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    So I got a little bored this weekend and had nothing better to do, so I made a fan video for the upcoming season. Anyways, just thought I'd share. I'm in no way a professional. Football season needs to get here already! Fixing the bass issue now. Should have another version soon.
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    Most people on here know that I like doing research and plugging the numbers into spreadsheets to come up with some interesting statistics. I decided to turn my attention towards UTSA football. Below is a list I compiled of wins that UTSA has logged against FBS programs with a winning record: Tulane Here's a graph I made:
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    It was as a beautiful win on Saturday. It may not have looked pleasing to the eye, but I could care less. All that mattered on Saturday was to win, it didn’t matter how or what the final score was. UNT needed that win. The slow starts continue to plague this team. It’s already cost UNT two games. I can’t say how proud I am to see how resilient and tough this team is, but they need to do something to spark them early It’s not that I’m upset at the screen call; I’m upset at the execution. What was Derek thinking on that play? Reminded me of Brandon Weeden, your better than that Derek. Coach your players can’t execute that screen play so um yeah cross it off the list. I much rather prefer the draw to that. Final Thoughts - UNT vs. Louisiana Tech
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    ...is what I say! . Go Mean Green! Rick
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    Even though this season has been a mess, I don't ever remember seeing this happen at a NT game before, so I'll keep going so I can catch more like this
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    I don't see any other posts with this yet - CBSSports.com will be streaming our Spring game live at 3pm Eastern time. I'll be doing a comic event that day in Tucson so I'll probably miss it, but here's the link for the rest of you to enjoy it if you're currently an out-of-towner like me: http://www.collegesportslive.com/?media=494780
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    Andrew Smith is one of my favorite players and I thought he was going to be a great one, but he died young and was never able to play as a seasoned upperclassman. His numbers do not stack up to DT or Scott Hall in any of the stats I listed. We'll never know how good he could have been, and it's unfair to compare his stats at the start of his career to what DT/Hall did at the end of theirs, but that's all we have. Since it's the ten year anniversary of his passing, we should do something for the scholarship fund.
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    This is a pretty cool video made by UNT Students highlighting the campus and their obsession for UNT. Great slam on the ponies, frogs, longhorns, etc. Enjoy!
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    So obviously these are a little fancy so what I'm planning on doing is making an equal number of both and posting them all throughout the buildings on campus and surrounding places that'll let me. Then I'm going to make some lower quality flyers with just text mainly with debunked myths that I'm going to hand out on campus and see if I can get RHA to pass out at the residence halls. I'm also gonna make one with Uncle Sam that says "UNT NEEDS YOU TO BE AT APOGEE" and put that on all the bulletin boards. Also, I'm about to make a Twitter @hit30k in which I post updates on what we're doing, debunked myths and all the like so keep them coming!
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    I love that the 2.8 on the PowerPoint is under "other sports" and the money is not going to be going towards anything that would not involve additional non-sport specific staffing support.
