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    Regardless of Miami’ s record, this is a good win for CUSA.
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    I was one of the ones that would say no to Skip, I wanted someone young and relatable to the kids. But you cant argue the results and have done a complete 180 on Skip. I welcome such a move 1000%
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    Looking at his top 5, I would venture to guess that he probably has relatives in the Toledo area since BG and Toledo are both in the area. Secondly, Alcorn and Alabama A&M are two popular HBCUs and I think that probably played a big part in his decision. Now FAU, I am not sure about. However, if he chose Alcorn and Alabama A&M based on race, then maybe he chose FAU because the HC is African American. I am just spitballing here, but I am sure those were the conversations in his house. May not be politically correct, but sometimes it is that way. I could be totally wrong as well.
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    You watch football games based on how many people are in the stands? That is odd, usually one watches the football game to see if its worth watching.
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    La Tech vs Miami Watching the Indy and La Tech sure can compete with Miami. They have consistently good teams that look and play the part.
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    Through the first four years- Holtz took over a 9-3 ranked team and went 31-22 (regular season) in his first four years including 22-11 in CUSA . He had one P5 win (6-6 Illinois in bowl game) and went 3-0 in bowls with one CUSA division title. Littrell took over a 1-11 team and went 27-25 in his first four years including 18-14 in CUSA. He had one P5 win (3-9 Arkansas) and went 0-3 in bowls with one CUSA division title. I don't discount the difference in bowl records but considering what both took over, the difference isn't much. Holtz hasn't had a losing season after season four and is 25-14 since that fourth season. The bowl win over Miami is his only other P5 win. Both have a few questionable losses on their records but SL has a few more. Doesn't exactly make me fall on my knees and wish for Holtz but no doubt SL needs to get back to winning ball games.
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    Maybe they are just better at this?
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    Do we know this with absolute certainty, or is this GMG.com-assumption because we haven't seen his name pop up as a finalist? i'm super skeptical of that statement because, with his success and name, I think he has a ton of weight in the coaching community. I also think the location and academics is exactly what makes his success so remarkable. This is the first time I've heard anyone suggest the opposite and would love to hear your reasoning.
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    You wonder about how much his success can be attributed to his geographic location, academics and their semester calendar? There is a reason a P5 has not contacted him.
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    If SL is going to be the OC, I suggest moving Langston up in the box and hiring a new OL coach since SL won't fire him.
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    How does La Tech do so much more with so much less?? Imagine what that AD/HC Football program as a whole would do with our facilities and location?? 🧐
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    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.....just don't get it. LaTech gets another bowl win. Why not we???
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    Debatable Picking Nagurski is like picking Jim Thorpe for best running back If Selmon played for NT, and Greene for OU, Greene would easily win
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    No coach in the country has done more with less. He has constantly had coordinators and assistants poached. But just reloads and continues to be consistent. La tech is paying Skip half what we pay Seth. We paid Reffett and Reeder $295k and $275k respectively. While our conference mates in Ruston paid their coordinators $185k and $165k. That's a difference of 220k for those keep track at home. If for some reason Seth leaves Wren first call should be to Skip. He has learned how to win at the G5 level. New Denton has gave all the resources to win. Now we just need some results.
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    That is what I was referring to. It gives a player 3- 4 times a year to transfer in not 2. Which can give a transfer an advantage of coming in early or later compared to most schools On the academics at one time if you were in state and had a C average you were accepted to a state school and in many cases with scholarship money. Dirkwitze ( App State) was a head coach for 1 year and got the Missouri job? P5’s knows Skip.
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    I think he trying to say, you don’t have to necessarily be prototypical size to be effective. Although I will concede that D-line is harder to break through if you are undersized. I do recall Chad Polk being pretty good at like 230lbs coming off the d-end position though. Speed kills.
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    I wish our program is where LATECH is now. They beat who they are suppose to beat. They are always competitive and team the team is always ready to play. They play defense well and their offense is consistent. They don't seem to have the big drop off years. We need to hire Holtz.
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    Why does Skip Holtz never get any attention for moving up?
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    Many of you know that I was born and raised in Denton before attending North Texas. My in-laws now live in Robson Ranch and all of my family is still in Denton County. Well, after 15 years of policing at Dallas PD, and the last two as Chief of the city of Keene, I am returning to my roots. I will be sworn in as the Chief of Police in Argyle on January 2.
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    I have always thought that Dickey's Belt winning streak was tremendous and a big accomplishment. Dickey did a lot with little, but overlooked is that most of his wins came against schools with much less than NT. As the league caught up with NT, Dickey was exposed. Bringing Littrell in the conversation and once again complaining about his results as a function of his salary is IMO off point. Like having his record and being paid half of his current compensation would make it somehow better. I doubt there is an onslaught, but I disagree to an extent. NT is digging out of an hole that they had been digging for decades. This La Tech team some are touting is a product of an university that has for the most part understood the value of athletes for most of their history. While NT has a bigger budget and superior infrastructure at this point, this is a fairly recent occurrence. Mac couldn't recruit anywhere by the time NT hired him. I believe that NT is recruiting very well at this point, if Littrell can't win here it is because he is a bad coach, not because of what NT has to offer.
