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    Largest donation in UNT history. May be moved to another board but good news. https://www.dentonrc.com/news/unt-board-chairman-donates-million/article_17e20d4a-4170-52dc-9f15-63193951b1bc.html
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    Athletics. The window through which UNT is viewed by the Nation/World and “UNT Alumni”.
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    No need to move the thread... Football played a role.
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    Bigger loss that Harrell.
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    The most popular outcome would be to combine the two...hire Art Briles and starve him to death!
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    As we strive to become a top 3-5 Mid Major Athletic Program we must also strive higher in the classroom! Thank you sir! Congrats to all! GMG
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    We appear like something is missing, and something has definitely changed.....I think it is the combo of Smart not playing well plus Duffy being out might be closer to the answer.... We really need Smart to return to form and start lighting it up again, especially his 3-ball. I also think our offensive scheme is lacking creativity/adaptability, which admittedly is hindered by a lack of size on the inside. Teams have figured out our game plan, and are now stifle us around the 3-point line while we play catch/ball movement around the perimeter for 20 to 30 seconds and then jack up a shot. Earlier in the season, we were more willing to drive to basketball or set up plays specific for Simmons (center) when guards were crowded on the outside or as way to make them respect shots closer to the basket. The drives/inside plays are critical because teams will be less willing to crowd us while we play catch around the 3-point line; this will definitely free up our 3-point shooters. Nonetheless, I am extremely thankful for McCasland and our clearly rejuvenated basketball program.
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    Heard that they already have 6,000 tickets out for Saturday's game. Lot of kids groups. Hopefully the students will make an appearance and The Pit will be rockin! Go Mean Green.
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    Tap the brakes...this is a 20+ winning team, cut them some slack. Only two years ago we were wondering if we would even qualify for the C-USA tournament.
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    This is huge news. Seth was one of the best OC in the country before coming to North Texas. Wish this would have happened sooner. But better late than never
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    Art interviewing for open OC position. Like him or hate him... If hired he will have Southern Miss offense looking completely different next year.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-to-add-cobbs-jennings-to-football-staff/article_10ef5043-2904-50ca-890e-038a748c7d0e.html
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/littrell-will-try-out-calling-plays-in-spring-practice/article_7109e719-8382-5a8a-b9c2-c7f6852cb59b.html
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    Call me old-fashioned, but I just swim through egg patches and broadcast a cloud of sperm. It's a numbers game. But back to the topic, has anyone ever SEEN JayD and Bert in the same room at the same time? How do I know which one is Andy Kaufman and which is Tony Clifton, when I'm pretty sure they're both Tony Clifton? How do I know which one to shoot?
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    This is a pretty big deal, what a bummer. He did a great job for us.
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    Too many people use "the lord, Jesus christ" as a crutch for being total hypocrites, criminals, and absolute scum to others. Briles is one. I hope he never has a job inspiring young men again. But he should definitely consult his "lord, jesus christ" on how a man should act when entrusted with the lives and the future of 100 young men.
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    Duffy had one hip injured...then injured the other trying to compensate for the first injury. It appears he is recovering...is pretty much day to day now and could...could possibly see playing time by Saturday's game against WKY. Fingers crossed...of course.
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    If you are talking about my comment, I didn't call him a sociopath. I said that cruelty to animals was a red flag associated with sociopaths. The comment was not necessarily about him (unless he thought that it was great entertainment). It was my reaction to all the dismissive comments by others on the board that seemed to think that the treatment of that animal was insignificant and nothing to be concerned about.
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    Ankle daguerreotypes or it's non-empirical ephemera (stop)
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    "Jennings played defensive back for the Mean Green’s 1994 Southland Conference Championship run and served as a graduate assistant for North Texas in 1997. Since his departure from Denton, Jennings has made stops at several Power 5 schools, including Baylor, Arkansas, Texas and most recently Texas Tech, where he served as the defensive backs coach under Kliff Kingsbury. Jennings will replace Nate Brown, who left the team after last season." He played in the DL...……...THE DL!...………...https://texassports.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1263&path=football
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    You clowns need to take your #toxicmasculinity to the Pie forum. This thread has grown into setting up a steel-cage death match between JayD & Vito to determine the Mean Green’s greatest scooper. My money is on Vito to win after the Great Derek Thompson shows up to deliver a set of brass knuckles wrapped in a parking pass to Vito.
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    Most hunters abide by a 'hunting ethic', one aspect of which is to not cause unnecessary pain & suffering. Well, we do have some pretty graphic video posted by Mr. Mohammad showing us pretty clearly what happened.
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    I don’t agree with what occurred but I do agree with @EagleMBA I also find it a stretch to call this young man a sociopath based on this one event.
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    This move angers and confuses me. I hope this wasn't because of compensation, as others have mentioned.
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    Off his twitter, he says his Fiancee just got accepted to a school in Galveston
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    Never forget that in 2016, Leicester City had 5,000-1 odds to win the Premier League which they did, though I'm more inclined to believe the 1000/0 odds as more realistic.
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    He really is one of our best and most contributing alumni. I remember one of his co-workers trying to clown him on Twitter regarding someone buying Seth out and he referenced his bank account for something to the effect of he has the money to keep him here. Baller move
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    Sorry guys. I don't condone sicking dogs on raccoons (nice way for your dog to lose an eye or get rabies, idiot), but at the end of the day, I just can't get worked up about this. I can't see how it would be prosecutable in any way, and while it certainly is pretty low-class, low-class has pretty much become the standard based on most college-aged kids twitter pages.
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    1000/1 is too good. It is more like 1000/0. UCF, Boise and all those up there with Tech and TCU? Nope. A G5 will NEVER win the CFP under the current system. It gives 1 G5 a NY6 bowl as an olive branch because G5s won’t be allowed on the CFP.
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    You guys are too new school. I prefer old school where you simply knock them on the head with a club and drag them back to your cave. You only have to avoid the smilodons.
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    Did I see this correctly earlier (I originally saw it on Glassdoor as I have job alerts setup for ‘content’ in the position title) - Is Brett Gemas (Director of Creative Content for MG Sports) leaving? He is the guru behind all of the legit graphics we’ve seen from all the teams’ Twitter accounts. It looks like we are in the market for his replacement on the MG Sports site. I sure hope he trained someone before he left - or there is another creative mastermind in our midst!
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    DRC: UNT legend returning home to coach the Mean Green's running backs https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/breaking-news----unt-to-add-cobbs-jennings/article_10ef5043-2904-50ca-890e-038a748c7d0e.html
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    This is a big reason we aren't playing as well as we expect. Also goes to show that our depth is pretty bad overall. I hope the winning continues and brings in better recruits soon.
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    Seth is one of the rare air raid Head coaches that hasn't called their own plays as a hc. Holgerson, Kliff and Leach himself all call their own plays. Seth was one of the top OC in the country before coming to UNT. I wish this move would have been made sooner.
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    Not sure I think this is great news. As head coach you have lots of things to control. Not having a OC you trust to call plays I think limits the concentration in other areas. May work out great, but is concerning to me.
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    I want to know who is voting for us.
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    G. Brint Ryan, Chairman of the UNT System Board of Regents and a UNT alumnus and his wife Amanda have donated $30 million to the College of Business, which will View Full Article
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    Whatever backlash they face, it won't be in Hattiesburg if he helps get them back to being a nationally-ranked team.
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    Him combined with Masons input should be great!

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