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    I think these guys usually call balls & strikes, so I was very happy to read this preview. GMG! https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2019/9/6/18510447/north-texas-mean-green-vs-smu-mustangs-game-preview-conference-usa-dallas-fine-buchele
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    I have one question. Did Craig James kill 5 hookers? I do not trust him.
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    But it's after Labor Day...
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/football-chance-of-a-lifetime----unt-seniors/article_399f2f00-89c9-5de5-a37b-187a8f7fc2b4.html
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    Did you know that Highland Park existed from 1890 until 1933 when the City of Denton sold the property to The University of North Texas (then North Texas State Teacher's College) to build a golf course? Land developers in Dallas renamed their Philadelphia Place community after Denton's popular Highland Park in 1906. (there were some parks in their development, but they were all in lower areas along the Turtle Creek) Denton dismantled the streetcar (trolly) lines from downtown to Highland Park in 1918 to contribute the steel to the war effort. Visitation to the park declined greatly in 1927 with the construction of Lake Dallas southeast of Denton, making Highland Park expendable for the city. The only remnant of the name is Highland Park Drive which ran along the south side of the park. Highland Park has since been converted from a golf course into the Athletic Village at The University of North Texas and tailgating parties and football games take place on the Highland Park hill every football season.
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    Football in Dallas Eagle poops in horses eye The popped collars cry
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    Screwed up this Haiku Screwed them up last year too At least it’s a tradition.
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    Yeah, Trinity Hall is at Mockingbird Station. Walk up the stairs, go past the Angelika, and it's right there, next to the entrance to Twin Peaks. Didn't someone die here during last year's film festival? It's an easy walk to the stadium, but that is a pretty dangerous area, and it will be busy AF on Saturday. There are a bunch of shuttles there at Mockingbird Station that will take you right up to the stadium. I'll be Boulevard-ing (ugh, I sound so douchey) with my SMU friends, proudly wearing my Mean Green...and stealing watches and wallets.
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    Trust him, he paid five times as much as we did for his schooling. 😉
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    Ho! Ho! Ho! Green Giant! Beat smu! Note: Prefer the white pants too.
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    Just ramblin’, man... I’ve mellowed out some concerning SMU. Age they say will do such with most. I think it has with me (to an extent). • SMU? Hellsbells! As a youth I once went to an Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl game in the Astrodome & even pulled for SMU! Both DFW area school’s fans have done (since the 70’s when I was a student) way too much “my dad is bigger than your dad” along with all the socio-economic & class warfare tommyrot. (Hey! It’s a private university vs. a pubic university so isn’t that the norm most everywhere in the NCAA)? ➡️ This: SMU students & fans have yet to recover from the SWC implosion; that is, of not having UT, TAMU, TTech & Baylor coming to Dallas every other football season with all the fanfare the visitors annually brought to Dallas. All that was a luxury SMU had for a very long time & a luxury North Texas never had. It is what it is. Still, in the eyes of many on the Hilltop we are a reminder to what they no longer have; albeit we know we’re hardly chopped liver. (Didn’t we beat Texas❤️🖤Tech In Lubbock last 2 of 3 times we teed it up)? In our society today, some may spend a lifetime trying to get over huge setbacks or loss & show it in many various ways ranging from being downright childish & immature or (preferably)—merely accepting reality & the cards given them & then choosing the much more mature role of accepting to bloom where planted. The annual SMU vs North Texas shootout is just one game on each school’s football schedule. Yet maybe we of UNT should try more to understand where SMU (& UH to an extent) were during a pretty big chunk of each school’s respective NCAA football history? That is, to be in such a lofty NCAA football neighborhood & then to be suddenly forced out of it? How would any of us Mean Greeners have felt had something similar been snatched from us? (Yes, the demotion to 1-AA was tough, but not what SMU & UH had to endure). To bloom where planted really turns out to be the only choice for many non-P5 schools until the NCAA football powers-that-be loosen up their ties & come up with new opportunities for G5’s to move up. So without further ramblin’—this Saturday it’s North Texas at SMU. Can all our fans & alums put the past behind (since we can’t change it) & fans from both schools go support their players who (for their school) love & play this game that is pretty important to them in this present era so...To SMU & UNT Fans 💙❤️—💚🖤➡️ Your players this Saturday will appreciate your support more than you’d know & sitting in your seats at Gerald J. Ford Stadium will prove your support for each Mustang & Mean Green Eagle. (After all, these are 18-21 year old kids we’re talking about here & if you think about it—they’ll be the ones laying it all on the field so isn’t this really about them)? GMG!
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    Safeway Bowl is near Mean Green have nothing to fear so let's give a cheer.
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    With the focus on Rico & Pirtle, Shorter is going to break out.
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    I know a guy looking for a decent GMT Master II if you find one that fell off a truck...
