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    Well, there you go. That makes saying motherfu*$%& in our fight song acceptable because Harvard and some other colleges did it. I guess it is acceptable to type it on here now. If it is so acceptable, then why do people use symbols when typing the word instead of just typing it out?
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    Down 38-20 at half time is hanging in there? New to me.
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    From earlier comments on this board, they play dirty and we are better for not running across them very often.
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    Ran by the stadium tonight to observe some of the good ol' indoctrination of the new students from the band, cheerleaders, Talons, and football team. I noticed during playing of the fight song that at the usual "U... N... T... {motherf'in} Eagles!", the Green Brigade members were yelling "{super awesome} Eagles!" I giggled.
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    Some ACU fans are believing a lot of predictions for a poorer NT defense. IF ACU gets anywhere close to 31 points, it could be a long year for the Green. I predict there are going to be a lot of surprised people when NT's defense turns out to be as good or better than last years. NT's secondary should be the strength of the defense. With the Davis's speed, linebacker should be at least the equal of last year. I think the defensive line is the biggest question mark. Also, ACU's forte on offense is passing, so they will be going against the strength of NT's defense.
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    Jim, I agree that it was a great series and our two trips to West Point were among the best we have ever done. Having said that, I believe that ship has sailed and that we will not be playing them in the future.
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    That is a victory in itself.
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    Yet another embarrassment to an institution of higher learning. Why in the name of Joshua C. Chilton did someone think that "Caw" was an appropriate thing to utter whilst singing the fight song? EAGLES DO NOT MAKE THAT SOUND!! Only Crows and Ravens. Our students look, and sound, ridiculous when they do that.
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    My hope is that we hold on to a lead when we get it. That was the biggest problem (IMHO) last year.
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    Navy travels well and has a great pre-game flyover. Remember this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_Navy_vs._North_Texas_football_game
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    A fellow Mean Greener & good friend has been touting BYU as an OOC foe at Apogee for years.I told him “we don’t have ample bicycle parking racks to handle their crowd.” 🙄 (Dad joke of the day—but why am I the only one laughing).🤔🙃 Seriously, there’d be Mormons all over the Apogee pre-game tailgate areas & they’d probably bring more of their DFW contingency to Denton than (maybe) UH will on 9/28. (Wouldn’t sell much beer, though). Bottom line truth be told is we all like the friendly banter with our opponents fans when they bring a few thousand to Apogee & it just makes for a more complete Game Day experience for all. After all, NCAA football is still of the entertainment genre & today’s students have to be entertained. ❓REMEMBER WHEN.....the SWC was still intact, how many of us old timers envied the “built-in” crowds SMU & TCU would get at their respective stadia when thousands of their conference-mates fans would come en mass to Dallas & Fort Worth? We never had that luxury in Denton in over 100+ years of NCAA football, but maybe one day we could for some OOC games. I’m beating a dead horse here & I know it, but what’s happened at UNT since Baker & Littrell arrived many of us who’ve seen everything in Denton except child birth never thought we’d live long enough to see what’s happening in the MG Village today. Never say never on further possibilities. Out. GMG!
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    The triple option offense is antiquated and lends no help for the coaches or kids to play against. Not only will they never see that offense run outside of the service academies, but there is trapping/cutting/chop blocking EVERY SINGLE DOWN. That lends to more injuries, and the complete 180 they have to pull in order to prepare for them is a total mental drain as well, especially midseason. It may make sense for the fans, but Wren is clearly more concerned about his student athletes, and what makes sense for them, and I am completely grateful for that. I would much rather have a front 7 that doesn't have their knees blown out against a team that cuts them every play than travel to the Hudson valley once every other year
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    I love playing Army as well but after you talk with Coach Littrell you wont get your hopes up to ever renew the series in his tenure.
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    A HFC can stop the dirty playing unless that’s part of his Game Plan? Monken doesn’t seem to be the type, but he could have chewed out one particular player who tried to dismember one of our receivers. For over 100 years of which some of us are closing in on half of that number (& some of you well over 50 yrs. as Mean Green fans ); but what Ive noticed in my almost half century is how so few schools we ever play bring any significant number of fans, least of all their marching bands. The UH game on 9/28 will be a great standard for what UNT should strive for in opponents. No CUSA school save 2 or 3 will rarely bring fans to Apogee. UH could very well be a Top 25 ranked team once the Coogs arrive at Apogee—Army already is (for now). If Top 25 is part of our football program’s mission statement, we’ll need respect & votes from the eastern part of the USA. After the 1975, 1976, 1977 & 1978 seasons I thought we were well on our way up the NCAA D1 ladder a la a few former Missouri Valley Conference—mates but then.....things happened. Now will be the new golden age of Mean Green football for UNT students & for UNT’s older alums & fans—the timing of all this couldn’t have been better. ✅ GMG!
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    Mean 44 West TX Christians 27* *Includes a Garbage Time TD in final minutes
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    But that would mean we aren’t playing a home game in Denton. We are TOTALLY against that because of tailgating and stuff...
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    I've been hearing Shorter had a phenomenal off-season. I'm excited to see what he does in games.
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    Can we get a full depth chart picture? Edit: Brune posted it
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    Perhaps they could drop the pooft cannon on the heads of thyne enemy...
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    BYU could be a good team to bring to Denton. Love to bring more big 12 in also. Wandering if Iowa state or Kansa would be a possibility.
