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    You forgot to add that both teams are pretty good and damn near impossible to beat at their place. Grant is a very good basketball coach, and I doubt many who really know college basketball would disagree.
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    I know you've had trouble understanding this, but the fact that it was a raccoon is irrelevant. What does matter is that this was cruel and sadistic behavior. Being disturbed by such behavior is not "dumb".
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    And the ladies win 68-63 to complete the Charlotte sweep.
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    You know what I’ve always thought could help us win games? Not better free throw shooting. Not less reliance on the 3-pointer. Not greater discipline against the pick and roll. Nope, my solution to our woes is more Tope Arikawe. Brilliant!
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    Thanks for that absolutely brilliant response.
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    Spotted this helmet at Duke’s Travel Plaza in Mt. Vernon this morning.
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    Our lack of size is killing us. We are a team that has no offense unless the outside shots are falling.
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    Yes, NT is definitely not an elite basketball program. It doesn't have the budget, the conference affiliation or the history. Not sure how you define top d-1 coach? My definition would entail beating most of the peer programs you play. I think it is highly unlikely that any other coach NT could hire could accomplish more in two years.
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    They have a brand. Much like Boone’s Farm...and Top Ramen...and Spam; everyone recognizes the name, but knows it’s not hard to do better.
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    It’s ugly. Draper shooting 23% from the field and 26% from three. Arikawe is a big man shooting almost exclusively from the paint and he’s barely over 40% from the field and is 25% from the free throw line, Rose is 35% from the field and 28% from three and turning it over twice a game as a guy who shouldn’t be in position to turn it over much, and Gibson is 36% from the field and 33% from three, which doesn’t sound that bad by comparison. Last, Jahmiah Simmons is shooting 36% from the field when most of his shots come on drives which should be high percentage. He is 0-6 from three in conference play and is shooting 21%(!!!) from the FREE THROW line, and he’s getting there twice a game. I feel like we’re getting decent looks too. I’d like to say it’s just a lot of shooting funks at the same time, but it sure has been prolonged.
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    Going to pull away and win late. Way to grind it out.
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    I'm at the game. I hope there are adjustments during the half. Their team is noticeably taller.
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    The rankings will settle out wherever they do from here but don't lose sight of the fact that the 2019 class for North Texas is special and will leave a legacy in Denton. As long as it doesn't come at NT's expense in terms of head to head recruiting battles, I welcome other CUSA schools to sign talent at or near the level we did this year as it only means our conference will improve its reputation against our G5 peers - which it needs to do.
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    Trojan, family? I thought Trojans prevented that.
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    Please unpin the USC tweet in statement to our former OC. Makes us, namely you, appear as a jealous girlfriend. Let's move on and keep on the up n up. That is all and thank you.
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    2yrs ago we could not beat average to bad teams. Now we are trashing 20 win season and gig’n the coach! BS
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    Not sure about their football team but the Ocean of Soul is coming to town! (Think Grambling) For all of those who complain about the Green Brigade and want a band to bring high energy and marching performance at halftime, you may need to wait till 2022 but it will be at Apogee. They are much more worried with the performance than the music but it is a show. Dancers are called the Motion of the Ocean. ***This is not commentary on the Green Brigade***
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    No one is entitled to a bowl game. Should players be allowed to transfer without penalty if the team misses a bowl game? Hell players are now intentionally skipping bowls to avoid injury as seniors.
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    Won’t ever complain about a road W in conference. Need to tighten things up before our games against Marshall and WKU. Gotta at least split those games.
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    This team can play up (or down) to the level of anyone
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    Let’s just get out of here with a W. Any way we can get it.
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    Our FT shooting is ridiculous.
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    NT 65 ------------------------ Charlotte 62 3:59 to go Just gotta hang on and get the hell back to Denton.
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    NT 59 ------------------------ Charlotte 56 7:45 to go Smart having a very good game today. Hopefully he's snapping out of the funk and it's not a one off.
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    I honestly do not see the issue in trying to run them out there together for a 3-5 minute span. Slow it down and really focus on the defensive end. It would would force teams to adjust and give our guards a break.
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    Thank you, Rose. That 3 was critical to close out the half. We absolutely need to play much better. Charlott's no slouch when it comes to draining the 3 ball, and we've been struggling, so we have to find ways to get to the lane and drive the ball home. It almost looks like our guys are afraid to draw the foul too.
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    Last place team in the conference making us look pathetic
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    I think San Francisco is proving we beat a pretty good team last year 2 of 3.
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    Yes. Commonly referred to as t-shirt fans. I call them out on it whenever I hear it, as everyone should.
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    Does anyone else get irritated when a person is a fan of an Alabama or Texas and they give you crap even though they never graduated or even stepped foot on the campus of said school?
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    I agree that Smart is the big issue. He went from our best offensive player to a very bad offensive player this year. Draper played more last year than this year. I don’t think it’s a matter of being exposed by playing more minutes, he’s just playing terribly. He’s not a great player but he can definitely play better. And Arikawe and Simmons aren’t key points of the offense but they have been bad, J Simmons being awful. Defense funnels the ball towards J Simmons and it works out great for them. J Simmons and Arikawe have terrible offensive ratings. We don’t need them to be key players, but they’re liabilities right now and it brings down the whole offense, which isn’t doing great outside of them. Yup
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    I am amazed that Silver Eagle used 'whilst'...tip of the hat to you.
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    Have you watched a Cowboys game as of late? We run way different offenses.
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    DRC: Top teams in C-USA bunched at top of league standings https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/men-s-basketball-race-for-c-usa-title-tightening-up/article_efb61560-0dad-567e-8af4-bd3d33a89e5b.html Chalk talk: UNT at Charlotte https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/chalk-talk----north-texas-at-charlotte/article_bf11b0f2-0f21-5e70-b700-58f00c108f74.html
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    Maybe. I believe you win postseason games with great guard play. But the physics of my argument dont disappear with age: the closer you are to the basket, the easier it is to make a shot. Also, even if you can stretch the floor, if you’re no threat inside you’re easier to defend.
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    We are getting out-muscled, blocked out, and unable to get much in the paint which forces the team to overcompensate by forcing up more 3's (many of which are erratic and ill-advised). I partially agree that we are flat out just missing our 3's (especially Rose), but in my eyes it is a combination of the factors. If we had more size, we aren't relying on the 3 ball as much
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    I knew I shouldn't have started drinking at noon today.
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    I interpret that pinned tweet more as news/announcement, and less (much, much less...like, none) a celebration.
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    Mizzou has had lots of issues for quite a while, both in the athletic department and especially institutionally. They had a 25% enrollment drop and a major donation drop after the entire BLM stuff and the professor who openly tried to ban a student reporter from interviewing the protestors. Their AD left Mizzou for Baylor--that should tell you all you need to know about their situation.
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    So you are saying players should avoid the SEC in general?
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    Why does the NCAA punish players at these "lower" P5 institutions when they should be directing their anger towards Alabama? How does the NCAA justify this after letting UNC off the hook?
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    No kidding. I came across an article that I found whilst perusing the "Portal to Texas history" about Rust's last recruitment class. It was almost all juco's.
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    After 69, it was hard. Rust finished with a 7-3 record and second place in the Valley but that was his last good year. This was followed with three losing seasons. He could not recruit.
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    I don't know about the jealous girlfriend comment but those colors look awful on our board.
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    Sorry guys for the hiatus... Here is Episode 3. The season finale premieres next Wednesday!
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    Signing day was so last year!
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