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    The far better story is why was this property so special and what made it available to be turned into a park in 1890. The three ponds on the property were fed by natural springs. This high water table was why the Fouts Field stadium could not have the track removed and the stadium dug deeper into a bowl configuration. These were the western most springs in the entire region, on the border of woods to the east and bison laden grasslands to the west, and a coveted source of fresh water for the Wichita Tribe which had a permanent settlement for at least the last several hundred years. By the 1870's barbed wire cut off the bison migration routes, and by the 1880's unregulated water drilling and drought had lowered the water table to the point where the springs often stopped flowing. The Wichita Tribe which had peacefully coexisted with European settlers soon departed for other regions to the north and west. Their land was kept for them surrounded by developers claims, and was eventually turned into Highland Park.
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    There once was a football team called the ponies, who dreamt of days when they rostered some cronies. Along came the Mean Green, that unstoppable machine, and exposed them all as phonies.
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    I think today, every D1 team stays in a hotel before games home or away. Another way to throw away money.
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    I couldn’t do them then, I still can’t do them now.
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    An old tradition Will it catch on yet again? SMU still sucks
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    Don't get me wrong, I hate SMU more than George Dunham does....And I remember all too well when SMU came crashing down. By that time I was at UNT and bleeding green. But in my teenage years, yeah - I was on board with the entire Pony Express campaign. It was a huge draw in town, alot of excitement....Honestly, now when I see "Pony Excess" on ESPN 30 for 30, I really do kinda say to myself "geez, enough is enough, it's over...." And the reason I say that is to Plumm's original post. If that had happened to UNT, and dragged on for over 30 years, it would start get really old....Some of the players on that team have grandkids now. My point is, it was a long time ago, and it was a reason for a decline in their program....WAS....What I dont agree with now is when people out there say it's STILL the reason they're not continuously successful, nobody comes to the games, dont get the play with the big boys, whaaa whaaa whaa... When is SMU going to stop using that excuse and take a hard look at their program, attendance, wins, etc and really clean house? They can bash UNT all they want...And sure, we're not in the Big 12...But we've stayed the course for many years and always keep trying to climb the ladder and improve the program, even with a few steps backwards at times. Some of us get impatient and always want more, but holy cow, when I think about where we were 20 years ago, compared to now....We're getting there... Keep climbing....
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    Today the answer is smu. Sunday it’ll be cal. September 15th I’ll go with nUTSAck. Houston after that...
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    DRC: SMU quarterback Shane Buechele was once one of the nation's top quarterback recruits https://dentonrc.com/sports/five-things-north-texas-fans-should-know-about-smu/article_55e2c2f5-83cb-5519-9b99-d31960806780.html
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    Phil, I wish you’d quit beating around the bush & tell us how you really feel about all this!!🙄😆 I agree with most you’ve said, though. We have had our walk in the “no leadership” wilderness at UNT & you’ve seen it all about 10 years longer than me. GMG! PS: Am I still in good stead with your Sicilian cuz in’ Guido?🥺
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    Sorry to disagree Plummer, but many of us older fans suffered when NT dropped down a division in 1981(?). Many of us simply quit following NT football. Oh, a casual glance at the Sunday paper football scores. Couple that with poor leadership at the top at NT. We went through hell during those 1AA years(yes, there were some highs), and to some extent, during the climb back to FBS in 1995. Again, poor leadership at the top. We finally have the right mix and the results speak for themselves. But the bottom line is this: Screw SMU and UH!! I don't give a rats ass about those schools and hope we beat and pound the living dog shit out of them! GO MEAN GREEN!
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    SMU fans always seem very bent on what they can't control. UH and UNT fans embrace what they have, and keep fighting for more. It's why we're trending up and SMU is fighting to hold on. Any kind of rivalry aside, I do wish them luck. They just need to show up for SMU football, regardless of who's sitting across from them. When another school like us, UH, Texas Tech, etc comes to their stadium and automatically fills half of it, it's time for some introspection.
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    I enjoy this art the best. Hopefully the 3rd quarter stats at Apogee South will be similar to last year.
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    But wasn't smart enough to get into Rice, Stanford, or Ivy League.
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    smuT is not impressive. We are on our way up and they are headed the opposite direction. Their fans even know this.
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    That, plus SMU ran back a kick off, plus scored a 2 point conversion on a double-reverse pass. As of right now going in my greatest concern is our O line. I’m looking for a vast improvement from week one to week two. Rick
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    SMU has already opened an indoor practice facility, it's a solid structure, but yeah, it's a tiny 90 yard half field, but real estate is a little harder to come by down here, costs a little more too. Ours does have AC though.
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    Not a fan of the all green. Prefer white pants.
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    Yes! Green on Green on Green! Love it! Beat smuT!
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    Let’s fill Trinity Hall with Mean Green fans before we fill Ford Field!!! GO MEAN GREEN!!!
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    FIFY. and that has been the problem for three years
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    Every other time I have, but some unforeseen expenses for this month forced my hand. This saved me $40.
