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    That is a great honor. Congratulations to Brett.
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    Excellent idea...Why don’t you plan one?
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    OK, I know this isn't technically "Football", but the Cheer and Dance Teams both support football in a big way at UNT, so why not the football forum???? For this year's event, we have decided to try KICKBALL as a replacement for our basketball game. Why you ask? Well, basketball seemed to have started to "run its course", and frankly a few folks stopped participating and a few folks started to turn our friendly game into something akin to "hack attack". Plus, it was the general consensus that we needed to find a fun event that could broaden our base of participants...KICKBALL is it. WE are looking at a mid-April date (April 13th comes to mind but has not been approved as yet) as the softball team is out of town and the UNT Softball complex might...might...be available to us on the 13th. Much to be "approved" in that regard, but wanted to get the conversation started about this year's event... This will be our 9th year, and our second including the UNT Dancers, and we hope it will be our best ever! So, as usual, we need your help in making it a success for some hard-working student-athletes., WE need: 1) Players (min age 13 and open to male and female players of course), 2) Silent Auction Donations, 3) Sponsors - This year we have available Gold sponsorships at the $500 level - 2 available, Silver Sponsorships at the $300 level - 6 available and Bronze Sponsorships at the $100 level - 12 available.' 4) Helpers for set-up, game-day management, clean-up, etc. and 5) Umpires - 3 would be great. So, think about your schedule for mid-April (fingers crossed) and what you might be willing to do in support of the UNT Cheer and Dance teams. I really do think this year's event could be our best and most fun event ever. OK, there is your head's up. More to come as the planning develops.
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    Clicks on article, sees that NT Daily wrote it. Tries not to make fake news reference.
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    The reason i give the edge to Cobbs is because he loves UNT more than an one i have ever met. Not to mention he has more coaching experience and txhsfb ties. I am hoping he can finally build a bridge from Denton high schools to UNT
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    That's my thinking. Staff is telling me he will be working with QBs. But hard to over look big 12 and sec wr coaching experience. With out a doubt.
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    World shortage of green dye. All used on our new track.
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    Up 13-0 early! Where was this kind of start all season!?
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    That’s the worst thing we could do as a fan base.
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    I love how she says we will just invent it or we can just print more money. I think Brown should request that she return her degree.
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    Biggest collapse that I can recall.
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    The meltdowns are getting more and more epic each game.
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    This team never quits and I give them props for that!
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    Three seasons in a row for McCasland with these bad late season slumps. Becoming a trend. Not sure why. But it’s happening. Injuries have not helped.
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    I will never understand why J. Simmons get all those minutes.
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    I swear, I wish I wasn't so invested because I wanna throw in the towel on this season.
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    lol the fan behind me screamed yea finally someone who looks like a post player who can rebound as Arikawe comes to the bench. Arikawe better be ready because we need somebody to bully the post.
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    Marshall has shown a few different line ups and looks and we have stayed with a smaller line up 4-1. Marshall has adjusted and we keep hoping to heat up from three again. Zach Simmons has had a rough game. That doesn’t help when your best (and apparently only big) plays poorly. Miller and J. Simmons on the court at the same time rarely produces anything positive on the offensive side of the ball.
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    It’s nice to have a healthy Duffy. I wish we could rewind the clock back to that UTSA game at the start of conference play and just run it with what we have now.
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    It’s not great. Maybe 2k at the most.
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    If we keep this up we can continue to rest Woolridge for next week.
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    I know this sounds weird, but our guys look physically larger (arms). Smart, Arikawe, and Simmons have all bulked up and a few of them were already large.
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    Lighting it up from deep. Hopefully this is the warm up for the conference tournament.
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    There are very few if any fans who thought NT would run away with the conference. As far as the Daily, they had a very good group of sport writers in the not too distance past, were people were commenting that they wish that the DRC was that good. The current group just are not up to the task. Their opinions on the NT teams isn't the issue as much as their limited knowledge of college sports. Some of these articles suggest they write without even watching the games, just a quick glance at the box score if that is enough.
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    I didn't know being a bartender equated "championing local social and economic issues". #bancowfarts
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    Any chance to lighten up the "ceiling" inside the SP? It's so dark in there for games.
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    Does seem to look better. But, what will look a whole lot better is a new arena controlled by athletics that is up to date inside and out. Got to say...athletic facilities are really being upgraded! That is, indeed, a very good thing.
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    #42 on that list. I’ll take it. That’s high praise.
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    I have all the faith in the word in Cobbs, but damn did I love me some Coach Choice. That's the toughest replacement IMO
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    Better coaching staff than last year!
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    Disagree/ This team is not what I thought it was. They are a flat bad team now that has no idea what to do on offense and are lucky to score a point a minute. The injuries are a contributor but the complete meltdown to the mess we get to watch now is on the coaches.
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    The national media including NBC’s Robin Roberts on GMA reported on it and gave Smollett an exclusive in-studio interview about it because of his fame.....and his attempt to tie Trump to it. And if “He and only he” is to blame then don’t mention “mental illness” and some psycho hyped up on Mexican Tramadol threatening to kill the world....in the same discussion as a popular narcissist celebrity with an obvious political agenda.. As for your surge in “actual factual hate crimes”,...here’s three recent of dozens of example of videos and a report of “actual factual” violence that stems directly/indirectly from the out of control leftist Trump-Is-Evil derangement that the media has certainly helped perpetuate. Rick
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    One psychopath’s story has nothing to do with the other. What should be debated that many want to ignore is the deranged one-sided national press/media that so wanted Smollett’s story to be true that in their haste to convict President Trump of anything led to nation wide hysteria from the beginning when the story first broke. They the media are the true culprits in this as they have been in similar cases, that do the most harm to real victims of crime and hatred. Rick
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    Yesterday was Junior Day at UNT and several of the teams use Apogee in the early mornings for outdoor workouts...other than that...no clue. But, of course the wind turbines are supplying the power, right?
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    They always have when it comes to athletics, but I don’t really have too much of an issue with the premise here, although I won’t read one of their articles, so aim going by the column title.. The last half of CUSA play has been a dumpster fire. That said, I’m of the opinion that a college newspaper that has traditionally loathed our athletic department’s existence isn’t a source of information that i would read or take serious. It’s really not worth anybody’s time, except for that group out there that still reads newspapers—which dwindles down more and more every day. And I seriously doubt very many read the NT Daily online, so it makes sense for this entire operation to eventually go away.
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    Looks like Littrell is coming full circle with the Mangino family.
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    Why wouldn’t they make the panels green??
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    This Student is exactly right. I ate lunch in the new Tarleton State dining hall today and was freaking blown away. The F5 tells me it beats TCU’s as well. Rick
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    So many memories of Kerr Cafeteria. They need to leave icons like this alone. If they close down Kerr Cafeteria, I'm going to boycott, and other overreactions.
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    Marshall 85 ------------------- NT 82 Final
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    I think they actually played about as well as they can without Woolridge. I don't think Marshall would have been close if there was a healthy Woolridge playing. That being said, I think this was Gibson's best game at the point.
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    😞This is the first game I left early this season. I just didn't feel the need to watch the ship go down this time. With Ryan, we might have one this game but he is hurt so the rest of the team needs to show up. The Epic Mean Green fade. We seem to do it in basketball and football. We just can't seem to put a full game together. I don't think I will be making the drive to Frisco this year.
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    Congrats to the people who he gets his stories from. Jesus, I didn't realize so many here lacked a sense of humor.
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    Newly elected congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Bronx native who has spent most of her adulthood championing local social and economic issues, has proposed a green energy plan that some View Full Article
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    Is Vito paying you to post this stuff?

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