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  1. we are already members with the bottom of the barrel ranked teams. Why not play some in-state doormats instead of traveling to florida or kentucky to play them?
  2. time to take a serious look at it if ull comes along. the sunbelch does nothing for us. we could have easy road games and instant rivals with latech, tx st, and utsa. we have none in the sbc.
  3. i liked him when he said he loved unt and would not leave even if dad was no longer coach. then 2 months later he says hes leaving. nice kid, but no longer mean green. let him go.
  4. when is the return game in denton?
  5. the sports competition is an excuse. dfw has 5 million people vs 1 millin in san antonio. how can we only manage 3000 season tickets?
  6. uta will continue to draw only 500-800 per game like they always have. the wac is a shadow of it's former self, now worse than the big west ever was.
  7. people want to ignore the elephant in the room. with no history their sales numbers dwarf our vaunted salesforce. The Roadrunners have sold 32 suites 24 more than their initial projections. Season ticket sales have surpassed 7,000, and business is expected to pick up as the season nears. Single-game tickets go on sale July 19. Hickey said Nelligan Sports, UTSA's marketing partner, has already hit its sponsorship sales marks for the year. Membership in the Roadrunners Athletic Fund has nearly tripled over the past year, from 550 to 1,600.
  8. i hope this is a hint of something maybe helmet related? thanks for the clarification on several issues. i do like using north texas vs unt. the overlapped nt should be tried again, new administration you know! the tsu issue is just summer boredom. the wac seems to be surrounding us with utsa, tsu, and now uta also accepting. eventually the elephant in the room will have to be dealt with.
  9. after the news tonight on ch. 8 right? is jj interviewed too for this?
  10. dickey and vito are both overrated.
  11. false. he had two othr former qbs playing that could have run the last three plays. there was nothing to be gained but a loss of a whole season for dt.
  12. no to a conference from san jose to miami. however a conference could make geography sense of: nmsu unt utsa tx state la tech ull asu ulm mtsu troy usa wku
  13. 210 lbs is too thin to be much of an inside force. i hope he is not a french ben knox that gets easily pushed around.
  14. an espn analyst tuesday said to expect ohio state within a year to get rid of their prez and ad along with tressel. they will want to show a clean house to donors and ncaa. their prez is a bum and needs to be fired now.
  15. to only have north texas on a helmet is small time. at least add the logo with it.
  16. like the helmets, there will be no logos or numbers on the field. only "north texas" will be on it. that way if the game is televised or a photo published viewers will know which team they are watching in the game. a logo would only confuse viewers to know which team is playing.
  17. the setting sun in the west would cause a problem with cameras on the east side.
  18. then why label it as a mean green club event and not a north texas fan event? sometimes our own marketing people don't read what they put out and wonder why the poor response from the general public.
  19. do it, they need you. link: http://smumustangs.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/smu/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/SMUFOOTBALL2011_PricingSheet
  20. me thinks it's time for a new beat writer to cover unt for the drc. this one is too emotional about the subject. and he hasn't won one bowl game for us during his time here too.
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