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    NDSU fan here. You will not be disappointed with Geu. Dude works hard and has some nice post moves. Can hit an occasional 3. Not a bad defender and has ability to guard players bigger or smaller than him. Sad to see him leave, as I really thought he deserved more playing time.
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    DRC: Bell is a done deal to UNT, multiple sources confirm to the Denton Record-Chronicle https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/breaking----unt-lands-geu-bell-in-late/article_74071fab-aadc-5fc0-b196-5abd677bd336.html
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    McCasland has now proven that he can recruit, let's see how he can make this work. I'm confident in the outcome
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    This is huge. We got our top targets instead settling which is a huge step forward. @Harrythe fact that he has committed makes me think he was pitched with a chance to start after being a stalwart on the bench at NDSU. So maybe not a 4-guard look after all. Also note, his stats were accumulated while averaging just 18 minutes per game. He has the shooting ability to be a stretch four but also could fill the five role when Simmons goes to the bench.
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    I went to this thread thinking it was literally Scrappy's last night, not that the Scrappy Awards were last night.
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    DRC: Both junior college transfers appear to be on course to contribute in their second season at UNT https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/what-we-learned-from-spring-practice-part-iv--/article_67129c8e-9db0-5401-a5f2-fc9d86f1aa1f.html
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    Or, maybe the movie "The Arrival" had it right all along, back in 1996 - aliens have taken over and are causing global warming to make it suitable for themselves: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115571/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_48
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    More interested in Army's scouting report on the coogs. They were quite effective as I recall.
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    I think we will have a winning season, but our schedule is much tougher than last year's. Last year, MU was breaking in a new coach and playing us here, Arkansas was really bad in Chad Morris' first year, and Liberty was not a tough OOC opponent. This year, all of our OOC games are MUCH harder than last year. SMU will be better, UH is very good, and Cal is solid. Then, we play MUTS and Charlotte from the East, which is probably tougher than FAU and ODU last year, plus we play at La Tech and USM. I think we can get to 7-8 wins, but it'll be a tougher run than 2018 by almost every metric, schedule-wise. As usual, we will score points, but can we stop people in the second half and can we make any decent drives in the 2nd half to stomp the life out of these teams? Until we see the last two things occur, its gonna be tough to imagine us getting a CUSA West title or anything above that.
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    https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2019/4/29/18522098/jalen-guyton-could-be-a-sneaky-good-pickup-for-the-dallas-cowboys-kyler-murray Good read!
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    I welcome new additions to this roster because as it stood, it had reached its ceiling during the CBI Tournament.
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    DRC: Done deal https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/breaking----unt-lands-geu-bell-in-late/article_74071fab-aadc-5fc0-b196-5abd677bd336.html
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    Appears so. Hope one is not Woolridge.
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    I shall shut up now but will take credit for motivating the staff. 👀
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    Congrats to Mr. Waters, & if any of our 5 guys recently signed as UDFAs need any additional encouragement, they need look no further.
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    https://247sports.com/Player/Dametrious-Crownover-46079297/ Four star (94 grade) ranked 73 nationally. Offers from Arizona St, Michigan, Purdue, SoMiss, Baylor, OkieSt, Tulsa, LSU
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    Mods can move if they wish, but when any of our teams are playing for conference championships, it should get football board publicity. Opponent is Middle Tennessee. Double Header Saturday beginning at 1pm. Game 3 on Sunday at noon. If NT wins all three it is guaranteed the CUSA regular season championship and #1 seed in the conference tournament by virtue of its head to head tiebreaker with La Tech. We need to pack the stadium this weekend with fans. Even if you haven't paid the least bit of attention to softball so far this year, make a point to go out and support. If you demand big time wins before supporting a team, well this team has them. Two top 25 wins including one over a top 10 team (and that team is STILL in the top 10 today). Almost certainly the biggest series in the history of NT softball. Let's pack the stadium for it. GMG!
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    I’m sure it will be highlighted in the next issue of the North Texan.
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    UNT seniors Maria Kononova and Tamuna Kutubidze, the highest ranked doubles team in CUSA, learned today that they received a berth in the NCAA doubles championship, a 32-team event taking place May 21-25 at the United States Tennis Association’s campus in Orlando, Florida. Kononova and Kutubidze have a career record of 69-25 as a doubles team and have set the UNT record for career doubles wins. GO MEAN GREEN!
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    Wrong! Thank God! I am so jacked for the first game just to see the size UNT has starting.
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    I thought that was common knowledge? What isnt common knowledge is why he got suspended
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    If I was a HS QB, I would look at the development of TCU QB’s and probably look elsewhere. They haven’t done a great job with the talent they have brought in to Fort Worth
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    Recruiting has went from who is coming in to who is going out. Excited about recruits, but nervous about who is leaving.
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    Funny little ole TCU keeps following our offer trail and offering their pick of guys... hmmm
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    I heard Ryan had off-season surgery. Don't know if that would effect another school taking him on. Hope he stays but he's taken care of business in the classroom and has earned that right to move on if he wants.
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    Loving our new size. 6’3, 6’4, 6’5, 6’8 and Zach at 6’10... and of course they can all play. We will have a whole new game plan! Better get your tickets!
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    I def think Ryan is gone. I just don't know who the second player is
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    So 2 players are leaving the program?
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    I would say based on his FB page he is probably leaving. 😢
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    Be sure to highlight this conference in fundraising brochures to alumni. Be sure to highlight the promised high profile debate featuring Stormy Daniels and a Wookie. They have promised to argue all night about who has the right to do what, and with which, and to whom.
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    I believe we have to win two. We are two games clear of WKU but they have the tiebreak. I assume WKU will sweep UTSA.
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    Another statue-worthy football great. Apogee should eventually be surrounded by statues of former players of notoriety. The Walter Payton award speaks volumes for Brian Waters.
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    So you want us to act like every woman on earth?
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    Well..the numbers are in...we made a tad over $4000.00 for the Spirit Teams! That is pretty darn good all things considered...change of date, change of venue, Saturday before Easter, etc. Many thanks again to our sponsors, players, donors and spectators. You are the ones making it a success for these great student-athletes. 👍👍 By my guess, and after rallying up the last nine years of events, these little one-day events have generated close to $60,000 for UNT student-athletes! Not bad...thanks to YOU! See you next year for our second kickball game! 👍👍 AND....year 10!
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    Some of the comments in this thread might lead one to believe this young man and his family are looking for the highest bidder. Based on @Big Z's post, his father sounds like a man of class and character. If he ends up going somewhere else, I'm going to assume they made their choice based on the right criteria. If he comes to UNT, I'll know they did. And I'll be jumping up and down like a schnockered kangaroo.
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    Who was the Communist that down voted the topic?
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