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    There were four guards named to the first team and Bassey was selected at center, the game has changed. Secondly no way Woolridge will make the first team with a career 56% free throw percentage and averaging 12 points a game...C’mon man let’s get real 🤨
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    hoooooo boy we made it to dollar general!
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    There is no way we lose to FIU three times in one year right?!.....Right?!
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    Saw these at my local Dollar General:
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    Reading the below made me think: I wonder if our offense was in part held back during the McCarney/Canales years due to this type of thinking described above. It seems the strength of SL’s air raid is based in its simplicity; whereas Canales was known to have some complex tests he gave his QBs. I think this “book smart over street smart” attitude might explain how we got some duds at starting QB. Our most talented QBs might have sat on the bench because they failed to master these types of complex play-calls.
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    Exactly, what am I suppose to say after watching a 7 game losing streak?
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    Dollar General....The Retail Equivalent to G5....Hoping we can improve enough to one day get an invite to Five Below...
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    The Mean Green Mean Green Mean Green t-shirt is cool. D-Gizzle stepping up their game. Too bad I live 800 miles away else I would have me one and a couple tubes of Pepsodent to boot.
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    So, if I understand correctly, you were so anxious to pin the label 'infanticide' on a nasty progressive, that you were willing to take the term completely out of context. The article was about an idea - the Green New Deal - that can & is supported by a wide spectrum of intelligent people of different political affiliations and ideologies. You should real the draft and make an intelligent decision on what you agree with & what you don't. To simply say you reject the entire idea makes you an ideologue, and I think you're better than that
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    Creating a higher level of college competition would kill other programs not help them. Who won the national FCS championship last year, you may know; but I and most of America do not. NT playing in 1aa was a disaster for the program that took years to recover from.
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    And deserves credit for not having recruited a single D1 level QB during the McCarney years. And for 15 points per game in 2015.
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    What makes you think previous episodes of climatic change are never considered or discussed? Every geology text and earth history text discusses these in detail. The difference between these earlier episodes and today's is that today the cause is anthropogenic. Which mean we could do something about it if we only had the will.
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    None of the other QB’s on the bench that I can think of ever went somewhere else and flourished. So I’d say no,... the system under Canales wasn’t over complicated. During Canales’ time here he helped produce 20 All Conference selections, an NFL running back and (two?) NFL O linemen and won a bowl game with a record setting QB. So he did a little of something right. Rick
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    I don't know anything about coaching basketball and maybe so one on here is and can answer this question. We seem to run the clock down many times in the game only to end up taking a bad shot. I have seen it too often this season. Won't it be better to work for an open shot no matter if the clock at 29 seconds or 10 seconds? We seem to sit at the top of the key killing the clock and run it down to nothing and we force our shots.
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    I think the group of people that thought we were actually elite or one of the best 25 teams in the country was very small. We did, however have a chance to boost our profile by getting into the top 25 based on a good record even against weak competition. So from that perspective it was a wasted opportunity. Other than that this team seems to be pretty much what the majority thought it was, especially when the injuries happened. An average CUSA team when the full resume is taken into account.
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    Not totally - this is only an upgrade for the 2nd-4th quarters.
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    Agree. But really all you need to do is read and watch the blog with videos that LouFan linked to earlier to see exactly what we can expect. It’s all of the above and it’s going to be GREAT!!!! https://pistolsfiringblog.com/chalk-talk-why-bodie-reeder-should-be-osus-next-offensive-coordinator/ Rick
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    Paging @FirefightnRick I'll step back and grab my popcorn now. EDIT: Just my $.02, having deceptive pre-snap movement and tricky running plays incorporated into your Air-Raid playbook cannot be a bad thing.
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    No. No. No. No. Absolutely not. The triple option is the worst offensive scheme ever invented and is reserved for teams who can't develop larger linemen. It needs to be dropped and banned. God, I hate the triple option. EDIT: I know I'm going to catch flak for this, but I don't really care. Sometimes you just gotta voice your opinion, man.
