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    Wren also went on to say this does not include the Cross Country CUSA Championship. Also worth noting that both basketball coaches took over for coaches who failed to even make the CUSA Tourney in their last year and football infamously was coming off a 1-11 season and last place in the division.
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    our coed flag football team just won the national tournament as well
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    I thought it was supposed to be the best candidate, not the best candidate of a certain race, gender, sexual orientation, etc?
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    Super Pit is solid. Not a bad seat in the house and sight lines are good from any seat. Would prefer it over the cookie cutter POS that UTA built
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    I think it is surprising the NFL is after him.
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    There is absolutely nothing in it for us playing NDSU. We won’t be doing that.
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    Here is the write-up for NTSU in the 1965 issue of Texas Football magazine. We followed 5 pages about the Houston Cougars and a sophomore flanker named, Warren McVea and we were right after Abilene Christian and right before Austin College. We've come a long way since those days and I'm thinking that the 2019 issue of DCTF should have Mason on the cover. I know, the results of the Sugar Bowl probably negated that possibility, but I'll be writing to them anyway.
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    I'm actually with you on your overall point, but we really shouldn't be walking down this path. McCarney won that ball game with the same system that failed to get him there every other year he was here. The same system that he failed to coach properly. Failed to recruit to properly. Failed to, honestly, care about. There are a million reasons you are right. Let's use a better one.
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    the pussification of america's youth...i was called a name...i can't go to school there anymore, words hurt me too much...good lord...i hope he gets the hardship and then the freshman from vegas beats his ass out of the starting job
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    And taking a job then trying to get the next job within a couple of weeks is ok?
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    I like the idea. I go to every home game and I am happy with what we have, but jesus christ is the super pic a dark, depressing monster.
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    Leaving for another job or just not coming back? We all know there is a difference.
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    John Love, 5-11, 185#, with 9.9 speed. John was either really slow in the 40, or really, really fast in the 100 yard dash. Love was a great player for NT. Fun to watch.
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    Hopefully this is because he got a better gig because I felt our secondary really made a positive step this year and hate to see him go.
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    I brought the family on a regular basis when JJ was coaching, not so much for Tony. I bought the Saturday only package for this year and we love it. Great team and a good atmosphere that will only get better. I believe by the end of the year attendance will be 5-6 K and the crowd rocking. The students will be there. GO MEAN GREEN BEAT THE minors!!!
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    The Wren speaks the truth.
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    Certainly not School Spirit or Tradition, that’s for sure. Rick
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    I still for the life of me can not figure out what is up with Ryan's shot. I've seen him coldly knock down rhythm jumpers/three's and I've seen him airball free throws. I agree that he's definitely still a bit banged up if not just a bit gassed from cumulative minutes. I've been pleased with Gibson's quick development on the ball/decision-making of late...I think his place as sixth-man as both points and a trusted one in place of Ryan is going to pay major dividends as the conference season slogs on.
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    When is Ravon joining the team?
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    I thought we looked very flat last night. If we can that badly and win that is a good thing. I think Ryan is still hurt from the LATECH game. We missed some 3-pointers so badly that i thought I was shooting them. It is always tough to win on the road and hope we got that bad game out of our system. I was suprised to see Simmons on the bench so much last night but listening to interview with Coach Mac he said Simmons hurt his foot and was not moving his feet very well, hope it is nothing serious or prolonged. We are still making some lazy passes and it is costing us. I thought the crowd was flat last night as well but did get loud when the team really needed it. Thanks to the assistant coach (dont know his name) who went out on the court to get the fans going. Very proud of this team and I love going to the games. GMG.
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    Ten years from now we'll have to explain to new fans why we occasionally ask about someone named "Bryce English" and when he will return. 🙂
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    Much better ways to justify your point than this clown show garbage. Carry on.
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    It happens. It's not ideal but it shouldn't be a big deal. Denying your coaching the opportunity to get an NFL job or a top college job is not good business.
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    Yeah for one winning season in five years!!!
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