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    I hear he is a mean one, a real heel.
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    I can confirm that Kerry met with Seth and co at the convention this past week. It looks like things are heating up and pointing towards him being the next DB coach. It would be a nice addition to the defensive coaching staff and he is a heck of a recruiter. If there is no snags it looks like he will be the new addition. https://247sports.com/Coach/Kerry-Cooks-211/
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    I made a comparison between the last seasons of each of the previous basketball and football coaches compared to the seasons that their successors are currently having. They already have 21 more wins than the teams that preceded their first season, and almost twice as many conference wins with still 27 conference games left this regular season between both basketball teams. Football finished last in the division in 2015, and the last basketball teams of Peterson and Benford failed to reach the CUSA Tourney. I know McCarney didn’t coach the entire 2015 season but he was still the last head coach (without the interim title) before Littrell.
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    Ekeler Brought us EJ, Hambone, Eric Jenkins and Baulkman.... I would be concerned also
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    First year without Mason Fine et al...I hope the starters for 2020 see some playing time this season! GMG
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    Texas A&M Announces 2020 Nonconference Schedule https://12thman.com/news/2019/1/11/football-texas-am-announces-2020-nonconference-schedule.aspx
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    Hey, UTSA, I will go to the game if you promise not to give me a t-shirt.
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again: Littrell was RV's idea. Littrell was on RV's short list ever since he was an OC at Arizona. He was RVs hire. I'm not a fan of how Smatresk painted that picture in that article (or, at least how Engel took his words to print). What the heck would an Academic President know about Football X/Os to trump an Athletics guy for a hire of a football coach? I have no doubt he advocated for Littrell. He's made that known. But the idea of a power struggle between two people with their heels dug in between Meacham/Littrell just did not happen. There were many other players in the saga, and many of them were ones that needed a little extra "convincing". And he absolutely deserves credit for Jalie's hire too, no matter how easy it may have seemed to be... just like he deserves to be bagged-on for Dodge, Stephens, Benford, et al. Make no mistake though... it always seems like when I bring this up, people think I'm adovcating for RV to still be here, when I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT. He made some catastrophic mistakes while here & it was past time to move on.
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    That's a sign of a great coach getting buy-in from the players and elevating his team.
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    You can't hire scared. If you hire people that you don't think anyone else wants or will want, why are you hiring them?
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    Fastest coach to 50 wins. All time scoring leader as a player. 4-time all-conference Winningest senior class in school history back-to-back WNIT appearances. ...gotta dig pretty deep to find an individual that has contributed more to this university.
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    @peanuts104 and @ihopehe are saying pretty much the same thing, but one of them sounds like JG pissed in his cereal.
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    Interesting move by Grinch, and one I wouldn't think Riley would be on-board with... but hey, their loss would be our gain, even if for 1 year. Man, I would feel A LOT better about our young/inexperienced CBs next year if Cooks were our CBs coach & Co-coordinator with Reff.
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    I agree. But I'm thinking it was designed like that to have a deck above the current seating.
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    From what I have heard, RVs involvement was the announcement of Littrell to fanbase and that's about it.
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    Talk about good hires. My signature is accurate on this post.
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    Maybe they can have a game of one on one when/if he gets here.
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    That last game before conference play may have been a win, but it was only by 3 points against a Division II School. Wouldn’t include that game as evidence of a good stretch.
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    It is looking like he not going to be retained by Grinch at OU. He did meet with Seth at the convention. I am thinking we are hoping to get Cooks as a one year bounce back guy with OU picking up most of the bill. But I am hearing he is drawing some P5 interest so it is not a for sure deal
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    dont let UTSA break the streak, anyone else but them.
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    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2019/1/11/18178347/betting-totals-against-spread-teams-season The underboss: North Texas
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    So how does this work exactly from a scholarship perspective... do we now have an open 2019 scholarship for a late signee (like maybe a Juco DT)? Appreciate all that Jaylen did in helping to revive this program! Very talented - sometimes seemed to have lack of focus - but really hope he kills it in the NFL.
