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    ...saw this on Instagram. Wish we would break out these great looking uniforms at least once a year! #classic #collegiate
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    Looks like the new Indoor Practice Facility will be named - "Lovelace & McNatt Families Practice Facility." Lovelace Family Pledge - $2.5M McNatt Family Pledge - $3.0M Great news!!
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    Obviously you haven't paid attention to previous Winter Classics. I guarantee they get more than any First Responder Bowl to date.
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    Nope. I have a problem with each of the things you listed, and think that having college athletics and demanding accountability are not mutually exclusive. It really isn’t that complex.
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    Our main rival...sustained success.
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    Imagine scoring a bowl game winning touchdown over Texas Tech or Baylor as time expires and then going and celebrating and hoisting a trophy at the 50 yard line of SMU's field. I cant think of anything more glorious.
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    First thing positive out of MacLeod's office in.....forever. CUSA-NFL Partnership From the CUSA fan board.
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    “He’ll set the Mean Green TD mark this season, probably before the end of week two, and he’ll have done with roughly 40 fewer interceptions than the current leader Steve Ramsey.“ This part just needs repeating for the “everything was better way back when” crowd.
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    ALL "G5s" need to get in line with UCF. It's in each and every "G5" programs interest to follow this model. They NEED us to fill their schedule. The cellar dwellers of the "G5" NEED these games as well. But the fans of programs like Florida, OK, OSU, etc. will not stand for having 2-3 UMASS/Akron/UTEP type games on their home slate every year; especially with decreasing attendance numbers. Get in line with UCF and hold firm. They ("P5") will eventually cave, it's inevitable.
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    Big deal. He was known for not putting in the work and making poor in-game decisions. We have the much better quarterback. End of discussion.
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    Solid? God we are getting spoiled.
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    No doubt this is a member of the UNT 17 that got swindled by RV...
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    Thank goodness for Wren Baker. The previous person occupying his office would have refused to place the N T on the helmet
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    This is serious progress. I commend the league for finding an actual network on a TV that football fans know of and can show the best games of the week to showcase the conference and tell recruits that actual NFL front offices and scouts will have even better coverage of their games than Facebook or something call beIN.
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    I'm glad to see Rice picking it up a little. A better Rice makes for a better C-USA, which is in our best interests.
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    DRC: Deal expected to be finalized in the next two weeks https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/football-regents-approve-new-contract-for-littrell/article_51c4148c-c77c-5e9e-bcad-06e32ad40fe1.html
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    “strong references” ?
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    If they sell it out it will count towards SMU attendance numbers.
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    Would rather have 30k in a 30k seat stadium than 45k in a 93k seat stadium.
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    Ahhh, the RV FCS Scheduling Tactic is now being employed down there at UT-KFC.
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    THANK YOU Lovelace & McNatt families!!
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    Protecting our investment for the future and I'm sure increasing the buyout.
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    As an Admissions Officer at UNT, I should hope I know a little about the former... cannot speak specifically to the latter... but I can make assumptions...
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    Univ of Sydney also matches Univ of Melbourne’s tuition of “”Band 1” degree programs of $6566 AUD per year, or appx $4500 USD. As both are the same, it is likely this is a mandated tuition by the government. Also, the Australian Higher Ed system is based on the British system and Bachelor degrees are earned in 3 rather than 4 years. So in reality, these tuition rates are easily accessible using public websites, we can determine that tuition costs for a complete Australian Bachelor’s Degree costs $13,500. Using the 2019-20 UNT Tuition Calculator, for a Dance and Theater major is $13,000 a year. “you are entitled to you opinions. You are not entitled to your own facts.” - Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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    NT is very confusing. Is it Northern Tennessee? Nebraska Tech? Nevada Tigers? I mean, NT could be any number of schools.😁 I like the idea of those unis being a Homecoming tradition.
