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    You have the right to your opinion but I respectfully disagree. They actually have had a pretty representative group of speakers and have raised a lot of money for UNT. Allen Dershowitz voted for Hillary Clinton and is a lifelong democrat. Richard Fischer who was head of the Federal Reserve Bank ran as a democrat against Kay Bailey Hutchison and lost. General Keith Alexander was appointed by Obama to lead USCybercom. General Michael Hayden served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency in both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. General Hayden has been a fierce Trump critic. Admiral James Stadrivis was appointed by Obama to lead NATO forces. I think the point of the series is to look at the accomplishments of the speakers not the politics. It shows the world that UNT is no longer just a "Teachers College" and is a top notch academic institution.
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    Let's just see how this class turns out and what future classes look like. My hope is that this becomes the norm and we continue to build each year.
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    Regardless of final 247 score, UNT has a better overall class than FAU and Marshall
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    Garrison Johnson who originally committed to us is going to Syracuse. 20 bucks says he will be back in Texas after one season.
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    He got offered at Syracuse before he committed to us. He was set to come here but didn’t want to sign on early signing day because he was waiting on a bigger fish than Syracuse to come before today, the real NSD. When Seth said no dice, sign today or look elsewhere, that and him somehow learning about Tashard Choice leaving, he withdrew his commitment. From there forward Syracuse was his fallback, he signed with them because the big fish never came. I think he thought Choice would offer him to come to GT, he thought wrong.
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    Yes, but people only remember what they choose to remember.
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    I hope he enjoys Hutchinson, Kansas. It is home to a very fine salt mine and some lovely churches. Perhaps, he will find his soulmate at one or the other; more likely at a church, though. Second Missionary Baptist Church and Our Redeemer Lutheran are quite near Gowans Stadium where the Blue Dragon home games are played! Hallelujah!
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    My wife has a graphic design degree from UNT and is looking for a new job.... interesting.
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    Really cool features, but these guys can get even better facilities. I look forward to the artist renderings of the new basketball arena.
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    Get him replaced immediately by someone with equal or greater talent. In every facet, there's always someone better.
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    Variety of speakers? I feel like they've all been on one side of the spectrum thus far.
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    Or an even crazier question, what if Kiffin, who hired Kendal despite the risk and has struggled since Kendal left, hired Art as OC? Is Kiffin crazy or ballsy enough to do something like that? I know his “give a F” meter when it comes to bad publicity is about at zero.
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    I would love to work for UNT Athletics but my experience with this type of thing ended with the Etch n' Sketch.
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    I think there is opportunity here. He did some cool stuff, but it was all starting to look the same and was not on level with some other G5 and nowhere near the quality of even what some local P5 schools put out. I hope we will be say "Brett who?" before too long.
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    Dear Lord this is a terrible article.
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    Cougarbitch must be beside himself right now. Does he gloat because his favorite school hired someone from NT, or drink bleach because they wanted someone from NT?
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    Campus Insiders on Stadium TV (channel 47.1 locally) had several great segments about UNT yesterday, including an interview with Coach McCasland and discussion with Brett McMurphy about SL calling plays. Monday's are Conference USA day for that program so set your DVR. GMG
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    “Yeah, I went to North Texas, won a National rushing title, then played in the League for 6 years. Does that sound appealing to you my man?”
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    Heard that they already have 6,000 tickets out for Saturday's game. Lot of kids groups. Hopefully the students will make an appearance and The Pit will be rockin! Go Mean Green.
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    Peddling religion... your bias here is obviously against Mormonism and not the young man himself. Plus isn't riding a bike a sport? Those backpacks look heavy and Texas gets hot.