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    3) We TOOK five turnovers from them. Make no mistake, we weren't given anything. We took the ball five times. I'm not sure the guy that Laramie Lee hit on that fourth turnover knows he's made it back to Indiana yet. 4) We won by seven after giving Ball State seven points! We made a crucial mistake on that Jimmerson fumble that led to a gimme touchdown (by the way, I don't remember seeing him after that play). A team the caliber of Ball State was gifted points and we still won by a touchdown. And we also gave up our patented throw it over Hilbert's head and watch him not turn around touchdown...and we won. 5) This team DESERVES for us to bring ten friends to Apogee when we return home 3-2. Yes, I'm calling it now, we WILL beat Tulane. We will be coming off of a win and our boys deserve a loud and rowdy home crowd to take it to the MUTS. What we gave them today (on TV) was pathetic. Our promotions department owes them better. Our students owe them better. Our alumni owe them better. We have said for eons that "We will have better crowds when...." Well, folks, "when" just came to pass. 6) DT played lights out. I know it's been said in pretty much every thread recently but it bears repeating. 7) Brelan is a monster. He was all over the field. The return game, the passing game, everywhere. And when you watch the replay of the game check out the crushing block he delivers to spring Pegram for the last ten yards of his touchdown run. 8) Marcus Trice, if he isn't somewhere playing pro ball, needs to be offered a position in this football program. If not, our athletic department has absolutely missed the bus. He plays hard, says all the right things when interviewed and he brings so much passion and energy to this team. And has anyone noticed that practically every time a kid commits to our program he says something along the lines of "Marcus Trice was my host on my visit..." or "I hung out with Trice and the guys and it just felt like family...". He's just an excellent ambassador for this program. 9) I love the offense we're running. DT is spreading it around. The running game is keeping defenses honest and breaking a home run here and there. Chico deserves BIG TIME kudos. 10) I said it throughout the second half but we just kept working the body. Like a prize fighter we just kept delivering the body blows with our running game and that Ball State defense began to fold up. When I was a student the Dickey ball recipe was a thing of beauty. We may finally be seeing all the things that were great about that style mixed with a passing game that frustrates defenses. And here's the icing on the cake. This is not a senior laden O-line and we have been bringing in the beef the last few recruiting classes.
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    Actually, my daughter was born on August 19th, but I forgot to post it. Maybe 18 years from now my wife and I will be moving her into Bruce Hall (where both of us lived our freshman year). This is her GOMEANGREEN face.
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    Good evening Mean Green fans! Here's my season preview for CUSA. Good luck this year! Em
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    What makes me want to quit donating? Is threads like this. Who gives a flying f-ck. This program needs money and more fans. Neither of which hinge on whether fans can attend practice. I read threads like this and think to myself maybe it is time to quit throwing good money after bad. We will always be small time. Unfortunately for me I have some sort of addiction to the hope of better days for the Mean Green. So I keep sending out the checks. On a side note. My wife and her entire family attended Ohio State. My father in law and I give about the same amount of money to our respective universities. He gets a bumper sticker and the right to buy 4 nose bleed seats on the 50 yard line. That's it! What have I recieved? Well I get the right and do buy four club level seats that cost less than his nosebleed seats at the horseshoe. I have attended multiple events in Houston for donors and prospective donors. I have had dinner with the university president. I have had drinks with representatives from the athletic department in Houston. Not to mention the usual gifts from umbrellas to grill sets and so on. As I said before. I don't donate that much! Especially when compared with major universities. Yet here we are discussing the 5 fans that want to see a practice and at what giving level that should be. Instead let's discuss how being a Mean Green fan and donor is the best deal in college sports and according to the attendance and donor levels no one seems to give a crap. I could care less about open or closed practices. What I do care about is that at some point we either hit critical mass or people get tired of trying. Ok that turned into a rant, sorry. Dear God please let this be a winning season
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    I love the Conference USA logo in green, so I decided to make my self a cellphone wallpaper using it. I thought some others might be interested in having it as well so if you want it, here ya go.
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    Sorry, on mobile. Sad news. pic.twitter.com/4TiXw2p5oy — Mean Green Athletics (@MeanGreenSports) May 5, 2015
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    Gov Abbott will deliver our keynote at graduation. May be the first TX Gov to attend commencement at #UNT. http://t.co/v3QI2bR6S1 — Neal Smatresk (@UNTPrez) April 2, 2015 Excellent news! Rick
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    Well at least it was really pretty out there.
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    Not much to report today. We beat some horseshit private school with no fans badly, so I'm just going to shrug it off and start getting ready for La Tech. Been there done that. Barack Hussein Obama sez "Wake me up when the real competition shows up." Hope you find your dad. Oh, and (he's getting his sea legs back, you guys!) Oh, and don't worry - even the has bitching. Did you expect anything less?
