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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-lands-three-star-offensive-lineman-jett-duncan/article_8a784956-b421-53e7-b1ad-d42ebb0334cd.html
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/that-s-a-wrap----unt-closes-spring/article_b82ed666-d080-5518-8b2f-26c14ebbe345.html
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    Finding really funny how some of those associated/leading the sanctuary cities are getting pissed at Trump for suggesting they should start taking the immigrants to the different cities. The mayor of Oakland commented on how they should not have to use their local resources and this is a "Federal Government" issue. hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!
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    APRIL 20th - SATURDAY - 11:00am Start - PEB FIELD! It's On! OK...We are back on! We will be playing the Spirit Kickball Classic next Saturday, April 20th, on the PEB Field at UNT. Same start time as originally planned...11:00AM. For those not sure where the PEB Field is located it is at NORTH TEXAS BLVD and Chestnut St. You can park in Fouts and just cross the street to the field. It is that big open field across from the Rec Center. So...no stands, so bring a lawn/sports type chair for your use if you are playing and/or watching. If you have extras...sure bring them along...we could use them. We will set the silent auction up on tables as well as the concession stand. If you have already signed up to play...you are "good to go"...no need to re-register. If you are now abailable to play and would like to...just use the following link: https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic If you can't play, but would like to donate, the following link is available: https://one.unt.edu/annual-spirit-classic-donation-page So, come on out...got some new donation items from athletics just this week...a UNT barbeque set (really cool spatula, tongs and knife set), a small wooden (with Mean Green logo) wine/beer cooler and TWO HUB CLUB tickets to the 2019 MEAN GREEN opener against ACU on 8/31/19. So, silent auction is shaping up nicely. Come on out...check out the game and silent auction. It is going to be fun and will certainly help out some very deserving Mean Green Student athletes. ON...and at this point...weather forecast looks great for the 20th...79 degrees and sunny! Yippeeeeee!!!! Keeping all fingers and toes crossed.
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    Yep and the two coaches are so similar they are almost twins. Moron.
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    Rumor has it...we might just have some brisket sandwiches available. Rumors of this type are very yummy! Rumor confirmed! Come grab a brisket Sammy...up for grabs while it lasts for a donation!
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    DRC: Duncan talks about committing to UNT https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-lands-three-star-offensive-lineman-jett-duncan/article_8a784956-b421-53e7-b1ad-d42ebb0334cd.html
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    Somebody must think they are anonymous....pretty funny. 😉
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    Big fan of this on paper. We'll have to see how the offense adjusts to Reeder though. "Fine said he finished spring practice much more comfortable in Reeder's system that has him reading key players on a defense -- linebackers and safeties -- before deciding where to go with the ball. Former coordinator Graham Harrell's system is based more on going through a progression of potential targets."
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    Maybe one day, he will go away. But probably not. Trolling this board is the only thing worthwhile in his sad life.
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    The only way these two things are related is that they were both the head coach at UNT.
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    No! I will not accept defeat! I want them all.
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    Well??????? We’re waiting!
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    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned by anyone, but I saw this week that Chris Beard, head coach of Texas Tech men’s basketball, had been an assistant coach at North Texas from 1997 - 1999. That’s pretty cool!
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    James Dean would say that's a great first name.
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    Ball game. 8-2 Mean Green. Rick
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    3 outs away from a huge series opening win. 8-2 NT heading to bottom 7.
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    Ochotniki walks. 8-2 Rick
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    Up 6-2 after Trautwein got out of a big time jam followed by a Perella 2 run blast! Rick
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    Up 4-1. Katie Clark now with 2 rbi’s In the game. Rick
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    Isn’t there a film about Mason this weekend at the Thin Line Film Festival ?
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    Weather looking great for the 20th! Parking available in the Fouts Field lot just across North Texas Blvd. from the PEB field!
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    I actually agree somewhat. Extend the contract another year. Maybe even a tiny raise or better yet increase the bonus money for conference and bowl championships. But one could easily argue that last year was no step forward. If you want to give raises, give them to Reffert and Yellock.
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    also...why can't they learn english good?
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    Littrell said the Mean Green could be more explosive overall at linebacker next fall. hmmm...
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    Didn't Bean run a 10.3 at State? I recall seeing some of that speed in his HS finale.
