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    Hmm. AAC leadership apparently has friends in high places, but I'm legitimately wondering if that conference has figured it out.... to the point that even after Texas/OU/OSU/Kansas leave the Big12, schools like Houston & SMU won't want to join up with the Big 12 leftovers, rather staying with the AAC. If NT can keep up momentum better than we have (football & basketball), we can position ourselves nicely to fit with the Big12 leftovers if SMU decides to stick with the AAC. Also, pretty please can we get rid of McCleod & bring in someone who can run a conference? C-USA has done nothing but backslide under her leadership.
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    If Smart had been 75% of what he was last year, we would have won at least 3-4 more games. He was a shell of himself.
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    Light that tower! Ladies win 56-42. Anisha George 9/13 from the field for 19 points.
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    FML. We are in a vicious cycle of irrelevance. And this absolute dumpster fire of a conference commissioner is a disgrace. She has done nothing - nada - zilch.
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    Damn, Woolridge is a warrior. Not going to beat any decent team shooting this bad. The last thing this teams needs is another tournament. Call it a year.
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    If CUSA is going to level the financial playing field, it's got to start on the gridiron. We've got two shots in 2019 to do our part... Saturday, Sept 7 - at SMU Saturday, Sept 28 - vs HOU
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-spring-practice-notes----mean-green-picking/article_52961a3b-b84d-5b8a-9b1a-de9fb6b16e1d.html
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    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/3/14/18263611/conference-usa-football-2018-power-rankings 2018 C-USA power rankings, where more than half the conference is a contender Are you a Conference USA team fielding a football team? Congrats, you might win it! (Except you, Texas schools not named North Texas.)
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    The view from 35W will be insane! GMG
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    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2824721-projecting-what-a-16-team-college-football-tournament-would-look-like-for-2019#slide1 Look who they have picked for the CUSA Champs! And, the Alabama match-up would be interesting to watch...GMG
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    Didn't you post before last football season that you would not go to the SMU game because we would lose? Will you go next season? Don't worry about what others do, just show up! By the way I know many residents of Denton County that graduated from UT, OU, A&M, KSU, SMU, TCU, Texas State, etc. who have Club Seats at Apogee.
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    This is what sets AAC as the closest to a P6. But we just need to keep getting better in every sport the rest will take care of it self.
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    Our girls are kicking their ass 10-1 in the bottom of the 4th. Trautwein has only given up one hit thru 4. Rick
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    This roster needs an overhaul. Period.
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    One more reason why one should ALWAYS view pronouncements/opinions about politics or social justice with healthy skepticism. ESPECIALLY pronouncements from Hollywood and CEO types.
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    "Despite being called football, there were only a handful of players at this practice actually kicking the oblong ball. Stay tuned for more updates"
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    Hell, hasn't he always? The only difference is now he's not in pads.
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    I love super ambiguous practice updates "So I watched practice today. They threw the ball, sometimes they kicked the ball, and they kept tackling each other. Stay tuned for more updates"
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    Anyone want to go in with me to put money on Yale? Guaranteed cash.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-spring-breakout-candidates-no----ol-d/article_9bfed3f3-42aa-5b9e-93b9-c7b526dde486.html
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    We need to support this as a fan base.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-opens-spring-practice-with-get-to-know-you-process/article_fee6833c-3944-58fd-a777-fdbdda6ea4ff.html
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    Throw in the damn towel and call it a season. Grant should already be looking at offseason moves
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    And Benford still has not won a conference tournament game.
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    Biggest game in the History of Western Civilization.
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    The early schedule had little or nothing to do with the conference play. Does anyone really think that if NT had switched out the 3 worst opponents with top 10 teams, it would have helped late in the year? NT would then be credited with the toughest oc schedule in CUSA. There then would be those that opined that the opening schedule just wore out the team and contribute to the late in season loses. To lambaste a team and ignore the injury situation is IMO unreasonable. To read some of the quotes above you would think that NT's players and staff just didn't care and tanked the conference tournament. The truth is just the opposite of that. Some suggestions like get more talent, is really helpful. The facts are that started out with a seven player rotation: Simmons, Simmons, Miller, Duffy, Smart, Woolridge and Gibson. These were backed up with Arikawe and Draper. The problem in the late year is that four of those seven players in the original rotation had serious injuries. All four missed multiple games and played hurt in others. Woolridge crawling off the court in the last game and Miller on crutches might give some a glue.
