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    Decided to get some different angles of the IPF today to obtain a sense of how it changes the Eagle Point skyline.
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    Almost finished product
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/five-unt-breakout-candidates-for-fall/article_6b174707-2806-5d84-b406-d36ca226759a.html
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    I taught ROTC at the University of Memphis when Wren was there. We often had to work with the Athletics Department to plan and do the color guards for multiple sporting events. I do not see him leaving for Memphis. UNT is a much better place for an AD. I think he would only leave for a major P5 program. Besides, Memphis is a garbage city to live in. It is cool to visit Memphis as a tourist, but living there is a whole different matter. The school system is horrible, the crime rate is terrible, and the city leadership is completely corrupt. The last thing is, Memphis BBQ is not what it is hyped up to be. Texas BBQ is much better. :)
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    Full story https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-forward-tiknoneko-is-in-the-transfer-portal/article_4cbf4ab3-9aca-5ff7-84dd-1e5750198d84.html
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    If you want the ultimate, you've gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price.
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    Who is planning to go to this game ?
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    One thing to remember with AD's....it's a bit different than Football or Basketball where a big name P5 coach can make 10x what a G5 coach makes. On average a Pac12 AD makes 750k and a Big 12 AD makes 958k/year. The average AAC AD makes just about 500k. Wren is making $450k so we should be able to fend off anyone but the top of the P5 schools for his services. I promise you that UNT will not lose Wren over $50k. When the time comes for WB to go it will be to a major P5 school. Yes, Memphis is in the AAC but it has about half the students, a smaller endowment, is in a smaller market and their president has just run this AD out...They are also paying out Tubby Smith something like 9 or 10 million to buyout his deal.
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    Quite the Shyamalan twist there HE'S BEEN COMMITTED THE WHOLE TIME
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    DRC: Where UNT stands with Tikhonenko set to leave the program https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-forward-tiknoneko-is-in-the-transfer-portal/article_4cbf4ab3-9aca-5ff7-84dd-1e5750198d84.html
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    Very disappointing. At least by keeping the older players on the roster we will have those scholarships open up sooner and have a contributing player. With Tikhonenko there was a possibility of him sitting on that scholarship for another four years and not really being a contributor. Also could have been something. Oh well.
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    The article mentions McClelland from La Tech who would be a nice hire if he is interested in the job. I had always heard that he was waiting for a SEC opening but a move like this could make sense as it would probably double his salary. I think he does a nice job with the resources he is given.
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    Say what? He's been at UNT for 3 seasons--2016, 2017, and 2018--and UNT has reached a bowl game every year. EDIT: I contacted the writer, and, to his credit, he made a prompt correction.
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    Will have a decent group of 6-8 folks. Plan on going in early and doing Wine Country on Friday before.
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    Just FYI...looking like one big Caravan this year...tentative date is June 1st...a Saturday...location in Arlington to be announced. Soooo..make plans now to attend. Lots of coaches, players, kids “stuff”, food, etc. Just trying something different it appears. Let’s pack the place and have a great Mean Green time. Mark your calendars now...and find a friend to carpool with! Edit: A Denton Caravan stop has been added for Denton @ Apogee
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    Quality of life plays big on making these decisions kind of like Manhattan KS sucks. We are very fortunate to be able to offer a great area with great schools and now competitive salaries. GMG
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    Decommited from Texas Tech on March 4, 2019. .8689 6'1" 180lbs. 4.6 250 bench TAPPS Div II - 3 https://www.hudl.com/profile/5599169/Wilson-Long https://247sports.com/player/wilson-long-46055578/
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    I like that list Brett, but I’ll make some substitutions on mine: #3. Ogunmakin. #5. Nixon III.
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    I feel like this should be Cas best team even with Wooly gone. Face it if we were not hot on the perimeter we kinda suck. I feel like we should now have an inside game and guys that can hit mid range jumpers.we will also have a better rotation for resting guys. Wooly is a warrior, but having a point guard that does not have an outside shot and struggles at the line is challenging. Very excited with our new line up! GMG
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    I would imagine they attach the garage sale to the season ticket pick up event. I am sure they dont want to lug all that stuff to an event
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    This is the first pass of the paint scheme for a cornhole game that I am making. Looking construct it this weekend. I will post photos when I am finished.
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    Sweet Jesus, those are beautiful
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    It's better to never have loved than to love and lost, right?
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    Tell me again why he is transferring? It's not for a lack of playing time.
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    I drive past it every day to and from work and this week the roof material is being installed. Sorry I have no pics at 70 mph on 35W.
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    Austin location is at Austin Eastciders again- great location halfway decent parking. Hope to see everyone there.
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    Not surprising since he tagged Harrell in his tweet about the NT offer.
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    Looks like Kingsbury was on this kid early. Some sites have him as a dual threat.
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    It's almost as if the government giving out unrestricted subsidized loans would cause universities to raise costs to match those loans.... Government: Hey kid here's $200k in loans School that previously cost $100k: Hey kid, we've raised our prices. Now it's $200k
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    That means they are going to be really looking to beat us since wins might be scarce for them.
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    It has gotten to where I dislike Baylor more than smuT these days. smuT is basically irrelevant, but Baylor got in to the Big XII because of political clout, has proven they will go for the win at all cost, is a good school, but many of their alumni leave a lot to be desired.
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    I think I found the root of the problem.
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    My tuition during the 80’s was more than @SCREAMING EAGLE-66 but much less than today. I don’t recall anyone taking out student loans during that time. I do remember a three payment plan that I utilized and people applying for aid and grants.
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    ---The state provides less funding to public schools and colleges than it once did .....meanwhile gives businesses tax cuts... This was especially true in the Gov. Perry era. (no fan of him) ... The state once provided over 60% to public schools and now it is about 35% or less. I can't remember exact numbers but my enrollment bill at NTSU or UNT in 1966 was in the area of $100-$150... not counting housing and food or books .. most books cost me about $15 or about $120 in 2019 dollars... (min wage was $1.15 then.).
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    I may have gone a bit crazy this weekend, but once the paint had dried I will have Conehole, yard jengia, washers, tic tac toe, yard yahtzee, and a ladder toss all painted in North Texas livery. I will say the 3.5"x3.5" dice have been a pain to paint but sanding all the 2x4 jenga pieces has been a royal pain in the ass. I will post photos once complete.
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    We could throw a tarp over the top and call ourselves UAB, right @Coach Bill Lewis?
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    Austin Caravan June 4th- location TBD.
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    I wonder if the Athletic Department will include the Mean Green Garage Sale with the Caravan. It's never been done before but we've never had the Garage Sale rained out before. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Yes yes...I think you are correct. Sorry if my post was a tad misleading...I should have said “ looking like one big Caravan in the DFW area this year”. Appreciate you following up. 👍👍
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    There will be a caravan event in Houston - Monday June 9th, if I remember correctly. It was announced during President Smatresk's visit with alumni at the Houstonian a couple of weeks ago*. It's back at the Karbach brewery, after being held at St. Arnold's last year. I don't know if there will be caravan stops in Austin or San Antonio. * Sorry, I never got a chance to post about that!
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    Is he class of 2019 and does he have other offers?

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