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    Champ game at an oversold Ap on Natl TV with a win against Marsh or FIU. Would be sweet!! GMG
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    I’ve been worried about his moved to the middle because he’s looked so damn good at DE. But with his increase in weight I’m thinking if he’s kept his quickness he could be phenomenal for us there. The sky is truly the limit with this guy. Rick
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    Shocked to read that Brett is still trying to push the UTSA "rivalry." Nothing worse than a journalist with an agenda IMHO. We know you want it and why, but you can't just invent a rivalry Brett. It has to grow on its own, organically over time and often transcends more than a single sport. Maybe this one will, maybe it won't, but if we ever find ourselves in difference conferences, I doubt many would be insisting that we keep scheduling them every year....you know, for the rivalry.
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    I'm curious as to why you would pick ULM over USM? The golden eagles have more of a deep-rooted football program IMO.
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    Lucccccyyyyyyy.....You've got some 'splaining to do. Sports Illustrated just came out with their preseason top 25. They have Florida Atlantic at 25. And the CUSA writers have FAU at 3rd in the east. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
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    And yet some publications have us as smuT's game of the year.
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    It’s like if these two had a love child Actually, specifically, it really reminds me of this scene in Beetlejuice.
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    I like everything I see and hear about Brandon Brown. I believe that he is truly exceptional and that Coach Yellock could make him a high draft choice. He has all of the tools. Hope that Lee and others can convince him to come here with them. Go UNTamed 20!
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    As good as Ejiya, Hall & Brooks we’re, losing Rod Young would have been the most catastrophic blow to the defense if it weren’t for Novil. Yes, he would have been amazing as a 3-tech, but he’s going to be awesome at the nose too. Really looking forward to 2 years of this guy giving opposing OL’s fits.
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    The only thing I am anti-UNT about is that they gave you a degree, supposedly. Thanks for devaluing our degrees... Keep up the great job at the dentist office, Ben. Don’t inhale too much of the gas you blow...
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    Looks like 2 people are living under a rock. Either that, or they think Spencer Brown is about to have a Devin Singletary-type year. Probably living under a rock though. At least most of the media members were paying attention to what UAB had last year VS what is returning. They can definitely still jump up and bite someone though. Glad we have them at home this year. Every year, SoMiss gets a lot of love in the preseason, and then they underperform spectacularly. Not worried about them at all. I think it's odd that LATech didn't get a single 1st place vote. I actually like FIU in the East. Davis has them trending up.
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    C-USA Media Members Predicted Order of Finish WEST DIVISION North Texas (20) Southern Miss (4) Louisiana Tech UAB (2) UTSA Rice UTEP EAST DIVISION Marshall (14) FIU (9) Florida Atlantic (3) Middle Tennessee WKU Old Dominion Charlotte Southern Miss is getting a lot of love...but I think it's pretty right on. I think they nailed the east. Tough schedule, we play USM and LaTech on the road....
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    If I'm being honest....I don't care who in the current CUSA/Sun Belt we're with... I want to be in a conference with SMU, Houston and La Tech. From a regional/rival aspect....that's the best scenario. Fill in with Rice and UTEP for a division if you must. Bowl contracts and TV deals are up soon....D1 is going to blow up. I know the topic is just CUSA/Sunbelt but G5 is going to explode....I would put it back together like this: West: UNT, UH, SMU, La Tech, Rice, UTEP, UTSA East: UAB, Troy, Ark St, Memphis, MTSU, USM, ULaLa You know....if it were up to me
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    2017 was the most recent I could find quickly (I didn’t look that hard, so it’s quite possible 2018 is our there somewhere). The report produced by the NCAA is not nearly as all encompassing as it is for football. Only the top 50 are listed. Here are the Texas, CUSA, SBC, and AAC schools in the top 50 as of 2017. LSU was #1 at 10,725, more than 2,000 higher than anyone else 7. TAMU - 5,152 8. Texas - 5,053 9. UL-Laffy - 4,917 10. TCU - 4,786 13. Texas Tech - 4,163 16. Southern Miss - 3,369 20. East Carolina - 3,041 29. Rice - 2,454 32. Baylor - 2,291 35. Tulane - 2,003 40. Coastal Carolina - 1,854 42. Houston - 1,839 46. La Tech - 1,706 48. South Alabama - 1,659
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    While this would be my fifth choice (behind B12, AAC, MWC and taking the top teams from the SBC) I believe that this would be the most fair. Let me qualify this by saying I prefer 12 team conferences so I would make CUSA and Sun Belt each 12 team conferences, taking five from the SBC and giving them seven in return. My revised CUSA would be UTEP, North Texas, UTSA, Rice, LaTech, and Texas State, in the west and ULM, Louisiana, Arkansas State, Southern Miss, UAB, and South Alabama in the east. That would give the Sun Belt Troy, Florida Atlantic, FIU, Georgia State, Georgia Southern and Coastal Carolina in the south and Charlotte, Appalachian State, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Old Dominion and Marshall in the north. Regional conferences, at the lower G5 level, would save a lot of travel expenses and most could drive to any conference foe. We would gain somewhat on attendance average and the SBC would gain in total attendance with two more members. Incidently, that would make all G5s 12 member conferences with five independents.
