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    With the fall semester coming to an end, I set down with Wren Baker, UNT’s Vice President and athletic director. Baker joined the Mean Green staff in the summer of 2016 and has made efforts to turn North Texas athletics into a program that is competitive throughout Conference USA. When Baker arrived, he implemented a five-year plan to accomplish this. Sitting down with him, I wanted to cover his plan’s progress as well as other athletic topics. So you’re about 3.5 years through [your five-year plan]. I looked online and I looked through what you’ve accomplished. Do you feel like the five-year plan is on a good pace right now? We are. There’s some areas where we hit targets ahead of schedule and some where we’re slightly behind and that’s okay. When you put a plan like that in place, it’s meant to be malleable so that as things change or maybe different priorities elevate, you have the ability to shift resources, both human and money. I think by-and-large we’ve made a lot of progress in those areas. If you zoom out and look at the department as a whole, I think all of the metrics are trending in a favorable way. Our momentum is strong and [it’s] not just about wins and losses, although those have definitely improved. Financial contributions, number of donors, academic success, overall health and well-being, all of that stuff is trending in a favorable way I think that’s due a lot to the plan and we’ve involved a lot of people in the formulation of that plan. I think the most noticeable part of that plan has been the infrastructure for athletics facilities. What were your thought in increasing the qualities of facilities and what was your goal there? When I took the job, a lot of the conversation was around, ‘We have good facilities,” and having been at some other institutions, I felt like the stadium was in really good shape. Outside of that, everything needed some help. I think for us, a lot of progress has been made in facilities because before they acquired the old Liberty campus, they didn’t have anything. They just played in city parks and that kind of stuff. People aren’t standing still, waiting on you to catch up and so when I came in, I did an assessment. We took some donors around and looked at facilities and opened their eyes to what the competitors are doing. I think the vision here was to be one of the best Group of 5 programs in the country and that hadn’t been where we had been historically. View Full Article
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    fans will get to see what Fine can do with a real legit O-Line, where he has time to throw and check.
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    Better bottom half of SEC than bottom half of CUSA.
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    Good lord this is so North Texas small time thinking. This is “we beat Tennessee in 1975” thinking. Coaches with losing records are not the standard. I can forgive Dickey to a point bc of the murderous OOC schedule he faced. But McCarney? Nah. God I loved the 2013 season. I was going through a divorce and it was about the only positive thing going in my life at that time - other than a very loyal Malinois Shepherd. But I am not going to put that man on a pedestal because he won a bowl game. Half of college football goes to a bowl and half of those win. This shouldn’t be the standard. LaTech has gone to a bowl six years in a row if I recall. And I think won them all. With this attitude we are like the fat girl at the prom: just happy to be here!
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    https://footballscoop.com/news/report-lane-kiffin-to-ole-miss-close-to-done-deal/ Just saw a report that a deal is now in place.
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    I love Mason Fine as much as everyone else on here, but let’s not be disrespectful of Hamilton. He has also been a great contributor for the last 4 years and I look forward to him playing with one hand on the ground and being let loose. I don’t see the alumni association putting a trip together, but wouldn’t that be a cool tradition to start? I wish them both the best and am proud that those two young men are representing our university.
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    I was at last nights game and we had a shot at winning it. This team did not back down to OU and it looks like the team is developing chemistry. I think we make a lot of noise in CUSA play. Fun fact from last nights game. Not sure anyone else noticed this but OU pick their first foul with about five minutes left in the first half. 15 minutes with no fouls must be record. Simmons had two in the first three minutes. I have never seen a team not have any fouls in that length of time. I was so shocked when actually called one. I am not sure if it was just our bad refs from CUSA or the refs rode here on the OU bus. The OU fans were good or the ones that sat around me anyway. Nice to see the pit with a lot of people in it. Both teams played a good game. I am optimistic about the future games. Fill the pit! You could tell the players were very disappointed with the loss. At the games conclusion Coach Mac thanked the fans for coming.
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    So, I get confused on the seating situation at the SP. With a GA ticket ($15), the ushers tell you to sit anywhere except the seats with the "Reserved" banners (for season ticket holders). But, when you sit down in an open seat, inevitably someone comes up with a Reserved Seating ticket ($20) and says you are in their seat. So, where do you sit so you don't have to move and have that awkward conversation with a stranger? GMG
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    Renfro decommitted from UNT on Nov. 27th after Florida State offered. And he made his official visit to FSU yesterday. But, Renfro has yet to commit to Florida State. In fact he has scheduled an official visit at North Texas for this coming Friday (Friday 13th). Maybe he didn't enjoy Tallahassee so much. Maybe he ends up at UNT after all. It may be a long shot, but we will see. Here is the information on 247. https://247sports.com/Player/Kade-Renfro-46080486/TimelineEvents/
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    Agreed. Used us to pimp himself, drive up his rating, and shop around for other offers. He was never truly committed here. Enough about this clown
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    He had this scheduled before he decommitted. He's not coming, and that's probably a good thing.
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    How in the holy hell can she say that with a birds view of our conference USA championship game all the while maintaining a straight face. She is textbook incompetence and the blowhards truly in charge are clearly happy with what she is doing, which is nothing.
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    Lol. That lady is full of S.
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    UAB did not impress me in person. Nothing they do is overwhelming. Even their good D is just meh. They have greatly benefitted by playing a very poor OOC schedule while having the luxury of playing in possibly the weakest division in CFB. Say what you will about LK, but he's a good football coach that strategically tries to blatantly out coach his opposition in eccentric ways. SL should be watching the game, with pen and pad in hand.
