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    Catch all the mean green basketball games at East Side In Denton. If its streaming we will be showing it. #gmg
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    I’ve said it before. When Mason Fine comes onto the field for his senior season, Grant McCasland will be there to greet him. GO MEAN GREEN
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    While most watch the men, the women are quietly racking up wins. They thoroughly defeated UTEP tonight. They led from start to finish and beat UTEP 70-51 to go to 3-0 in conference. Also Coach Mitchell reached 50 wins faster than any coach in UNT history. I try and go to both men and women games at the Super Pit. The defense by the women tonight was just amazing. Hopefully they continue this dominance this Saturday against UTSA.
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    You mean we have to take them to a steak dinner first?
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    CMJ, don't take this personally, but that picture is "old Denton". Who has the "new Denton" victory pic?
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    NT 58 -------- UTEP 51 Final
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    You are exactly right. I wanted this kid coming out of Cedar Hill, but he was all class when he chose Northwestern as a life decision.
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    Best of luck Mr Guyton. We appreciate your part in our turnaround at North Texas. May you forever be Mean Green.
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    UNT ladies stay perfect in conference with a 70-51 win over UTEP.
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    Time for a McCasland rumor thread 😅
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    McCasland is going to UCLA I guess.
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    Without Terriel Bradley.
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    From the looks of the crowd the sound might be working
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    A road trip to La Tech would be fun, except there doesn't seem to be anything to do in Ruston. My dad once told me the only thing good coming out of Louisiana is I-20...
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    Wait, you mean nobody from our offensive line made the list?
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    I wish this young nothing but great success. Having said that, I would have been much more concerned if it had been Rico Bussy that left early for the draft.
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    Arikawe looks lost out there, on both ends
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    This is what I expected. They can only play above their heads (and we can only play below ours) for so long.
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    I love North Texas and the education it has provided but it would be tough to turn down a full ride to a school with the academic reputation of Northwestern. If memory serves me, he was a good student coming out of high school and that was what swayed his decision.
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    People might want our coaches, the NFL might want our players and high school players want to come here. I don't even recognize this program amymore.
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    Also, he graduated in December. Maybe he wasn’t feeling grad school.