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    Wear green shirts. Don't wear grey shirts. Don't wear white shirts. Don't wear pink shirts. Don't wear a shirt just because it says "North Texas" or "Mean Green" on the front. On television nobody can read what your shirt says but they can see that it's green. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. As in Mean Green. Wear a green shirt. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN (shirt)
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    The Mean Joe Greene throwbacks. Without question.
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    Or he can stay here and we can continue to nicely compensate him! I want North Texas to be THE destination, not the stepping stone destination!
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    This one: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc272153/m1/ All Green (we're the MEAN GREEN, duh!) with the flying worm. EDIT: Watch the video & get a look at Kenny Washington out there tearing up the Cougars!
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    I don't know that it would be my pick, but I just can't make any choice that leaves out our current road whites.
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    Two more again today. This many, this early has never happened before? Look for it to continue through the season.
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    Found this online. UNT INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY Posted by Brenna Travis | July 2, 2018 This project will be a milti-use facility designed primarily for football with an ancillary use for track & field, soccer, and other uses. The facility will be an efficient retangular shape, approximately 196′ wide X 426′ long with a minimum clearance height of 55′ for place kicking. The Indoor Practice Facility wll be a pre-engineered barrel beam steel structure that houses a full artificial turf practice field with eighteen (18) runoff space on all sides. Within this runoff space are three (3) sprint lanes and a sand pit on the Eastern side of practice field. Ancillary spaces include entry lobby and restroom, recruiting lounge, kitchenette, restrooms, A/V, telecom, electrical rooms, stairs, and camera platforms, fire protection/sprinkler system, and tempered by full HVAC systems. The facility will be located south of the Athletic Center, constructed over one of the existing grass practice fields. For reference the bottom of Jerrytron at AT&T stadium is 90'. Actual punting may not work inside...
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    Dammit they clipped The Big Scrappy. It was an amazing 24-ounce pretzel loaded with pulled brisket, shredded cheese and barbecue sauce. Sold at the Big Scrappy kiosk at the northwest corner of the concourse right by my seats. I'm seriously thinking about boycotting the ACU game over this crap.
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    Good to see the alarm being sounded here on August 9th about how hot it’s been the last 20 years despite the fact that it’s been one of the mildest summers we’ve had in years, in which we experienced our first 100 degree day later than any other summer on record. Rick
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    When actual facts and statistics are considered when forming an opinion: https://dentonrc.com/opinion/columnists/walter-williams-was-trump-right-about-baltimore/article_47064595-a144-5780-b1da-b8e9c2509fec.html
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/three-things-to-watch-for-in-unt-s-saturday-scrimmage/article_82585ea4-86d8-51df-9086-343bb09b4e69.html
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    4 UNT commits in top 100. #64 - Christian Lee #66 - Loronzo Thompson #71 - Kade Bond #80 - Jett Duncan https://www.chron.com/sports/highschool/article/Houston-top-100-high-school-football-recruits-2020-14291427.php#photo-16682401
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    Come play in front of all 200 of these Benjamins kid
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    Once we sell our 100th ticket we will outnumber the home side, so it’s just a matter of whether our fans want to fill out the visitors side AND all of the endzone
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    I 2nd this. Hands down the best uniform I have seen us wear!
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    Sounds a little familiar...
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    UTSA is following the RV OOC plan--schedule Southern P5 giants for bodybag games, which they have zero chance of winning and will get our team killed. What's even dumber is not even using the Alamodome and SA to your advantage, like they were doing before with the teams they were playin against the P5s. Enjoy those ass-whippings, UTSA. Play the P5 game against slow B1G Ten teams or finesse Pac-12 teams, preferably in a home-and-home, but if not, those teams give you a chance to actually survive and/or beat. TCU proved that back in the day in the MWC.
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    For home, the current green top/white pant combo and green eagle wings over white helmet. For away, those beautiful storm troopers. Disclaimer: I am all for the interlocked NT throw back unis too. I think we would need to possibly bump the shade up to more of a kelly green to get away from that hunter green look. But it's a look I can dig if the marketing department wipes clean the diving eagle as our main logo and goes full on with the interlocked NT. If not, I digress.