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    If we don’t win Johnny Jones should be fired.
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    Fine- came in as a freshman at 167lbs he is now 191lbs ( shout out to coach Zach and staff) Bean May be the fastest guy on the team. Austin is looking good, won’t be much difference between 2-3. Most if not all freshmen are in camp. GMG
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    There is only one conference that we could even remotely have a chance to go into that is above us currently and that is the MWC. Who knows if they’d even consider us, but the overwhelming response on gmg.com is never to go there since it’s time zones away and stuff and the newspapers that you people used to read physically won’t have a game story on Sunday morning, which just holds your program back, since apparently these folks believe the MWC is the EXACT SAME as the old Big West. @MeanGreenTexan knows my frustration about this—as we are in the vast minority of our fans on this subject.
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    Bill Connelly's preview of UNT. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/3/13/18246236/north-texas-football-2019-preview-schedule-roster
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    How did a top 24 team in the nation get a 12 seed...
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    Good for the AAC. Look, they will never be P5 (IMO) In the next round of shuffling the top teams (UCF, Memphis, UH, and Cinci) are looking to find new homes in a revised P4 world.
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    Holgorsen? Can SMU, Tulsa Tulane ever be a UCF UH or a Memphis? I don’t think so. Denton and surrounding counties are booming and will not be recognizable in 5-10 years. We have to get them involved in UNT! A big plus for us! GMG
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    Why? I really enjoy our games being exclusively shown on ESPN 8 The Ocho.
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    This conference as it stands continues to not get any sort of credibility with the powers that be. I think this conference is much better at basketball, men’s and women’s, than anything else. Yet here we sit with another one bid. Don’t know what the deal is.
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    Teams a little beat up right now my friend. Don’t think it’s a good idea.
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    The stat that you should look at in general is pressures and hurries. Those mean Fine was able to avoid a sack and continue with the play, add those numbers up and our OL play was not to the standard that is acceptable in this offense. Some of it was our tempo, run a big play sprint down the field got the DL tired, because they're big too but then we check with sideline and sub two guys in well now they get to sub in, so they run 4 new DL out who are fresh and our big guys are now tired. I think with Bodie Reeder new OC you won't see that as much as you will get to the line and run another play while they're also tired.
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    How about recruiting the best guys you can get (priority to bigs) and stop trying to peg them into a system (small ball) that has not worked in this conference and later on in the year; when shots aren't falling. Let's see if the coach can coach and recruit. The 2018 class was a complete bust. Good luck with trying to get a coach to run off his own guys 1 year after they signed. (although needed)
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    Pretty good post. And by the way, that whole "97% of scientists believe..." deal? It speaks to your point above that I have bolded. Follow the $. It will never lead you astray. There is an entire industry in place and continuing to be built. And the great thing about it, is that it is self-sustaining with your tax $ for "more research", which they are ALWAYS going to need to prevent the impending catastrophe. It's the perfect machine! Again--we should be mindful of and good stewards of the earth's resources. Just don't sell me chckensheet and tell me it's chicken salad. http://www.populartechnology.net/2013/05/97-study-falsely-classifies-scientists.html
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    You mean like 24-8 Old Dominion blowing out UTEP by two and Charlotte by six?
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    A pool at Apogee? UNT Dancers in bikinis? Splish splash and all that, count me in.
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    This is HUGE. With all our weapons, I still feel like the offense didn't put pressure on the other team consistently and went to sleep at times. I can't wait to see Mason Fine and our RBs and WRs continuously have their foot on the gas. LOVE this hire so much...
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    Sometimes a Skiver will Skive.

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