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    Most people on here know that I like doing research and plugging the numbers into spreadsheets to come up with some interesting statistics. I decided to turn my attention towards UTSA football. Below is a list I compiled of wins that UTSA has logged against FBS programs with a winning record: Tulane Here's a graph I made:
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    I don't see any other posts with this yet - CBSSports.com will be streaming our Spring game live at 3pm Eastern time. I'll be doing a comic event that day in Tucson so I'll probably miss it, but here's the link for the rest of you to enjoy it if you're currently an out-of-towner like me: http://www.collegesportslive.com/?media=494780
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    Andrew Smith is one of my favorite players and I thought he was going to be a great one, but he died young and was never able to play as a seasoned upperclassman. His numbers do not stack up to DT or Scott Hall in any of the stats I listed. We'll never know how good he could have been, and it's unfair to compare his stats at the start of his career to what DT/Hall did at the end of theirs, but that's all we have. Since it's the ten year anniversary of his passing, we should do something for the scholarship fund.
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    This is a pretty cool video made by UNT Students highlighting the campus and their obsession for UNT. Great slam on the ponies, frogs, longhorns, etc. Enjoy!
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    We've created a tailgating collaboration map in Google Maps. Everyone should be able to pin their tailgating spot on it. Give it a try! Here is the link. Tailgating Map To add your tailgating spot on the map: 1. Click the red Edit button 2. Click the Add Placemark button in the upper left corner of the map 3. Click on your tailgate spot 4. Enter your gomeangreen.com alias for the Title 5. Add some information about your tailgate scene in the Description 6. Click OK 7. Click on Save Have fun and GO MEAN GREEN!!! See you at the games.
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    To help with that offseason football boredom, I accomplished this today in NCAA '14 Teambuilder for PS3..... Updated roster with the spring 2 deepUpdated uniforms with Anniversary & Black variants (Regular unis are gone)Search for user UnionCain to download
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    Sorry, on mobile. Sad news. pic.twitter.com/4TiXw2p5oy — Mean Green Athletics (@MeanGreenSports) May 5, 2015
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    Gov Abbott will deliver our keynote at graduation. May be the first TX Gov to attend commencement at #UNT. http://t.co/v3QI2bR6S1 — Neal Smatresk (@UNTPrez) April 2, 2015 Excellent news! Rick
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    With apologies to KingDL1, I think I now have the best picture of Apogee Stadium, ever.
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    Well at least it was really pretty out there.
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    https://twitter.com/ball_polo/status/562091935783858176 Committed!
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    This makes me freaking happy to see!!! This kid is a stud
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    NT 62 Creighton 58 Final
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    **BIG NEWS** coming out of Southwest Mississippi (JUCO). Corner Zavian Bingham tells me he has given a verbal to North Texas. — Brad Hoiseth (@BradHoiseth) July 21, 2014
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    according to twitter @NTCoachMac announces QB change for Saturday. @D_2Legitt to start on Saturday against Nicholls. He led NT on two TD drives vs. LATech. #GMG — MeanGreenFootball (@MeanGreenFB) September 15, 2014
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    Not much to report today. We beat some horseshit private school with no fans badly, so I'm just going to shrug it off and start getting ready for La Tech. Been there done that. Barack Hussein Obama sez "Wake me up when the real competition shows up." Hope you find your dad. Oh, and (he's getting his sea legs back, you guys!) Oh, and don't worry - even the has bitching. Did you expect anything less?
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    Do to some issues with the guys that were going to transport the bus we are going to road trip it. Leaving out around 6 am on Friday to beat traffic out of Dallas. And coming back Sunday morning. Hit me up if you wish to join in this epic fun adventure
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    Mean Green Savings for Recent Grads 2014 Football Season Tickets Normally $160, Recent Grads will receive a 40% discount on season tickets for the upcoming season. They will have a designated location behind the visitors bench between the 35 yard lines. With limited availability, secure your seats before they're gone. Along with the savings and amazing seat location, Recent Grads are also eligible for payment plan options and the ability to join the Mean Green Club at a discounted rate (see info below). Join the Mean Green Football hype after an exciting ending to the 2013 season with their Heart of Dallas bowl game win against UNLV. To purchase your season tickets or for more information on ticket options available, please contact Eddie Delgado at 940-369-5380 or eddie.delgado@unt.edu Ask your personal sales representative about our recent grad referral program! Have you heard about the North Texas Recent Grad Program? The Recent Graduate Program allows for new alumni to stay connected to North Texas Athletics by receiving Mean Green Club member benefits at a reduced price. Join now and receive great benefits and amenities in Apogee Stadium, and throughout the year. You helped make Apogee Stadium possible, now enjoy all that it has to offer! Discounted Season Football and Basketball Tickets Parking at Football and Basketball (with season ticket purchase) Access to Hospitality Areas at Men’s and Women’s Basketball Invitations to Member Only Events
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    Brelan Chancellor (@BC_3 ) has signed a free agent deal with the San Diego Chargers! #UNT #GMG pic.twitter.com/5EFcLJoP0O — UNTSportsGuy (@UNTSportsNewz) May 10, 2014
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    Cassidy holding her new brother and sister, Carter and Alexa. Rick
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    Tyler JC PG Todd Eaglin (@TEaglin1 ) has committed to North Texas #UNT #GMG pic.twitter.com/kX4s0G2UzQ — UNTSportsGuy (@UNTSportsNewz) March 28, 2014
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    The big 2014 North Texas football preview: Continuing to win is even harder. http://t.co/vyGrTSELKA — Bill Connelly (@SBN_BillC) March 27, 2014
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    So, the green team pulled away a bit in the second half to edge the white team in this the 4th year of the GMG.Com BB Classic! And what a fun day it was...we had two great honorary coaches in Vertrail Vaughn's for the green team and Hannah Christian for the white. Stepping in to do a "most interesting job" as our third referee was Brandan Walton. Also joint us as referees were Ex-UNT footballer Troy Kokjohn and ex-Cheer Squad member Matt Sherman. Thanks go also to our athletic department student managers and all the help they gave with the scoreboard, set-up, equipment, clock, etc. Our two coaches, UNT90 for the victorious green team and Andrew for the hard charging white team both did a fine job and I think a good time was had by all. And, what a nice turnout of fans and supporters this year! Wow...really appreciate everyone who came out to help support this game and out great Cheer Squad! Really nice to see the large group who made it to the back room at Rudy's for the after event beer and BBQ. Largest crowd I think we have had in our four years. So, thanks again to each and everyone who sponsored the event, played, volunteered, came to support the event and bid on some great silent auction items and to those who came to the after game party. I think we may have raised a record dollar total for the Cheer Squad as well....after I do the accounting and collect for the final few silent auction items, I'll post how the event did...dollar-wise in this thread. To those who helped make this happen....I cannot thank you enough. So, finally, let me again say a big thank you to our sponsors: Cross Timbers Equipment Company, Kokjohn Long Snapping, Addison Transportation, Rudy's BBQ and M Ben Designs!
