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  1. Probably autocorrected to the most conventional spelling. Updated
  2. Ok then, let’s post visitors here!
  3. @TheReal_jayD I haven’t been able to listen to the podcast. Is it Junior Day this weekend or some other big visit weekend?
  4. Film has him playing pretty well on both sides of the ball. Twitter shows Texas, Tulane, Kstate, LaTech, ArkSt, Houston, Memphis, Arkansas, ULM, Baylor offers
  5. But if you are effective then you score 40-60 and their defense is completely worn out. Maybe you give up 30 or more but you can still win. See 2017 FAU.
  6. I don’t think you can select seats until all renewals are processed.
  7. Didn’t Matthew Brune also do a feature on Duffy right before he was injured? Now Woolridge...
  8. We lost both OTs, a former all-conference WR, and almost every top contributed on D except at safety. Add to that our OC and three position coaches, plus a more difficult schedule, and you can’t help but think we would slip a bit this year.
  9. I think that was a deadline for a payment plan.
  10. Grateful sex > a stubborn stance and looking at Harry
  11. It begs the question: what changed? How were we able to dominate an SEC team in the second half but not LaTech or UAB? How did Rice and UTEP have good halves against us? I think many of us believe that teams began to anticipate our play calling. Will a new OC be a difference maker in the back end of the season in 2019?
  12. Great athletes that can do much more than block. And looks like another one coming in the fall.
  13. You forgot TWU, the City Council, Golden Triangle Mall, TxDOT, T-shirt fans, ESPN, and Al Hurley.
  14. Imagine what he could do with a better QB. Looked like the QB had trouble slinging it far enough for him.
  15. Offers from SMUt, Houston, and Tulsa
  16. I can agree with that. Hopefully one or both of those JUCO DEs from the last class actually does something this season, otherwise we have a depth problem.
  17. Ejiya, Hall, and Brooks are going to be very difficult to replace. Plus Rod Young.
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