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    If it doesn't say NORTH TEXAS, how will they ever know who we are?? ...i never understood that excuse
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    hmm...sounds like this guy has found a pretty good job that allowed him 2 months to travel...I wonder how much, if not all of that leave is paid. your average Australian employee is guaranteed between 4-5 weeks of paid leave. that's a minimum. throw in in the 13 paid holidays on most state's calendars and if he timed things right, he really might be be out of pocket for half his trip. American companies should be so forward thinking as to provide the foundation for responsibility and proper planning. And $10,000 in savings from five years work in an entry level field? makes me think this job pays a pretty good wage...probably above a rate that plays out to a yearly salary of 37% of a standard living wage, huh? I mean, either that or kid had zero other expenses or responsibilities...grew up at least in a comfortable house-hold if not an affluent one. I'm leaning toward the latter, considering $10,000 over 60 days comes to about $166/day...which for a 19 year old hoping to "see the world" is really pretty lavish. Did you happen to ask him where he was planning to attend university? because if it's back home in Australia, his studies are largely subsidized by the federal government and out-of-pocket expenses are actually capped based on what you study https://www.studyassist.gov.au/help-loans-commonwealth-supported-places-csps/student-contribution-amounts so...ya...I bet those bootstraps were pretty worn down on that bloke. even if those boots did happen to be a pair of $250 Ugg's
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    Larry Wise was a top local recruit that was redshirted. Mohamed the 6'7 transfer was injured and redshirted. Hold off evaluating that class. The Russian was a miss and so far so is J. Simmons but Larry Wise had other big school offers so let's see how he turns out. I agree the schedule was way to easy but we would all be complaining if he had pulled a UTA and played tons of big name schools all on the road. I'm not saying Grant is the greatest coach in school history, but he has done a great job of fixing the mess left by Benford. The next two years will determine how great a coach he is. By the way, getting an interview means schools think you are head coaching material or they wouldn't waste their time.
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    DRC: Connection with fellow North Texas recruit helped the Mean Green pick up commitment from Clear Brook WR Loronzo Thompson https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/connection-with-fellow-recruit-helps-unt-land-elite-wide-receiver/article_9cf05864-7f9e-50c2-87a9-f73d29d82a82.html
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    The new Ole Miss AD won't be able to build, they have a new $100 million hoops arena. They also have renovated their atheltic center and football stadium for another $75 million. That doesn't include their basketball practice facility, which cost more than our IPF. Despite this investment their basketball team routinely finishes 6-8th in the SEC and the new coach is under contract for another four years. In football they finished went 1-7 in league play finishing 6th of 7 teams in their division. They are on NCAA probation & scholarship limits and Luke is under contract until 2021. Bjork was great on the business side and there's probably not much to improve there. He more than doubled athletics revenue coming into the school. A new AD would not be able to do much of anything for about three years unless they raised a buyout war chest for football. WB could show immediate improvement at UNT because we needed the trifecta: better facilities, coaches/staff, and business operations/fundraising. The current University leadership, AD and staff have all aligned to fuel the this improvement. We can now say we have a resource advantage over our CUSA peers and many G5 teams. A transition like we have seen here is more difficult for Ole Miss because of the SEC arms race and WB knows this. Not a dig at Ole Miss, more of a compliment to the SEC. An AD gets hired for showing clear improvement and raising the stock of a schools programs, it is not a given that someone could show that at Ole Miss. How likely is it that they supplant LSU, Florida, A&M, Auburn, Bama etc. Why take that career risk when your stock is on the rise and the money is comparable?
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-lands-on-athlon-s-all-c-usa-projections/article_e982b35d-9c24-55ee-953b-433cdf630bcb.html
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    Should the McNatt name go first since they are giving more?
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    Hello. I just logged on from Scotland (after flying DFW to LHR to CPG to SVG to ABZ over the course of a few days, all without being weirdly detained), and I have questions: Why are we "debating" the rise in costs? Why are we yelling at kids and setting up for an argument for no logical reason? Why is this a generational sticking point at all? Like some of the others, I got through with no debt and worked jobs, but also recognize I had family support and a much lower cost not that long ago. More importantly, many questions for Kram: Why are you still using paper passes? Why not use an app and be done with it? Did you use a travel agent? Are travel agents still a thing? If you are using a travel agent, can I book your next trip for a smaller commission? Why are you traveling with 20 somethings from Australia? Did you meet them before the trip? How did you small talk them? Are you staying in hostels? If they took the interest in you, are you staying suspicious and safe for when the heel turn comes? Have they asked you to get what feels like an unusual amount of ice? Do you still have both kidneys? Do you think they are still good with money? I propose these Aussies are not good with money if they are buying you pints... unless the organ harvest theory is just too real and they will earn a huge return on this investment. Do you think they will register for GMG.com? Putting aside a working knowledge of air travel and working most of my adult life in this industry, I will reduce my logistical questions to just one: How did you leave your luggage in Dallas with a Philly gate agent? Will you share your favorites from the festival? Whisky is the fun choice here, but the gins here have been incredible. Monkey Tail 47, Hayman's and Silver Tail have been my favorites so far, and a lot of the Scottish tonics and infusions have been amazing too. You may also want to adopt the regional spelling of whisky to avoid embarrassment, although not sure if avoiding getting dunked on is a huge priority in general. Have fun!