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    The ACC. With global warming, the North Texas region could be coastal. Louisville got in.
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    DRC: Fine also named to Maxwell watch list https://dentonrc.com/sports/fine-name-preseason-c-usa-offensive-player-of-the-year/article_1285d6d7-753f-5453-9b2e-19b290ea1d33.html
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    Beast! Shows how we can develop D lineman!!
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    Great analogy! TCU really doesn't care about SMU who thinks of TCU as a rival. SMU really doesn't care about UNT who thinks of SMU as a rival. And so on. Now, all of them care when they lose a game! And all of them REALLY care if they lose a couple of games in a row. That hasn't happened a lot, at least not enough to upset the balance.
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    The tide is turning there. The longer both NT and LATech stay consistently good, the more intensely that rivalry will develop. The UTSA "rivalry" was short-lived because both schools were on a roller-coaster ride for a while there. Now, UTSA is about where I expect them to remain for a while, and NT & LATech will remain consistently good for the foreseeable future. NT & LATech both have excellent leadership from football HC up.
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    I was on a recent flight and wore my UNT shirt and hat. There was a big guy and his wife who were sitting next to me. He had a Razorback logo polo shirt and he totally avoided eye contact with me the entire trip.
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    DRC: Can UNT handle that role of favorite after coming up short in a similar spot last season? https://dentonrc.com/sports/north-texas-a-near-unanimous-pick-to-win-c-usa/article_c51213c8-0c74-50a1-ad40-af43fa25b58b.html
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    I don't get the love for Southern Miss and UAB. I think La Tech is right there this year in the West with us. I think FIU is on the way up and FAU will be down this year. The East, to me, is an easy pick with the West a little more wide open.
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    I just can't see why anyone would want to be in a conference with these teams. Is it more important that we can travel to a few of the games rather than playing an opponent that generates pride if we beat them because they are not a small regional school? These teams do not travel well, we do not travel well when we play them. Why? Simply because not many care about them, have heard of them, or care to see our school play them. Period. I feel like people who want this small regional conference are really disconnected about what the students want. The majority want to see UNT playing higher caliber, better known teams. That's what they will show up to see. What do you think the attendance will be when we play ACU? Probably not very good. This tired and worn out discussion is still taking place despite us moving to a marginally better conference. Let's move on. Let's set our sights a little bit higher than Arkansas State and Texas State...please.
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    It's because he doesn't have a scapegoat now that RV is fired. Used to be the go-to subject matter expert of the UNT 17 doing 9/11, interfering in our elections, and leading secret pedophile rings out of a pizza shop to prop up RV's efforts as AD. Now that Baker is the AD, the chemicals that were turning the freaking frogs gay are no longer in the water, and Jim has nothing to bitch about other than the sake of bitching
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    strong, opinionated women are witches? is it really your take that criticism of American policy, practices, ethics and ethos is not supporting and defending the constitution? because if that really is your take I'll ask...what exactly is MAGA, if not criticism of American policy, practices, ethics and ethos? I'll hang up and listen.
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    Anyone know the average attendance of baseball in Sun Belt or CUSA.
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    This is just the beginning. Big things ahead for this team
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    crazy to think had Guyton stuck around there would have been 2 WR from UNT on that list.
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    TCU is to SMU as they are to UNT as we are to UTSA as they are to Texas State....
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    That's why I said CUSA West is fine for us--the rest of league is full of teams that no Texans care about and they are so far away that they bring nobody to our games.