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    UNT jumps out to a multi-possession lead early on in the game. SMU is able to move the ball in first half, but our defense limits the damage. 24-10 UNT lead at half. SMU’s offense explodes in the 2nd half and the ponies take a 42-40 lead late in the 4th quarter. UNT gets the ball with only 1 minute remaining and win with a last second field goal. UNT 43 SMU 42 and the crowd storms Apogee Stadium-South.
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    This young man is a sleeper and underrated. I saw a number of his highlights from last year, living out in this vast wasteland, and he is going to be a good one.
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    Go Owls! This conference needs to step up.
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    Heck...everyone knows Hillary wasn’t president in 2010. The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/10/uranium-one-deal-obama-administration-doj-hillary-clinton-racketeering/ .....”Uranium is foundational to nuclear power and thus to American national security. As the New York Times explainedin a report on the disturbing interplay between the Clinton Foundation and the transfer of American uranium assets to Russia, the United States gets a fifth of its electrical power from nuclear energy, but only produces a fifth of the uranium it needs. Consequently, a foreign entity would not be able to acquire rights to American uranium without the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. CFIUS is composed of the leaders of 14 U.S. government agencies involved in national security and commerce. In 2010, these included not only Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had cultivated a reputation as a hawk opposed to such foreign purchases, but Attorney General Eric Holder, whose Justice Department (and its lead agency, the FBI) were conducting the investigation of Rosatom’s ongoing U.S. racketeering, extortion, and money-laundering scheme. In March 2010, to push the Obama “reset” agenda, Secretary Clinton traveled to Russia, where she met with Putin and Dimitri Medvedev, who was then keeping the president’s chair warm for Putin. Soon after, it emerged that Renaissance Capital, a regime-tied Russian bank, had offered Bill Clinton $500,000 to make a single speech — far more than the former president’s usual haul in what would become one of his biggest paydays ever. Renaissance was an aggressive promoter of Rosatom. The Clinton speech took place in Moscow in June. The exorbitant speech fee, it is worth noting, is a pittance compared with the $145 million Newsweek reportswas donated to the Clinton Foundation by sources linked to the Uranium One deal. The month before the speech, the Hill reports, Bill Clinton told his wife’s State Department that he wanted to meet while in Russia with Arkady Dvorkovich, who, in addition to being a top Medvedev aide, was also a key Rosatom board member. It is not known whether the State Department gave clearance for the meeting; the question appears to have become moot since the former U.S. president met directly with Putin and Medvedev. You’ll be comforted, I’m sure, to learn that aides to the Clintons, those pillars of integrity, assure us that the topics of Rosatom and Uranium One never came up.”..... ........”There was still one other problem to tamp down. That was the informant — the lobbyist who alerted the FBI to the Russian racketeering enterprise back in 2009. He wanted to talk. Specifically, as his attorney, Ms. Toensing, explains, the informant wanted to tell Congress what he knows — about what the FBI and the Justice Department could already have proved in 2010 when CFIUS signed off on Russia’s acquisition of American nuclear material, and about what he’d learned of Russian efforts to curry favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton. But he was not allowed to talk. It turns out, the lawyer explains, that the FBI had induced him to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The Justice Department warned him that it was enforceable — even against disclosures to Congress. (Because, you know, the FBI is opposed to all leaks and disclosures of confidential investigative information . . . except those initiated by the FBI, of course.) In addition, when the informant was primed to file a federal civil lawsuit to recover his own losses from the scheme, he claims that the Justice Department threatened him with prosecution, warning that a lawsuit would violate the non-disclosure agreement. The Hillreports that it has obtained emails from a civil lawyer retained by the witness, which describe pressure exerted by the Justice Department to silence the informant. What a coincidence: That was in 2016, the stretch run of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”..... Despite the uranium scandal,...I can’t help but notice that that all sure sounds like a lot of goings on between RUSSIA and a bunch of people not named Trump prior to 2016? Rick
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    That's rich! Socialism can't be done right. I find it very scary that so many people in this country are even entertaining Socialism in the United States. Makes me wonder what the hell is being taught in our high schools and universities these days. Never mind. I know what is not being taught.
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    Well, after three "warm-up" games against the "sisters of the poor" getting to play a decent opponent shows there is work to do. Might want to think about "upping the level" of competition in those "tune-up" games. If you watched those three early games, you could see "issues", but Hedlund knows how to correct most of those "issues" and I expect we will see some adjustments and a different level of play in the next few games heading into conference play. Team is pretty young...going to be some bumps in the road.
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    smut 40-unt 30, unless or DBS get a lot better. If we have the same effort we had last week it could get ugly. I was really hoping I was going to be wrong on this but I wasn't. If our db's can not cover one on one they need help. I thought we go 8-4 this year but I am thinking now we will be about 6-6. We lose to Cal, Houston, La Tech ( qb looked good yesterday and he lite us up last year). Would not be surprised if we lose to UTSA just because where they sit on our schedule. SMU has shown everyone how to beat us. What happen to the fast offense? I guess Harrell was better than we thought.

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