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    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/3/14/18263611/conference-usa-football-2018-power-rankings 2018 C-USA power rankings, where more than half the conference is a contender Are you a Conference USA team fielding a football team? Congrats, you might win it! (Except you, Texas schools not named North Texas.)
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    If we don’t win Johnny Jones should be fired.
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    Biggest game in the History of Western Civilization.
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    Sometimes a Skiver will Skive.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/football-scott-officially-added-to-unt-staff/article_a7d9acd9-73b6-54bc-9af7-50766b96aad4.html
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    One more reason why one should ALWAYS view pronouncements/opinions about politics or social justice with healthy skepticism. ESPECIALLY pronouncements from Hollywood and CEO types.
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    Let's remember he wanted to start Alcindor because ... reasons?
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    Yup. Fun to see the band back together
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    Aren’t we in the minus when he’s on the floor?
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    FIU’s coach up in here looking like he is about to go to a Microsoft convention.
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    Don't worry, folks. I have an inside source who tells me McCasland was spotted at the dry cleaners today picking up four suits.
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    We are the lowest seed remaining yet have the second most overall wins of the final eight teams in CUSA. Pretty fitting given the season we’ve had.
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    This is us tonight beating our opponent
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    This is HUGE. With all our weapons, I still feel like the offense didn't put pressure on the other team consistently and went to sleep at times. I can't wait to see Mason Fine and our RBs and WRs continuously have their foot on the gas. LOVE this hire so much...
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    After all the turnover over this off season could the Mean Green Coaching staff actually be improved? I think it is no ta contest the staff is improved by miles on the recruiting side. But argument could be mad the Xs and Os part is improved as well. For those living under a rock lets recap OC Graham Harrell to USC = OC Bodie Reeder Bodie come to UNT after leading Eastern Washington to a top 3 offense in FCS and a trip to the FCS National Championship game. Expect the Mean Green offense to move a lot faster next year. It will have a Briles effect. RB Tashard Choice to Georgia Tech = RB Patrick Cobbs I think this is one of the most underrated additions of the offseason. Choice was a fan favorite and a player favorite. But bringing UNT hall of famer back to coach running back is huge. He brings NFL experience and TXHSFB ties. If you have ever talked to Cobbs you can't overlook his passion for UNT. He can sell UNT better than anyone. "I came to UNT and played on Sundays" WR Joel Filani to Texas Tech = TE Adrian Mayes Adrian is the youngest of the new staff but he has already made a huge impact in the recruiting category during his time at Texas State. He also coached TE Keenan Brown who is set to be drafted in April. Look for TE to be more involved in the fall. CB Nate Brown = CB Clay Jennings Coach Jennings comes from Texas Tech. Coach Jennings another North Texas Alum headed back home.You coulld make the arguement that Jennings has been the best DB coach and recruiter in the region the last decade. He has mad stops at TCU, Arkansas, Houston and Texas Tech. He has recruited and coached several that are still playing on Sundays. LB Jeff Koonz to Ole Miss = LB Galen Scott Yes Coach Scott got in to some hot water due to infidelity. But on the football field and in recruiting he was a rising star. He was Co-DC at Memphis before being names Co-DC at Virginia Tech. He resigned to get things right with his family and for a fresh start. But to be named Co-DC with Bud Foster is an honor within itself. I am all for him getting a second chance. Reffett was with Scott at Memphis so if Reff willl vouch for him I am good with it. Offensive Quality Control John David Baker to USC = QC Tommy Mangino I think bringing in the former Big 12 WR coach and SEC QC coach is a huge upgrade. He brings experience and pedigree. I also want to throw it out there that the 4 coaches Seth was able to hang on to could be argued they are the most important to keep. Yellock and Langston can continue to develop the lines on both side of the ball. and Seth keeps both his right hand men in Mainord and Reffett. Out of the 4 assistants that left for P5 gigs all left to go back home besides Graham who go the brinks truck backed up at his house. He is making over a million next season.
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    The replay is up on ESPN+ in the On Demand section if you are subscribed.
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    Because the last game of the season didn’t matter and I wanted to rest Zach because if we are going to win this tournament our starters needed rest and our bench players need a little experience just in case they are needed due to injurie or foul trouble. I wish we had red shirted Alcindor, but since we didn’t we should have got him more experience. What will we do if Zach Simmons goes down early with an injury? Run a 5 guard line up with Woolridge and Jahmiah already injuried? Play Arikawe all game? It’s important that if you have a bench you work to get them some experience throughout the season. If something does happen and Alcindor must play he won’t have hardly any experience and then be tossed into a very important tournament game. Odds are slim Simmons gets injured, but you should always prep for any situation throughout the season.
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    Those aren't half bad to beat WKU actually. I'll take a 42% shot.
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    I knew we would win this game all along
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/men-s-basketball-confident-simmons-unt-roll-past-panthers-in/article_5f479eaf-e369-50f2-859a-bc14982465fd.html
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    Return of the Decline of Western Civilization Part II
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    Black wasn't very lucky there either for awhile. LOL
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    DO NOT WEAR THE GREEN UNIFORMS TOMORROW...they are not lucky for us (although they look good)
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    NT 39 ----------- FIU 22 Halftime Can we just not play the next twenty minutes and go home?
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    NT 24 ----------- FIU 16 7:54 to go Crowd sounds good on the radio. Good job guys.
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    NT 16 ----------- FIU 8 14:21 to go Promising start.
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    Other than that lazy pass by Woolridge we look be giving it our all! I love seeing Arikawe getting minutes. He really does a great job of clearing their bigs out and allowing Zach to rest.
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    When I was her age we were all going to freeze to death....every generation I guess want to believe some BS. #cowfarts
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    I can tell you the company I work for was able to keep and add jobs in the US that had been slated for Mexico. In addition, they have made capital investments ahead of schedule.
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    On paper, excellent hires. I voted yes just because of the upgrade at OC.
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    I only said no because there was no "wait and see/about the same" option. Honestly at this point the new hires are exciting, but until we see the product on the field I can't say one way or the other.
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    Yeah so their band is in the stands so that’s part of it. They won’t be here during the game. I was talking to them.
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    Yep. I passed her when I was walking on the court and she towered over me haha.
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    Tough game tonight...GMG! https://sportschatplace.com/picks/college-basketball/western-kentucky-vs-north-texas-3-14-19-college-basketball-pick-odds-and-prediction Pick: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers -3.5
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    NT 29 ----------- FIU 18 3:58 to go Zachary Simmons having a career game so far.
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    If we don’t win this game Johnny Jones should be fired

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