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    Saw a couple people ask on here about it. Wren just tweeted it out ICYMI.
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    that's got to be the greatest first post of all time...
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    But it's after Labor Day...
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    Only way it could have been better is if he had given himself the name "Not the Ghost of Bobby Kim"
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    I agree, but for those not wanting to drop $40 a ticket, I think this is awesome. The fans will head to Dallas, those curious or on the fence can now go to a fun event on the square. Denton has never, ever done anything like this, so I think this is an incredible step in the right direction.
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    Here's a look at the student body saturday
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    Absolutely this. Respect to Ark. State, but it's not a "big" win when an AAC opponent comes in and defeats a Sun Belt team. This is what fuels the rivalry. More 50/50 games with heartbreak (on SMU's side) is what will push this thing to a full-blown Thanksgiving-Day-esque Safeway Bowl. Gobble gobble, bitches.
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    SMU is such a symbol of all that is wrong with college sports. Blatantly cheat, while leeching off of bigger schools to get attendance and bowl money, and using your location to fool idiot network and conference leaders from the East Coast into believing you deliver the Dallas market to some far-flung conference because they know your name from SWC glory days of cheating that caused the Death penalty to be dropped on you. I can’t wait for the day that these spares must realize they will NEVER be anything close to what TCU has become and come to grips with even keeping a program that draws hundreds of their own for home games while fully depending on local state schools to bring thousands of fans to Ford Stadium.
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    Ahhh the Doak Walker years, those were the days. Japan had yet to bomb Pearl Harbor, Jim Crow was alive and well, and the SI swimsuit issue featured some very risqué shots of ankles.
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    Posted August 14 On 8/13/2019 at 3:04 PM, Withers940 said: Neat that you can zoom in and see faces clearly.
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    How i feel about work while waiting for it to be Saturday to see NT vs SMU.
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    And he has come back three years later, to let us know that he is ok. Thank you, Mr. Kim, for keeping us up to date.
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    A few UNTamed20 commits on this list. #58 Jett Duncan #63 Jordan Brown #75 Christian Lee #97 Lonzo Thompson
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    They're about as delusional as we are.
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    What else do you expect from a a bunch of hoodlums who curse during the fight song? 😂
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    Gotta post it every year we play SMUt! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safeway_Bowl
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    SMU will be debuting a new "fierce" uniform combination this week. A team bonding session will be held in the locker room after the game.
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    https://sharpside.com/college-football-betting-free-picks-week-2-2019/ The offense brings back all but one of the top six receivers and the offensive line should be improved, bringing in Virginia Tech grad transfer D’Andre Plantin to play left tackle. The defense is going to be an adventure for North Texas, as they lose a ton but are anchored in the back by a pair of senior safeties, and defensive end Ladarius Hamilton is a beast. Outside of that, it’s a bunch of fairly unknown commodities and it might be a struggle early in the season. Shane Buchele is an upgrade over Ben Hicks and SMU brings back a ton of talent, but this North Texas offense is as good as it gets in the Group of Five level and SMU is going to struggle to stop them. My prediction is a North Texas win over SMU, 41-35.
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    When did arkansas st become a big win? The P6 should always win those games. What a joke!
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    Props to @BeyondTheGreen. Amazing production value!
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    It's amazing what a change in scenery can do to your mental game. A Dentonite has no need to look any further than Cole Hedlund. Hoping the best for Harvey. The physical tools are there.
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    This guy is clearly operating at a higher level than we can comprehend. He backed Herman Cain, so clearly he knows a winner when he sees one.
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    North Texas 51 SMU 49 Defense optional.
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    UNT 55 SMU 13 where was Beuchele’s TD throws last game? He had 0.
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    Agreed - I hate those guys, but i actually laughed....I'll give him points for style, not accuracy.
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    We will win a close one, as Fine makes plays to win the game for us late. UNT 52, SMU 48. If we do lose this game, this place will look like Chernobyl...

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