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    Only 2 1/2 minutes but good stuff on the QB's:
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    Perry Carter (Houston Texans) & LaMarcus Hicks (Concordia - Ann Arbor) joining the North Texas staff per source http://t.co/BM6rIrXi39 — FootballScoop Staff (@FootballScoop) February 26, 2014
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    I found this on youtube - I have no idea who created it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDtwzaYkXzE
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    Bored at work today so I put together a couple of helmet ideas I think would look really good. Thoughts?
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    If you are in downtown Dallas tonight, be sure to check out the Omni lit up to honor the UNT Mean Green. pic.twitter.com/MOG03mbG6i — Leigh Bailey (@Leigh_Bailey) December 31, 2013 Dallas and Omni hotel showing my school some love. #AwesomeSauce #UNT #GMG pic.twitter.com/l4L2OWTz4L — Cesar (@el_CEEZ) December 31, 2013 UNT getting an Omni shoutout pic.twitter.com/zgWHlc6V19 — chloe (@cuteCHLOthes) December 31, 2013
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    "It's a witch!!" "Burn him!!" "No, seriously, I am Scrappy. Now put me down."
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    As a kid my father would take me to many UNT games-basketball and football. I remember the McNeese State? game here in the rain among many others. My Sister went to UNT for her undergrad and masters and my brother later went there for his undergrad. I wanted to go to a school outside of my home town. But, when I was a senior in high school my dad said to me, "Travis, you can go to any school in the state you want to, but you are paying for it." That meant I was going to UNT because 1. I had a scholarship there and 2. it was affordable for me. I instantly fell in love with it. I got my bachelors in Philosophy in '04. I met my wife just after graduating. She also bled green and was a UNT cheerleader. I am proud of that too. She is now on her last year in the doc program... at UNT. I am really proud of this! I left for a year and then came back on as a Hall Director in housing for five years. I managed Mozart Square for most of that time living with the basketball teams and soccer teams (it was interesting being on the inside with them when certain news broke-as well as the news that never did). I enjoyed working with all the head coaches-including Coach Mac when his football players lived in the halls. I can definitely say that Benford, Mac, and JJ all really cared a great deal about the character of their players. While working in Student Affairs I got my M.S. in Recreation. I no longer work at UNT (stopped last October), but my connection is just as strong as always. I love this place for what it has done and been to my family. It is a source of pride and a place where I met my wife, built a family, made a living, created lifelong friendship and memories. Thank you guys for having a forum like this that we can keep connected, remain involved, and waste precious office time. What's your story?
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    http://meangreennation.com/qa-with-minerrush-utep-blog/ Figured we could talk a little about this week's opponent.
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    Count me as one who'd love to see a mix of multiple greens & black. Similar to this: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/87760-justice-league-of-america/?hl=%2Bgreen+%2Blantern
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    I retract my thoughts from last week. UNT can run the ball, just not on the road. UNT is averaging 240 yards on the ground in the friendly confines of Apogee. Speaking of Apogee if you were in attendance on Saturday night give yourself a pat on the back that atmosphere was the best it has been this season. There is no doubt in my mind that the UNT players really react to that type of atmosphere. Let’s hope that the next home game is louder and the atmosphere is more electric. As far as I’m concerned when MTSU took Kilgore out and decided Grammer was the guy that was the end of the game. Sure Grammer could make a few plays with his feet, but he is nowhere near the thrower that Kilgore is. MTSU fans have plenty to complain about after this game, that was just poor coaching. They literally just took their game plan and ripped it up halfway through the 1st quarter. You could tell that they never could recover. Read More: http://meangreenbreakdown.com/2013/10/14/final-thoughts-north-texas-vs-mtsu/
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    We have been taking the trip to the “body bag” game for 13 years now and in my opinion this was by far the best the team has played in that time. During the game we heard many UGA fans making comments about the game. In the first half we were hearing “this is embarrassing”, “we are not playing well” and “Why can’t we move the ball?” By halftime the comments changed to “North Texas is better than we expected” "we can loose this game" and “we were caught off guard by a good team.” After the game as we were walking around the campus and city we had UGA fans stopping us telling us “You have a good team”, “that game scared the hell out of us”, “Your D-line and linebackers are as good as we have seen”, and my personal favorite “Y’all are by far the hardest hitting team we have played all year!” Just some comments heard in Athens that I thought I would share.
