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    I hate all of you like a sibling hates his brother. So, there's respect there, but I still hate you.
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    Trash talk aside, for anyone making the trip down, enjoy the game and welcome to campus.
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    You know the nice thing about a Hyundai is it's easier to shove up your ass than other cars,
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    We are glad to know Bobby Kim is living still He only lost teeth
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    Rumble on hilltop Mean Green sail to victory Dyke’s are lesbians
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    I'm seriously confused at how SMU, a program with a lackluster record over the past few years, has garnered this much attention from transfers. I mean really, what do they have to offer that others don't. I'll let y'all speculate.
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    Ramon Flanagan Silver put you in your place You’re still outcoached bitch
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    Why are we passing 20 yards down field on a 4th and 1?
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    Trinity Hall is packed Wall to Wall! Rick
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    Desmond picked us as the Super Dog last year before Arkansas.
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    Always great to see Mean Green on Gameday.
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    Do you still get a free Nissan or have y'all upgraded the team to at least a Toyota?
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    Terrible trolling. I have better expectations for SMU.
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    That’s also the year that poor Ray got away while Nathan Tune was in the hospital.
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    Yes, I remember that game. Then came... Derek Thompson which was a stud! He was better than most of us gave him credit. Thanks DT!! #GMG
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    ok partial lie. I mean, I'd love to see a Rice win. I'd also love my wife to come home with a 45 day aged wagyu steak and 21 year Macallan. Instead I'm more hopeful for a 21 day old whiskey and a 45 year old piece of jerkey and some rice cakes
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    Hot garbage so far in all phases. Seth just can’t seem to prepare his team for key games.
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    wow poor special teams play, for god sakes just let the ball go out and get the extra yardage
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    We are getting stomped. How does everyone who said we would have very little drop off on defense after losing so many starters feel right now?
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    Nice to see this thread being revived every year. That logo is one I designed in 2014. I never liked it all that much. It needed a few more tweaks, especially around the "laces" in the middle. I'm more proud of the logo I put together a few years later, that captures the essence of Matt Simon's DMN quote. I kept the Safeway logo, because why not, this is really just for fun. I won't be making any kind of profit from it. Would be nice to put it on t-shirt though.
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    Better than Corso picking us... The Corso Curse is real.
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    That's fair. And it's the internet generally. It's full on anarchy out there.
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    I legit LOLed at this. Newsflash bub, you got Trump-voting UNT alums on this board too. Let's stick to football and trash talk--err--locker-room talk.
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    I’m all set on tixs thanks Mean Green Nation.
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    If our”D” plays the entire game like the 1’st half last week methinks we’ll be just.....FINE. GMG!
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    I think these guys usually call balls & strikes, so I was very happy to read this preview. GMG! https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2019/9/6/18510447/north-texas-mean-green-vs-smu-mustangs-game-preview-conference-usa-dallas-fine-buchele
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    I saw that this morning. They had nice things to say about Mason. I was surprised they didn't include Rico's catch in their highlight package
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    Actually, it was Derek Thompson that broke his leg against Army. That was a crazy year for injuries. Some were trying to blame the new turf at Fouts. Memories: https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/unt-mean-green/2010/10/05/football-unt-qb-s-status-in-jeopardy/
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    “Hey Sam, what’r the Vegas odds that we go up 30-1 on first downs?”
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    This game's important in that it will show us where this team is and what we can possibly do this year. We face 2 much better teams in the next 3 weeks after this game... So important...sure...chance of a LIFETIME? That's a bit much.
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    Rico looking to continue his fast start that landed him some week 1 honors:
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    I have one question. Did Craig James kill 5 hookers? I do not trust him.
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    But it's after Labor Day...
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    Not like these refs are going to cost us the game (our bad play will do that), but holy crap could they be worse?
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    Turns out having to stay home with my gf after knee surgery was a blessing. Who knew.
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    These dudes are some of the top reports for G5 teams, and I greatly appreciate their work. Analysis is spot on. #GMG
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    No Fans? Just trying to help. Look forward to meeting you and the 30 others at the game today. Oh and who’s forum are on?
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    @malonish isn’t a troll. He was a legit fan wanting to spar a bit and share info and insults.
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    @tmjerm do you notice anything about this?
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    Trust him, he paid five times as much as we did for his schooling. 😉
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    Ho! Ho! Ho! Green Giant! Beat smu! Note: Prefer the white pants too.

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