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  1. Excellent use of a 25 cent word to mask your shortcomings. Very Peruna. Also LA, DC, NY, SF, Seattle, Tokyo, Moscow, Geneva, and about 50 other cities think your real estate speculation skills are lacking.
  2. I mean Park Place Lexus is technically our turf but whatevs. Also eat a pony baloney.
  3. Assuming our fans bought about 10K, there should be about 20,000 open seats.
  4. Anything is possible (except my wife being wrong about something, obviously), but I still disagree with his predictions - especially the score and that the SMUt offense is better positioned to score on us than vice versa.
  5. Hopefully you disagreed with his prediction????
  6. There are no Safeways in Texas, but they certainly still exist.
  7. Wait were we talking about SMUt or Vito? I lost track.
  8. Theoretically it could be. Something to watch for sure.
  9. We better hope that we have an outstanding record and get a slot like this. If not, it is likely our “turn” to go to Hawaii/Bahamas.
  10. FIFY. and that has been the problem for three years
  11. You guys have way too much free time if you are going over to PonyFans. Who is living in whose head rent free?
  12. I believe that I will again refrain from a prediction.
  13. Before the 4th quarter for sure. And no QB runs in the second half.
  14. I think our defense is better than that. It was frustrating to watch us give up so many points but I am not ready to compare this defense to Dodge years . That is simply asinine. My guess before the season started is that we would give up around 30 a game. I think if we give up 30-36 against SMUt then we probably win the game.
  15. Thanks for posting. Lots of memories (not all good, but that’s how it goes). On a side note, I think I can now go about ten years without hearing Thunderstruck. Wow we really relied on that for a long time.
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