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  1. Anyone know what the deadline for renewing is? Looked but couldn’t find anything. Thanks. GMG!
  2. TuneIn keeps giving me an error. Can we not listen there any more? well, it’s working if you select North Texas live shows. North Texas football doesn’t work anymore(the link, I mean)
  3. Family can’t go. PM me if you are interested. $120 each for the club CL08 row 5 (face value $130). $30 each for sec 105 row 10. Blue parking for each.
  4. Can’t come. Compromised immune system. Large crowd. Extremely pissed! 😠 Damn virus! GMG!
  5. Search Facebook watch in Facebook. GMG!
  6. Will have to miss this one. Creeping crud has taken over our house. Hoping to be well enough to come Saturday. Will be watching on espn3. GMG!
  7. I thought the same thing, but I think she is saying MTSU. GMG!
  8. Welp, she might have been saying MTSU and I misunderstood. My bad if that was the case! GMG!
  9. She’s not even old enough to remember NTSU! GMG!
  10. Talked to Josh White at the UTSA game. He was saying how important the crowd and especially the “Pit Crew” was to the success of the team. Students need to step up. Won’t forget how the kids behind the visitor’s bench got in the player’s and coach’s heads. Wild and crazy! GMG!
  11. Attendance creeping up. 2729. GMG!
  12. Unbelievable! Scared my cat screaming! 😄 GMG!
  13. Ladies won over wku, 61-54. GMG!
  14. Heard 5,600+ For attendance. I’m sure the ou fans were expecting an easy win. Fooled you! GMG!
  15. Thanks GreeN’walinsVet. Forgot we could do that. All signed up and ready to go! GMG!
  16. Apparently Sling is not offering a free trial. I have been all over their website looking for one. Unfortunately I already used Fubo for the Cal game. Guess it’s radio for me. GMG!
  17. We’re driving up. Going to eat at NY sub first. GMG!
  18. Yes, several wasps in 105. GMG!
  19. They knew Mac was gone. Weren’t supposed to find out until after the game, but it leaked. GMG!
  20. Need 2 club tickets for MTSU game on Oct. 19. Don't have to be together and can be anywhere. PM me. Thank you. GMG! got 'em thanks
  21. PAC 12 Bay Area is showing it and shows this channel available on FUBO (if I am reading their listings correctly.) GMG!
  22. Yes, Uverse dropped the PAC 12 and the NFL networks. About to drop Uverse. 😠 GMG!
  23. Anyone know of any watch parties besides the one in Allen? Uverse has dumped the Pac 12 network. We are in the mid-cities. Any in Denton? Fort Worth? Help! GMG!
  24. I seem to recall that picking up at will call last game at Ford was pandemonium. Seems like it took forever and people missed a lot of the game. GMG!
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