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    So you know UofH is playing at Apogee this year. You said we don't have a home game against power conference. Houston is in AAC. You just admitted AAC is not a power conference. Thank you for your honesty!
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    and understanding that details and numbers of Australian college costs are more semantics in this discussion and aren't really the point here, I'll add... really, all this "all you need is hard-work" conversation does is show your privilege. you grew up in a time where wages afforded both a baseline for a standard of living and the ability to save/pay for school. 1970 minimum wage: $1.45 ... adjusted to inflation, 2019: $9.55 1970 average public tuition/fees/r&b: $2574...adjusted to inflation, 2019: $16,953 2019 minimum wage: $7.25 ( -24%, relative to inflation) 2019 full cost UNT: $25,500 ( +34%, relative to inflation) what does that actually mean? well, for every 10 hours some motivated Boomer worked in 1970, a lazy millennial would have to work 13+ hours just to match wage. So lets say your same Boomer ratcheted up his boot-straps, grabbed his lunch pail and went to work 40 hours a week for one month at inflated minimum wage rate... in 160 hours of work they'd earn ~$1530 in a month, or say 9% of their cost of school. now, your unmotivated and easily triggered millennial would have to drag his butt out of the tattoo chair and off to work for 52+ hours a week just to keep up with what the Boomer was earning in his 40...so it now takes around 209 hours in a month and that same ~$1530 would only represent 6% of today's school cost. that millennial would need to work another 11 hours a month..220 now in a month...55 hours a week...just to hit that 9% floor. so for those who want to take the "I worked my butt off to put myself through school stance"...congrats. you also had it about 30% easier. and all of this is assuming our Boomer and Millennial lived in bubbles...its a baseline ignoring all other factors of increased cost of living in 2019
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2019/05/21/college-football-quarterback-transfer-surge-causing-coaches-adjust/1141765001/ "I’d rather take an extra quarterback and be wrong there than not have enough," said North Texas coach Seth Littrell. "To me, you can never have too many quarterbacks. I know they’re all competing and you’re going to lose some. But I’m never going to turn down a great player, a great quarterback or a great walk-on."
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    So far we have 15. King 14. Ozougwu 13. T Davis 12. K Smith 11. Mike Law So let’s play this out under Vito’s logic: 10. Robinson 9. M Mose 8. Dardin 7. S Mose 6.Torrey 5. Muhammad 4. Woodworth 3. Hamilton 2. Bussey 1. Fine I personally would include Novil on a top15 list for sure.
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    If a kid wants to guarantee he’ll get a bunch of offers, just advertise that North Texas has offered
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    DRC: Connection with fellow North Texas recruit helped the Mean Green pick up commitment from Clear Brook WR Loronzo Thompson https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/connection-with-fellow-recruit-helps-unt-land-elite-wide-receiver/article_9cf05864-7f9e-50c2-87a9-f73d29d82a82.html
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    This will be Cas's best team. As a G5 where are you going to get the best talent? In HS it will be undersized guards that don't fit the P5 mesurables. I believe we are going to have to stick to Juco's and transfers that want to play, especially recruiting size. How far would Tech had gone without them? Very excited to see what Cas can do with a more balanced team.
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    Frankly, a lot of perception may ride on Kyler Murray’s performance this year.
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    Andrew you are a great fan but some of these posts are head scratchers my friend. Did Benford ever sign a quality guy from Guyer? I’ll hang up and listen. This cycle Grant has literally landed our second highest rated recruit of the past decade, a nationally ranked JuCo point guard and a key player from a NCAA tourney team.
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    I didn't mind that. He seemed engaged with his group and was able to captivate them. Didn't like the shorts and what not, but I am sure his band loved it. Never met the guy, but from afar he seems like a genuine good dude.

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