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    GMG hot takes that didnt age well.
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    This is not how I am projecting the depth chart to look. Just an illustration on how far we have come since Seth Littrell took over. The depth chart finally looks like a legit division 1 FBS offer. Now I know many things can change by the time Sept rolls around such as declaring for draft, transfers, adding late qualifiers. But as of today this is how it looks heading into spring. QB Mason Fine Sr ( Back to Back CUSA Off poty) Austin Aune RS Fr Jason Bean Rs Fr Kason Martin Rs Fr Will Kuehne Fr (Early Enrollee) Cade Pearson Rs Sp RB Loren Easly Sr Christian Hosley Rs Sr Deandre Torrey Jr Nic Smith Rs Jr Oscar Adaway Fr (Early Enrollee) Z Jalen Guyton Sr Jyaire Shorter Rs Fr Khatib Lyles Fr X Rico Bussey Sr Greg White Rs So Austin Ogunmakin Rs Fr Deonte Simpson Fr Y Michael Lawrence Sr Keegan Brewer Rs Jr Kam Duhon Rs Jr Damon Ward Fr A Jaelon Darden Jr Deion Hair-Griffin Rs Jr Kealon Jackson Fr Tackles Dandre Plantin Sr Jacob Brammer Rs So Brian Parish Rs So Daxton Byers Fr (Early Enrollee) Chandler Anthony Rs Jr Guards Elex Woodworth Rs Sr Manase Mose Rs So Jordan Redfearn Rs Fr Brendon Weatherspoon Rs So Cole Brown Rs Fr Chris Cassidy Fr John Brunner Fr Center Sosaia Mose Rs Sr Thomas Preston Sr Daizon Carroll RS Fr TE Kelvin Smith Sr Caleb Chumley Sr Jason Pirtle Rs Jr Cole Mccrary Rs Fr Asher Alberding Fr
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    Hey - never too early to discuss where and whom we might be playing: SBNATION Midwest Region (Kansas City) Jacksonville, Fla. (Thu./Sat.) (6) Seton Hall Pirates vs. (11) North Texas Mean Green (C-USA) (3) North Carolina Tar Heels vs. (14) Winthrop Eagles (Big South) WASHINGTON POST South Region (Louisville) Salt Lake City (5) Mississippi State vs. (12) CONFERENCE USA/North Texas (4) AMERICAN ATHLETIC/Houston vs. (13) ATLANTIC SUN/Liberty ESPN South Region (Louisville) (5) Houston vs. (12) North Texas (4) Kentucky vs. (13) Loyola-Chicago CBS SPORTS West Region (Anaheim) Salt Lake City (5) Indiana vs. (12) Lipscomb (4) Arizona State vs. (13) North Texas ANDY KATZ/NCAA.COM Midwest Region (Kansas City) (5) Florida State vs. (12) North Texas (4) St. John's vs. (13) Fresno State
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    Top 25? I can take it or leave it. Baby steps. Last year we won the CBI tournament .We need to play in the NCAA tournament this year and win at least one game. That will go a long way to getting more respect and solid recruits coming to Denton. Lastly, make sure we hang on to Coach McCasland.
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    A lot of QB's are "products of their receivers" (let's not forget who our own Kason Martin threw to in HS), but Lawrence is the real deal. Yes, he had great protection last night, but several of the most critical throws were made as he was about to be hit. And he is a FRESHMAN
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    "DT"? What position is that? Dunks and Threes?
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    Assistant S&C. Posted earlier that he loved his time in Denton, but this was a chance to go home to the Carolinas. Can't blame someone for that.
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    How is that the conclusion you came to? That kid is making throws NFL quarterbacks couldn't dream of making already. Quarterback is the most important position in football, it's even more important for non AQ (I am going back to this term screw calling them "power 5") schools, hence the reason we have gone to three straight bowls. I remember posting here a long time ago wondering if we would ever have a Kolton Browning, Keith Wenning etc play here after years of abysmal qb play. We finally got our guy, there is no way we win as many games as we did in 2017 with another QB taking snaps. There is also no way Alabama gets ragdolled by any team unless there is a truly great QB on the opposite side of the ball.
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    thats a good looking depth chart. It will be fun to watch the backup qbs battle it out. Doesnt surprise me they have Aune a couple of notches ahead of Bean. Should be an interesting spring.
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    I've always pretty much just liked MG basketball. Whether we're good or not.
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    I was more caught on the " he has never coached running backs so no way he is qualified" comment
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    Lawrence is good and accurate. Let's not diminish those fax. He's also Ronnie Bass incarnate
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    I thought the Clemson receivers were absolutely outstanding last night. Having said that--Lawrence put the ball where he needed to in order to give those receivers a chance to catch it. That's what a good QB should be able to do when afforded protection/time.