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    They’re actually paying him LESS than half but I get what your saying. And SL isn’t leaving anytime soon unless this ship turns around quick. Rick
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    Tech is on the quarter system, not semester
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    So what do you know about the plans for Seth?
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    We aren't completely innocent. The guy won four straight titles, had two national rushing champions, and endured the loss of Andrew Smith. We gave him a pat on the back and RV didn't reward him with anything (much?). Meanwhile, the current generation gets a coach that gets 5 wins in his [at that point] only year of HC, and we're so enamored with an APR bowl that we feel like we need to increase his salary, bump his assistant budget, extend his contract and - oh hey! - here's one of the top indoor practice facilities in this area of the country.
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    Hire a named recognized QB coach that is a strong recruiter if this happens.
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    Only wanted to run him out of town after the great four year run when he quit coaching, quit recruiting and acted like a spoiled brat.
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    Both of them are too comfortable where they are. Todd is coaching at the stadium named after his father in law. Riley is coaching from his dads old office and his own HS where he won state titles. It would take something huge for either to leave.
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    https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Kirkland-Michaux-113615/RecruitInterests/ Young man was very impressive in the state championship game against Denton Guyer. He only holds an offer from Fordham at this time.
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    Fine came in at 167 leaving at around 195 without a red shirt year and of course as a qb were you closely watch flexibility and the throwing motion. This kid will be easily be 245- before his sophomore season as a TE.
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    SMU pandering by playing Southside Da Realist during their signees’ highlights was particularly laughable. Zach Orr even pointed it out. Nothing congruent with that culture and Highland Park whatsoever.
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    These kids make me laugh sometimes.... Even my own that I coach. So the hood raised you and made you who you are, so you chose an uppity private school to continue growing you? hmmm. Go get him McCasland lets see what y'all got!!
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    Not meaning to dogpile on you but if you're talking 2018 Michigan State, there's no way they finished #11(they went 8-5) and they lost to Michigan that year. To your point, USU was very good that year. Hope we have an offense like that soon. I'm glad I'm only following this lousy bowl game online.
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    They lost by 7 to Michigan State.
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    And this Miami team throttled FSU.
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    Some ideas I haven't seen yet (forgive me if I missed them being mentioned)... Keith Heckendorf Current Salary: $210,000 AState Bio: https://astateredwolves.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/keith-heckendorf/536 2019 was his first season as the Arkansas State offensive coordinator and QB coach. Before that, he spent 8 seasons in multiple roles with the North Carolina football program, including the last five as quarterbacks coach. He also served as the Tar Heels’ passing coordinator the last three years and as the recruiting coordinator in 2014 and 2015. Pluses: He has crossed paths with Seth at UNC, appears to be a QB coach with skins on the wall, and can recruit. Clay McGuire Current Salary: $175,000 Tx State Bio: https://txstatebobcats.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/clay-mcguire/1198 2019 was his first season as the offensive line coach at Texas State after spending 2018 as the running backs coach at Texas Tech. Before that, he spent six seasons as the offensive line coach at Washington State. Pluses: An OC with an OLine background might help recruiting on that front and I, for one, am open to a new voice addressing that area of consistent need.
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    I heard the new DC is going to use the rarest of defenses the 2-2-7
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    The same people who were saying the "recruiting" was going to be terrible are the first ones to say this is a terrible hire. Some of you seem to give Seth NO credit. Too bad we can't be positive and welcome him.
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    Last OOC game until the NCAA tournament.
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    I have always said that the AD was the one who wasted the national buzz and momentum we were receiving from TD
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    A fair point. Although there are a select few, such as myself who believe he could’ve been great with a better athletic director supporting him. If anything, he had to support the athletic director which is pretty sad.
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    I believe Upton was replacement for Kerl. It is unfortunate about Kerl. He is a great football player. Hopefully he can go to Juco and get those grades up and come back next year. After watching Upton in State Championship this is a huge pick up for us and not a replacement. This kid is a baller and don’t let his size fool you. With him going up in January with Christian and Dane is also huge. Excited about this class.
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    Historically our administration and our culture have been the main impediments. Keep in mind that fund raising at North Texas didn't get started until C.C. "Jitter" Nolan was hired.
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    With all the local bowls that would love to have NT, it's a pity just couldn't get it done this year. Even with ESPN controlling most of the minor bowls and matching teams for tv appeal, a local team even at 6-6 would be a coveted target.
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    I assume QB's playing behind good offensive lines never get hurt. NT's ol was not close to be as bad as you and others think. That is an opinion just like yours. However, mine seems to be backed with stats, while your is not.
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    He took WKU from worst to 1st in his one season. When he was DC under Willie Taggart. Dan Mccarney may have not worked out here but he knew defense. I think it speaks volumes that Bowen was his first hire. I have seen the one knock on him is that he has been at Kansas virtually his whole career. He loved his alma mater can anyone blame him. If i was able to make 500 k and work for UNT that next 20 years I would do it.
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    Here is a little tribute video that the Athletics Department put out as a tribute to Hayden Fry. I thought it was very well done. Here is the video for those interested-

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