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    I'll say it, this is straight bullshit.
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    Just as little as 15 years ago we would all gather her on our little part of the internet and wait patiently to find out who DD had signed. Then we would scurry about gathering as much information as possible on these young men and posting it here for all to discuss. Now, well, we know so far in advance they we are starting to track next year's class. My how times have changed.
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    I think the thing that just amazes me is how far we have come in recruiting against our peers in the last 5 years. I mean in 2014, coming off a bowl victory here in Dallas, we finished dead-ass last in the recruiting rankings for FBS. Now, we are somewhere near the top of our conference. Simply amazing to see this transformation occur here finally.
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    No class without a DT can receive an A grade as far as I am concerned. I know some will say that we might bulk up these DEs but I am sorry, it is not the same - especially with this three man front.
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    I think this is 100% of news outlets/journalist whether it is sports or real life news. Give us the FACTS we can decide for ourselves, we don't give a crap about opinions.
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    Season ticket renewal launch is set for February 14th according to the Tickets page https://meangreensports.com/sports/2018/7/25/footballtickets.aspx
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    Think Army might disagree?
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    Agreed about the need for more linemen but hasn't the focus shifted to keeping the best talent home? As in getting recruits from our own backyard which is natural given that Texas high school football is the Mecca of high school football and recruiting. We look to have focused and succeeded in that area
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    I thought surely Ejiya, Hedlund, or one of the 2 corners would get a slot. I guess I was wrong. If Bussey has an injury-free year, I could see him getting us back in the combine next spring.
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    What a clown article 🤡 This. I have stopped watching ESPN specifically because of this reason. It's no longer just about sports coverage. It's about how many pots blowhards like Stephen A. Smith can stir to get reactions from people. I used to love Around the Horn and even that is cringe-worthy now.
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    This 285 lb DT from Duncanville obviously had the grades. And did I mention he played for Duncanville? https://247sports.com/player/debraylon-carroll-46056082/ Rick
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    Hello lover. For valentines day I got you...
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    Yeah, if that's all the info I had to go on, probably so. Factors such as level of competition would be worth considering, also.
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    So this article predicts UNT will place 3rd in the West...and SL will be poached because of winning what???? Oh he kept NT over 500 for three years and won the West once!. My favorite lib quote, "oh I see...I See"! Win the West...win the conference...win the bowl and we'll find SL's replacement.
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    Or a book explaining homonyms.
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    5'10" 210 lbs. Also holds offer from Boston College, Memphis, smuT, TSU-SM, Okie St. and Texas Tech https://247sports.com/player/corey-flagg-46052137/ Love his film. Based on how he moves, he reminds me of Zo.
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    Wear can eye get won of those?
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    We're missing out on additional revenue! Revenue from club style seating along with suites is out there for the taking. The fact the loge seating sold out without having to publicly list the seats last season shows there is lots of interest in such premium seating. This year there was a waiting list for both floor and loge seats.
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    Interesting that there weren't enough pro scouts that wanted to see Ejiya enough to give him an invite. There'll be plenty of people at NT's pro-day though. Just gotta hope our guys do well there.
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    They're probably very insignificant.
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    There are 8 Mid Majors ranked ahead of us. They have a designated total of 14 DTs signed with Boise at 0 and La at 4. It is obvious that moving DEs inside is the strategy. If they are long and have a motor, this is what we can develop. Also keep fingers crossed for transfers!
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    For sure! Before Rice swooped in at the last second, he had a bunch of FCS offers. I think we can agree size is not the only thing that makes a good DT. I remember a few years ago when Lamar came through they had some huge (weighty) linemen on both sides of the ball, but they were slow & largely ineffective against our lines. I suppose we'll see which of these two guys contributes to his team more: Mr. Carroll at Rice, or Quinn Whitlock, the DB we got from Copiah-Lincoln when Rowland's schollie came free.
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    I am also willing to take the money off your hands...
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    I have never seen enough upside to warrant building a new arena. UTA, they needed a new arena. The pit in both structure and ownership is not ideal but does not hold the program back. Give me baseball!
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    This is the way to build a program that is competitive year in, year out. Look at programs that go JUCO heavy most of the time...they have ups and downs. Programs that focus on recruiting well from high school and then use JUCO for spot fixes/depth usually field a consistently competitive team.
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    For some reason, I like their page on Facebook, so I'll occasionally see articles on my home page as I scroll - Lately, it seems like majority of their articles are just trash. One thing is for sure - They need to stop their opinion pieces. They wrote one when the whole Seth-leaving debacle was going on (back in late October/early November I think) and talked about how he "has no place in larger conferences." Who comes up with this stuff? It has been apparent on numerous occasions that there is no one with sports knowledge, let alone football knowledge (not just with UNT but other schools as well - i.e. even mentioning Applewhite as a replacement), on that staff. These guys have got to stop or just refresh this entire staff.
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    Welcome to one-bid leagues, my friend. BTW, if you win the regular season title and don't get an NCAA invite, the NIT saves a slot for you.
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    Just as an FYI, if you saw my post in the ODU thread, I have a trivia show tonight. That starts when this game starts. My sincerest apologies in advance. Also be on the lookout for the FAU game because I have one then, too.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/chalk-talk----marshall-at-north-texas/article_be24b0b3-e330-5983-ad6a-8833c0f0f840.html
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    Automatic NIT bid.
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    He should have popped a VHS in.
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    I was in the Embassy Suites hotel lobby last night when the Marshall BB team checked in. I was surprised how many people it takes to put 5 guys on the court.
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    It's a great class. DL/OL--will always be a challenge to find elite players.
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    So happy to have Patrick Cobbs on the NT team again!!
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    Very happy for Mr. Cobbs, and North Texas. It is great to see our program at a place where our legends come back to coach, inspire, and lead the next Mean Green generation.
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    I haven’t watched Sports Center completely through in a year or more. I may switch over for a few highlights, but the Lebron Lovefest is too much.
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    Never said he was sports news. But even Sportscenter is unwatchable now. I can only take so much Zion Williamson, Duke Basketball, Lebron shoved in my face.
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    You realize that’s not the complete list of speakers and was just the ones the poster picked to show it was more evenly spread amongst political philosophies, right? There were many others then were clearly Republican or Conservative.
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    We should just quit right now.
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    I don't admire the man for much, but I admire him for this.
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    My respect level for SM, which by the way was not particularly low anyway, has gone up.
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    IF that happens does the NCAA take both teams? they should.
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    which completely sucks. So whats the point of winning the regular season conf championship? that means our conf is set for a team to have to win regular season championship and conf tourney.
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    It is a good class. Much better than what we normally see in Denton. I'll grade it a B-. The reason I don't grade the class higher.... -I'm still concerned about our talent in the trenches, and don't know that this class represents a substantial improvement on the lines. In recruiting, I value offensive and defensive linemen above all other positions. -Also, outside of Texas and Oklahoma, we only signed 3 players from the other 48 states. I believe we could be more committed to turning over every rock to find the best talent we can get, especially when it comes to linemen.
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    Sarcasm is lost on those that haven't reached their second cup of coffee this morning. Carry on. **Edit** And so is a sense of humor.**

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