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    Link: https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2020-eastwest-shrine-bowl-preview--quarterbacks
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    This thread is why I am against bringing in a grad transfer QB. We recruited all these high level players to compete to replace Fine and I want to see them develop. Let’s see what we have. I mean, we are replacing both coordinators on top of losing most of the line and our QB (possibly our top WR also). I can’t look at next year’s schedule and find a lot of wins. So let’s build a solid foundation at QB instead of bringing in a one year fix and probably losing one or more of these guys to transfer.
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    It's more like a spread option these days. And a system that someone like Duffey would fit in perfectly with his mobility
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    "His competitiveness and experience make him a desirable young quarterback for the practice squad, as you expect him to prepare with good weekly habits, and be ready to play in a pinch."
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    40 points against Grand Prairie last night
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    I've got 7-5, should be able to go 6-1 after a brutal first half but will likely drop one that we shouldn't so I'm just hoping we can get back to a bowl game and go into 2021 strong. Also will be interesting to see how healthy we are after playing 3 teams that should have a pretty decent size/speed advantage over us.
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    BTW - where is Vito? Haven’t seen him around here since the DRC went all paywall. And I agree this is going to be a tough schedule.
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    Always thought this was a somewhat flawed take. He would also be facing more football/B12 talent than what he faced here. I can't get past that 4-8 record. None of this Seth-to-Baylor talk should be taken too seriously. If he's a finalist, somebody hire Seth's agent into our staff to recruit HS kids.
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    New HC at Mississippi State. WOW
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    It is hard to say UA is on the rise before they play a game; unless you think they could be no worse.
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    This gnna be fun in Mississippi , between Kiffin and the pirate.
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    Knowledge and confidence in it
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    I know Leach is a funny guy... but I assume you meant parity right?
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    Dont get me wrong i think Aune can be great as well. Looks like Bean and Aune will be the two choses when we roll into camp. Will be fun to watch
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    There's a reason he winded up at Tulane vs another P5 or other G5 programs with better history. Pretty significant history of issues. https://www.lubbockonline.com/local/news/sports-red-raiders/2017-04-14/texas-tech-releases-title-ix-documents-duffey-suspension https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/2018/03/25/four-texas-tech-football-players-including-potential-starting-qb-jett-duffey-arrested-sunday-morning/
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    He definitely has good wheels . . . but I'm skeptical on how high his ceiling is. He certainly does not pose a threat to break tackles like Tim Tebow or even J'Mar Smith. He throws a pretty looking ball, tight spiral and all, but it seems 1 out of 4 of his passes is a terrible miss or a terrible decision. I think he will probably win the starting position by default, and I'll be cheering on his development. But he hasn't shown me nearly as much as Mason Fine had this many snaps into his college career.
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    But it is much, MUCH, closer to his home in Key West.
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    Egg Bowl week is going to be fun. Especially if these guys stick around for more than 2 years.
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    Big move. Congrats to the Pirate
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    I’ll be at the Pit tonight for this one. Will try to update the game thread as best I can. Don’t always get great service in the Pit
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    Haven't seen a pocket at UNT for several years now. So it sounds like you've seen all you need to see and he's a shoo-in for the starting job. Haha
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    LOL, this board cracks me up sometimes
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    Just realized former North Texas tight end Beau Davidson is an offensive quality control coach with Virginia Tech. His dad was an offensive lineman for us that went on to play with the Oilers. Beau has a good amount of Both Texas high school and lower level college experience as a D-line coach, O-line coach, and DC.
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    He completed 65% of his passes, was at 7.7 y/a, and had 18 TDs to 5 INTs. His body of work shows he’s a good QB. Certainly at the G5 level.
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    Mean Green defense will try and stop the Buick on September 12th! I see 3rd down draws coming ... 😁
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    First 10-win season since ‘84? Highest rated recruit since 247 started rankings? Mega P5 transfer U? You have to wonder if everything old is new again.
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    Its between Bean and Aune. Nobody else is even close. (unless there's a surprise transfer) - Both will get their shot this spring. May the best man win.
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    I’m hoping Aune (pronounced Aune) turns his potential into reality. Bean is fast but he looks very light and I worry about his health over a full season. Time will tell.
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    He is waiting for the NFL - players are closer to the age he is used to coaching
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    I hope they play Texas Tech.
