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    After all the turnover over this off season could the Mean Green Coaching staff actually be improved? I think it is no ta contest the staff is improved by miles on the recruiting side. But argument could be mad the Xs and Os part is improved as well. For those living under a rock lets recap OC Graham Harrell to USC = OC Bodie Reeder Bodie come to UNT after leading Eastern Washington to a top 3 offense in FCS and a trip to the FCS National Championship game. Expect the Mean Green offense to move a lot faster next year. It will have a Briles effect. RB Tashard Choice to Georgia Tech = RB Patrick Cobbs I think this is one of the most underrated additions of the offseason. Choice was a fan favorite and a player favorite. But bringing UNT hall of famer back to coach running back is huge. He brings NFL experience and TXHSFB ties. If you have ever talked to Cobbs you can't overlook his passion for UNT. He can sell UNT better than anyone. "I came to UNT and played on Sundays" WR Joel Filani to Texas Tech = TE Adrian Mayes Adrian is the youngest of the new staff but he has already made a huge impact in the recruiting category during his time at Texas State. He also coached TE Keenan Brown who is set to be drafted in April. Look for TE to be more involved in the fall. CB Nate Brown = CB Clay Jennings Coach Jennings comes from Texas Tech. Coach Jennings another North Texas Alum headed back home.You coulld make the arguement that Jennings has been the best DB coach and recruiter in the region the last decade. He has mad stops at TCU, Arkansas, Houston and Texas Tech. He has recruited and coached several that are still playing on Sundays. LB Jeff Koonz to Ole Miss = LB Galen Scott Yes Coach Scott got in to some hot water due to infidelity. But on the football field and in recruiting he was a rising star. He was Co-DC at Memphis before being names Co-DC at Virginia Tech. He resigned to get things right with his family and for a fresh start. But to be named Co-DC with Bud Foster is an honor within itself. I am all for him getting a second chance. Reffett was with Scott at Memphis so if Reff willl vouch for him I am good with it. Offensive Quality Control John David Baker to USC = QC Tommy Mangino I think bringing in the former Big 12 WR coach and SEC QC coach is a huge upgrade. He brings experience and pedigree. I also want to throw it out there that the 4 coaches Seth was able to hang on to could be argued they are the most important to keep. Yellock and Langston can continue to develop the lines on both side of the ball. and Seth keeps both his right hand men in Mainord and Reffett. Out of the 4 assistants that left for P5 gigs all left to go back home besides Graham who go the brinks truck backed up at his house. He is making over a million next season.
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    The epitome of a fair weather fan's response. A very disappointing conference season, but there is always hope until it is over. If I had only went to watch good NT teams, I would have missed a lot of great ball games.
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    There were four guards named to the first team and Bassey was selected at center, the game has changed. Secondly no way Woolridge will make the first team with a career 56% free throw percentage and averaging 12 points a game...C’mon man let’s get real 🤨
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    hoooooo boy we made it to dollar general!
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    So you haven’t seen a change in your paycheck or in your tax return?
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    Don't worry, folks. I have an inside source who tells me McCasland was spotted at the dry cleaners today picking up four suits.
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    Is there anyone on this staff that could take over as HC if or when SL leaves us?
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    Dramatically! Youth and recruiters are part of my reasoning!
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    And the Democratic Party is dumb enough to let her be the mouthpiece of the party along with basically ignoring Omar, the D-Gov of Virginia, his Attorney General and the third in line’s racism and sexism. Funny how they march, protest, accost, yell, scream, etc... when it is someone like Kavanaugh from the Right but sweep this away all with the benefit of the mainstream media when it is one of their own.
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    A bit of the same. However - this is the first time in a long time that I think the positive effect of our new admin and coaching salaries really shows. It was impressive last year that the entire group held firm and carried into year three. This time around, our first real brush with the "successful G5 paradigm", we can honestly say we may have maintained the quality or upgraded at each position hire. Additionally, it shows that Coach Littrell is not afraid to change up the formula a bit that got him here, evolving with the times and bringing on a slightly different offensive scheme in Reeder/Mayes. The only thing that is truly concerning to me is the line play (always). Coaches Yellock and Langston are now at the point to show whether their development of their first couple recruiting classes will actually play out well, or were the glaring issues we all (and especially Mason) suffered institutionalized. Can't wait to find out, though.
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    There is no way we lose to FIU three times in one year right?!.....Right?!
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    My guess is the last stretch of the season weighs heavier on voters’ minds than the previous.
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    Technically don’t we still have the second or third overall best record? I think Woolridge got down right robbed!
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    I'd go if I was free. I like supporting my school.
