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    10. MASON FINE, NORTH TEXAS (Photo: Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports) 2018 stats: 303-of-469, 3,793 yards, 27 touchdowns, 5 interceptions 2019 expectations: Kicking off the Top 10 is one of the most underrated players nationally, a quarterback who will likely leave the Mean Green after his senior season as the best in program history. Overcoming the loss of play-caller Graham Harrell, who was instrumental in Fine's development, will be a challenge, however. New offensive coordinator Bodie Reeder has increased the tempo a bit, something Fine said recently his teammates have adjusted to well during the spring. Fine has an opportunity to exceed 10,000 yards passing and 100 touchdowns at North Texas if his senior season is comparable to his past two as the Mean Green's starter. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/LongFormArticle/Trevor-Lawrence-Tua-Tagovailoa-Jalen-Hurts-college-football-quarterbacks-2019-Alabama-Oklahoma-Georgia-131124138/#131124138_4
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/football-littrell-pleased-with-how-spring-unfolded-for-unt/article_92487ef9-7db1-5f40-9f76-153f2d3c49ec.html
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    DRC: Kicker has some big shoes to fill https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/mean_green/football-what-we-learned-from-spring-practice-part-i-/article_0bf5b1ee-3fa3-5842-9264-e60ebd1a6236.html
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    Who would of thought that a little guy from Pigeon Forge Oklahoma would grow into the most prolific passer in North Texas History and potentially a house hold name nationally by the end of his career!! WOW I though he was gonna be good but he crushed my expectations!!
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    I’ll save you the trouble. Mean Green are #6 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2829305-ranking-college-footballs-most-dynamic-duos-in-2019
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    King is going to be tough. He's a very smart player. But I think Lil' Briles' offense had a lot to do with the explosion of production there. Holgorsen's offense isn't as fast-paced, so maybe his production will slow down a little. Whereas, on the flipside, maybe Reeder's offense will allow Fine's production to increase.
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    https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/Jett-Duncan-North-Texas-football-recruiting-commitment-131172181/ "The recruiting momentum continues for the North Texas football program in the 2020 class. The Mean Green landed its fifth commitment for the class with the Saturday announcement from Jett Duncan, a three-star offensive lineman from The Woodlands (Texas) High School in the Houston area."
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    It hard to believe how far we have come in such a short period of time especially at the QB position! Top 10 nationally!!! Really! Congrats to all! GMG
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    Pancake machine. He is a mauler. There is a good chance he starts in a year or 2.
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    #4 on this list is upcoming opponent UH and their quarterback D'eriq King. I don't think we should underestimate how tough a matchup this guy will pose. He accounted for 50 touchdowns last season in 11 games.
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    And then blamed it on "...it's still North Texas..." when a bunch of "unrated" or barely 2* guys would show up to Junior Day or sign on the dotted line come signing day. No coach, you have to put forth some effort.
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    Makes sense. And our "numbnuts" leader at the time just sat back and...……...did nothing.
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    I've been told through the grapevine that McCarney didn't develop local relationships because he genuinely thought he didn't have to. He thought he could sit in the middle of the metroplex hotbed, flash his ring, and everything would come to him and take care of itself.
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    I actually think this year's OL should be better. Sounds like early reports on Plantin are coming back very positive. And I think with the few games Brammer got in last year at LT, he should be able to step right in at RT and do well. I hope Reeder's philosophy change makes it difficult on other defenses to adjust to our offense due to pace. The guys' ability to run his offense completely will be critical. My concerns are on the defensive side of the ball. Finding guys to step up for Ejiya, Garner, Hall & Brooks will be critical. DL starters are going to be good, but the depth there is concerning. Safeties return & there is depth there. Both of last year's JACKs return, so that's good too.
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    I think this team will go as far as Mason Fine's protection.... If the O-Line plays well....we could have a great season, if they don't it could be a big backslide
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    "The sleek architectural designed by Ilan Pivko offers views of Camelback Mountain from every room in the back of the house" Not to mention when you view the fire pit and the pool(see picture) you can see the neighbors house. Not impressed.
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    6' 2.5" 233 lbs. 3 star by 247; no composite - .83 Actually, he is now at Dallas Skyline Also holds a Kansas offer. https://247sports.com/Player/Casey-Irons-46082317/
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/that-s-a-wrap----unt-closes-spring/article_b82ed666-d080-5518-8b2f-26c14ebbe345.html
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    Found an image of a nUTSAck Fan's tailgating trailer.
