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    Rod with another opportunity
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    Also note the Rally House commercials running during the game. They say “North Texas” in their jingle and feature some UNT gear (socks) in one of the shots.
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    Brooks also broke up a td pass in the end zone. Really good play
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    Happy to see the defense getting the upper hand in Fall practice. Historically, that has been a very good omen for our team’s season
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    https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/sports/hs/amp/Friendship-Serving-Simpson-Ward-Well-as-UNT-14295948.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Desktop)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral&__twitter_impression=true
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    Abner Haynes Bridge. Fitting for a guy who served as a bridge to integration! Get it done.
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    Great article. I watched that state final and I can tell you with confidence, Deonte Simpson has the goods to make an impact here. I have never seen Ward play, but I hope these two are both successful.
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    S-Seats M-Mostly U-Unused
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    Nate Brooks 3 tackles against the Chargers. Kemon Hall had 1 tackle against the Cardinals.
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    I'm not sure Wilson needs to prove much other than suring up ball possession. 66 Carries 266 yards, 4YPC, 12 Catches 98 yards, 8.2 YPC. Thing he'll need to fix ASAP is his 3 fumbles and 2 lost fumbles.
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    The banner should read “Buy SMU season tickets...all seats currently available”
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    45’ X 26’ ? That’s a big Flag ! $2400. ? That’s a lot of money ! We will need at least 2 guys 25 feet tall each ! If we can find them, basketball is going to be a cinch. Lets see if we can find a 6 or 7 foot tall flag. And remember it will likely be confiscated. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
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    We made his top 5. Would be a huge get http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/mike-miles-jr https://247sports.com/Player/Mike-Miles-46039167/
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    The first two, because we’re expected to.
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    wow, that's some top tier company.
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    White had zero pass protection. I think Cooper would’ve been just as bad with the 3rd team o-line.
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    White is horrible and has no future in this league. Please, please, please let Guyton run with Rush. Wilson was held out due to a calf injury.
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    .. And right as I post, Guyton gets a catch. I take credit.
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    How big is the massive battle flag that flies next to Apogee? Ask Wren if you can take it to the game and let the students hold it.
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    Sounds like KD & Tyreke May need to watch their backs. Wood is making noise. I thought if any of the Freshmen LBs were going to push for PT, it would be one of the Murphys.
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    Cingratulations on your scholarship to the University of North Texas! Welcome to the Mean Green family Jordan! Go Mean Green!!!
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    I was about to say that it appears RV found a job creating UTSA's football schedule.
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    I was just wondering, does that bridge over I-35 have an official name or nickname? Our university is, in my opinion, going through a great transitional time and it could be such a wonderful symbol of this link to the future, blossoming, metamorphic growth.
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    • Interesting stat from UT-Austin inside this article https://www.tulsaworld.com/sports/college/osu/suggestions-for-college-football-s-attendance-problem/collection_30b254d2-0367-52bd-9e8c-a671c61c0b64.html#6 ❇️ GMG!❇️
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    Agree. That third string O line was getting blown up. Rick
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    Aren't we one of the main sponsors for the Cowboys? I went to the Tech - Baylor game last year in Cowboys Stadium and we kept popping up in the advertisements as a sponsor. Good publicity nonetheless
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    Great catch. Guyton didn't get put in until the second half. He did well when he was in. I liked Mike White, but his performance tonight was flat out bad. I hope Guyton gets rotated up in the line up in the next preseason game to work with Rush. He was fairly steady for the game. He only had one real drop.
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    I think I count 4 interceptions in this article. I wonder who through each of those. Overall, I suspect the offense is still working on the new playbook and tempo.
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    Please excuse the ignorance, but would we just walk in with it?
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    If people want to start pooling money, and if it's ready for game time, let's do it. I will donate right meow.
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    Enjoy what & who you have now?
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    So how do we make the flag happen?
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    I'm confused. So I should rather defer to you, even though you admit you "have no idea what actually happened"? I was not attempting to offer "proof," but it was at least something above a blind shot in the dark.
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    Mountains and crystal clear rivers if you’re into scenery and fishing.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/north-texas-lands-commitment-from-highly-regarded-linebacker/article_fa213202-de95-5945-b46e-86a00f63b452.html
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    The Mean Joe Greene throwbacks. Without question.
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    When actual facts and statistics are considered when forming an opinion: https://dentonrc.com/opinion/columnists/walter-williams-was-trump-right-about-baltimore/article_47064595-a144-5780-b1da-b8e9c2509fec.html
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    To the person(s) down voting - kiss my ass. Pathetic.
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    Reason has a pretty good article today. Food for rational thought, at least. https://reason.com/2019/08/05/does-common-sense-gun-safety-legislation-make-sense-as-a-response-to-the-el-paso-and-dayton-shootings/
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    This post might have been in jest, but it isn't necessary at all. Guy I went to High School with lost his brother and sister in law in the attack (Their story is circulating the news because she is the one that covered and saved her child.) Why don't I PM you his Facebook name and you can direct message him this comment?
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    With all due respect, that was classless. Not a time for showing how much of an ass you can be.
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    Also playing at Dayton. Between the Jamaica classic, OU home game, and Dayton road game, this year’s OOC schedule looks to be the best we’ve had in a while.
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    Not sure that is complete. I think they added a player from Alabama this week.

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