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    http://www.conferenceusa.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/091613aab.html Well done Derek! You've got grit and you've earned this!
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    Hey guys. So as I mentioned a few months ago, I took up the call to represent our alma mater in the 132+ Project on /r/CFB, which is detailing every single division 1 college football school in the nation during the offseason. Today was our turn and I just submitted my post ten minutes ago. Have a gander! I made sure to make it a comprehensive doozy. http://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/1how8l/132_teams_in_132_days_north_texas_mean_green/
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    I saw a LOT of people donating. The morons who showed up with arms full of drinks and fast food, not so much. Fireworks looked good. But they looked even better with Apogee underneath them!
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    Highlights to get Mean Green fans ready for the 2013 football season. I am ready for the season to start!
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    Addition Construct Science and Tech Research Bldg Ph 1 50,000,000 Addition Discovery Park Greenhouse Addition 3,000,000 Addition University Union Renovation and Expansion 137,100,000 Infrastructure Discovery Park Infrastructure Development 15,000,000 Infrastructure Electrical Substation Expansion 4,000,000 Infrastructure Renovate General Academic Building MEP 4,700,000 Infrastructure Renovate Wooten Hall MEP 3,000,000 Land Acquisition Land Acquisitions Expansion Central Campus 10,000,000 Land Acquisition Purchase Apartment Complex-Maple St 2,000,000 New Construction Academic Building 75,000,000 New Construction Baseball Stadium 12,000,000 New Construction Construct College of Visual Arts and Design 90,000,000 New Construction Construct IT Services Facility 23,000,000 New Construction Construct Music Building 50,000,000 New Construction Construct Residence Hall 17,600,000 New Construction Construct Science and Tech Research Bldg Ph 2 48,000,000 New Construction Construct Sorority Housing 4,500,000 New Construction Construct Startup Facility at Discovery Park 25,000,000 New Construction Construct Track and Field Stadium 5,600,000 New Construction Discovery Park Academic Building 60,000,000 New Construction Materials Testing Laboratory 4,000,000 New Construction Research Building 40,000,000 New Construction UNT Hotel and Conference Center 82,500,000 New Construction Visitor's Center 2,500,000 Repair and Renovation CEng Laboratory Build Out 6,020,000 Repair and Renovation CEng Laboratory Build Out, Ph2 8,550,000 Repair and Renovation College of Visual Arts Exhibition Space 4,100,000 Repair and Renovation Marquis Hall Renovation 7,000,000 Repair and Renovation Relocate IT Functions 4,500,000 Repair and Renovation Renovate Administration Building (Phase 2) 4,000,000 Repair and Renovation Renovate Discovery Park 5,000,000 Repair and Renovation Renovate Matthews Hall MEP 4,200,000 Repair and Renovation Renovate West Hall Commons 1,500,000 Repair and Renovation Woodhill Square Renovations 4,000,000 That us only for the Denton campus, system wide the plans call for over a billion in expenditures.
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    http://www.conferenceusa.com/genrel/012313aab.html NORTH TEXAS HOME - Middle Tennessee, Rice, UTEP, UTSA AWAY - at Louisiana Tech, at Southern Miss, at Tulane, at Tulsa
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    This dude is fast. Big time speed. I like what what Mac is doing. Just like the other LB commit, if this kid has the frame to stack on some weight, watch out. 2 LB's, around 6'3 with speed. I'll take it http://www.hudl.com/athlete/910539/#highlights/7810392
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    I figured I would just start one thread for all the TM stuff that is going to pop up on Twitter the next few weeks..
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    Hilarious. He is so white: Go to 8:15 in the video and watch the next contestant on dancing with the stars.
