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  1. Driving down from Denver tomorrow night... going solo but looking forward to meeting a few of ya'll.
  2. I also worked for a multinational Canadian company and the few discussions I had with my Canadian co-workers about there healthcare system was that it was decent. The biggest complaint I heard was that one of them had to pay $125 for a recent ambulance ride. He felt allot better when I told him he'd likely pay at least 10 times that in the U.S.
  3. Me too, but more for my own selfish reasons. I'd get to see tons of road games. Maybe I could operate a "Mean Green Bed & Breakfast" (or hostel) out of my basement on roadtrip weekends. Not holding my breath, though.
  4. I nominate Diet Coke Boy for interim coach. Jump on the bandwagon now while there is still room!
  5. Just watched "Winter On Fire" documentary on Netflix...amazing! A must watch for anyone even remotely interested in what went on in Kiev in the first 93 days that started this conflict.
  6. My family and I live in Westminster (about 30 minutes south of FC). Obviously it will suck not being able to be there in person for the games, but with the plethora of college football televisions options these days you can still watch most of the games. We pulled the plug years ago on cable/satellite, so if there is a game I really want to see, I go to BWW or other sports bar. Otherwise, I stream the radio broadcasts. If interested in the future, I can let you know when we are going out to watch a game and your welcome to join us. It would be in the north metro area so wouldn't be too far of a drive to watch with a couple other Mean Green fans. Good luck in your move. You'll love FC...great college town. Its kind of like a little larger Denton with less art, but a lot more beer (I call it the Mecca of brewing).
  7. Sorry for the late response...been busy with a job change and a move. Still in Colorado, but definitely not at a bait (or weed) shop. I'd love to meet up with some CO Mean Green fans for a watching party a few times this fall, but not sure how many of us there are up here. Went to an alumni event up here several years back and seemed to be pretty well attended, but not sure how many of them were passionate about football. Even if there is only a handful of us, I'd be happy to organize informal watching parties at local establishments. FYI - I'm in north Westminster.
  8. Does Marshall stand a chance of getting in if they are the only undefeated G5?
  9. #2, #3, #4, and #6 all go down. Gonna make for a more interesting selection process for the first playoff. Who do you think are the teams that stand the best chance of staying undefeated and making it into the playoff? FSU? Auburn? Baylor?
  10. Dang, that was gonna be my guess, so I'll say Perryton for $800.........Alex.
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