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    Also note the Rally House commercials running during the game. They say “North Texas” in their jingle and feature some UNT gear (socks) in one of the shots.
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    Brooks also broke up a td pass in the end zone. Really good play
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    Happy to see the defense getting the upper hand in Fall practice. Historically, that has been a very good omen for our team’s season
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    S-Seats M-Mostly U-Unused
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    Nate Brooks 3 tackles against the Chargers. Kemon Hall had 1 tackle against the Cardinals.
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    The banner should read “Buy SMU season tickets...all seats currently available”
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    45’ X 26’ ? That’s a big Flag ! $2400. ? That’s a lot of money ! We will need at least 2 guys 25 feet tall each ! If we can find them, basketball is going to be a cinch. Lets see if we can find a 6 or 7 foot tall flag. And remember it will likely be confiscated. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
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    Sounds like KD & Tyreke May need to watch their backs. Wood is making noise. I thought if any of the Freshmen LBs were going to push for PT, it would be one of the Murphys.
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    Cingratulations on your scholarship to the University of North Texas! Welcome to the Mean Green family Jordan! Go Mean Green!!!
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    I was about to say that it appears RV found a job creating UTSA's football schedule.
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    • Interesting stat from UT-Austin inside this article https://www.tulsaworld.com/sports/college/osu/suggestions-for-college-football-s-attendance-problem/collection_30b254d2-0367-52bd-9e8c-a671c61c0b64.html#6 ❇️ GMG!❇️
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    Not to be negative but for the full picture he also gave up a 20 yard catch a few plays earlier. I hope that sort of thing doesn’t happen in the next game. It was hard to tell if Kemon or Nate was having the better game but I’d probably give the nod to Kemon.
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    So what, if SMU won’t allow it we use it every home game. This is a good idea, let’s not screw it up by overthinking it.
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    I think I count 4 interceptions in this article. I wonder who through each of those. Overall, I suspect the offense is still working on the new playbook and tempo.
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    Please excuse the ignorance, but would we just walk in with it?
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    I’d donate now too, kitty.
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    If people want to start pooling money, and if it's ready for game time, let's do it. I will donate right meow.
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    I read somewhere that the University of Tulsa is in serious financial difficulties. Perhaps Tulsa is too shaky for recruits to seriously consider.
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    Enjoy what & who you have now?
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    So how do we make the flag happen?
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    I'm confused. So I should rather defer to you, even though you admit you "have no idea what actually happened"? I was not attempting to offer "proof," but it was at least something above a blind shot in the dark.
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    To me, this just demonstrates how desperate SMU is to get competitive. It may work for them, but what they are doing is trading high school players for transfers. I think SMU got a good QB and for multiple years, the rest don't look particularly stellar. I think NT at this point has got a much better long-term recruiting approach. Concentrating on high school players with a few transfers in positions of need.
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    Mountains and crystal clear rivers if you’re into scenery and fishing.
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    All those P5 games in SA were 2-1 and now they are paying the piper, in addition to the body bad games. Best decision RV made was the stop the 2-1 contracts.
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    I’d like to see this combo but with white wings on the helmet instead of chrome.
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    I’ve always wanted to see a giant North Texas battle flag to be unfurled in the stands by fans. It’s probably a reach to see it done at an opposing stadium but doing it in Dallas would be the best chance.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/north-texas-lands-commitment-from-highly-regarded-linebacker/article_fa213202-de95-5945-b46e-86a00f63b452.html
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    While we know that we would be nowhere good at this time if Mason was to go down, it's starting to look like we have depth that has the ability to not only manage games while Mason was out, but put us in position to win.
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    I don't know that it would be my pick, but I just can't make any choice that leaves out our current road whites.
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    The Mean Joe Greene throwbacks. Without question.
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    When actual facts and statistics are considered when forming an opinion: https://dentonrc.com/opinion/columnists/walter-williams-was-trump-right-about-baltimore/article_47064595-a144-5780-b1da-b8e9c2509fec.html
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    Working behind Adam Vinatieri in the depth chart... that ain't bad.
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    Also playing at Dayton. Between the Jamaica classic, OU home game, and Dayton road game, this year’s OOC schedule looks to be the best we’ve had in a while.
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    Not sure that is complete. I think they added a player from Alabama this week.
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    Pretty sure we lost the game last time you all flew a banner there. So, no.
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    Well, I suppose it depends on what you mean by "enough English." Someone should know enough to be able to navigate or call emergency services in my opinion. Beyond that, it's a lot more gray of an area. There's not an official language in this country, and there are certainly areas where a person can live very happily knowing very little English (eg. Spanish in border towns in Texas, Mandarin in certain areas of Los Angeles, French in parts of the east coast, etc). Also, it's one thing to say someone might want to learn enough English to get by. Not an opinion everybody shares, but I don't personally see anything malicious about it. I'd say it's another to say they should learn English. That implies a sense of superiority and is a way of degrading someone.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than 30 days away from our game with Southern Meth. I have heard zero about our Mean Green banner to be pulled over the stadium. Perhaps this is all taken care of. If not, we need to get on our horse and make it happen. And I’m ready to help with my very small contribution. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN

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