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    What if this raccoon took out Ray so many yeas ago? That change anyone's opinion?
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    Mother nature is when your dog drags a deer leg out of the woods to your back door, or even a whole raccoon up into your yard. Mother nature is not getting a pair or trio of dogs riled with a caged animal. Then letting said animal out of cage so you can video a feeding frenzy to get your weird rocks off. It's pretty twisted shit to be honest. The only person or people that would watch this video without at least a trace of 'WTF' going through their minds are either 1) a sociopath 2) a backwoods river rat redneck 3) mixture of both.
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    I'm personally fine with either one for putting down a raccoon, but I come from a family of ranchers (though I was raised in the city). Once you have the thing in a cage, though, it's inhumane to release it and have dogs attack it. Hell, I'd mostly be concerned for my dogs. Raccoons are tough, and often diseased these days. Even knowing my dogs would kill it, I wouldn't want to risk injury to the dogs for no good reason. It's one thing if the dogs were out at night and came upon a raccoon and attacked it (though even then my goal would be to get the dogs away from it so I could deal with it). This is both cruel and stupid.
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    I'm hearing Seth may go younger OC. And just be more involved in offense
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    do we know for certain that the dogs didn't fear for their lives after encountering a masked rodent? I think all of these knee-jerk, anti-dog reactions are coming from people who have never lived in the high-stress, high consequences world our dogs live in. And of course no one talks about the hundreds of thousands of good dogs out there that interact and protect rodents on a day-to-day basis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC_S4ggv93A where's the MSMs coverage of this, huh?
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    Good hire by USC, but who's gonna be their OC for the other three quarters?
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    Everyone has an opinion, but "I f'in cant stand Racoons" isnt a good reason...Seriously? Dont use the argument that because it's a Racoon, it somehow had this comin... No, I'm not stating this because I love animals. I mean, if some racoon like kicked your ass back in the 5th grade or ate your grandmother, and finally, you feel vindicated, well, I'm happy for you....But my experience with Racoons is that I see them now and again, and they've gotten into my garbage cans. So have numerous dogs and cats in my neighborhood. Kinda pissed me off, but I dont think the dogs, cat, or racoons and the like, deserves to mauled to death after being held captive... And more importantly, the issue isnt about the racoon, people...It's about the player's decision to do this...His decision to film this...And his decision to upload this....You hate racoons? Fine...But the question is, was this a good decision to do, for the team? I'm guessing not or we wouldnt be having this discussion or reading the DRC about it. it's distracting, and shows that someone doesnt think about others before acting....
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    Having Applewhite as an OC would be an absolute coup, and a serious upgrade over Harrell.
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    well, that hardly looks indoors to me...I blame RV!
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    In a surprise move, Seth has begun negotiations with Spanky McFarland to fill the rumored-to-be vacant OC position. When contacted for comment, McFarland gave this response... The opening offer was a Charms Blowpop, 49 cents per week, and he is allowed to bring his dog Petey with him to all events.
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    BREAKING: North Texas hires the unborn child of Sean McVay as it's offensive coordinator in an unprecedented move
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    You've been listening the hell out of financial radio program! At least if he owns a home in Gainesville,TX., the Florida fans won't be angry with him if he leaves next year. I mean, if he were to live in an RV in Gainesville, FL. for a year (also fiscally responsible), that would tell all the fans his heart isn't truly there & they made a mistake in hiring UTSA DL coach.
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    Have you seen that poor kid? The Weis family line may end abruptly at Charlie Jr. Scuttlebutt is that Littrell is looking to make the youngest hire ever & hire his own daughter who's firey & loves to watch film.
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    I'm just laughing at the fact that USC went from getting Kliff Kingsbury as their OC to now getting Graham Harrell. That's a rather steep drop, IMO.
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    It's a GD raccoon. Who ******* cares? ******* soft *** ***********. Seriously though, it's a raccoon. Who cares? They are vermin. EDIT: another thought, what is "animal on animal abuse"? Because that just sounds like mother nature to me.
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    DRC: UNT coach has done a tremendous job of hiring solid assistant coaches https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/littrell-is-facing-a-key-challenge-in-his-tenure-at/article_d7b5ef71-fe75-506c-9fe8-59b52ef6eac2.html
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    trust the guys that just go with the latest tweet... I guess anything can happen. Graham has already accepted the UNC offer. Then he backed out. He is having a hard time getting off Seths coat tail... I will stand by the my source. Graham is Southern Cal bound.
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    Boy am I glad @southsideguy started the discussion on finances. It's good to find others who act their wage & also have a genuine concern for UTSA football coaches's financial freedom.
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    It's 73 miles from Jacksonville, which is also below the average cost of living in the US. I have not priced house boats as my numbers guy has been working on franchise fees for a few options, but I think if WKU fans taught us anything when the Sun Belt tournament was in Hot Springs, its that house boats can be a savvy short-term move. I think UTSA DL Coach needs to make an honest 1, 3 and 5 year plan and asses his options to keep expenses down, debts at 0 and ensure as much of that money works for him as possible. Off season boat charters? Hurricane rescue? The first Rock n Float Sushi location in the US?
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    See, this is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that you can only get from financial radio program. Of course a houseboat in St. Augustine would allow for the home of UTSA DL Coach's dreams, while also allowing travel to NYC and Miami for recruiting trips without having to hotel or pay for a RV parking spot.
