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    I love the way we keep talking about Mason in terms like "lightly regarded" and pretending that Harrell took this raw clay and made a masterpiece. The kid was the two-time Oklahoma player of the year and between his junior and senior high school seasons passed for 9,233 yards and had a touchdown to interception ratio of 124:13. Other than height, this kid was not some scrub unworthy of a chance.
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    All those who feared Harrell would be Littrell's replacement can rest easy now.
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    **** Well, whatever. Onto the next. It will be interesting to see if we do better in the second half of games next year or not.
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    Meacham and Garrett Riley.
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    While his in-game ability has been questioned on the board (as is the case with every OC in the country), the work he did in building up the young man who will go down as the best QB in our school's history should always be reason for NT fans to appreciate Harrell's time in Denton. Will be rooting for his success. The timing of this may play into our favor as there are several reasons OC gig here should be very appealing to potential candidates: QB position is settled and spectacular Littrell's arrow is pointing up and he proved with KState that he's loyal to his staff Those with HC aspirations may see opportunity to be in position to have a leg up on other replacement candidates if Littrell moves on (as @Wag Tag suggested) I think we all recognize that Littrell has become one of the more well-connected coaches in the game (certainly at the G5 level) and I think he'll have plenty of quality options to choose from.
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    Awww, quoting little ol' GMG.com as a source.
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    Maybe he learns a few things and comes back as the next head coach of UNT. Would be happy for him to learn a few things at a program like that and comes back with some california connections and new wisdom. Congrats and GMG.
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    Eric Morris would be awesome if we could somehow get him away from UIW for a coordinator position. That has the potential to basically set up a head coach in waiting.
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    Start by not spending 5 years running off a fanbase once it has been built up.
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    Been saying it since day 1 of Wren Baker tenure that CUSA was not the end goal or ceiling for North Texas. We have 200,000 + alumni just in DFW. Perfect location. Huge student body. The big 12 is going to dissolve it's a matter of time. There will be a ton of shuffling. President and Wren goal is to be in the best situation as an athletic department and school as a whole. The new big 12 will look drastically different, the AAC will look drastically different. The p5 could become a p6 who knows. But I can promise you we will be in better shape when that day comes than we have been in the last 50 years. The little private school in Dallas has stopped us before but they may not be able to this time around. If we have a football program bowling each year and sniffing top 25, a basketball program sniffing top 25 and having post season success. The rest of the athletic department rocking and rolling. A student body of 36,000 that is growing each year in numbers and athletic support. North Texas will be very very attractive to a conference. GMG
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    Yea kinda like what happened with GH at the NMB and look where he is going!
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    I think tcu’s Court is hideous. The bleach white makes you feel like you need to adjust the TV. Rick
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    Who's to say he couldn't come back
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    A 3 point loss is laying a big egg? The real truth (and I grew up in Denton) is that people there attach themselves to whatever is trendy. You get 5 kids in a classroom wearing North Texas gear and talking about how they got VIP treatment at a game...you’ll have 15 classmates sporting green and attending games by the next week. It is an entire town of front runners.
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    I’m pretty sure USC OC is not considered a lateral move by anyone in the coaching ranks. Make no mistake. Graham effectively received a promotion. Even if the title is the same.
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    Obviously the goal should be to one day be able to hang onto these coaches (however far out that may be), but if the reasons for needing to replace a coach are: 1) they were pretty good and got hired away or 2) were really terrible and had to be replaced, I'll certainly take #1. Best of luck to Coach Harrell and his family. Thank you for your contributions.
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    We are at 2,820 for the year total. 3,059 for games against D1 competition. 3,700 per game this calendar year and that is going to continue rising. Could the numbers be better? Sure. But things are trending the right way.
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    Sources have told Harrell to USC is a done deal.
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    Guyton was good but not great this year. I don't think he was ever the same after the targeting vs Army last year. What he did before that play will be hard to replace. What he did after that play...well, not so much. We will be fine.
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    Thanks. It listed that SB Nation article as 4 hours old which was the most recent I could find.
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    How casual are we talking? Are we talking about people who never watch basketball at all unless it's UNT, because even if they only turn in for March Madness they would have heard of them. MTSU won as a 15 seed in the 2016 tourney (over a trendy pre-tournament favorite in Michigan State!), following it up the next year with another 1st Round upset.
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    Here are the key stats
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    It's my opinion that WB and NS both have thoughts on moving on from CUSA..