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    The betting line has moved to 20.5. This seems about right to me. I don’t know how the writer defines “scaring” UNT. Maybe he meant UNT fans who bet on The Mean Green and spot ACU 20.5 points should be scared of losing their money. ACU is 6-1 since transitioning to FCS vs the betting line when playing FBS opponents but only 1-6 in actual wins. It should be an entertaining game if you like lots of touchdowns. ACU has the offensive weapons to keep the game closer than a lot of UNT fans imagine. While I don’t think ACU is a serious threat to pull out a W unless UNT has a really bad day, the Wildcats could well cost you some money if you bet on UNT -20.5. The better bet for this game is the 58 point over/under. The over looks like a good call here since both teams are capable of scoring points and neither is known for stellar defense. UNT 48-ACU 31
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    Amazing, the amount of crow some people have to eat after reading through the comments on this post...
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    This Cal team, as far as I can tell, is much much better than 2018 Arkansas. I don’t understand why people think we should win it. We certainly can, but it will be a dog fight. This will probably get me some downvotes, but I can also see us getting run out of the building. If we win by 21+ points, that would be enough for me to believe we can crack the T25 this year.
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    George Dunham played with Pat Green last night at the NT Fair. They had Seth Lettrell on stage to introduce Pat. After Pat called us the Screaming Eagles about 5 times I saw George in the crowd and told him to tell Pat that we are the Mean Green.
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    Three things that are fun: cussin college football
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    @UNTLifer Lots of things aren’t acceptable.... McDonalds A show called “American Idol” A broke college student, plummeting into debt, but making a budget for alcohol But I still understand why they happen.
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    Tech does something similar: "...we will hit 'em, we will wreck 'em, we will f-n kick your ass..." "Look at me! I'm 20, and out of the house!"
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    I think Wren should pass out bars of soap before the first game
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    This became so bad during the McCarney regime that he had to put in McNulty to keep the fight song from being played. *I just noticed I received a down vote.I'm sorry Andrew.
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    Or have some class and understand there are also kids at the games. So tired of this discussion every year and why people think this is acceptable.
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    I have never been a fan.... and I am kind of a sailor (if you know what I mean).... Yes, thats right. I am full of STD's.
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    I mean, there is plenty of precedent. According to Coach Dickey, at least.
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    Or...they could just not take the repeat and easily put an end to this.
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    Or we could just act like we have some class.
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    Why don’t they just sub in Mean Green for MF?
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    He doesn’t want to sit behind Fine this year.
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    If this is an example of what he has planned here, then I agree with you totally. I don't dislike "corps style" per se. What I object to is a lack of energy and spirit in the performance. "Excellence" in the musical performance should go without saying. After all we are still North Texas. Here is a sample of his undergrad roots at Georgia. From 2009. He was at Georgia from 2006-10, so he should have been part of this performance. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=2010+Georgia+Bulldog+Band+pregame+show&view=detail&mid=372BDF108C204327735D372BDF108C204327735D&FORM=VIRE I vote for him instilling the spirit and pure enthusiasm of the Northwestern program. And it is my fondest hope that he brings back what used to be the pure musical superiority and excellence demonstrated by this version of the Green Brigade..... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youttube+of+Green+Brigade+marching+band+"Malaguena"+1991&&view=detail&mid=6B129B43B0395415F3916B129B43B0395415F391&&FORM=VRDGAR Their entrance sucked and their uni's sucked. But DAMN the core of their show kicked ass! Folks, this 1991 band was half the size of the bloated shuffling/sauntering monstrosity that has been taking up space at Apogee, and they produced twice the sound......quality sound. So to the soon-to-be "Dr. of musical arts" I say Cook us up something that is equal parts of the Northwestern Band and the Green Brigade of 1991.
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    Understood, Jim...but in my book...Losing one Home game with Tailgating is a Fair Price to beat up a Big Boy on The Biggest Stage in the Metroplex....Obviously wishful thinking as this is MFine last year and doubt we will have a talent like him in near future....
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    Substitute “North Texas Mean Green” in place of “U N T Eagles”. *Note-This has gotten a bunch of down votes. But, sing the song to yourself and insert my suggestion in place of U-N-T Eagles. It fits perfectly.
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    Or get over it. Different strokes for different folks.
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    Well then, If it's "class" we're worried about, we should follow the example of my graduate institution, which, aside from being the most esteemed and upper-crust group of a-holes in existence, in many ways literally set the expectations for fight songs. Permit me to quote: ... well, I can't. The third verse of the 10000 Men is so lurid that even though it's in pig Latin, it's still obvious. And while our football team is now better than that, as an institution, we still have a long way to go. Behold! A reasonable solution! Perish the thought! It's not classless, and it's the expected norm for sports. The last two words of the title of the fight song is "of Harvard." And while I dislike some of their products, and no one has thought less of their graduates because the entire stadium, led by the band, sings about multiple sexual liaisons in public. ...and in addition to our betters offering the same example, a quick reminder - that vulgar, unacceptable verse was written by young, irresponsible whippersnappers in... 1949. College football is part of and inseparable from our culture, which was created by our forebears. Each generation should build on it, which is how traditions form. We need a tradition of people caring, and we need a tradition of a good entrance to the stadium. Part of building both is taking both the baby and the bathwater.
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    Musers are in Denton this morning. Heard the tail end of the Fine interview (nothing new, same ol same ol). Coach Littrell will be on in about 30 minutes. Mill about the premises smartly, making sure every radio is tuned in...
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    There is a shot of the depth chart and Vito's comments are shown. You don't need to Tweet to get those.
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    Thanks 92, but I still can't read the chart.
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    Read on GMG from one of you that “In Wren We Trust” is actually talking with Army for future games which is great because they bring fans to Apogee & are a fun group to be around at tailgate gatherings & elsewhere. They are now in the AP Top 25 & that’s the kind of pedigree opponent we need for the exposure with New York & Eastern sportswriters. • Here is the last time we played them at West Point which some of you said was an outstanding & fun road trip in the Fall in a beautiful part of the USA.

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