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    Boycott? Nah. Last year was the year to do it, when a truly deserving Central Florida team was left out. These two teams both earned the right to be here, as far as I'm concerned. That said, I'm not tremendously excited to watch it. It's like a mediocre book I've already read a few times.
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    In response to #3, my freshman year (1987-1988) we hosted the Sunbelt Conference Tournament and played in the championship game (live on ESPN). The Super Pit was very close to full that night and it was extremely loud! We won the conference championship and went on to play North Carolina in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.
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    I understand this angle. But we can't concede unless 35-40 of the poorer "P5" concede with us. We can't openly relegate ourselves without them coming to play. Let the 30 or so left play semi pro ball. Then, and only then, I'm on board.
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    So is Alabama and Clemson, (both of which played a much tougher schedule). Am i excited to watch...YES I don't understand why you wouldn't want to watch two very good if not great football teams square off. I sure do, why? because i like watching good college football As far as the lack of ticket sales, i would firmly put this on the location not the matchup. Two teams from across the country with 1 week to make plans to a very expensive destination and 1 that has proven time and time again that it does not support college football (see Pac 12 championship games, standard and cal attendance figures, etc...)
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    Things I would rather watch tonight than this game: Doggy Gardening Show Doggy Comedy Show Doggy Porn
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    I have made a a majority of games every season since the mid to early 90s believe. Difficult to move out of Denton when ya love the team.
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    Did he really turn it around though? He had one good season with us (nearly every major contributor from that good team was recruited by the prior regime) and before you know it he’s losing by 59 to an FCS school on homecoming. As for Iowa State, was he really good for them either? He had an overall record of 56-85. That’s terrible. He was 21 games under .500 after 3 years at Iowa State and was a little under .500 for the last 9 years.
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    Reading this kind of story makes me happy the Ravens medical staff was able to find Zach Orr's neck issue before it was too late.
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    Personally, I've always liked the Super Pit. The venue (while outdated) still is impressive when compared to most schools. I have so many memories here (like I'm sure others do in the Snake Pit). Out of the many memories, some of the funniest come to mind. Anyone else remember the late 80's games with the Poster Guys (distracting opposing free throw shooters behind the basket) and Sidney Bradford barking behind the visitor's bench?
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    Maybe you’re wanting a Booger. That’s unreasonable. Bryce did this season exactly what we needed him to.
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    Winning the conference tournament and getting an automatic bid to the tournament is what I hope for this season. Top 25 votes are cool but I don’t believe CUSA is a two bid conference so it really doesn’t matter.
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    https://www.midmajormadness.com/2019/1/7/18172290/the-other-top-25-liberty-flames-hofstra-pride-justin-wright-foreman-gonzaga?utm_campaign=midmajormadness&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Ranked 12th in the Mid-Major Madness Other Top 25
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    I hope he becomes the All-Conference player we all know he can be! Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand; put a little love in your heart. And, the world, including Apogee Stadium, will be a better place for you and me.
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    He had one winning season in 5 years. Don't mistake my post for defending McCarney. He ran the ball and played defense, what did that lead to? The single most embarrassing loss in FBS history. McCarney ran the ball and played defense all the way to a 22-32 record.
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    I'm actually with you on your overall point, but we really shouldn't be walking down this path. McCarney won that ball game with the same system that failed to get him there every other year he was here. The same system that he failed to coach properly. Failed to recruit to properly. Failed to, honestly, care about. There are a million reasons you are right. Let's use a better one.
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    our coed flag football team just won the national tournament as well
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    I am wondering when some of the previous GoMeanGreen.com members that used to attend every home game will come back. If there ever was a great time to attend Mean Green home basketball games, this is it, and the home crowd seems to make a positive difference for the team and their performance. We have seen on Twitter/Facebook, etc. that the players definitely pay attention to the crowd size and crowd support. Rose even gave a Twitter shout out to last night's (Southern Miss game) crowd for their support. Also wondering when the students might embrace this team and start coming to the games in much higher numbers. Crowd size is growing, and the attendance for the last few games has been outstanding. Here's hoping that continues and grows.
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    When is Ravon joining the team?
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    All I am saying is....should we win these next two on the road, I'll be disappointed if we don't average 5K for Rice and UAB. At that point we'd be 17-1 and probably knocking on the door of the Top 25. If that doesn't start to fill up the Super Pit, nothing will.
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    Ten years from now we'll have to explain to new fans why we occasionally ask about someone named "Bryce English" and when he will return. 🙂
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    There is absolutely nothing in it for us playing NDSU. We won’t be doing that.
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    And from which school did you graduate?
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    Too bad he didn't know Jake Fromm was a freshman and the incumbent starter when he signed with Georgia.