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  1. On 6/30/2022 at 6:17 AM, Pellom said:


    I don’t know if Gunnell is the answer. But if he has the moxie to stand in there and make the designed throws, I think it will go a long way. 

    And this is what actually made Fine a great QB. He made throws others QBs don’t make (see UTSA throw to Rico) bc he was willing to hang in the pocket long enough for the play to develop. Others bail out sooner and the throw doesn’t happen. How many times did Fine complete a pass and end up flat on his back? 

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  2. 8 hours ago, SMU2006 said:

    PAC desperately needs exposure in the CST to survive.  Academically it fits well with the PAC.  From a football perspective we've been ranked in the Top 20 in each of the last three seasons and will break ground on a $100m renovation and expansion of Ford.

    Tons of PAC alums live in DFW.  Is it a slam dunk?  No.  But I'd wager SMU is higher on the food chain for the PAC than Baylor, UH, Tech and the other academic space cadets of the Big 12.

    Both Tech and Baylor have recent basketball national championships. 

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  3. On 6/30/2022 at 10:55 PM, ntmeangreen11 said:


    We are not going to win more than 5 games this season and I would bet everything I had on that.

    I’ll take that bet. I am not a huge Seth supporter but the schedule is favorable and the pieces largely seem to be in place. 
    But I don’t want to take all your money, so let’s make this a realistic bet and help the program:

    Loser makes a $100 donation to the MGSF and posts the receipt here on GMG. 


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  4. Been a fan since around 1997 and this isn’t even in my top five low morale points. We were terrible late 90s, with Dickey a breath away from getting fired after his first couple of years before the early 2000s run. Then immediate after that we were right back down. Anyone else remember that Tulsa shellacking that burst our bubbles in 2005? 
    Then every year of the Dodge years after that initial infusion of energy about the hire. There was essentially little improvement from game one to the last of his tenure. 
    Then the 2014 and especially 2015 seasons felt much worse than this. Our QBs the last couple of years have been pedestrian but NOTHING like the futility of Mac’s last two seasons. Those were much worse. 
    My morale isn’t great after losing the bowl game and then a handful of our top starters. Those losses are going to be hard to replace. But again, coming off a season where the coach actually adapted the offense to its strengths (something we didn’t see often over the last decade+) and fought back from a deep hole and seemingly did not lose the team isn’t going to make me jump off my sports bridge. I am in no way completely  satisfied with where the program is today but at least we have a stronger program overall than at anytime during my fandom. I don’t feel the helplessness that I felt at other times over the last 25 years. In part, this is because I think this season might be ok. In part, it’s because I have faith in the AD and we have the resources to make a good replacement hire if needed. 
    So to all of you sky is falling types:

    stripes lighten GIF

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  5. 12 hours ago, greenminer said:

    I was there and don't remember that at all.  Did that involve more than 10 people?

    I spent most of the game under our tailgate tent with two fires going while watching it on the scoreboard screen. We went to the stands a couple of times but it was just too miserable. I definitely remember ironically storming the field after. We were mostly glad it was finally over more than the W. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, MGNation92 said:

    I've been a fan since 2013, and this is by far my lowest point. 2015 sucked, but McCarney was fired so there was hope for a change.

    I feel like we're gonna be 5-7 or 6-6 every year as long as we have Littrell with no end in sight. That's the most disheartening part.

    game of thrones you know nothing GIF

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  7. 3 hours ago, UNT 90 Grad said:

    There was a feature where you could add your own music for certain points in the game for teams.  For example, I added a recording of our fight song for UNT scores and Welcome to the Jungle for kickoffs.  Also had Hey Baby (or whatever it’s called) for the end of 3rd quarters.   Goofy, but kinda fun. 


    14 hours ago, Texas Stranger said:

    If someone submits 'Hey baby' I will cut a bitch

    Super Troopers Shut Up GIF by Searchlight Pictures

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  8. 17 minutes ago, Tom McKrackin said:

    I really see some potential with Tulane.  First we have a lot more in common with them academically than say a UTSA or that type of school.   Sort of a battle of the green type of theme.  I also think they have a ton of DFW and Texas alumni who will be interested to coming to Denton for the games which is nice.

    Tulane is not in any way a natural rival to NT. They would be a natural rival to Rice perhaps but they have much different academic standards than us and are too far away to be a rival. Plus we have barely played them. 
    If we are going to strive to have a rival that is academically out of reach I would suggest Rice since they are in-state foes. 

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  9. On 6/11/2022 at 12:46 AM, Pellom said:

    I imagine it will drop down quite a bit - but man, not having to play on Stadium and CBS Sports Network is such an added benefit itself. 

    I tend to believe UNT (and schools like us) will probably need to strike while the iron is hot in regards to the new TV money because, as you said, it won’t last. This is our one chance to hire a legitimate HC with a track record. Or, of course, to build a new basketball arena or start up a baseball program. 

    Ironically our “terrible” tv deal is the only reason I get to watch the games overseas since they are all online. 

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  10. This thread is the perfect snapshot of this fan base. Everyone wants us to be a top notch program but no one wants to pay for it. I don’t think most of you realize exactly how cheap it is to be a North Texas fan. Our Club donation requirement is probably about what it costs to sit in the second tier at a real top school. 
    I am not the type to tell fans to go away or anything like that, but I honestly don’t understand the mentality I am hearing here. Two major themes: 1) “I am not here to support the school or the students - just want to see a winning team.” 2) “We aren’t as good as I want (or something has happened I don’t like) so I will stop giving money to support the program but I still expect them to have a top tier program.”

    Both of these positions are in my opinion indefensible. They sound like the fans of a pro team and not those of their alma mater. If you don’t want to support the program anymore that’s your business. But stop expecting the program to keep going forward if the money starts drying up - especially since some here seem to be actively trying to encourage others to stop buying/giving. 

    People complaining about “not getting enough” for a friggin’ donation. Good lord. 

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  11. 9 hours ago, UNTcrazy727 said:

    Not sure if this is still correct, but in past seasons it was cheaper to buy blue lot parking on a week-to-week basis rather than for the whole season. To get 1 blue lot pass for the season you have to donate at least $300 to the MGSF, but if you bought a parking pass each home game it only totals $180. There is NO OTHER BENEFIT for donating at the $300-$699 level other than 1 blue parking pass so you're not getting your value else where. Its just a shitty deal. 

    No other value than supporting student athlete scholarships?  It isn’t a purchase that you are getting ripped off on, it’s a DONATION to your school that happens to have benefits. 

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