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    This is huge. We got our top targets instead settling which is a huge step forward. @Harrythe fact that he has committed makes me think he was pitched with a chance to start after being a stalwart on the bench at NDSU. So maybe not a 4-guard look after all. Also note, his stats were accumulated while averaging just 18 minutes per game. He has the shooting ability to be a stretch four but also could fill the five role when Simmons goes to the bench.
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    I went to this thread thinking it was literally Scrappy's last night, not that the Scrappy Awards were last night.
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    https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2019/4/29/18522098/jalen-guyton-could-be-a-sneaky-good-pickup-for-the-dallas-cowboys-kyler-murray Good read!
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    Appears so. Hope one is not Woolridge.
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    I shall shut up now but will take credit for motivating the staff. 👀
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    Congrats to Mr. Waters, & if any of our 5 guys recently signed as UDFAs need any additional encouragement, they need look no further.
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    Mods can move if they wish, but when any of our teams are playing for conference championships, it should get football board publicity. Opponent is Middle Tennessee. Double Header Saturday beginning at 1pm. Game 3 on Sunday at noon. If NT wins all three it is guaranteed the CUSA regular season championship and #1 seed in the conference tournament by virtue of its head to head tiebreaker with La Tech. We need to pack the stadium this weekend with fans. Even if you haven't paid the least bit of attention to softball so far this year, make a point to go out and support. If you demand big time wins before supporting a team, well this team has them. Two top 25 wins including one over a top 10 team (and that team is STILL in the top 10 today). Almost certainly the biggest series in the history of NT softball. Let's pack the stadium for it. GMG!
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    I am told pump the brakes on Bell. I am not saying it won't happen. But there will have to be some movement. Also not sure if Deng announcement is going to deter Bell decision. Stay tuned
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    Loving our new size. 6’3, 6’4, 6’5, 6’8 and Zach at 6’10... and of course they can all play. We will have a whole new game plan! Better get your tickets!
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    Thomas Bell seems like Jahmiah Simmons with a three-point shot. Wonder if that means anything about Jahmiah’s future
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    I def think Ryan is gone. I just don't know who the second player is
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    So 2 players are leaving the program?
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    @TheReal_jayD Your wish came true.
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    IMO I think he is headed to TCU. But it was nice of him to out UNT in top 4. I believe it was out of respect since we were his first offer. Hope i am wrong
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    I would say based on his FB page he is probably leaving. 😢
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    I may have gone a bit crazy this weekend, but once the paint had dried I will have Conehole, yard jengia, washers, tic tac toe, yard yahtzee, and a ladder toss all painted in North Texas livery. I will say the 3.5"x3.5" dice have been a pain to paint but sanding all the 2x4 jenga pieces has been a royal pain in the ass. I will post photos once complete.
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    Be sure to highlight this conference in fundraising brochures to alumni. Be sure to highlight the promised high profile debate featuring Stormy Daniels and a Wookie. They have promised to argue all night about who has the right to do what, and with which, and to whom.
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    I believe we have to win two. We are two games clear of WKU but they have the tiebreak. I assume WKU will sweep UTSA.
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    I think you are correct, but let's sweep the Lady MUTS just to be sure.
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    Not only do we have two wins over ranked teams including one in the SEC, but we are still one of only four losses the other team still has (41-4) and depending on which poll you look at are ranked between 5th and 8th nationally. That being ULL. And I suspect coach DeLong will lock down Coach Of The Year considering he’s led this team to its most wins in a season his first year out of the gate. BTW, should we finish as one of the top two seeds we will receive a double bye in the C-USA tournament in Birmingham. I think we need just one win of the three against muts to secure that? Rick
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    Another statue-worthy football great. Apogee should eventually be surrounded by statues of former players of notoriety. The Walter Payton award speaks volumes for Brian Waters.
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    So you want us to act like every woman on earth?
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    Well..the numbers are in...we made a tad over $4000.00 for the Spirit Teams! That is pretty darn good all things considered...change of date, change of venue, Saturday before Easter, etc. Many thanks again to our sponsors, players, donors and spectators. You are the ones making it a success for these great student-athletes. 👍👍 By my guess, and after rallying up the last nine years of events, these little one-day events have generated close to $60,000 for UNT student-athletes! Not bad...thanks to YOU! See you next year for our second kickball game! 👍👍 AND....year 10!
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    Some of the comments in this thread might lead one to believe this young man and his family are looking for the highest bidder. Based on @Big Z's post, his father sounds like a man of class and character. If he ends up going somewhere else, I'm going to assume they made their choice based on the right criteria. If he comes to UNT, I'll know they did. And I'll be jumping up and down like a schnockered kangaroo.
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    Who was the Communist that down voted the topic?
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    Post opposition research for the Houston game in this thread. Looks like they may have upgraded their running back corps
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    I guess hurling insults at any and everyone that disagrees with Deranged Donald is a way of life in Trump world. I am not a left leaner, I just can't stand the joke in the White House and it is a bad joke on top of it all.
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    This is positive stuff. Landing a kid of this caliber and for him to come in and be a game changer would be ideal and if he lives up to the hype would propel us to UCF status. But if Mississippi State and Nebraska, etc are in on him and really wants him, a bag man will be at his door soon enough to wrap up that commitment. Maybe even a new shiny job for mom and dad with a probable Tahoe with a bow on top. It's just how things are done and there is nothing we can do about it and apparently nothing the NCAA will do about it.
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    This is very interesting...10 minutes long but worth your time when you've got it. It is the truth but will be disturbing to liberals.
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    100% the truth and the people that disagree will down vote these posts but have no rebuttal.
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    He’s saying he just can’t get over it how the big one got away? Rick
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    Yes...Conservative talk radio and one alternative tv cable show to the national group think tv shows......caused the previous administration to lie to a FISA Court in order to fabricate a scandal and spy on a private citizen running for elected office . Its been a while. So glad to see your still keeping a current pulse on things.🙄 Rick
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    “Elections have consequences“ —Barrack H. Obama. Rick
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    Laying this at the feet of one television station and a couple of talking heads while ignoring the likes of CNN, MSNBC and the network stations crying over Hillary's loss, condoning everything the previous administration did while bowing at their feet, etc... is rather convenient.
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    And proved it in more ways than one as well. Rick
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    75 yards of Martin's passing were on 1 play when we were down 38-7. And that play was made by Jalen Guyton as he ran wide open for a pretty simple pitch and catch. You can click on the highlight here, it's the first scoring play of the third quarter: http://www.espn.com/college-football/playbyplay?gameId=401032054&wsVar=us~ncf~gamepackage,desktop,en I'm not saying Bean should be handed the backup job by any means, but I think comparing stats in a game where everything past the first half was mop up time is a bit unfair.
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    I'll be in Houston in a month. We should meet up and I'll show you exactly how I got my nickname, big boy
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    But they did burn Alcindor’s redshirt, early in the season during non-conference play. And he picked up 10 fouls in 39 minutes. If the staff is high on Alcindor that scares me that Woolridge really is the one gone.
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    6’5”. Averaged 17.7 and 7.6. Seems like a good fit for the stretch four role.
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    The real UNT NFL DRAFT recap:

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