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    I hope he enjoys seeing Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder again:
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    Saw these at my local Dollar General:
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    Reading the below made me think: I wonder if our offense was in part held back during the McCarney/Canales years due to this type of thinking described above. It seems the strength of SL’s air raid is based in its simplicity; whereas Canales was known to have some complex tests he gave his QBs. I think this “book smart over street smart” attitude might explain how we got some duds at starting QB. Our most talented QBs might have sat on the bench because they failed to master these types of complex play-calls.
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    ....to allow UNT a baseball program as to the likes of 12 of our CUSA members? And don't give me title 9 BS. That all applies to the other CUSA members and SOME HOW, SOME WAY, they're able. . So.....
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    So easy even DeepGreen can use it. Well, almost.
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    To me this is like a recruiting class .... time will tell. How will they work together? Time spent working together can make a big difference. On paper, this should be a good staff
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    I only said no because there was no "wait and see/about the same" option. Honestly at this point the new hires are exciting, but until we see the product on the field I can't say one way or the other.
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    Exactly, what am I suppose to say after watching a 7 game losing streak?
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    More like the Decline of Western Civilization
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/women-s-basketball-return-to-unt-for-final-season-paid/article_04acc0f1-680a-59dd-893b-4a0c42d45b88.html
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    He’s definitely better than 3rd team. Hell, just look at what a mess we are when he’s relegated to the bench for a few games due to injury. We turn into a discombobulated mess.
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    From Top 25 votes to dismal performance with losing streak that feels like it's gone on forever. I know injuries played a huge role in this. However, it feels like our once potent and creative offense is now predictable and stagnant. Our once lethal shooters cannot seem to hit a shot likely due to hesitancy and out-of-sync plays. We've become really great with passing the ball around the perimeter for 20 or 30 seconds and then jacking up a shot. Re-watch the Hawaii game to see an offense that is aggressive, creative, fearless, and takes an open shot when available. Monumentally disappointing. I always thought we'd correct this by tourney time, but it is looking like a one and done. Hope I"m wrong.
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    I know I complain about our players not having enough offers, but this is absolutely a dude who I don’t care what his offer list looks like. Please get him. That stroke looks like James Harden
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    I've never understood how Dollar General competes against the 99 Cent Store...they are ALWAYS overpriced!
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    Softball anyone? The team is 2-0 in conference and go for a sweep of Southern Miss today,...just in case your in need of a pickmeup. Rick
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    We are thinking that these scandals only exist at the P5 level but a quick Google will tell you that athletic programs at every level, including G5, FCS, and even D III are bending the rules.
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    The Mean Green Mean Green Mean Green t-shirt is cool. D-Gizzle stepping up their game. Too bad I live 800 miles away else I would have me one and a couple tubes of Pepsodent to boot.
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    So, if I understand correctly, you were so anxious to pin the label 'infanticide' on a nasty progressive, that you were willing to take the term completely out of context. The article was about an idea - the Green New Deal - that can & is supported by a wide spectrum of intelligent people of different political affiliations and ideologies. You should real the draft and make an intelligent decision on what you agree with & what you don't. To simply say you reject the entire idea makes you an ideologue, and I think you're better than that
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    What makes you think previous episodes of climatic change are never considered or discussed? Every geology text and earth history text discusses these in detail. The difference between these earlier episodes and today's is that today the cause is anthropogenic. Which mean we could do something about it if we only had the will.
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    I don't know anything about coaching basketball and maybe so one on here is and can answer this question. We seem to run the clock down many times in the game only to end up taking a bad shot. I have seen it too often this season. Won't it be better to work for an open shot no matter if the clock at 29 seconds or 10 seconds? We seem to sit at the top of the key killing the clock and run it down to nothing and we force our shots.
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    Not totally - this is only an upgrade for the 2nd-4th quarters.
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    Agree. But really all you need to do is read and watch the blog with videos that LouFan linked to earlier to see exactly what we can expect. It’s all of the above and it’s going to be GREAT!!!! https://pistolsfiringblog.com/chalk-talk-why-bodie-reeder-should-be-osus-next-offensive-coordinator/ Rick
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    Paging @FirefightnRick I'll step back and grab my popcorn now. EDIT: Just my $.02, having deceptive pre-snap movement and tricky running plays incorporated into your Air-Raid playbook cannot be a bad thing.
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    No. No. No. No. Absolutely not. The triple option is the worst offensive scheme ever invented and is reserved for teams who can't develop larger linemen. It needs to be dropped and banned. God, I hate the triple option. EDIT: I know I'm going to catch flak for this, but I don't really care. Sometimes you just gotta voice your opinion, man.
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    And it sounds like he is pretty philosophical as well... solid
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    home run hire. Love that he went out side the box and got a very bright young mind. He is not afraid to branch out like so many coaches are.

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