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    Would also love to see a USM rivalry develop. They've had consistency unlike most in the conference
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    I think it's more of a rivalry for UTSA than us......both my older brothers and myself have always felt a disdain for Smut. My older brother (67) use to have decals from both schools on his car cut out to spell SUM NUTS. Just feel like since then, Hayden Fry's tenure, thru playing in a Safeway parking lot thru today SMU for us is the team to beat...SMU will never admit that we are a rivalry for them.....IMHO
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    Did you fake him out of his peanuts ?
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    The first time I heard the “Go back to the Bronx, Detroit, Cincinnati” statement, I heard it to mean go back and clean up your own states/cities first. Never heard the Somalia comment.
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    UNT Texas Rice Houston UTSA KU TX State SMU UMass Colorado A&M Harvard Advantages: When I visit in-laws (Houston/KC) I have the excuse of going to UNT football and avoiding them for 2-6 hours pending tailgates. Fiancee loves cape cod/other ritzy northeast areas, so drop her off and go to UMAss/Harvard vs UNT game. Denver to Austin is direct and cheap on Southwest and I like running. Every road game is south on 35 or in Austin, which means all texas roadtrips are less than 3 hours, which means roadtrip wont be more than $28 in gas pending OPEC. "You can't spell BLUNT without UNT" shirts could be popular in boulder. Disadvantages: Yale may get jealous that Harvard is in our conference. No one likes UMass. UT/ A&M might not have enough of a regional footprint to compete and really add anything to a school of our stature. We might lose players who decide to float the river in San Marcos rather than play the football game. Too many clips of Necessary Roughness might be shown.
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    Ideal Conference? UNT, UT, A&M, TX Tech, Baylor, TCU, UH, Rice, La Tech, Arkansas
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    This would be a dream scenario. I think Texas Tech will go wherever UT goes, which is going to be out West most likely. Baylor and TCU are the teams the MWC probably waits on for the league to get back into Texas. My guess is that the AAC will continue to be more regionalized, as UConn and probably Temple leave to keep their hoops programs at the top end of the college basketball world. Their TV deal continues to prioritize TV markets, so I'd expect them to add in two programs from markets that would be attractive to ESPN. Right now, that would be one of the following NIU (Chicago), MUTS (Nashville), F_U (Miami, FLL) or UTSA (San Antonio). While we rightfully know that we would bring waaaaayyyyy more to the AAC than current member SMU, the league and ESPN relies on SMU for DFW exposure, which I laughable for many reasons, but they have been snowed by the SWC media here to believe that SMU brings that market. If MUTS or an F_U got invited, our replacement for them will probably follow the current CUSA trend of getting bigger markets, which would probably mean that Georgia State in Atlanta would be at the top of CUSA's priority list of someone more accomplished like Appy State, Arky State, or Troy. Ridiculous, but that is what CUSA leadership has deemed as important in the last several years of realignment. See Charlotte, ODU, F_U, UTSA, and us. If UTSA got invited, Texas State would easily get added to replace them, which would be fine.
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    If it's just teams from CUSA and Sunbelt, I suppose the below.. UNT, LaTech, Ulala, Arky State, UTEP, USM, UTSA, Rice, TX State
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    UNT Baylor Texas Tech Rice UH UTSA TCU SMUt UTEP SWTSU-SM Oops, I misread the question but this would be my ideal conference after UT leaves the BiG 12 for a super conference
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    I have a friend that is a big booster at Ark. I don't have to say or do anything, every time he sees me he gets pissed! Now that is what I am talking about.GMG
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    Every single answer was diplomatic. This conference is not in a stable place. That is a lie. 445k is better than 200k. Still less than half of the 1.1. The conferences need to realign. This is a reactive conference with a reactive commissioner. The SEC, ACC, etc. and even the AAC and the MWC are proactive conferences with proactive commissioners. The Sun Belt is more in tune and comes off more sustainable than CUSA. They at least know their place and have decided to carve out their niche with Tuesday and occasional Thursday night nationally televised games and dubbed it FunBelt. Their payouts may not be bigger than CUSA's, but their national exposure is 10 fold that of CUSA. And exposure cannot be undervalued. It's a paramount part of the dynamic equation that is collegiate sports.
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    This. I know a couple of people that went there and despite Ruston being a S*it hole, people still end up there. I would take those 2 over Ruston any day of the week.

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