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    Only 2 1/2 minutes but good stuff on the QB's:
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    Perry Carter (Houston Texans) & LaMarcus Hicks (Concordia - Ann Arbor) joining the North Texas staff per source http://t.co/BM6rIrXi39 — FootballScoop Staff (@FootballScoop) February 26, 2014
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    North Texas painted in the endzone at the Cotton Bowl NORTH TEXAS , UNLV has been painted in the endzones inside the Cotton Bowl for the @HODBowl #UNT #Hit9 pic.twitter.com/3XzpDZfjOu — UNTSportsGuy (@UNTSportsNewz) December 29, 2013
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    I found this on youtube - I have no idea who created it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDtwzaYkXzE
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    We all have had hopes for better and bigger things at UNT....some of us for over 30 yrs. We were helped along when they build the athletic center..we just needed a stadium....then...ground breaking and we ended up with Apogee...just a great stadium. We have seen a great hire in Dan Mac and the other coaches, tailgating has been great...marketing seems to have improved...now we are in CUSA...attendance has improved and the students are really pulling their weight. After the HOD bowl, the crowd and the events...what a fun time, and perhaps a gaze into the future of what could be. My vision just got bigger...I'm more hopeful...the AD and admin are onboard....momentum..thats what it is. We will soon have a new hotel /convention center and bar/restaurant at Apogee. All we need to do is capitalize on whats happening now....momentum ! So, I see potential...potential for a big stepup in attendance, season tickets, exposure...I see we can hopefully get crowds near capacity at Apogee and then look at expanding with a deck and maybe add'l suites ...say 10000 seats. More FUN for everyone..UNT game as the local EVENT..not to be missed. Hopefully the velocity of growth in the UNT football program will be good for the next several years...we will catch up where we should be....finally. So........has your vision changed since the HOD Bowl?....Do you think Dan Mac or RV's vision has changed....Is your vision Bigger?
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    Bored at work today so I put together a couple of helmet ideas I think would look really good. Thoughts?
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    i would love to get some of this season's shots in a album or something. this would be the cover shot!
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    If you are in downtown Dallas tonight, be sure to check out the Omni lit up to honor the UNT Mean Green. pic.twitter.com/MOG03mbG6i — Leigh Bailey (@Leigh_Bailey) December 31, 2013 Dallas and Omni hotel showing my school some love. #AwesomeSauce #UNT #GMG pic.twitter.com/l4L2OWTz4L — Cesar (@el_CEEZ) December 31, 2013 UNT getting an Omni shoutout pic.twitter.com/zgWHlc6V19 — chloe (@cuteCHLOthes) December 31, 2013
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    "It's a witch!!" "Burn him!!" "No, seriously, I am Scrappy. Now put me down."
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    As a kid my father would take me to many UNT games-basketball and football. I remember the McNeese State? game here in the rain among many others. My Sister went to UNT for her undergrad and masters and my brother later went there for his undergrad. I wanted to go to a school outside of my home town. But, when I was a senior in high school my dad said to me, "Travis, you can go to any school in the state you want to, but you are paying for it." That meant I was going to UNT because 1. I had a scholarship there and 2. it was affordable for me. I instantly fell in love with it. I got my bachelors in Philosophy in '04. I met my wife just after graduating. She also bled green and was a UNT cheerleader. I am proud of that too. She is now on her last year in the doc program... at UNT. I am really proud of this! I left for a year and then came back on as a Hall Director in housing for five years. I managed Mozart Square for most of that time living with the basketball teams and soccer teams (it was interesting being on the inside with them when certain news broke-as well as the news that never did). I enjoyed working with all the head coaches-including Coach Mac when his football players lived in the halls. I can definitely say that Benford, Mac, and JJ all really cared a great deal about the character of their players. While working in Student Affairs I got my M.S. in Recreation. I no longer work at UNT (stopped last October), but my connection is just as strong as always. I love this place for what it has done and been to my family. It is a source of pride and a place where I met my wife, built a family, made a living, created lifelong friendship and memories. Thank you guys for having a forum like this that we can keep connected, remain involved, and waste precious office time. What's your story?
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    [edit: made modifications appropriate to both the source material and the team]
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    NT 72 Northwood 67 Final Alzee is reason enough to pull for the team this season. Clutch effort by him tonight. I love that kid, have since he was a freshman, issues with Benford or not.

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