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    I assume we also claim the baseball title, since we haven't lost a game all year.
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    Jesus I hate these threads. We think so small time and any hint of success we start talking about them leaving. it took many years for JJ to get his chance for a big school. Even so, I wish we wouldn’t be so quick to go to this type of thinking.
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    we're mad max-ing over toilet paper and people are shy to type "fuck". yall trippin'
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    Played a Disc Golf Tournament yesterday in Hot Springs and ran into another Alum playing in my foursome. Pretty cool guy, He nearly aced a hole and then I threw an ace right after he hit the basket 🙂 He is a local FF/Paramedic in the mid-Cities. Just cool coincidence.
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    I'm OK with a banner, but we have to wait until Western Kentucky comes to town.
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    So without spring football who in the hellfire is our QB going to be next season? I'll hang up and listen.
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    Hamlet played a handful of games in the decade... no way he can even be considered. Odufuwa, white, thompson, mitchell, williams. I'd have considered voting for chris jones and jeremy combs if they didnt leave early.
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    He spent one spring with arguably the worst coaching staff in all of college football. I don't know how much that brings to the table, TBH.
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    Bean better be packing on some weight! I have concerns about his durability as a runner. I hope Aune (pronounced Aune) steps into the starting position.
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    When DJ was a guest at the Coaches Radio Show, he was asked about continuing to play after graduation. He said, that he "was done", that he was in a "pretty serious relationship" with his girlfriend and that her was anxious to "get on" with the next phase of his life. Did not sound to me like he was too interested in continuing to play after graduation, but, then, the comments were made before the conference tourney was cancelled. However, to me, DJ seems like a kid who has a pretty firm grasp on want he wants to do and where he wants to go. So, based on his radio show comments, I think DJ is done with organized basketball. As to another year for all seniors, I really doubt it. All the seniors played a full year of basketball...all the way through their conference games. I can see the NCAA granting spring sport seniors an extra year...softball, golf, track, etc., but not basketball. But, it's pretty crazy "out there" these days, so you never know. But, one thing I am pretty confident in saying is that whatever DJ decides, it will be the correct decision for him and that he will be successful.
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    You don't remember? Unless I'm the one with the bad memory, I swear I bought it from you sometime 2002 - 2004 in the practice field tailgate area by Fouts.
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    He has the best arm, can run with good size. The big A is my bet.
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    This is the overwhelming opinion I’m clinging to. Maturity, P5 experience and a seemingly steady personality and game. We need a stable captain during this transition and my money is on that guy. Get the ball to 1 and 16 when possible and keep the chains moving. If we protect him we can deal I bet.
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    This is offseason GMG.com 😂💀
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    If I were Draper I’d come back. This would be the last hoorah and nothing like this would ever happen again. If a waiver is given... he should totally take it.
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    I am doing just fine, but thanks for caring. If I called posters on here miserable f***s I would be suspended or banned, but I guess it is alright for administrators to do this.
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    I obviously hope we keep him, but if not, I’m a fan of Coach Hodge moving up. He seems to be the brains behind the defense, players love him, and he has a lot of the Juco ties as well.
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    Attendance is getting better. We need to keep winning. Let the AD continue doing what they do.
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    I was only able to catch a little but, but he talked about how “out of body” the whole situation has been. The emotions of going from thinking they would be playing in empty arenas, to the CUSA tourney being cancelled (which automatically put UNT in the NCAA tourney), to the Big Dance being cancelled. Talked about breaking the news to the team and how bad he felt for the players, especially the seniors. He was also asked about seniors being given another year of eligibility and he said that deep in his heart he hoped they would, but that realistically he didn’t think it would happen. He did express his hope that the seniors on spring sports teams would be given an extra year. That’s all I caught before having to leave my vehicle. What I heard of it was very good.
