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    My Mom went into Labor with my brother at a NT basketball game when Blakeley was coach.
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    Damn a Saturday afternoon in January and you are on gomeangreen.com?
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    SCHOOL CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. Marshall 5-0 1.000 12-6 0.667 North Texas 5-1 0.833 17-2 0.895 Old Dominion 4-2 0.667 14-5 0.737 UAB 4-2 0.667 12-7 0.632 UTSA 4-2 0.667 10-9 0.526 FIU 3-3 0.500 12-7 0.632 Louisiana Tech 3-4 0.429 13-7 0.650 Southern Miss 3-4 0.429 11-8 0.579 WKU 2-3 0.400 9-9 0.500 Florida Atlantic 2-4 0.333 11-8 0.579 Rice 2-4 0.333 7-12 0.368 Charlotte 2-4 0.333 5-12 0.294 Middle Tennessee 2-4 0.333 5-14 0.263 UTEP 1-5 0.167 6-11 0.353
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    And George Odufuwa! Odufua who?
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    Or a virtual double-gendered non binary sock puppet. Its 2019!!!!
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    Don't you have your own forum? Are you really so lonely and pathetic that you have to come over here and troll for attention?
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    I hope he transfers to a school that knows better how to use his talents, both on and off the field. And, further, that he finds the female love of his life to settle down, marry, and raise children in the beautiful heartland of America while becoming a productive, law-abiding citizen. God bless America, land that I love! Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with the Light from above!
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    I really hope, behind closed doors, plans are being made to keep Wren around for a long time. In G5, I really believe that Wren can keep us relevant in all sports and continue to grow the brand.
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    Been saying it since day 1 of Wren Baker tenure that CUSA was not the end goal or ceiling for North Texas. We have 200,000 + alumni just in DFW. Perfect location. Huge student body. The big 12 is going to dissolve it's a matter of time. There will be a ton of shuffling. President and Wren goal is to be in the best situation as an athletic department and school as a whole. The new big 12 will look drastically different, the AAC will look drastically different. The p5 could become a p6 who knows. But I can promise you we will be in better shape when that day comes than we have been in the last 50 years. The little private school in Dallas has stopped us before but they may not be able to this time around. If we have a football program bowling each year and sniffing top 25, a basketball program sniffing top 25 and having post season success. The rest of the athletic department rocking and rolling. A student body of 36,000 that is growing each year in numbers and athletic support. North Texas will be very very attractive to a conference. GMG
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    Wren Baker is tops in my book. If we only had him or his equivalent 15 years ago. My gosh, where would we be now?!!
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    I think of Rich Young as more the "glue" on those JJ teams.
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    Has anyone considered that this team isn’t top 25 or even top of the conference? The early season didn’t tell us much and conference games against inferior have been disappointing. I hope they pull it together, as there is clearly quite a bit of talent on this team. But right now, they are not firing on all cylinders.
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    What else would you expect him to be doing? Oh you don’t think he actually might be with a girl having...hahaha that’s laughable
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    Unjel Masters too.
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    AAC is moving their headquarters to Dallas. They have serious interest in the area. If they want to invest in DFW, they're going to need more than piddly little SMU and their 10,000 alumni. North Texas to the AAC could be mutually beneficial to both our institutions, regardless of what the dipshits on PonyFans think.
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    Especially when they knew where twists were coming from based on alignment and what hand was down. There was an article floating around talking about it with one of their OL.
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    Maybe third best hands, maybe not even that. But he was the one receiver defenses always had to account for, opening a lot of opportunities for other targets.
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    They're five years from their last National Title. I wouldn't be talking about them like they're UNLV or something.
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    Who replaces our First Team All-Conference kicker Hedlund? That could be the difference between 2-3 wins! Surprised Vito did not have this in his Top 5.
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    Well if it were up to us, we'd be in the Big 12. But it doesn't work like that.
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    It's my opinion that WB and NS both have thoughts on moving on from CUSA..
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    I do have a graduate degree from A&M to go along with my two undergrad degrees from UNT. I think A&M has a fantastic game day atmosphere, and Kyle Field is one of college football’s best venues. That being said, I’m pretty excited to go to Kyle Field as the enemy, dressed in green.
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    Some of us old timers will argue that a man named John Savage should be on that list. John was from Detroit, Texas and played at North Texas from 1960-61 through 1963-64. In those days Freshmen were not eligible for varsity competition so he only got three years to compile his statistics. At that time the old Missouri Valley Conference was as good as any in the country. Cincinatti won two national championships and lost a third one in overtime during that period. John was a great player on some bad teams. One year he was selected as All Missouri Valley from a team that won only two games all season. John was selected as All - MVC for all three of the years that he played. It is hard to compare eras but he would have been outstanding in any era. I was sure glad that I got to see him play. Click here to view the article