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    Auburn makes zero sense to me for SL. Arkansas makes a lot of sense and they have big money, probably bigger than Auburn, that can afford any buyout as well. That is what scares me. Morris needs to find a good OC job.
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    I thought that was the team bus!
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    6'3" 220 lbs. 3 star - .8199 Also has offers from Air Force, Arkansas State, Army (noted above), Dartmouth, FIU, Rice, smuT, Tulane, Tulsa, nUTSAck and Yale. Obviously, has the grades. https://247sports.com/Player/Cooper-McDonald-46047171/
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    I'm sorry but no. There is a limit to the length of posts on this site. 🙂
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    Play the backups, just as we should have last season.
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    NT has a high standard for LBs. Pull the trigger & be next in the long line Lil McDonald!
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    SL is gone next off-season and Arkansas will not be an option. I see the potential there just as you do, but the timing isn't right. AU will not touch Kiffin IMO. And unfortunately, SL due to the all the up and comers being hired away is going to be the hot name on the chopping block. And AU and their fans are very aware of SL and what he's done in Denton. So he isn't going to be that name that is hired as sort of an unknown, unless you're a very causal CFB fan...Which those casual type fans don't really exist at a place like Auburn all that much. And this is all speculation on my part. But it makes sense and the timing will be right. SL just has to make sure he doesn't go 6-6 or worse. I think that would at least force Auburn to hesitate on SL, not on firing Malzahn. I suspect an interim to finish their season and more in-season coaching change conversations taking place at UNT...let's just hope our performance doesn't bottom out this time around.
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    I heard there is a covered field going up in Arlington, but I don’t think any of us want to play on that artificial turf.
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    If Morris does not finish at least at 500 he will be gone this year. Alumni $upportets were pissed with the hire and last season was a total embarrassment. I Also believe Seth is high on their list. UNT could be a great final landing spot for Gus. With the success in BB the pressure just became greater.
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    If Seth goes to Arkansas I would take Chad Morris at UNT
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    I agree but I think he would get one of the top OC jobs in the country. Plus we don’t have a helicopter 🚁
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    Chad Morris will be the head coach at Arkansas in 2020. The schedule sets up relatively nicely for them this year and I expect them to contend for a bowl. To your point, the people of Arkansas were upset with him during the season and even with the hire, you're right. But he's doing a full rehaul and Yuracheck, given that Morris is his hire, is going to give him at least 3 years to makes strides. Also to note, Auburn makes more revenue in athletics than Arkansas every single year. I believe Arkansas is usually in the 10-12th range in the SEC and AU is almost always top 5. Auburn just completed a non-capital project donor campaign that raised 1.2 billion dollars. AU trumps Arkansas in just about every measurable facet from athletics to academics. Nonetheless, I see where you may see the Arkansas tie there and how he could go there and do well. And Arkansas has operating cash to blow. The are SEC after all, so they get that tie-in money. And I think they just blew around 12 million getting rid of Brett Bielema. But Morris is there until at least the end of 2020. And if you don't think that Fat Jimmy is going to be pulling strings to get one of his clients into the seat of a high profile job where he just lost a client then I'm not sure what to tell you. Jimmy has maneuvered himself into a very privy situation and it's another reason why SL to AU makes sense.
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    I could care less about revenue. I'm talking big money donors.
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    I guess that's all you took from that, but ^. To add...Of that 1.2 billion campaign, 633K donors donated, 55% as first time donors, and 207 donated over the 7 figure mark. I just pulled those figures. I was only aware of the 1.2B off hand. I would't call it unprecedented for a coach to be fired from a major sport at a major school based on results only after 2 years, but it's very uncommon. It would also make the job very unattractive for many of coaches. We can agree to disagree, and that's fine.
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    Definitely. Something strong is in the water down there. The self entitled unearned arrogance runs unprecedentedly deep. Academically, they act as if they are or did attend Harvard or Cambridge. Athletically, they act as if they are the UCLA basketball team from the 60s/70s or the Alabama program of this era. ATM is nothing except money spenders and grossly underachievers. Texas A&M have won three national titles (1919, 1927 and 1939).
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    The when and where the head coach goes tread, never ends just the names change.
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    UNT made the same mistake of extending McCarney before he really won anything. Smh
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    Stop falling for same ol shit everytime. Lol it got so boring around here, I only come around every once in a while.

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