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    Not so fast... Do not be surprised to see the NCAA offer a waiver for an extra year for Seniors if they choose to use it
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    Think you might be off on this a little. "Trump said at a press conference Monday evening that he would seek “very substantial relief” for the economy, including discussing with Congress a payroll tax and help for hourly wage earners. But the president’s economic package would leave out, for now, any aid for the travel industry, people familiar with the matter said Monday night. It may be difficult to persuade the administration to single out the oil industry for aid in any targeted relief package, given that the president sees lower oil prices as a benefit for consumers. https://fortune.com/2020/03/10/trump-coronavirus-payroll-tax-cut-travel-energy-retail-economic-aid/
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    I’ve seen Chris Davis on 2 of y’all’s lists... what “decade” are we talking about?
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    I can understand that this means a lot to you, just wish you would take this to a more private exchange, rather than come up regularly in our threads.
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    Western Kentucky seldon ever comes to town.
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    Josh White Tristan Thompson George Odufuwa Tony Mitchell Jordan Williams Hard to leave off 2017-18 Roosevelt Smart. About the best I've seen for that one season.
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    Chris Davis Geo Odufuwa Tony Mitchell Josh White javion Hamlet Tristan Thompson
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    Wow. I hope we really improve our bench yet I also hope Hamlet’s minutes go up. He can handle more than 30 minutes a game. Senior season, let him eat.
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    I think Littrell would prefer that Bean's passing ability improves enough that they can make use of his outstanding running speed. We just haven't seen that yet. I think he'll get a long leash to start the season but I have doubts as to if he'll succeed.
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    A guy I know in France posted this an hour ago.
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    At least one site has pretty lofty expectations for the 20-21 Mean Green... TEAM PROJECTIONS #47 overall #1 CUSA #5 Mid Majors Additionally, the site is very high on Hamlet next season... PLAYER PROJECTIONS #2 overall Obviously, these metrics can't factor in transfer/coaching changes/recruits, etc. Regardless, the returning production and experience coupled with the motivation to land the NCAA tournament experience they felt they earned this season makes it exciting to anticipate what could be next year.
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    I've got a cousin that works in respiratory medicine in Singapore. While they seem to have things contained there thanks to a fast, centralized response, they're still looking at a PPE sshortage. She's ok but is worried that the CDC cut in 2018 and slow response this year is really gonna cost us.
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    I flew out to visit my oldest daughter who works in park city. We skied today but they are closing all the resorts tomorrow. Not the end of the world but impacted a lot of people. My niece was on the Semester at Sea program. She is getting off at Cape Town this weekend.
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    Due to the University being “closed” to students through March 22nd, the KICKBALL CLASSIC has been moved to our backup date of Sunday, March 29th at 11:00 am...same place...UNT Softball field. Sorry to have to make this announcement, but really had no choice. If anyone has any questions, post them here and I’ll do my best to answer or send me a PM. Hopefully, everyone can still participate in the 29th...let me know if you have questions.
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    I know North Texas got the regular season Men's Basketball Title, and Rice got the Women's basketball title. But, what about baseball, softball, golf, ....? There isn't much to go on. Maybe the conference will just not declare champions for the majority of the spring sports.
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    Had to rethink about that thread title.... at first I thought you were asking if we should retain or fire Mac.
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    Well since the conference season was short, they should go off RPI and SOS where we dominated
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    Maybe run some razor wire(concertina) along the top. Put a stop to that shit.
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    Im thankful I got to see the Conference Regular Season Championship in person. Hopefully everything mentioned is done for them and the staff. Rick
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    I do not know DJ except for his performance on the court. But if I were to guess, DJ Draper is anxious to get on with the success that will surely be his in life after basketball. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Hey @Brett Vito maybe you could put a paragraph about Covid19 in every story so they could all be free for a while. Just a thought!
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    This kid is GREAT! I met him while he was touring UNT with hid dad. Houston was completely geared up with UNT apparel and had just been offered the position with athletics. He even told me about how the Mean Green name was born...and how incredible of a QB Mason Fine was,and he was sad he never got to see him at Apogee. I look forward to the work Houston will put out for the Mean Green in the coming years, and glad to see the passion and fire future alumni will have for THEIR alma mater! GMG
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    Its not one of the Gridiron Legends ones but its a pretty good reproduction XL on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/JOE-GREENE-CUSTOM-NORTH-TEXAS-STATE-MEAN-GREEN-JERSEY-READ/174117267214?hash=item288a32a70e:g:OiYAAOSwveNd6Y4X

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