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    I don't have a problem with the NT Daily article per se--it seems unbiased and fair, giving Wren a chance to respond to the (evidently) false and (clearly) misleading statements made by the USA Today writer. That's the article I have a huge problem with.
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    Rick, the firing canon is just awesome!
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    Held off a good team that was out of their minds from the 3 point Line tonight Still won by 9 Good W
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    To treat an accusation and a conviction in the same manner is counter to the judicial system but understandable in today’s social media “pile on” culture.
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    yellow journalism at its worst, just to arouse the UNT Woke culture. Agree with comment have either player had issues since coming to UNT. How about reporter check on the regular student body and run same story. Just a smear piece in general.
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    As I was searching for the game tonight on radio, I remember the comments made here on the board and elsewhere, about the lack of coverage we get on local media. I know we're in a pro sports market, but so what? With so many alums in the area, why can't we get one of the larger and more well known radio stations to carry our games, especially on Saturday? 820 AM carries TCU, 1080 AM carries Texas, 660 AM carries Baylor, and The Ticket carries smut. Not sure if 570 AM carries anyone. A&M maybe? I know that just about covers it, but surely some station with a little more umph could be found...couldn't it? I'll be interested to hear from y'all who are more savy when it comes to media.
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    Those schools (minus SMU) might be looking at UNT wondering why they can’t be carried on an FM station when UNT is carried on two. I wouldn’t trade what we have to instead be carried on a “big” AM station.
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    One more ticket purchase comment, related. The ticket office at the super pit needs some lights. We could barely find it without eventually popping in to ask one of the table attendants. Walking up those stairs from the fouts lot drops you into the student entrance. There need to be signs on which way to go to purchase tickets to get in. Plus light it up. It looked terribly desolate because the game was 7 minutes in and most folks were alReady inside. sorry to derail. just A ticket office observation from tonight. GMG
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    Really appreciate all the love from Mean Green Nation. Thank y’all for welcoming us with open arms. I promise he won’t disappoint. Y’all got a hell of a player, but don’t take the word for a biased Dad. Wait until you see him on the field!!!
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    No, you should buy the tickets from the UNT ticket office so they/we get the credit and monetary benefit for it. You buy from the Star, there is no accounting of which school bought in, and the commission per tickets does not go directly to UNT.
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    She is from South Lake Tahoe, so this is much closer to home for her. Sounds like a promotion too so can't blame her.
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    Like this quote from Coach: “The biggest [stat] was 46-18 in the paint and that’s just where we have to play,” McCasland said. “When they took away Zach on the inside then Javion and Mo got going on the outside and they were collaborating on how we wanted them to play. We definitely made the right plays in the second half offensively.”
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    That was fun! I kept thinking, aren’t we the magic 3 point team in the land! Their 3’s kept them in the game but it was nice to see us so physical. I remember when Charlotte and uab were bigger faster more seasoned than us. Love how our pieces just grind and catch the flow when the game gets tight. I too think the refs let them play tonight which was enjoyable. GMG
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    Good win when we didn't play our best. I don't know the last time I have seen Hamlet miss a FT. Reese steps up again and hits a couple of timely three's to keep us out front. The crowd didn't look terrible on television and I don't get the complaints about the refs. Watched the entire game and didn't see anything I thought was terrible. In fact, I thought they let them play a little more than normal. Surprised Jackson didn't see any time. Geu was huge especially early and had a much better game than he has of late. Z. Simmons was huge in the paint and Bell did all the dirty work. Nice nine man rotation and good to see all five starters in double figures.
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    This time of year, any kind of win is a good win. Even better since it came over a quality team that was shooting great from behind the arc.
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    I mean, they are 8-4 and likely to be a pod 1 team. And we are clearly having an off night.
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    Well there goes a few hundred fans as they leave with the little dribblers... 😕
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    The leaders in the party sow that fear. AOC and her bunch, Warren, Sanders, etc... The funny thing about Sanders is that he had millionaires in his cross hairs four years ago. Now that he's a millionaire he's up it to billionaires. Speaking of Sanders, he is a prime example of who socialism benefits. He has never passed a meaningful peace of legislation, yet here he, a millionaire by living off of the public's dime. Before you form your rebuttal, remember that he is a devoted communist.
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    There is a difference is social services, public school, public services, Social Security, and socialism where the government taxes at a high rate and promises all of these services in return. How many socialist countries thrive? Hell, we live in the greatest country in the world yet our government fails at providing minimal services and the Democrats want to expand that? Medicare for all is a financial boondoggle. The government runs Social Security, the postal service, the VA, and Amtrak for instance. Which one of those is run well and successful?
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    Need a follow up article on Samantha Mangino's response to this news ASAP.
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    Love it. Also love reading the thread title in Yoda’s voice.
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    Should we win...we clinch the top seed in Pod play (and avoid having to travel back to WKU). I said it last time, but we should have 5K for this game.
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    https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-Mean-Green-basketball-adjust-take-down-Charlotte-at-home-143790524/ “It’s February, so around this time teams are trying to make the postseason and teams are going to give us their best because we aren’t the underdogs anymore,” junior guard Javion Hamlet said. “It’s good to get something thrown at us different and we’ll just adjust and get better.”
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    We have to continue to build the fanbase. If we can draw 10k students to a football game, we can get 3,000 or 4,000 to a basketball game.
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    That’s good that they have improved their protocol and vetting. I noticed last year they offered Kymani Dunham in basketball, and the information available on him seemed very concerning. Didn’t seem like we pursued him very long if at all, but I have to think the vetting will help eliminate those type of signings and even offers.
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    Maybe wanted to go back to the north west.
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    Bunch of quality free play arcades at the arena before the game as well.
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    Marshall/NutsaCK were on CBSSN last night. Why? I mean, it was a great game, but wouldn't CUSA want to promote one of their top teams?
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    https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/LongFormArticle/Transfer-portal-2020-best-available-players-graduate-transfer--143757699/#143757699_1 Bussey listed as a surprise entrant and top WR.
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    Yes, and the WKU one as well. We were on a streak for a while holding teams to under 60. WKU dumped 61 on us...in the second half. It is time for a payback.
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    Dad, your job is to bring your tailgaiting “A” game every home game!
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    Great job weathering a 3 pt shooting clinic by Charlotte. We beat these dudes up physically. They had no answer for Zach and Geu inside. Not our best game overall but we managed to beat another quality opponent in league play. Getting prepped for the battles to come in Frisco.
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    Good win what did attendance look like
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    Still weird to me that MTSU is dead last. With Kermit at the helm, they had been a tough conference opponent going all the way back to the Belt. I think Kermit is out.
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    I’m wondering when we are going to shoot free throws. It’s like 14-1 right now.
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    I feel like there is a point he is trying to make in that post but the meaning is just escaping me.
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    NT up 31-24 with 3:14 left in the first half
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    *Googles for 10 seconds* He was getting paid $30K to be on our staff. Opportunity to be OC at a very wealthy school that churns out QBs?
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    Close to home. Administration is loveable. I'm worried.
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    Seth to replace Tommy Mangino at North Texas? There, got that out of the way for you guys
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    I don’t understand why the author attempted to compare the left’s CONSTANT message of doom and gloom to the right’s celebration of the current economic prosperity. The guy must not have seen a single campaign speech by any of the democrat candidates currently running for president.....or watched a minute of President Trumps state of the union night. You cannot find two more differing realities. Rick
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    I would say the CBI run in general was the highlight.
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    Democrat socialists make their living sowing fear and loathing to those who may believe it. Rarely do they offer any realistic, real life solutions to law abiding, working, tax paying Americans. It's been their trademark for over 50 years.

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