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    And it sounds like he is pretty philosophical as well... solid
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    Y’all are getting a good one! Here’s a good article on him. https://pistolsfiringblog.com/chalk-talk-why-bodie-reeder-should-be-osus-next-offensive-coordinator/
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    Two quick points: The guy made about $60,000 last year - so we are getting a steal financially His recruiting area is DFW - so he already knows the area well A+ on the hire!!
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    I like that he doesn’t sound like an overexcitable 13 boy like GH did.
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    Very nice hire. He was in charge of recruiting DFW for EWU. So he should have relationships with area coaches.
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    home run hire. Love that he went out side the box and got a very bright young mind. He is not afraid to branch out like so many coaches are.
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    What’s the point of showing up at the Star on Wednesday? Unless you don’t have anything else better to do than to watch a mediocre basketball team. I’m sorry but this has been a complete failure of a season it hurts.
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    The 7 game skid started with Western Kentucky, so roll your eyes all you want my friends. They got throttled and fought like hell to get back in that game. But they have been playing increasingly worse ever since. Some say injuries some say it’s the system GM runs. I don’t know what is, I just know it’s been hard to watch for over a month now
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    He's not. But nothing prevents him from coming to the common areas of the campus. Is that where you were going with that?
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    But I couldn't focus on what they were saying after spotting the longhorn shirt in the background. I thought RV confiscated all of those...
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    You do realize its not the Daily's job to always paint UNT in a good light? They're not a PR arm of the university. It's ridiculous that UNT is trying to cut their funding when journalism has always been a bright spot for UNT and has produced some of our best alumni.
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    Have a good gut feeling about Jalen. Can't put my finger on it, but this kid could be special.
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    Should call it... “The Green New Fyre Festival Deal” Rick
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    I can't get worked up over cow farts, auto emissions, etc., when there are 300 million of us (mas o menos) versus billions of others in the world who are too ignorant or unable to play along. There is no way we should bankrupt this country to carry the load for them. Besides, I am more concerned about that gigantic magma pool under Yellowstone that is due to blow or being blindsided by some massive cue ball whizzing out of the Asteroid Belt or a big comet from the Oort Cloud. Just let me suffocate slowly over time.
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    The earth has gone through, I believe, three other cycles of heating and cooling. Why is this never considered and discussed? Why are we so ready to throw the baby out with the bath water and not consider historical record?
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    That student(?) is such an embarrassment.
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    I cringed during the entire video....
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    True, it really doesn’t matter what soil your standing on, murdering a newborn child is murdering a newborn child and that is what you and your side supports. At least your consistent. Rick
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    I can't wait for the rest of the segment to come out. It's a spectacular, engaging format that people come at pretty combatively. If anything he needs to come to our campus much more often.
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    Because it's not about climate. It's about the radicals seizing control of everything and leaving the unwashed masses to squabble for the scraps from the elite table. It done with fear mongering and race bating.
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    No dude, you, a hard core leftist democrat...mentioned concern for children in your fantasy about Man Made Global Cooling/Man Made Global Warming/Man Made Climate Change/Climate Change. I was simply being a smart ass at that notion that your concern for climate change is about children because your side has decided to go off the reservation in regards to concern for children...(unless they’re immigrating children of course) and have chosen to start legally murdering them after birth. Thats all on your party...thus on you as well. . Rick
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    Agree. And even though I may not agree with some of those he’s having a discussion with I’m very proud of our students because it appears as if unlike at many other school’s he’s visited most of our students but for the one in particular, know how to respectfully carry themselves and have an adult conversation to get their points across.. Rick
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    Seems to go this way .... Conservative - Does not agree with a company - will stop using, but if you choose to that's on you Liberal/Progressive - Does not agree with a company - with protest and try to run them out of business Socialist-Dems - "Liberal/Progressive" AND will try to personally ruin any person and their family that chooses to purchase from that company - If they choose not to use you have no right to disagree.
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    The star of the show, AOC, more aptly named Alexandria Occluded-Cortex.
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    So I saw this clip....and then......"HEY! I recognize that campus!"

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