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    Should have been around during the original orange seat era. You would be happy with the current color.
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    It works 20% of the time
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    NT 65 -------- USM 62 Final
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    Dan McCarney agrees. 🙂
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    We were NOT selected in this writers top 25, however there was a section at the bottom for top 5 underdog teams. We were on that list and so was UAB. Houston was as well, which is relevant because we play them next season. Edit: Forgot the link: https://championinsiders.com/college-football/early-top-25-college-football-rankings-2019/
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    Whether it should have been or not, the Cowboys game was a major detriment to the attendance today.
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    Competing with Cowboys today and students still off campus. Hope it keeps getting better throughout the season.
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    Yeah for one winning season in five years!!!
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    So you were the one ruining it for us all. Thanks man. But no. I wouldn’t complain to the AD about this.
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    We’re you the one standing in front of the camera on the last NT possession because you totallly blocked the whole view of the court!
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    I missed most of Miller's drive thanks to you. also...were you wearing a flat-billed hat to the side? because...stop.
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    Gutsy win against the best defense we’ve faced since OU. 15-1 Rick
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    And the entire board is TRIGGERED!!! BO MCCALEB!!!!
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    On a side note New Mexico just beat the #5 Nevada team. Makes our win look a little better.
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    Pretty sure we saw the back of y’alls head often haha. Couldn’t see the play that led to free throws or the ball anywherenear the corner. Maybe they need the cameras higher? I’m not sure, but y’all did take up a good 35% of the screen space haha. It could be worse. Last year I was chewed out for standing the last 44 seconds of a game and told by the gentleman that “he would kick my ass” and a few other choice words... I had to just walk right by him at the end of the game as he yelled at me. 😕
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    Not at the game, but Jacob Holmen is in the house.
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    He and Miller are the two guys I think hustle buzzer to buzzer. They are probably my two favorite guys on the team. I wish Arikawe would get more minutes.
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    The lights are there. They are just not turned on. It’s a choice to have the spotlight on the court. My personal preference would be to have the whole arena a bit lighter. But it’s not super high on my list of concerns.
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    I like the idea. I go to every home game and I am happy with what we have, but jesus christ is the super pic a dark, depressing monster.
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    I am really surprised that UAB is being mentioned as the favorite. They are losing a ton of players.
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    Did you know Hayden Fry coached both football and basketball in 1910 and we would have won the national title if the NCAA had recognized our 134-0 record?
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    The NCAA tournament is not about the best teams and it certainly isn't about fairness or giving the little guy a chance. As long as they have a "play in" game, the evidence is in plain sight. The NCAA would rather invite a 14 win team from the SEC than a 20 win team from C-USA. It also isn't in the best interest of the tournament to have a #15 seed from C-USA knocking off a big name. The NCAA tournament is about the money. C-USA will not get a second bid regardless of the record or the opponents. Someone will get to enjoy the NIT and maybe someone the CBI. Until we, as a conference, start selling out our stadiums and arenas, it will stay that way.
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    The problem with the current bowl system is not enough compelling bowl match ups. We need bowl realignment to match conference realignment and some good G5 vs P5 match ups and not so many P5 #6 vs P5#7 matchups.