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    I happen to at lunch close by TSU and ran into Johnny. As always he took a few minutes to chat about his new gig and North Texas. He definitely follows the program. I still would like to have some of us in Houston take in a TSU game with a happy hour before the game.
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    last second game winners
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    The NT Athletics master plan says 6-7k for capacity. Whether that is the right number or not I think is TBD. It could be. For what it’s worth there is absolutely enough space down there to fix the locker room issues. Those bathrooms could also be renovated to match upstairs. All of that would be WAY cheaper than building an entire new arena. There may be some mechanical and/or structure issues that make the Super Pit as a long term home a problem, but in general, my opinion is that a new arena should be a very low priority.
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    DRC: UNT hammered Baylor in 2003 in one of the memorable games in recent program history https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-announces-football-series-with-baylor-tulane/article_dfc0c46d-7769-5ed4-8f65-916e352b62f8.html
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    Great move. Can't complain about a trip to NOLA.
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    The visible Aints on that cover photo is the icing on a beautiful cake.
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    I still want to see what happens to attendance after a couple NCAA bids, especially if one amounts to a S16 appearance, before we assume we know anything about our attendance potential. I know JJ took us to the Big Dance before, I just think with our current culture/administration we are in a much better position to see attendance hikes.
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    Watching the replay now. Starting QB for the American team had the US flag version of the SOW right across the front of his helmet.
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    My Mom went into Labor with my brother at a NT basketball game when Blakeley was coach.
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    Damn a Saturday afternoon in January and you are on gomeangreen.com?
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    I guess the refs suck at all levels
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    SCHOOL CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. Marshall 5-0 1.000 12-6 0.667 North Texas 5-1 0.833 17-2 0.895 Old Dominion 4-2 0.667 14-5 0.737 UAB 4-2 0.667 12-7 0.632 UTSA 4-2 0.667 10-9 0.526 FIU 3-3 0.500 12-7 0.632 Louisiana Tech 3-4 0.429 13-7 0.650 Southern Miss 3-4 0.429 11-8 0.579 WKU 2-3 0.400 9-9 0.500 Florida Atlantic 2-4 0.333 11-8 0.579 Rice 2-4 0.333 7-12 0.368 Charlotte 2-4 0.333 5-12 0.294 Middle Tennessee 2-4 0.333 5-14 0.263 UTEP 1-5 0.167 6-11 0.353
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    Well crap! I'll either be too old or dead to make those games. When you fans head to NOLA to play Tulane, have a shot or two of whiskey in honor of DeepGreen who couldn't make it for some reason.
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    Love the home and homes. Keep winning games, and don't accept moneybag games.
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    Psh...try the chiefs. They got Absolutely hosed.
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    How about the Saints second or third to last drive that ended because the refs missed another bad pass interference by the Rams defense. There was also the blow to the head on the interception in OT that wasn't called. Yeah, there are always missed calls on both sides. However, this time there was one obviously bad call that, if made correctly, would have given the Saints a 99% chance of winning. It's not often that one can point to one bad call that cost a team the win.
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    I think the concessions are all manned by high school organizations, not part time community college students.
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    So what about the face mask no call in the 4th quarter when Goff scrambled inside the 5 on 2nd down. It would have resulted in a 1st and goal from the 1, but the Rams had to settle for a field goal. That no call on the PI was crap, but those bad calls offset IMO. Everyone seems to be overlooking the facemask.
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    I didn’t say it to be right or to be negative. It was based on their play. I haven’t seen enough of the basketball team to make a definitive assessment but just judging off the results we seem to be underperforming.
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    What point? Those were bad calls by Payton given the game situation. Should have been a run. Kill the clock. Eat the Rams' 2 timeouts. Saints have had a bad run game all season, but dang just run it in that scenario.
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    Rick agree, but losing out because you played poor is one thing. Missing the chance to move on due to an inept (at best) call is a another
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    I'm not a Saints fan but I'll be rooting against the Rams in the Super Bowl. They don't deserve to be there.
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    And George Odufuwa! Odufua who?
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    Or a virtual double-gendered non binary sock puppet. Its 2019!!!!
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    Don't you have your own forum? Are you really so lonely and pathetic that you have to come over here and troll for attention?
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    I hope he transfers to a school that knows better how to use his talents, both on and off the field. And, further, that he finds the female love of his life to settle down, marry, and raise children in the beautiful heartland of America while becoming a productive, law-abiding citizen. God bless America, land that I love! Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with the Light from above!
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    I really hope, behind closed doors, plans are being made to keep Wren around for a long time. In G5, I really believe that Wren can keep us relevant in all sports and continue to grow the brand.
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    Been saying it since day 1 of Wren Baker tenure that CUSA was not the end goal or ceiling for North Texas. We have 200,000 + alumni just in DFW. Perfect location. Huge student body. The big 12 is going to dissolve it's a matter of time. There will be a ton of shuffling. President and Wren goal is to be in the best situation as an athletic department and school as a whole. The new big 12 will look drastically different, the AAC will look drastically different. The p5 could become a p6 who knows. But I can promise you we will be in better shape when that day comes than we have been in the last 50 years. The little private school in Dallas has stopped us before but they may not be able to this time around. If we have a football program bowling each year and sniffing top 25, a basketball program sniffing top 25 and having post season success. The rest of the athletic department rocking and rolling. A student body of 36,000 that is growing each year in numbers and athletic support. North Texas will be very very attractive to a conference. GMG
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    Wren Baker is tops in my book. If we only had him or his equivalent 15 years ago. My gosh, where would we be now?!!
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    According to TeamRankings.com, there is a 75% probability UNT wins on Thursday. The stats below look very favorable for a win, but I hope it's not a close one. My dad told me when I was a kid - liars figure and figures lie. So, we'll see...GMG!
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    So that only leaves money games at Texas A&M in 2020, Missouri in 2021, and Wisconsin in 2025. I'm okay with ending all those series. Future home and home with Houston, Cal, Baylor, Tulane, Wyoming, Army, and Texas Tech. I'm glad we are telling people to come to Denton or we are not interested.
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    Holy crap! They predict matchups 10 years into the future!? Man, their analytics must be off the charts.
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    As of today it looks like we are 85th now. The more we win the more that UTSA lose will haunt us.
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    Exactly what I am saying.
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    If you watched the their game that was on after ours, they killed them and didn't allow their runs to amount to much. The same two guards that lit us up keep the birds only losing by 10! We have to bring out our A game.
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    And Doug Schindler, Ronnie Morgan, and Wendell Williams!
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    Very cool pic! My wife had quit watching, then heard me cheer. She couldn’t believe we had come back to win it. I told her, “You gotta believe, baby!”
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    Mike Miller: cooler than the other side of the pillow.
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    You mean Shawnson Johnson?
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    We haven’t been a good offensive team all year
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    I agree. I think it the opportunity were to present itself, that it would be an interesting display of AAC internal politics. Does SMU have that much clout inside the conference? I don't think it will be as simple as "oh SMU doesn't want us, so we have no chance." The only complicating factor would be needing unanimous approval from all member schools to enter the conference. Not sure what AACs bylaws look like.
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    Since I know nothing about pro football, I'm probably wrong. But, unless he has signed with an agent, I understand he can still come back. He tests the draft and free agent market, and if not to his liking, go back for more "cooking time." I wish him well.
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    Agree. Rams whipped Dallas at the LOS.
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    This has more to do with OL play imo.
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    John Savage has to be considered. He was all conference when the Missouri Valley Conference was called the Valley of Death because of the quality of its teams.

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