Got it! Somebody take a screen shot! GMG!
  11. I guess the difference to me is I think he is sincere, whereas Mac was giving us total coach speak. Coach Littrell never once mentioned being on a national championship team or being team captain at OU. He talked about being in the same situation as a player at OU that our players are in now, adapting to new leadership. I felt that he was genuinely trying to answer the question. I understand your cynicism, but I choose to have hope. GMG!
  12. I don't think anyone has mentioned that there are plans to beef up our social media use. Coach said they're looking to hire a couple of people to help with that. GMG!
  13. This is exactly what he did. Coach is tired of people asking "why North Texas? He told us "why not." A goldmine of hs players and coaches in the surrounding four counties, passionate alumni and fans, large student body, great university and more I can't remember (old age.) Glad we went. GMG!
  14. I don't think Jitter Nolan does? GMG!
  15. Haven't been robocalled yet, but haven't been called about renewing our club seats either. GMG!
  16. Five of us coming including our granddaughter who loves her "Mean Geen." ?? GMG!
  17. Watching the Texas Relays and they're STILL calling us North Texas State! Repeatedly! GMG!
  18. I did sit in front of Silver at Fouts. Was knocked aside and jumped over by member of said coaching staff. Fun times! GMG!
  19. We're going since we live in the mid cities. Never been to the new venue before. Hope springs eternal. GMG!
  20. Is this game at 7 or 7:30? I've seen both times and no answer at the ticket office. GMG!
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