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    Yes he was, he was intended to be a receiver because his arm had an ulnar nerve injury that never fully healed from high school. When Vizza left he filled in but his last year with us (2010), he was not even on the qb depth chart yet he was thrust into the starting role after Nathan Tune and Derek Thompson were injured and the only other semi-qb on roster was walk-on receiver Chase Baine. Say what you want about Todd Dodge but don’t give me that coach’s son bullsh, that kid poured his heart and soul into this team and his body just couldn’t take the punishment. He is our highest rated recruit ever, period, and he’d never have set foot on our campus if he weren’t the “coach’s son”. You may not know this but Mason is second on North Texas’ all time completion percentage list. Our all-time leader? Riley Dodge. So go spit your crybaby bull somewhere else Mrs Vizza. Rag on the coach all you want but Riley did nothing wrong other than play his heart out for this team.
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    If we get a whole class of "rebounds" with the talent of this kid that's cool with me.
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    Recruiting across the board has changed a little since the days of Hayden Fry...
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    We should always have a top recruiting class! Special thanks to all that contributed to the School and the IPF. Facilities matter and the IPF is very impressive! Gmg
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    When the newest signing is announced UNT will move to # 1 in CUSA according to 247sports.
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    Thank you Seth for being on your game! This team is loaded with talent, the future is bright!
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    Every night when I roll over and look at my wife I think “I know she’s beautiful, but I wasn’t her first boyfriend damnit!!”
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    I'm not gonna argue about his value purely as a QB, but IMO there is always room on our roster for a kid that fought like he did.
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    Look at it this way, we signed a talented WR who now, thanks to Ole Miss, has a massive chip on his shoulder. I see this as a win-win for both parties. Welcome to the Mean Green, Detraveon. We're thrilled to have you.
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    Would be # 7 right now. Huge shout out to Luke and recruiting staff.
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    Love his film. Really fluid route runner. The future of our passing game looks bright. Likely will have an underclassmen QB to throw to the following underclassmen receivers: sophomores - Jyaire Shorter (9 receiving TDs), Deonte Simpson, and Austin Ogunmakin redshirt freshmen - Khatib Lyles (multiple P5 offers), Kealon Jackson (multiple P5 offers), and Damon Ward true freshmen - Loronzo Thompson (multiple P5 offers) and Detraveon Brown (multiple P5 offers)
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    papers are in. just waiting on kid to make his own announcement
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    Agreed, somewhere there is a photograph of Riley being carried off Fouts Field on a stretcher with his face mask removed while holding up his talon hand sign. That kids gave everything he had. The difference between him and Mason? Mason was out in WAY better situations than Riley ever was. You put a prime Riley Dodge in the same 4-year stretch Mason had? You have a quarterback with Mason’s vision and accuracy with the ability to run like Bean.
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    Wait so we still have a scholarship for Ravon available?
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    Kiffin was being Kiffin at FAU and, tell me, how are they haunted? Unfortunately, Kiffin did this because he will get away with it. And Ol' Miss will be fine. Probably even better because he will continue to be Kiffin.
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    We had Loronzo Thompson as the lone WR in this class prior to him signing. Running an Air Raid, that's not gonna work out very well in 3-4 years. I'm glad Brown fell into our laps... however it happened!
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    We aren't done yet. Big fish coming today....
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    Vito only shows up to bring bad news.
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    The signee never made sense to me to begin with. I believe both are high school tight ends were better to begin with with five years of eligibility left including redshirt year. This I believe will become a gray casualty and we're getting out ahead of the curve so we can sign someone else.
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    Fry would probably need to hire help to understand social media these days.
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    In terms of offer points (1 for G5 offers, 1.5 for P5 offers) this class was still slightly behind last year, I think like 93 offer points to 101. Still had a decent amount of guys in this class with one other FBS offer or no other FBS offers. Still a great class, and those guys weren’t all necessarily bad takes, like Jacobi Johnson who would probably have finished with much more offers if we didn’t get him when we did and hold on. I’ll try and post the charts later.
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    Years from now if he is successful no one will care how we got him, just that we got him. Personally, I don't care how we get them, rebound, transfer, etc. If the can contribute and don't show public regret for being here i'm good
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    Now #67 in the nation, 4th best in G5. I don't think we've ever cracked top 60 in the nation on 247 rankings. Another step forward, now to produce on the field.
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    Should be ranked top 10 best G5 class in the nation. When is the last time that's happened.
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    We have another signee. His paper are in. The player has asked the staff to hold off announcing until he announces.
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    If you look at average ratings per signee we are 2nd
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    4.4 speed TAPPS D-1 All-State WR https://www.hudl.com/profile/13199136/Evan-Greene
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    Is it over yet though? Seth is making me think it’s not
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    Hi fellow Mean Green Nation. I wanted to share this about former player Jordan Murray. My children go to St. Monica Catholic school in Dallas. Jordan Murray was hired at the school to help with at athletics and other school responsibilities. The school has embraced him and the kids LOVE him! I see him just about every day at pickup. Tragically, Jordan lost his mother and has devastated his family. Our school posted his go fund me page to help with the funeral. They have reached their goal, but Jordan and his family are going to need any extra support they can get. St. Monica is lucky to have him. I coach strength and conditioning for the football team as a Dad volunteer and can’t help to work with him and the players in the fall. I’m so proud to see Jordan helping our kids. He’s so polite, helpful and is our gentle giant. Go Mean Green. GoFundMePage
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    This commit was confusing to me from the beginning, I don't know where people are seeing great blocking skills on his highlight tape and he had like 4 catches, was also injured or just not involved in the game plan leading to stats being recorded for only 4 games. ULM only other offer.. of all players to lose in this class (not counting Ligon flip to UTSA or the JUCO DT to FAU) this is who I would have picked. Le'ts hope we can use this scholarship this summer.
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    Should still be number one
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    I wager that NT and most other g5 and lower level p5's didn't sign one player that was that player first choice of a place to play. Likewise, if NT could sign anyone they wanted, they would probably not sign any of the players they did.
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    Mean Green by 40
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    This young man got "Kiffened", which will come back to haunt Ole' Miss in the long run, and ended up in the right place all along.
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    Boom! is right. Somehow the replacement for Bussey fell into our laps. Every third catch was a touchdown in high school which was a Bussey forte for us. He appears to have great speed and hands. Great work by our staff.
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    OR ... when he comes here and loves it and kicks ass he will have a great story to tell others how if he could go back he wouldn't change a thing because UNT is incredible
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    there was more than one person going after the rebound.
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    @BillySee58 are you planning on doing the ratings of the class based on offers now that the whole class is signed? I have to think this is our best class maybe ever.
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    Unreal! Congrats to all!! GMG
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    His recruiting rating was as an athlete and not as a quarterback. Before he flipped to us, he was set to go to Texas as a wide receiver or defensive back.
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    Finally. For a while there it looked like we had contracted our recruiting out to those guys in Iowa.
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    Cam Feldt was 4 star: https://247sports.com/Player/Cam-Feldt-2540/high-school-16854/
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    FAU has like 10 transfers coming in most on offense. They are gonna be a legit team for a long time
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    we got close once.... and he was pretty awesome... https://247sports.com/player/riley-dodge-56990/
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    And...how’s this for a collector’s item for a Mean Green fan? Arkansas program from the beatdown of an SEC team by the Mean Green on their home field and the game that gave us the famous “peter Pan” special teams play. Autographed by Seth Littrell, Marty Biagi, Elex Woolworth #77, Nate Brooks #9 and none other than #18 Keegan Brewer!

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