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    Top 25 in hoops is very hard to crack. Especially with a rebuilding program, no historical “perception” advantages and an admittedly weak OOC schedule. Really hope our fans will just enjoy the ride. Agree on tabling that talk. It’s probably gonna take 6 more wins without tripping up to get that done anyway.
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    1st round maybe 1st pick once he comes out!
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    Not fair! Greenminer has access to even bigger graphics than Harry!
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    I’m sorry 347 yards passing and 3 touchdowns is not managing the game. He shredded that defense....as a true freshman!
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    Funded, definitely. Perceived, hopefully. I assume you are referring to only UNT in regards to perception.
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    This is just just the roster. I took out some walk ons but this is just the guys projected to be in camp come fall
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    If the $$$ is there, i would think it's much easier to hang on to basketball coaches. Look at the jobs Jones reportedly turned down to stay here, and that was before the $$$ got much better. Unless you are going to one of the true Blue Blood programs (Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas, etc...) you have just about as good a chance of winning a National Title at North Texas as you do a low to mid level multi-bid league. Only difference would be the smaller margin for error to get into the Tourney, but that's it.
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    I think it is called "letting the question marinate."
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    He's a pretty good ballplayer.
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    Haven't lived in the area since 2005, but I will add this to the discussion. When Benford took over, I basically stopped following the team on the radio/internet like I did during the JJ years. I would read about the results, usually disappointing, the following day but didn't tune in to the games. Now, I am watching when possible, listening over the internet or following through the meangreenstats.com page every game.
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    Good point. I forgot about the NIT. I'd be happy to play in that tournament. First round win? Why not? You've got to think positive! Positive waves man!
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    Not fair! Harry has access to better graphics!
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    Those are the GPA guys! Gotta keep that grade pt up!
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    as much as I want to argue with you, that is a very valid argument. ODU and WKU will be good bell weather games. WKU is odd because they are very up and down looking at their wins and losses.
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    The biggest concern that we should all have. I think McCasland loves UNT and being here with these guys. I can't imagine him taking another job for at least another 2 seasons, but I've been wrong before.
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    NIT is the next reasonable step. NCAA is still attainable, though. And that, IMO, would be a pleasant surprise of a leap. Getting a win in the NCAA first round, this year? Lemme chew on that.
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    Oops. I voted but live in Austin.
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    Was Venables also considered back along with Dodge or was it a different OU assistant (maybe Wilson?)
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    Someone must have been EXTREMELY bored to dig back to posts from 2010!
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    Well, McCarney still has the most wins of any coach in their history at 56, but he's their only coach to last 12 years. His overall winning percentage is just .397 which puts him as their 17th best coach. While being able to run and stop the run can be important, last nights championship game shows it's not a guarantee. Nick Saban is a great coach and he was still blown out. McCarney was NOT a great coach by any standard!
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    Ah, I think Top 25 is more attainable in the near term than some think. At least in the Coaches Poll with only one loss. We shall hopefully find out later this month.
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    I appreciate the love, guys! I've got some ideas for a few more, so I'll be making them when I have the free time. (no pun intended)
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    UCF was not beaten until the bowl game .
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    Really hope Shorter plays. He is a beast! The size of our wideouts is great!
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    After I got my degree, I had to wander in the wilderness of Amarillo and Kansas City, which coincidentally occurred during the Benford era. But living in Denton again has allowed me to make a lot more games now.
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    Don't forget we also beat Hawai'i in their kingdom. Admittedly, this isn't the strongest argument, but they're still 9-5 and #1 in the Big West.
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    At one point Etienne had 10 carries for 37 yards but what do I know. -------------------------------- Running to win only works if you've got the personnel and the point of attack to do it. If you don't got it you don't got it.
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    The old Grey Goose disagrees.
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    wait there was a game last night?
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    @greenminer - Truth be told, my damn phone auto-filled glorying while I was swiping 'glorifying'. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This isn't a gerund. However, a present participle is a verb form ending in 'ing' and is being used as a verb. So it does seem to be the accidental present participle.
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    so is Riley on the staff or not? I realize he may not end up being the RBs coach, but he would be a great hire if we can find a spot for him. This is the 100% facts right here. We want the best coaches we can get, no doubt. I believe there is a way to get the best coaches and have a diverse staff. GMG
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    He managed the game, distributed the ball well, and kept his composure.
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    Do you think that the if the "freshman" Mason Fine were inserted into last nights game (with all of the freakish players around him), would he have made all of the same throws? I don't how many times in the past I've seen people post highlight videos on this board of QB's that they wished we were in a position to recruit, and my take on most of them were...…."who the hell are those receivers? Can we realistically go after them?"

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