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    I went overboard in my negative assessment without addressing the positives he has brought to the team. I was mostly trying to defend my original post. I think we have some solid younger guys (like Shorter) that I think he thought he might either lose his job to or he might split time with. If he tried to declare next year with less playing time, his perceived value would go down if he was splitting time at the Z position. Sometimes I go overboard, and I apologize for that.
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    This should pack 'em in!
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    Did Ekeler make our defense better while he was here? If so, there's absolutely nothing wrong with his tenure here. And if coach Cooks decides to come here for 1 season and then go to some P5 school somewhere... if our DBs are better for him being here, then I'm all for it.
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    Goodness @peanuts104 and @ihopehe I never said he was elite and those are some bad takes. I didn't realize my comments about him being good for us and commanding defensive attention would be taken so. He's good enough to be on an NFL roster that's for sure, and in CUSA he was specifically targeted by opposing defenses, creating many 1-on-1 opportunities for Bussey, and opening room behind the LBs for Darden. He's got the skill to be on an NFL roster. And yes he was on sweeps both seasons. It's a forward pass play so it wouldn't register on a stat sheet as a run. He doesn't field returns because that would throw up a red flag. You have specific players for that - specifically not your outside receivers. Not unless everyone else either sucks or is hurt, which did become an issue this season. You don't want to see Bussey or Guyton handling those midseason. In terms of production, sure we may see similar numbers from other guys, but Guyton was dynamic and made mental mistakes. Bussey had the same issue in 2017: injury, mental mistakes (drops), and good production. On tape Guyton has the ability, not sure what else to say.
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    That has to me the softest non conference schedule the aggies have ever had.
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    I think we are just a good team that knows how to win. No where even close to the talent level of a team like Duke but we just know how to finish.
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    1-2 start from ODU and La Tech falling to Rice last Saturday have pushed both down to where we are almost the only top 100 team in CUSA. ODU just in at 96
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    We are 40 today... No movement for the win over UTEP...I actually agree with this.... We are not a Top 25 or even Top 30 if we cannot handily beat 200+ ranked teams..... hopefully this will improve as the season progresses...as noted above, we seem to play to the level of our competition... On the other hand, I also know that as the #1 team in CUSA, we get everyone's best shot to de-throne us.
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    I’ve already texted my buds to Save The Date! Bring it!
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    Is it too early to start talking shit to the office Aggies?
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    Yup. RV was let go as soon as the school year ended. Smatresk knew he wouldn’t be retaining RV at that point, so there was no way he was letting a lame duck AD make the hire of the highest paid employee of the university. Smatresk has already admitted that RV wanted Meacham but it wasn’t his hire to make. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article218537150.html Also, the Jalie hire fell right into RV’s lap. The school’s all-time leading scorer, who was brought in by a coach he didn’t hire, was ready to be a Division I head coach and wanted to come back while we had an opening. It wasn’t some under-the-radar hire that took huge amounts of research and diligence to uncover.
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    Thanks to the Prez Smatty! Starts at the top! Golden age for UNT Athletics!
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    Good things can happen with lineup changes.....
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    If he played basketball at Nimitz, as a Senior he likely played against Grant McCasland.
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    I wonder why he would come here? It looks like a lot of p-5 teams would be interested in him. I love to have him here and he is from Irving, TX.
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    Huh? Isn't he the CB's coach at OU? He just signed an extension for next year a few weeks ago... was he let go between then & now? Maybe he doesn't see eye-to-eye with new DC Alex Grinch there? He was Asst-DC at OU last year, and Co-DC at Notre Dame prior to that. This would be a coup if he comes here just to coach DBs.
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    Tomorrow's game looks scary if we're not on our game and in the right frame of mind. If this team has a killer instinct somewhere inside them, tomorrow would be a great time to unveil it. We need to pluck those birds...pluck 'em good! Early and often!! This is not the game to find ourselves playing from behind in the last five minutes of the game. Signed, Nervous Nelly
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    Technically speaking, so is Littrell.
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    And a new coaching staff. They will be year 3 of coaching change. Might get ugly....... For them!
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    Would be concern about a one and done like Ekler!
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    MeanGreenTexan your facts are absolutely correct but it seems some that do not know the facts only speak from rumors.
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    Avery ended up ranked 9th in the state and commited to Ok State.

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