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    RV would have a lot of explaining to Mrs. V to do, but if both parties are financially savvy, they would leave their families and cling to each other in their 2015 RV (always buy used). UTSA DL coach could possibly make $150,000 coaching in Gainesville, but if the new Tallahassee RnR Sushi turns a profit of $150,000, it will double his net return. If I've learned anything from financial radio program, it's that in order to have financial peace, you must follow the ABFSRs of business: Always Be Franchising Sushi Restaurants.
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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 If I knew how I would
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    He needs a good pic of Mason and Seth.
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    First off, I dont condone what took place what so ever but he wasn't the one who let the raccoon out of the cage and he was one of like 12 people there and of course this Doesn't take any of the blame off him at all. But some people wanting him to be kicked off the team because he posted a dumbass video to the internet? Come on man. (I dont mean this to sound argumentative) The main reason for me quoting you is, what is the "human" way of putting down a raccoon? Taking him to the vet and have it euthanized or putting a pistol round to the back of the head?
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    He came to talk to the players once (back in my playing days)... it’s a cool story but you have to admit it sounds A LOT like The Longest Yard
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    Oh my. You're from the past... where home prices were much much lower. According to financial radio program, you could live comfortably in a prairie home in the past on $8,000 per year. UTSA DL coach is in for a shock I think when he moves to Gainesville, which is closer to New York than Denton.
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    I'm with you...to hell with raccoons. But the video is just f'ed up in a lot of psychological ways.
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    Really dumb on his part. The video is brutal, and classless. Some level of suspension, at the very least, is in order to serve as a reminder to the rest of the team that questionable behavior is not okay, and to police up their social media accounts. I could see this ending up in a dismissal however.
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    Good job for GH! Hope he does well there. The sky is definitely the limit for him there. Especially when you consider the last USC OC made the jump to NFL head coach. 😂
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    I don't want to rock any boats, but the last Florida DL coach made $575,000. UTSA DL Coach can live that $100K lifestyle (or less) and be sitting pretty in just a few years. It's like radio program says "Live like no UTSA DL Coach now so you can live like no UTSA DL Coach later!"
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    Briles!! Any of them!!
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    I like this - but still a lot of sunk cost for him. What if he lives WITH RV in an RV in Gainesville, FL (extra fiscally responsible), they can then manage the RnR Sushi location in Pensacola while exploring a new franchise close to the UF campus? That puts him 338 miles away, but the midpoint here is actually Tallahassee, an ideal spot for an additional RnR location. This route will also be key to recruiting as Steve Spurrier often said whoever controls 10W controls football in the southeast. The franchise outlay is high, but the buyout and boost in salary combined with living below his current means makes this an easy win fast. Yes.
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    Ran some numbers to try to help out. The median home cost in Gainesville, FL is $173K, while the median home cost in Gainesville, TX is $86,100. Gainesville, FL is 1000 miles from NYC while Gainesville TX is 1558. Based on my interpretation of the radio dial man, the prudent financial play is a fixer upper in Gainesville, TX with a longer trip to NYC for end of year coaching meetings, but enough money left in his pocket to fly and commute as needed (and maybe crash with a friend.) If he puts all his money in envelopes, he can stick to a firm budget and, after his debt snowball is complete, finally invest in index funds and play the long game. Best of all three worlds IMHO.
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    The media is killing our athletics department and departments just like ours all around the country. There is no end all outside of going to watch a game and having a good time. But like Emmitt said, Denton (And basically all of DFW) is filled with a bunch of front runners. We have no 'end all' in sight. Our absolute BEST seasons to date consist of getting to the 20 win mark vs a bunch of perceived nobodies, beating some Louisiana or Tennessee wanna be team in a run down conference to make the NCAA tourney, be a 15th seed and get pushed around on TV in the first round to end the season. 10 years later, our end all has not budged. Those same outcomes is the best case scenario now as it was then. We are getting monopolized completely out of the picture and smiling while it happens.
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    I stand by my statement (this is said in a joking manner).
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    If people in your generation had twitter we would all be basking in nuclear fire.
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    Whoa - who's running the COLA numbers for HR?
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    I'm not, but we're talking about dogs. They rip animals apart on their own accord, whether people are around or not. Was it a stupid thing to post on social media? Yes. But this isn't some Michael Vick dog fighting ring. This is two dogs doing what is in their nature, albeit with an audience of people.
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    It will cost to less to live in Gainesville, FL has a lower cost of living than Texas. No income taxes and a lot lower property taxes. The tourist pay a lot of the taxes for the state it is the way in Nevada. San Antonio, TX is ranked 97th in the cost of living index and Gainesville, FL is 96th since you asked. Distance from New York to Gainesville, FL 1005 vs from San Antonio 1049. I sure he will get a big raise and with the cost of living being lower in Gainesville he will come out way a head. I know you guys are having fun with this. Let's say you making 100k in Dallas and get an offer 150,000 would you take it?
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    I think you seriously overvalue Major’s stops prior to linking up with Tom Herman. He isn’t as good as you would think.
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    DRC: UNT safety filmed dogs attacking trapped raccoon https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-safety-muhammad-offers-apology-after-video-of-dog-attacking/article_4be3bd34-053b-5d17-8105-d35f60b6fe5a.html
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    Not having a good offseason at UNT this year.
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    This is a blessing in disguise as a blessing. Good luck at USC.
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    I just saw the video actually. For some reason I didn't see the embedded video last night and it was off of his twitter account by that point. I didn't realize they had caged it and then released it to the dogs, I was picturing the dogs catching it on their own in my head. It is messed up but again, this isn't Michael Vick dog fighting ring messed up. I am also pretty biased because I hate raccoons.

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