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    My green sleeves will have to do.
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    Wear green shirts. Don't wear grey shirts. Don't wear white shirts. Don't wear pink shirts. Don't wear a shirt just because it says "North Texas" or "Mean Green" on the front. On television nobody can read what your shirt says but they can see that it's green. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. As in Mean Green. Wear a green shirt. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN (shirt)
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    The Mean Joe Greene throwbacks. Without question.
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    Ortiz had a bad third round. Currently in 76th place at +1 overall. Munoz fared better and is T24 at -6 overall after shooting a -3 in the third round.
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    So what, if SMU won’t allow it we use it every home game. This is a good idea, let’s not screw it up by overthinking it.
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    The banner should read “Buy SMU season tickets...all seats currently available”
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    I’d donate now too, kitty.
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    If people want to start pooling money, and if it's ready for game time, let's do it. I will donate right meow.
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    This is a shirt that i need to have!
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    I’d like to see this combo but with white wings on the helmet instead of chrome.
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    We don't start playing UT until 2022. And then every other year until 2030.
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    I don't know that it would be my pick, but I just can't make any choice that leaves out our current road whites.
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    As with Seth it is going to take a special offer for Wren to leave. He is also close to family, making good money and loves the Argyle area for his kids. Let’s all enjoy the ride. GMG
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    They got rid of the Veterinarian Concession stand!!!!!!!!!
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    Or he can stay here and we can continue to nicely compensate him! I want North Texas to be THE destination, not the stepping stone destination!
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    Dammit they clipped The Big Scrappy. It was an amazing 24-ounce pretzel loaded with pulled brisket, shredded cheese and barbecue sauce. Sold at the Big Scrappy kiosk at the northwest corner of the concourse right by my seats. I'm seriously thinking about boycotting the ACU game over this crap.
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    Still find it humorous that the same people and groups that were "friends" with Trump and welcomed his donations before he was elected and also awarded and praised his work with minorities are now yelling the loudest. Bottom line, politics makes the strangest things happen.
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    Mostly I've seen them on the east side of bridge over 35 near the ramp going up. usually go up and welcome them if I am going that way. Most of our visitors are well mannered ( excludes UTSA!!!)
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    So Denison, TX and Abilene, KS are both hometowns for Ike.
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    I had to go drive by my first time going through Denison. Then I got lost trying to find 75 again.
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    He was also born in Denison, TX just an hour north of Denton (Texas pride, had to state that fact). The home he was born at is still up and standing. Where abouts do the visiting fans organized groups usually tailgate at?
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    Hometown of President Eisenhower!
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    You've pretty much hit the highlights then, unless you're artsy enough to check out the old library converted to art museum.
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    Thanks Rick. Very good info here.
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    Man, I hope you know there's a Wichita, Kansas and a Wichita Falls, Texas, as in "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls".
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    Only he’s singing about Abilene, Kansas. Rick
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    I remember when that all occurred, but people on here are making the point of adding Men's Soccer instead of baseball.
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    Gee, is soccer really being financially responsible? I noticed Texas Tech's women's soccer team lost almost $1.5 million this year lone. Does soccer make any money?
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    What was it that caused you to crank up the WABAC machine?
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    I would not have been that confident. Any team that could blow a four touchdown lead against ODU does not warrant 100% confidence over anyone they play. That said if we don't beat ACU I don't see the first win coming until after Houston.
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    WOW...that's some serious change compared to what it costs to field men's soccer...especially since UNT already has a stadium...anyway...the point is...it costs a bunch of money to run a baseball program. So, since baseball is "next up" it appears...good deal there for lots of folks...it's time to start increasing those Mean green Club donations and memberships...especially from the folks who have been clamoring for and posting about baseball at UNT for so long. I increased my donation level and will do so even more once there is an "official" stadium and/or program announcement (no way some rich dude funds the continued operation of this program all by him or herself)...hopefully in the soon to be set "podcast with RV"...one never knows where a podcast will go...
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    Periodic reminder: you all know you can just not post in every single thread, right? They aren't all for you. Try sitting a few plays out and catching some breath - maybe take a walk or plant a tree. Also, this show blows.
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    I don't understand why an historically underfunded athletic program such as UNT would add a financial albatross such as baseball. The capital costs for a stadium are double digit millions, and you are guaranteed seven figure loses.
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    If we are going to add a sport it should be men’s soccer. I’ve expressed this opinion a few times, always to a collective eye roll, but the program would be nationally relevant almost immediately.
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    North Texas is a hotbed for developing soccer talent. Just look at how many players from the Gold Cup roster are from here or went through the FC Dallas academy. I fully agree with you that a Men's soccer program would be relevant almost immediately if we can draw in the talent. We hate them but SMU is usually one of the top Men's Soccer programs in the country. Men's soccer would be much more beneficial for us IMO.
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    Yep. And CUSA is actually a very good men's soccer conference. Kentucky (yes, that Kentucky...the SEC does not sponsor men's soccer) finished ranked #3 nationally. Charlotte finished the year ranked #14, and ODU finished in the receiving votes category.
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    Definitely. It would be a baptism by fire with this conference in Men's soccer since even the Florida schools are very good also, but we have the resources and talent in the area to build something very quickly. Go after some local high school players or some fringe FC Dallas academy players and build from there
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    Gee, maybe financial responsibility . We only have so many beans in the pot, and college baseball programs bleed red, not green.
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    No, but we have to have a women's soccer program to comply with NCAA[ Title 9 ]That' why we basically dropped an excellent Men's soccer program on Friday and started a women's program on Monday because we had an imbalance. If we add a men's program such as baseball or soccer we must add another women's, such as bowling.
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    Thought this was about baseball. Unless we have money to burn, there is no NCAA requirement that we add another men's sport.However, if we did men' soccer would be the cheaper of the two. My fear is that we spread out limited resources too thin. At present we are competitive in CUSA in football and soccer. Softball is getting there, men's basketball about middle of the pack, and women's about bottom 3rd. The only CUSA championship we have won is in soccer, so until we build our other programs up I would not add other programs and never baseball.But that's just an old man's opinion.
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    You tell me if you think they are. Donald Trump is a racist and a sexist. Donald was not raised the same way I was or he would not talk like he does. My parents raised me in a different manner, Church is and was a part of my upbringing. My reading of the Bible does nor approve of the actions of this person. My parents raised me that if you do not have anything good to say about someone do not say anything at all. I will be quiet now...........
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    I will never forgive my southern brethren for buying in to the billionaire yankee's bullshit. You boys ate it all up, hook line and sinker.
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    For most college students, living in a dorm with a roommate is common practice. It is a part of what our society normally associates with college. But for the students View Full Article
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    I disagree as with Seth Littrell. The hiring of his agent is all there is needed to see in that regard. That may sound a bit anecdotal, but it's not at all. If the administration in Manhattan had given him complete control he'd be coaching in Manhattan right now. There will be, without a doubt, a program willing to give him that control this upcoming off season and he will be gone. The only way that does not happen is if we have a terrible season at somewhere around 5-7 or worse with this loaded roster. Then his shine wears off and we have ourselves a Skip Holtzesque kind of coach. Great coach, pretty dang recruiter, but never quite good enough to really break down the doors.
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    Not bad. I still think in order for G5 schools to improve they need to all get over their "were better then you" attitudes and form as compact of regional conferences as possible.

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