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    Catch all the mean green basketball games at East Side In Denton. If its streaming we will be showing it. #gmg
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    I’ve said it before. When Mason Fine comes onto the field for his senior season, Grant McCasland will be there to greet him. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Did I miss something, didn't he graduate in December? The purpose of college is learn and earn a degree. He did so early while playing football - something that is NOT easy. It calls for a lot of long nights after practice studying. I'm guessing since he has no plans for a Masters, he really has no reason to take a number of graduate courses just to play football. Leaving school after you graduate isn't leaving early.
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    While most watch the men, the women are quietly racking up wins. They thoroughly defeated UTEP tonight. They led from start to finish and beat UTEP 70-51 to go to 3-0 in conference. Also Coach Mitchell reached 50 wins faster than any coach in UNT history. I try and go to both men and women games at the Super Pit. The defense by the women tonight was just amazing. Hopefully they continue this dominance this Saturday against UTSA.
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    I hear he is a mean one, a real heel.
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    Mr. Ryan for being such a great supporter of UNT athletics! GMG
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    I can confirm that Kerry met with Seth and co at the convention this past week. It looks like things are heating up and pointing towards him being the next DB coach. It would be a nice addition to the defensive coaching staff and he is a heck of a recruiter. If there is no snags it looks like he will be the new addition. https://247sports.com/Coach/Kerry-Cooks-211/
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    I made a comparison between the last seasons of each of the previous basketball and football coaches compared to the seasons that their successors are currently having. They already have 21 more wins than the teams that preceded their first season, and almost twice as many conference wins with still 27 conference games left this regular season between both basketball teams. Football finished last in the division in 2015, and the last basketball teams of Peterson and Benford failed to reach the CUSA Tourney. I know McCarney didn’t coach the entire 2015 season but he was still the last head coach (without the interim title) before Littrell.
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    Ekeler Brought us EJ, Hambone, Eric Jenkins and Baulkman.... I would be concerned also
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    First year without Mason Fine et al...I hope the starters for 2020 see some playing time this season! GMG
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    You mean we have to take them to a steak dinner first?
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    Texas A&M Announces 2020 Nonconference Schedule https://12thman.com/news/2019/1/11/football-texas-am-announces-2020-nonconference-schedule.aspx
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    Hey, UTSA, I will go to the game if you promise not to give me a t-shirt.
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again: Littrell was RV's idea. Littrell was on RV's short list ever since he was an OC at Arizona. He was RVs hire. I'm not a fan of how Smatresk painted that picture in that article (or, at least how Engel took his words to print). What the heck would an Academic President know about Football X/Os to trump an Athletics guy for a hire of a football coach? I have no doubt he advocated for Littrell. He's made that known. But the idea of a power struggle between two people with their heels dug in between Meacham/Littrell just did not happen. There were many other players in the saga, and many of them were ones that needed a little extra "convincing". And he absolutely deserves credit for Jalie's hire too, no matter how easy it may have seemed to be... just like he deserves to be bagged-on for Dodge, Stephens, Benford, et al. Make no mistake though... it always seems like when I bring this up, people think I'm adovcating for RV to still be here, when I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT. He made some catastrophic mistakes while here & it was past time to move on.
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    Not to mention that objectively, he’s been one of the key cogs to a massive program turnaround. We should all be thankful for his contributions and wish him success at the next level.
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    I don't know if anyone is "hating", rather, disgusted with your tearing down an alumnus. Will you be wrong if he's on an NFL roster next season? As for your claim, I suppose the proof will be in the pudding. Let's see if White/Ogunmakin/Shorter/<whoever wins his vacated Z spot> can eclipse 54 catches for 800+yds & 6 TDs. The bar is clearly set.
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    CMJ, don't take this personally, but that picture is "old Denton". Who has the "new Denton" victory pic?
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    NT 58 -------- UTEP 51 Final
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    You are exactly right. I wanted this kid coming out of Cedar Hill, but he was all class when he chose Northwestern as a life decision.
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    Best of luck Mr Guyton. We appreciate your part in our turnaround at North Texas. May you forever be Mean Green.
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    UNT ladies stay perfect in conference with a 70-51 win over UTEP.
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    That's a sign of a great coach getting buy-in from the players and elevating his team.
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    You can't hire scared. If you hire people that you don't think anyone else wants or will want, why are you hiring them?
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    Fastest coach to 50 wins. All time scoring leader as a player. 4-time all-conference Winningest senior class in school history back-to-back WNIT appearances. ...gotta dig pretty deep to find an individual that has contributed more to this university.
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    @peanuts104 and @ihopehe are saying pretty much the same thing, but one of them sounds like JG pissed in his cereal.
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    Interesting move by Grinch, and one I wouldn't think Riley would be on-board with... but hey, their loss would be our gain, even if for 1 year. Man, I would feel A LOT better about our young/inexperienced CBs next year if Cooks were our CBs coach & Co-coordinator with Reff.
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    Exactly this. I imagine @peanuts104 didn’t hang around UNT after his graduation taking classes that he didn’t want or need simply because it was better for the university either.
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    Time for a McCasland rumor thread 😅
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    McCasland is going to UCLA I guess.
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    Without Terriel Bradley.
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    From the looks of the crowd the sound might be working
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    A road trip to La Tech would be fun, except there doesn't seem to be anything to do in Ruston. My dad once told me the only thing good coming out of Louisiana is I-20...
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    Wait, you mean nobody from our offensive line made the list?
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    I wish this young nothing but great success. Having said that, I would have been much more concerned if it had been Rico Bussy that left early for the draft.
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    Maybe they can have a game of one on one when/if he gets here.
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    It is looking like he not going to be retained by Grinch at OU. He did meet with Seth at the convention. I am thinking we are hoping to get Cooks as a one year bounce back guy with OU picking up most of the bill. But I am hearing he is drawing some P5 interest so it is not a for sure deal
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    No joke, this is a really even matchup, and being on the road is always hard. This will be a tough game.
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    Frankly I like seeing the other D-1 fans pop on to this Mean Green board. Shows they're gettin' nervous about the changing college football landscape in Texas.
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    I’m hearing some check checks on the espn plus.
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    Sorry,....my mind went there to this scene from “Cool Hand Luke” when I read that. Rick
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    Yes. I fully expect Seth Littrell to be the head coach of Abilene Christian next season. Further, I am waiting to hear if I made the cut to be an astronaut.
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