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    And other than his jumping ability, he's nothing to get excited about
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    Other than a few exceptions and long shots, recruiting looks pretty dismal for the Mean Green based on this list.
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    Nice article from 247 on the battle to replace Hall and Brooks. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-Mean-Green-football-cornerbacks-promise-to-continue-standard-set-131004291/ Brune still delivering the goods.
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    Maybe Barr's 4 pages sums up Mueller's 400. Maybe it does not. I will say that I was not surprised in the least how this finally played out. What I do wonder is how simple a person must be to look at the following list of indictments and plea deals and come away with the conclusion that the special counsel was a political witch hunt. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/list-of-mueller-indictments-783405/ We as Americans, be it left or right, should be deeply concerned about the transgressions uncovered in the Mueller investigation. If you are not I seriously wonder where your priorities lay.
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    This just showed up in my inbox this morning from a buddy in Florida. Guaranteed to piss you off if you are sensitive (NOT my intent). If you have a sense of humor, watch it. 🙂
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    Can new players sign up for the rescheduled date or did you have to already be registered?
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    Finding really funny how some of those associated/leading the sanctuary cities are getting pissed at Trump for suggesting they should start taking the immigrants to the different cities. The mayor of Oakland commented on how they should not have to use their local resources and this is a "Federal Government" issue. hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!
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    SL is gone next off-season and Arkansas will not be an option. I see the potential there just as you do, but the timing isn't right. AU will not touch Kiffin IMO. And unfortunately, SL due to the all the up and comers being hired away is going to be the hot name on the chopping block. And AU and their fans are very aware of SL and what he's done in Denton. So he isn't going to be that name that is hired as sort of an unknown, unless you're a very causal CFB fan...Which those casual type fans don't really exist at a place like Auburn all that much. And this is all speculation on my part. But it makes sense and the timing will be right. SL just has to make sure he doesn't go 6-6 or worse. I think that would at least force Auburn to hesitate on SL, not on firing Malzahn. I suspect an interim to finish their season and more in-season coaching change conversations taking place at UNT...let's just hope our performance doesn't bottom out this time around.
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    DRC: UNT has some holes to fill and several prospects it is involved with as the late signing period approaches https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-enters-key-period-in-run-up-to-opening-of/article_bab19490-da8f-5d90-8d13-c55ed486c49e.html
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    Jackson is the second highest rated prospect to ever sign with UNT (slightly behind Jordan Williams).
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    Going to have to disagree on that one. Look forward to seeing him play, just hope he has some good company in the recruiting class.
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    If Seth goes to Arkansas I would take Chad Morris at UNT
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    UNT made the same mistake of extending McCarney before he really won anything. Smh
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    Yep and the two coaches are so similar they are almost twins. Moron.
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    Maybe one day, he will go away. But probably not. Trolling this board is the only thing worthwhile in his sad life.
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    also...why can't they learn english good?
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    you can still sign up https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic-donation-page
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    Totally mental. It is like we lose focus against pitchers that aren’t supposed to beat us. Can’t do that and win consistently at the D1 level. Another good learning experience. Coach D will have us ready to go next time out.
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    The North Texas softball team (26-15, 11-4 Conference USA) lost their rubber match against Western Kentucky (29-9, 12-3 C-USA) on Sunday 8-0. North Texas was able to split the day View Full Article
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    "The Duo: QB Mason Fine and WR Rico Bussey Jr. Fine's History: Heading into his senior year, Fine is already a North Texas legend. He holds the program record for career passing yards (9,417) and is just six touchdowns from breaking that mark as well. The school's single-best season win total is nine, which Fine has matched in both years as the full-time starter. Bussey's History: As a sophomore, Bussey ranked third on the Mean Green with 47 catches and 677 yards. But last year, he recorded team-high totals of 68 receptions, 1,017 yards and 12 scores. 2019 Outlook: North Texas is loaded in 2019. Fine headlines an offense that returns Bussey, a second-team All-C-USA running back (DeAndre Torrey) and two 400-yard wideouts (Jaelon Darden and Michael Lawrence). As long as UNT finds its offensive tackles, Fine should threaten for the 4,000-yard mark with 1,000-plus to Bussey." Nice article and another pic of Fine to go with it.
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    we should never underestimate a dual threat qb! He is scary.

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