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  1. Now up to 9 offers, including Houston and SMU. LaLa offered today.
  2. https://247sports.com/Player/Jordyn-Morgan-46079906/ 12 other offers including Houston. AF, IowaSt, Vandy
  3. Completely overlooked Duke, thanks.
  4. I assume it will be situational. If we have 25 top guys we want, then we will sign them. If we are short a couple, we sign what we have and aggressively pursue recruits still chasing after P5’s or late qualifiers. What I like about last year is that it shows we can sign a class early, which tells recruits they need to get on board before December. I think that helps us and might help change perceptions that little ole UNT will always be an option if you don’t end up with that UT/ATM/OU offer that was never really going to come.
  5. We signed all 3 stars last December and you are doubting the strategy?
  6. Picked up an offer from Cal. First P5, but up to 19 total offers including FCS and UTSA. https://247sports.com/player/wesley-ndago-46080262/
  7. I am going to just leave this here:
  8. Colorado offered. Now up to 17 offers, best of which are Pac12.
  9. Might have to keep someone in spy mode to contain his scrambling, assuming we can get pressure.
  10. Kansas State offered. Now up to 15 offers including PAC12, Big10, Big12
  11. Just because someone isn’t in the one o’clock lab band doesn’t mean they won’t get there
  12. He has 8 other offers but we should be competitive against those schools. Boise and Tulane arguably the best offers other than us.
  13. https://247sports.com/Player/Brandon-Brown-46037427/
  14. Gamble picked up a Michigan offer so it looks like his recruitment has picked up.
  15. Some confusion about which school he is at currently. Could be Madison.
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