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    I have said it before, but IMO the C-USA Championship game should be tied to attendance.
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    Line help any one? some big time help on campus this weekend Jamie Sheriff 6'2 260 Defensive End Mississippi Gulf Coast (Same college as Torrey) https://247sports.com/Player/Jamie-Sheriff-46086470/ Anterrious Gray 6'3 295 Offensive Guard NWMCC https://247sports.com/player/anterrious-gray-46097194/
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    Watching the game, seeing the above picture of the “crowd”, it’s no wonder CUSA is at the bottom of the dogpile.
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    Isaiah Johnson, 17 carries for 132 yards in last nights win over WF Rider.
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    No wonder there are people in other people's reserved seats, if NT is that inept. You buy reserved seats because they are the best available for your use and you don't have to worry about getting there at an earlier time. I'm was not thrilled with a decision to chase someone out of my seats or have a less desired seat that was probably reserved by someone else. If you are so cheap or cannot afford an extra 10 or 15, sit in general admission. Not too many years ago, ushers routinely asked to see your tickets if you were in the reserve sections. I guess it is the wild west now, and if you chose you can sit in better seats than you could purchase in the reserve section. It seems to me, NT is losing revenue if they do not enforce their ticket restrictions. I don't care were students sit as long they wait long enough to be confident someone hasn't paid to be there.
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    Wouldn’t he have to be on the all 2nd century team or the all 1.5 century team?
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    Christian’s final season stats 51 Rec for 723 yds 5 Rec TDs 9 Rushes for 71yds 2 rushing TDs Keep in Mind Christian missed first 5 games due to injury.
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    https://footballscoop.com/news/reports-mike-norvell-expected-to-be-the-next-florida-state-head-coach/ Another domino falls
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    Yeah, the Power-5 schools definitely look at us as their peers. As do the bowl committees, who rarely match a G5 vs a P5 anymore. I understand there’s no official distinction, but it’s already there in practice. We are in between P5 and FCS like he said.
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    UAB getting exposed for that weak OOC schedule they used to inflate their numbers. We had a horrible year and they didn't beat us by much. And is anyone really surprised by lack of attendance? There's only a few schools in this conference that would sell out a conference championship game
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    Ugh...Lane with two Conference Titles in 3 years.
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    Where is old @Coach Bill Lewis and his rubbing our noses in it now??
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    Judy's reality distortion field is 2nd only to the late Steve Jobs. With the sad fan turnout and paltry TV ratings, I bet G. Brint Ryan would love to have his Ryan sponsorship check back. Hate to say it but he got duped by Judy.
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    UAB looks like they took the spirit of our 2019 Mean Green to Boca with them. If the Lane Train is headed to Oxford, he’s going out in style.
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    Can’t help but think we would have a full stadium for it in Denton . we would have almost as many students at the game as they have total sure would like to find out soon
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    Not to mention the two teams we admittedly got killed by in the Littrell coached bowls (Troy and Utah St) we’re FAR superior teams to the UNLV team Mac beat in the HOD Bowl in front of a de facto - maybe best ever turnout of UNT fans- home crowd. Sometimes the team and location you draw in a bowl matchup is advantageous, sometimes not. Agree with your general premise that winning a bowl is NOT the standard for success. It’s the following: 1. Win Conference Championship 2. Crack the Top 25 3. Be one of the G5 teams in the New Years Day Bowl Conversation 4. Be the G5 participant in the New Years Day Bowl
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    Will make someone a good head coach again. Rick
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    Freshwater back in the SEC... Coeds better watch out! This is a dog job, I don't really understand how he thinks he parlays this into a winning P5 gig. Bottom half SEC teams will be bottom half SEC teams. Unfortunately none of the boosters of those teams will ever admit to it.
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    Credit to Zachary. Very well done. Shows the difference between reporting and writing opinion pieces.
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    Good job by the reporter. Impressed he asked the Reeder/Reffet question
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    I can’t believe anyone is romanticizing the McCarnery era. The bowl win was great but it was one winning season in five!
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    Some QBs to emerge from the Shrine Bowl and land on NFL rosters in recent years: Cooper Rush (2017) Nick Mullins (2017) Easton Stick (2019) Davis Blough (2019) Excited to add Fine's name to this list soon
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    As a multiple decade basher of the band, probably the most negative I have been on the board, I think this was the best version I have ever seen at North Texas. I enrolled in '93 and graduated in '96. They were uniform and involved in the games. I have absolutely nothing to complain about this year that is not just my personal preference and that doesn't matter. Thank you Daniel Cook.
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    I assume he will play for the West, since he is a '6 shooter.'
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    If I may opine, I think Fine will shine at the Shrine
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    Just enough to win 4 of these.... Rick
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    At some points in the game, we couldn’t touch them without a foul. OU would hand off the 12, and he would lean in a bit and boom foul. He was 12-14. We were around that as a team. Overall some bad calls, and no calls
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    One more ride together for Fine & Hamilton.
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    I'm no expert but, I play one on this forum and it seems to me that when an underdog-ish team gets up 8-10 points, they start to play, "not-to-lose" ball when the strategy should be, "bury-they-ass" ball.
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    Good game by the Mean Green. Great hustle outrebounding a taller team of that caliber. Just couldn’t overcome the officiating. The Super Pit can be such a fun experience when there’s a decent crowd. Keep the hustle and defense up and we might do something in conference? Rick
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    I would like us to go back to our 3rd down music/ chant. And I would also like to hear more from the drumline, isolated in game. Having said that, this year was the best brigade I have seen/heard in decades. Loved the UNT JAZZ routine the first time I saw it.

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