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    I'll say it, this is straight bullshit.
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    You have the right to your opinion but I respectfully disagree. They actually have had a pretty representative group of speakers and have raised a lot of money for UNT. Allen Dershowitz voted for Hillary Clinton and is a lifelong democrat. Richard Fischer who was head of the Federal Reserve Bank ran as a democrat against Kay Bailey Hutchison and lost. General Keith Alexander was appointed by Obama to lead USCybercom. General Michael Hayden served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency in both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. General Hayden has been a fierce Trump critic. Admiral James Stadrivis was appointed by Obama to lead NATO forces. I think the point of the series is to look at the accomplishments of the speakers not the politics. It shows the world that UNT is no longer just a "Teachers College" and is a top notch academic institution.
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    I think the thing that just amazes me is how far we have come in recruiting against our peers in the last 5 years. I mean in 2014, coming off a bowl victory here in Dallas, we finished dead-ass last in the recruiting rankings for FBS. Now, we are somewhere near the top of our conference. Simply amazing to see this transformation occur here finally.
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    Just as little as 15 years ago we would all gather her on our little part of the internet and wait patiently to find out who DD had signed. Then we would scurry about gathering as much information as possible on these young men and posting it here for all to discuss. Now, well, we know so far in advance they we are starting to track next year's class. My how times have changed.
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    No class without a DT can receive an A grade as far as I am concerned. I know some will say that we might bulk up these DEs but I am sorry, it is not the same - especially with this three man front.
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    Let's just see how this class turns out and what future classes look like. My hope is that this becomes the norm and we continue to build each year.
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    Regardless of final 247 score, UNT has a better overall class than FAU and Marshall
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    I think this is 100% of news outlets/journalist whether it is sports or real life news. Give us the FACTS we can decide for ourselves, we don't give a crap about opinions.
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    Season ticket renewal launch is set for February 14th according to the Tickets page https://meangreensports.com/sports/2018/7/25/footballtickets.aspx
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    Think Army might disagree?
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    Agreed about the need for more linemen but hasn't the focus shifted to keeping the best talent home? As in getting recruits from our own backyard which is natural given that Texas high school football is the Mecca of high school football and recruiting. We look to have focused and succeeded in that area
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/football-unt-stands-pat-on-signing-day-after-successful-early/article_565ad033-d9a3-57b4-b020-43ecded544d3.html
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    Tip: Invest it for 90 days, then renew. Buy yourself an extra piece of gear with the income.
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    Garrison Johnson who originally committed to us is going to Syracuse. 20 bucks says he will be back in Texas after one season.
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    I thought surely Ejiya, Hedlund, or one of the 2 corners would get a slot. I guess I was wrong. If Bussey has an injury-free year, I could see him getting us back in the combine next spring.
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    What a clown article 🤡 This. I have stopped watching ESPN specifically because of this reason. It's no longer just about sports coverage. It's about how many pots blowhards like Stephen A. Smith can stir to get reactions from people. I used to love Around the Horn and even that is cringe-worthy now.
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    This 285 lb DT from Duncanville obviously had the grades. And did I mention he played for Duncanville? https://247sports.com/player/debraylon-carroll-46056082/ Rick
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    Hello lover. For valentines day I got you...
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    Yeah, if that's all the info I had to go on, probably so. Factors such as level of competition would be worth considering, also.
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    So this article predicts UNT will place 3rd in the West...and SL will be poached because of winning what???? Oh he kept NT over 500 for three years and won the West once!. My favorite lib quote, "oh I see...I See"! Win the West...win the conference...win the bowl and we'll find SL's replacement.
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    Or a book explaining homonyms.
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    He got offered at Syracuse before he committed to us. He was set to come here but didn’t want to sign on early signing day because he was waiting on a bigger fish than Syracuse to come before today, the real NSD. When Seth said no dice, sign today or look elsewhere, that and him somehow learning about Tashard Choice leaving, he withdrew his commitment. From there forward Syracuse was his fallback, he signed with them because the big fish never came. I think he thought Choice would offer him to come to GT, he thought wrong.
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    Yes, but people only remember what they choose to remember.
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    My wife has a graphic design degree from UNT and is looking for a new job.... interesting.
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    Really cool features, but these guys can get even better facilities. I look forward to the artist renderings of the new basketball arena.
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    Get him replaced immediately by someone with equal or greater talent. In every facet, there's always someone better.
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    Variety of speakers? I feel like they've all been on one side of the spectrum thus far.
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    Forgive me if this is not appropriate... AT LEAST I'M NOT POSTING IN THE FOOTBALL FORUM But since it is the offseason, I'm proud to release the first episode of a mockumentary series (think "The Office" meets college environment) called "Bad RA" that I wrote, produced, and directed as a senior last year. We will have new episodes new episodes the next two Thursdays with the last two episodes of the first season to be released shortly after that. The first episode is 20 minutes. Give it a watch, and show some love! Thanks everyone!
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    Any news on when we can renew our season tickets? I thought we would have seen something by now...the cash is burning a whole in my pocket!
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    I am also willing to take the money off your hands...
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    Just as an FYI, if you saw my post in the ODU thread, I have a trivia show tonight. That starts when this game starts. My sincerest apologies in advance. Also be on the lookout for the FAU game because I have one then, too.
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    It's a great class. DL/OL--will always be a challenge to find elite players.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-to-add-cobbs-jennings-to-football-staff/article_10ef5043-2904-50ca-890e-038a748c7d0e.html
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    Yeah, I recall him going up there. If he leaves with Babers, then good for him. If he doesn't go with Babers, I doubt the new person hangs onto him. Either way, it doesn't look like Martin will be in Syracuse very long.
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    Kason Martin's Dad is a coach up there and I think that was the connection for Johnson to Syracuse. If Babers leaves and Coach Martin follows, then maybe. Either way, he's not with us, we don't play them, so best of luck
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    There are plenty of good content people out there, and I'm sure some would like the stability of working for a university. This is not as big of a deal as we think.
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    If we don't win the west I will be very disappointed. Not because of how good we are but because of how down the rest are. UTEP, UTSA, UAB, and Rice look to be bad. La Tech and So. Miss are both average teams at best.
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    He needs to keep his options open, depending on the level of candidate he is looking into, so he is not hamstrung in negotiations. If talking to someone with a higher profile, that person will want to (and should be capable enough) to call plays. A less experienced OC however, it may be the better option for SL to call plays himself.
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    “Yeah, I went to North Texas, won a National rushing title, then played in the League for 6 years. Does that sound appealing to you my man?”
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    I like to think Cobbs could be an outstanding recruiter.
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    What is sad is that @southsideguy post a positive comment and get a "sad" emoji. Guess someone doesn't want this kid to do well.
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    Given what hos dad did to our program, he should harbor ZERO hard feelings toward North Texas. In fact, he might need to send us a player as penance.
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    That you weren't a good enough fan to read all the threads.
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    Peddling religion... your bias here is obviously against Mormonism and not the young man himself. Plus isn't riding a bike a sport? Those backpacks look heavy and Texas gets hot.

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