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    with wheels like Bean he doesnt have to be a lights out passer to be an all conference player. he is such a threat to take it to the house on any play the defense cant rush 3 and drop 8 like they did on fine at times
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    You're free to do that, but I wouldn't automatically assume they are mutually exclusive. I'm talking about a home-run hire that looks good to both the fans and the staff. We both know there is a small army that is going to complain no matter what. But there were some incredible candidates - coaches that would have been very impressive to most people on every side - that have been snatched away. I already know that Seth and Co will tell us the hire is "the perfect fit". It won't matter who they hire, or how their career looks thus far.
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    I think Bean has the higher ceiling but I definitely think Austin has the the higher floor. With Jason speed though it's just such a dynamic factor hopefully he can get the fluid part figured out.
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    Duffey will run Fritz' system pretty well.
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    Kason Martin - https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/kason-martin/4070 Kid is just a winner. He is a goof off in practice which is why he has been #3-6 on the chart. I am betting that now that the position is open he will button down and show what he is really made of. There was this other winner who was 3 deep on the charts that surprised the hell out of us a few years ago. His lack of focus at practice may keep him from opening the season as number 1 but in my opinion Kuehne or Martin will end the season starting and will start for the next several years. You can not teach someone to be a winner, but you can teach a winner to be a leader. From what I have seen Bean and Aune have everything on paper (size, speed) but I have yet to see them do anything that makes me excited to see them next year.
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    1 sure win over Houston Baptist 2 probable wins against Texas CUSA teams 1 probable win against CUSA East teams Win another one out the of CUSA West games and that’s about the highest win total I can see is getting next year. And if I could take 5 wins right now for 2020, I would. 4 wins seems more reasonable to me. I fear less than 4 wins if the QB play isn’t good and the lines aren’t any better than last season.
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    This “should” not be a brutal schedule but it is.
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    Well, Well, Well maybe this is why he has named an OC yet. String us along again, no denial or no interest statement so he is gone if they offer it. If I was Were I start looking at resumes just in case because we will need to move fast. If he bolts what will be holding this team together, a new DC?
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    So Seth is getting a raise now?
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    They had a decent non-conference showing, they have a veteran team, and had two home games. They got UTEP at a good time with all of their inner turmoil and starter leaving last week and beat them by 2, then got completely bailed out against UTSA where UTSA, with a 2-point lead and 2.9 seconds left, let the inbounds pass slip through their hands and FIU banked in a shot to tie the game and send it to OT. This is a game we should win, but this is also an opponent who is capable of beating us and is capable of pulling wins out at the end of the game. An area we have struggled. I posted this in the Marshall thread but in CUSA play the home team is 12-2. Both the teams we play this week went 2-0 at home this past week, so now it’s on us to take advantage of our home court.
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    I'm glad someone brought up Chancellor. I felt he really made the 2013 offense go. Playing in the Mason Fine era, I think his numbers would have been notably improved.
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    I would look at a couple of things. First, the development of recruits. LaDarius Hamilton(Sr) and Dion Novil (Jr) have shown improvement year to year. I'd also see if linemen never pressured the passer, which wasn't the case this year. It was usually our 3 Dlinemen that were creating the most pressure on the QB, which is especially commendable for Dion Novil at nose tackle who typically got double teamed (Novil was tied for 3rd in sacks) . It was the other positions (Jack LB, LBs, DBs) that could not generate the pressure we needed them to, though to be fair both KD Davis and Tyreke Davis at LB struggled with injuries at times. If I'm not mistaken, in this type of system, you should see a lot of sacks from LBs and DBs. I know part of the staff's reason for picking the 3-3-5 was concern over depth in the Dline. I don't really have a good measuring stick to see how good or bad Yellock was doing, I just didn't see a lot of bad stuff out of the Dline on defense. My bigger complaint was linebacker and defensive backs. In 2018 with EJ and Brandon Gardner at LB, and Brooks at cornerback we had the personnel to run the 3-3-5 well. With the turnover and no real studs coming into those positions, we couldn't run the 3-3-5 well. I don't know how he was as a recruiter either. Maybe there were some deficiencies there but I think the main reason he was let go was probably because our new DC has one or two guys in mind that he likes more.

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