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  1. Until the freshmen get here there are only those 5 DTs, if he wasn't on the list then it would have been a huge problem.
  2. The experienced head coach thing that everyone seems to want, right?
  3. Really nice yards per catch and lots of TDs for that few receptions.
  4. I am interested in the assumption I see here that Buyers is secure at one corner. I'm not so sure about that really. He is a helluva tackler but I can see a better cover guy taking his starting spot.
  5. Around 20 offers now. Committed and now de-committed from Kansas.
  6. I agree in some ways, but I think the D-line will be at worst the same as last year and likely better. I hate that we lost Watson to injury though. Wallace really stepped up his game the end of the season and Orr is solid more or less. We have played our best with a strong rotation, so my question is how will the depth be? I would love to see 3 deep at each position you mentioned. It would be great if at least one of these big freshmen are ready to go from day 1 - as well as Tauaallo and Haboul. Really need Haboul (2012 class) to step up and provide some of that depth. The JUCO kid can plug i
  7. And then we see another post about 5 home games and AD leadership.. I think that I have to put OT pretty much at 1A. Obviously QB play HAS to be #1, but the inability to fill the OT spot that Lemon ended up taking was a close second for me on why things went wrong last year. I love Cyril Lemon, but he was not an All-Conference Tackle. I think that if someone from that pool of current players was good enough, they would have played. McKinney was not as good as Lemon would have been at Guard by a long shot and Lemon at Tackle was not as good as a true Tackle would have been either. And now w
  8. Maybe because there are countless threads more appropriate than a position battles thread? So...any true candidate for OT? Which incoming recruits set to impact the defensive line?
  9. Up to 21 offers according to Scout. Most are major programs.
  10. http://recruiting.scout.com/story/1523278-east-texas-weekly-recruiting-notebook "The East Texas offensive line duo of Austin Anderson and Riley Anderson accounted for seven new offers during the past week. TCU, SMU, and Kansas State offered both brothers, while Austin also picked up an offer from Vanderbilt. Austin Anderson now holds 16 offers, while Riley Anderson has 15. The Vanderbilt offer is the only difference in their offer lists."
  11. I think the agenda part is clear in the justification for posting on the football board. I am very pleased with coach Kee and I agree she and the girls need to be lauded.
  12. They were for sale after the bowl but when I tried to buy one later in the year they had stopped selling them.
  13. If it isn't being used elsewhere in a Texas rivalry then I would suggest the Battle of Gonzales "Come and Take It" flag. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Texas_Flag_Come_and_Take_It.svg
  14. Hence me saying that I hope the freshmen come ready to play.
  15. Three on scholarship at a position where we have sometimes had three on the field at the same time. Plus two of those three have shown zero to this point.
  16. No Freddie Warner. Damn I hate to see that.
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