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    I’m thankful for my Mean Green family. Anybody else find this Thanksgiving gif metaphorical of our hopes for the 2019 season and the end result? I’m glad we have each other.
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    Maybe next year we can also try on some wins. Black uniforms to close out a shitty season. Appropriate
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    Why wouldn’t his mom run to his defense? And why must we go after an 18 year old kid on social media like a jealous girlfriend?
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    i'll be there...last game of the year to see my tailgating crew and it's football on a saturday...no reason not to be there. sure, the team disappointed, big deal, if my wife left me every time i disappointed her....well...shit...ya...i'll be there because i love the school and team...guess my wife loves me as well...some of ya'll flat out suck
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    Maybe next year's quarterbacks won't have to spend seconds scooping the ball up off the turf before after each snap. A center who can snap the ball waist high would be an improvement. Mason spent too much time having to retrieve the ball from low snaps, which threw off the rhythm of each play.
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    Yes, the offense regressed, but that's no excuse for always lining your corners 10 yards off the ball, not looking back, or not tackling.
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    I hate these uniforms. I was hoping for green helments, green jerseys, and white pants. Well, maybe next year.
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    I recognize that Kade Renfro is an exceptional talent at quarterback but I'm less worried about that position. Austin Aune had the highest rating at that position of any of our quarterbacks when he came out of high school. If he recovers those skills I don't believe that Renfro could topple him. Will Kuehne is near to or equal to Renfro in passing ability. Ditto for Kason Martin. Jason Bean hasn't yet exhibited great passing skills but he is our best dual threat quarterback with plenty of potential. I believe that we already have very good quarterback candidates; perhaps moreso than any other position.
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    If you like a recruits tweet because he was offered or committed to your program, cool no problem. If you tweet at the recruit, that is crossing the line. These are 17-18 year old kids. That’s just creepy.
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    There is at least one senior that likely feels at home in the all blacks.
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    Yes that is such a punishment. Much better to be 4-8 in CUSA! That is what the real winners do!!!! 1!!
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    You’ve got it all wrong. The green and white are our alternate uniforms😆😆
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    A much better conference, winning, better bowls, national exposure, and offensive line that won't get him destroyed. Let's start with these examples?
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    He helped put up 42 of 49 points on the #1 team in the state with a separated shoulder.. He didn’t get out played by anyone. Rick
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    On one hand I understand, on the other hand I get sick of always hearing how kids at 18 (or younger) should be treated like adults and listened too, but as soon as they do something we hear "their only 18".
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    I also believe with the people we had returning on offense (even with losing Bussey), we shouldn't have had as big a drop off at all. We should have done even better. I don't care to have Reeder as the OC.
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    Time to revisit the most important rule: Dont tweet at recruits! Especially when you’re saying something negative. It’s an 18 year old kid
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    That’s a nice gesture. Let’s honor Hamilton! $2 Beers!
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    6'3" 295/330 lb https://nwccrangers.com/sports/football/roster/anterrious-gray/2252
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    UAB has a lot to play for <gulp> GMG https://sportschatplace.com/picks/college-football/north-texas-mean-green-vs-uab-blazers-11-30-19-ncaa-football-pick-odds-and-prediction This is an interesting matchup. It is senior day for North Texas and despite a 4-7 overall record, the Mean Green is 4-1 at home with the only loss coming against a tough Houston team. In fact, North Texas is averaging winning by 22.8 points per game in those four home wins. But UAB definitely has the motivation to not only win, but win impressively. With the Southern Miss and Louisiana Tech games starting just 30 minutes earlier, the Blazers won’t know the outcome of those games until late.
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    Disagree. Bussey definitely is (unless he loses some explosiveness with his injury). Guyton was until that headhunter took his block off during the 17 Army game. IMO, he wasn’t the same after that. Still a great player, but not NFL-caliber, (and I don’t think another year at NT was going to fix that as many here do).
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    I hope the outcome has been decided by the middle of the fourth quarter so that Mason Fine can be pulled from the game to a standing ovation from those loyal fans who came to the game.
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    Congratulations to him. Quite the honor for someone who is only 10th in tackles on the team.. He’s leading with 7 sacks but he’s 3rd in tackles for a loss. If you read this board regularly you’d think we didn’t have any players on this defense at all. Rick
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    Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’m not assuming we lose on Saturday. GMG!
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    Decommits are nothing new. Usually disappointing to see them walk, but pretty common across the country unless you’re an Alabama,etc. UNT has other issues that Littrell and Baker need to fix. UNT doesn’t have a disproportionate decommit problem.
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    Did anyone ever address why Gaddie didn't replace one of the corners? He played special teams, so I'm pretty sure his redshirt was burned. Does this mean he wasn't better than those two? From the little I saw from him in the spring practice he looked like he had something.
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    Seth probably let the seniors choose the combo they wanted for their last game.
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    Just making sure you ain’t #olddenton. We need guys who can play at P5 schools to play here. If they’re relegated to the bench at a P5, they’d probably be the same here, as we’ve seen with a ton of P5 transfers through the years. We, as fans, need to ditch the mentality of “starter here, bench player there”. That’s not going to take us where we want to go.
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    Last game of the season, home game, and we wear black. Darryl Dickey pulled that one time too for the “last game” of a certain season.
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    Much less than Mason deserves in his last game.
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    How can SFA get basketball players that can take Duke into two overtime periods? And we get nada.
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    I agree with GrayEagle! We have several outstanding QB’s on the roster now! Our team will be in good hands next season! Now is time to use the extra scholarship (Renfro’s) for a very good player that wants to be at North Texas and be a part of a very special class of guys that want to accomplish great championships! Go Mean Green ! Now and forever!
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    This line of thinking is tired. An 18 year old deciding to change his mind has nothing to do with integrity. Ever changed your mind in life? Perhaps change jobs?
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    disagree with Vito, Renfro was not the most important recruit on the list, sorry not when we have plenty of QB's and it was not a foregone conclusion it would be his team in the fall.
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    I have a friend that has seen him play a number of times. Renfro was not going to come in and compete for the starting job this year. He got outplayed by a baseball commit last week. His rating is based solely off of potential due to his size. Those of you expecting more to leave haven’t been paying attention. This kid has been on the market since day one. Contrast that to Christian Lee that committed and has been a tru commit touting us to others.
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    I agree. I would never switch back to #olddenton ever!😂 I think we will be fine, and as for P5 you never know what will happen. I just hope he does good wherever he goes. Sad to see him go, but this upcoming class is looking good anyway!
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    I am concerned about linemen on both sides of the ball.
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    https://www.al.com/uab/2019/11/uab-heads-to-north-texas-for-season-finale.html "This will be their bowl game, their seniors’ last game and their last home game.’ Every emotion we had last week, they’re probably going to have that and more. We’re going to expect every bit of their best.”
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    Pick your sport at UNT. We have a hard time getting difference makers that produce conference champions to come to UNT. Something is terribly wrong with how UNT is perceived when it comes to recruiting good athletics.

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