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    Two years. Let me repeat that...Two Years!! Two years from now, things are going to be a lot different around here. We're gonna' look around and wonder how far we've come in such little time. It's gonna' make the wasted time of the Dodge era seem even more disgraceful. But all of that is going to be in our rear-view mirror. This football team is headed in the right direction and with a lot of force. There's gonna' be some setbacks. We're going to lose some games we should have won and this board will blow up for a bit. We may get some injuries that knock us off track for a bit. But when we look around in about TWO YEARS, things are gonna' be looking pretty good. For now, enjoy the minimal traffic problems. Enjoy having plenty of leg room to spread out. Enjoy the short lines at concessions and restrooms. Take in the last few moments of listening to your co-workers be dismissive or "meh" at your MEAN GREEN, because things are about to change. As this forum's title says..."Coach Mac is our leader and will take us to the promised land". We are starting to see the signs of this and in about two more years, it'll really begin to shine BRIGHT GREEN! Mark it!!
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    http://meangreenblog...d-army-se.html/ Details of the SMU and Army series A source at the UNT athletic department has confirmed the details of the series with SMU and Army that will be announced later today. The SMU deal is for four games from 2014-17 with an option for eight additional games through 2025. The first four games will alternate sites, beginning with a game in Denton. The Army series will be six games beginning with a home-and-home in 2009 and 2010. UNT will host the first game. The series will then resume in 2016 with the games alternating between West Point and Denton, beginning with a game at West Point. The last game of the series will take place in Denton in 2019.
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    AD= Athletic Department for the purpose of this post As one who is willing to call our AD to task for their shortcomings I thought I would dedicate a thread to throwing out an "atta boy" when it is warranted. I received my season tickets in the mail today. On the bottom of each page of tickets is a coupon for a buy one get one free offer. The tickets are general admission tickets, so we're not giving away the farm here, but it's a nice enticement to get a season ticket holder to drag a couple friends along. Or, at the very least, if you're like me and occasionally treat a couple friends to a game in hopes that they'll become paying customers, it lessens the financial load a bit. Again, it's not a widespread ticket giveaway to elementary school kids like some on here want, but it is definitely an effort to boost attendance. Who knows, perhaps these same coupons ARE being distributed in other ways to other groups....this certainly gives me hope that it is so. Also, my parking passes are red this season. They were blue last season. As one who doesn't like it when you move my cheese (corporate people will get that one) I was a bit upset at first. I called the AD ticket office, though, and spoke with Elizabeth and was put at ease. Seems red/blue are interchangeable in that lot and really mean nothing other than encouraging people to take different traffic routes to the same spot. She also politely allowed me to purchase a second parking pass ($100 for those interested). I was so impressed with her that I went ahead and put down my deposit on two season tickets for men's basketball ($25 per seat), She didn't sound like a student or intern so I'm hoping she is permanent in that ticket office. Ok, KRAM, here's your chance to co-sign and tell everyone why our AD is the super bestest on the planet.
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    We (Athletics) don't own the snake pit. It is not an option. We (Athletics) own a perfectly good building right across the street from the facility where the kids go to get treatment, where they go to lift weights, and next door to their academic center. There is a certain bridge that is being constructed which makes this a manageable walk from Mozart if needed. Both basketball coaches are super excited about this, and yes we (the committee) already have almost all of the money to do both right now. (Practice facility is covered with current commitments and jumbotron is getting close) If anyone would like to contribute to this project they can PM me on this board, or they can call Dan Johnston. We (our committee which Ernie is the chair) are taking five year pledges or lump sum gifts. Be part of the solution. This facility is going to be first class all of the way. And yes, it is connected to the indoor practice facility for golf (which by the way Ernies says is better than any facility any of his kids went to which include Arizona State, Ok. State, SMU and Texas) and the womens softball offices which have indoor batting facilities. David
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    59 years young today. Best wishes for an outstanding year.

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