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    Pre-game party at Twin Peaks (in Mockingbird Station across the street) for alumni Buses for students
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    I think we all want that... we're just not there yet. Thankfully, it appears it's going to take quite a pull to get him out of here, like Littrell (turning down a KSSt offer for whatever reason), but we're not quite to where we want to be just yet. So we're still a "stepping stone", but at least we're a strong, attractive one that's closer to the 'destination' than most others!
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    If you're thinking of drowning out any possible red, I wouldn't worry about it. There won't be much.
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    😆 I looked it up and they don't.
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    So in 2020 they will play at UT and LSU?
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    You all ever wonder how they sell to recruits on their fan support? "Come play at SMU, you'll play in front of 200 silent fans" OR "Every game is a away game, away fans out number us 100 to 1"
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    We're really going to surprise those guys from Abilene. When they try to play in this heat they, wait...never mind.
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    Does this post go in the "Football" forum or the "Climate Change / the earth will be uninhabitable in 12 years!" forum?
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    Hedlund is 3/3 on FGs and 1/1 on XP
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    How do I report a pop up for being disgusting and of poor taste?
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    I blame Harrell.
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    Cant really hate ODU when we blow a 28-0 lead and only put up 3 points in the second half
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    Quoner, thanks for pointing this out; I tried watching it, but couldn''t even go back for the show that followed the start of the Scrabble game between Offred and her what, breeder. Of course, it couldn't have gone down well with the wife, I mean, sex is just a reproductive function, but Scrabble, now that's a different matter entirely.
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    Periodic reminder: you all know you can just not post in every single thread, right? They aren't all for you. Try sitting a few plays out and catching some breath - maybe take a walk or plant a tree. Also, this show blows.
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    PSAN ANTONIO — UTSA will open the 2020 season with a nonconference game at LSU, officials from both schools announced this week. The Roadrunners will face the Tigers for the first time on Sept. 5, 2020, at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, La. It will mark the program's third game against a member of the Southeastern Conference, as UTSA will play Texas A&M for the second time this fall. https://goutsa.com/news/2019/8/8/footbal...t-lsu.aspx
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    To me the kicker is with Fine on the roster we have a chance to make this trip to Aggieville a respectable showing, dare I say possibly a win down there (albeit a long shot). Without Fine no chance in hell.
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    Remember the late 50's drought...summer of 1980 and it's just now getting hot in Texas summers....BS.
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    I believe the Pattersons of Denton, long time DRC owners previously, bought the DRC back from the DMN so that it is now locally owned again. Can't speak for Brett Vito but I believe he provides stories to the DMN from his position with the DRC.
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    The average number of at or above 90 degree days in Denton has risen from 90 to 101 since 1999, according to a New York Times interactive that uses studies View Full Article
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    If we know we can't even come within 40-ish points of a win here, I vote we go into full Darrel Dickey Shame Reduction Mode (TM) 1. Run the ball, run the ball, try to get a first down. Eat clock. Hit them with a surprising long pass - Army style 2. Prevent defense on every down, do not let any big plays happen. Force them to grind out long touchdowns. 3. Stuff playbook in pants, scowl at opponents and generally look tough. Now I know some will howl that this is "giving up". And they would be right. But sorry guys, I'm too scarred by Todd Dodge "play to win" - "lose by 80" style.
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    I disagree as with Seth Littrell. The hiring of his agent is all there is needed to see in that regard. That may sound a bit anecdotal, but it's not at all. If the administration in Manhattan had given him complete control he'd be coaching in Manhattan right now. There will be, without a doubt, a program willing to give him that control this upcoming off season and he will be gone. The only way that does not happen is if we have a terrible season at somewhere around 5-7 or worse with this loaded roster. Then his shine wears off and we have ourselves a Skip Holtzesque kind of coach. Great coach, pretty dang recruiter, but never quite good enough to really break down the doors.

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