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    Wren also went on to say this does not include the Cross Country CUSA Championship. Also worth noting that both basketball coaches took over for coaches who failed to even make the CUSA Tourney in their last year and football infamously was coming off a 1-11 season and last place in the division.
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    When is Ravon joining the team?
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    The Wren speaks the truth.
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    I think it is surprising the NFL is after him.
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    There is absolutely nothing in it for us playing NDSU. We won’t be doing that.
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    To be fair - some of us live quite far from Denton.
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    The first game of a season during the successful part of the Johnny Jones era was played in the old Pit (Mens Gym) do to a robotics event that was scheduled at the Super Pit at the same time i believe it was. Also, someone already mentioned that the woman had to play a game at TWU one year as well. So yes it does happen that athletics gets bumped due to scheduling. They also want a new arena so they can add in the premium seating options like suites and such that can't be done at the Super Pit unless you decrease the number of seats, and that aint happening due to the College and HS graduation ceremonies, plus the other events that need the 10k seats that the Super Pit provides.
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    And why would the P5's agree to this arrangement?
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    The data looks good for UNT..
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    True story. When we moved from the Pit to the Super Pit in 1973, I recall very well my astonishment upon seeing 10,000 seats painted in burnt orange! I am not sure what anyone was thinking, or if they were thinking at all, but earth tones were all the rage in those days.
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    The women thoroughly dominated Southern Miss yesterday. Maybe their OOC schedule is starting to pay dividends. If they can keep this up, I expect a lot more wins. Plus, they did that away from the Super Pit. They are 2-0 in conference. They have some firsts as well. This week was the first wins in Ruston and Hattiesburg. They did not leave any doubt in both games who was the better team.
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    I think most Hardcore FBS fans have 1 grievance in common; Out of Conference Scheduling. With that in mind (and since most of the bowls are no longer relevant) I would love a randomized OCC designated weekend. FBS is missing out on growing the revenue pie by doing this. Here is how it would work. Just like how baseball first implemented inter league play it would be a designated schedule event, like rivalry weekend. 1. Everyone would play these designated OCC games the last weekend in September or first weekend in October 2. Every 2 years you woul have a selection show in early August 3. The show would only be every two years because each match up would be a home and home series in consecutive years. 4. An algorithm would be used to favor G5 vs P5 matchups and prevent rematches within 8 years. That is the only we will get top half P5 teams playing OCC on the road at G5 stadiums with something on the line. Anyone else have suggestions how can consistently get interesting regular seasom G5 vs P5 matchups? Besides the “generosity” of P5 programs?
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    our coed flag football team just won the national tournament as well
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    Shorten that up to "NT vs ND Bring Them Down" and you've got my attention!
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    Very sad news. Way way too young. I am always surprised when athletes have these "sudden medical issues". I always think of them in tip top medical and physical condition. But, every year we hear some of these tragic stories in high school. college and the pros. Just shows that some medical conditions are very difficult to detect. Prayers for this young man and his family and friends.
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    Recap: First FAU loses its Johnson, its Motor, and a Whyte guy. NOW, they get B. J. ! Kiffin's sense of timing is suspect.
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    This is ego for USC! It was mentioned they are paying him $3m to tie him up! Kliff is a lot better coach then some people on this site believe! The NFL is changing to a Leach type system he is the perfect fit.
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    They dont play where the Spurs play and call it their home court?
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    I agree. I think he's probably a good candidate for a coordinator position in college, but he really didn't do enough at Tech to merit the same position in the NFL. I thought he was in over his head at Tech.
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    Ten years from now we'll have to explain to new fans why we occasionally ask about someone named "Bryce English" and when he will return. 🙂
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    The early games he played in I feel he helped the D-line. Unfortunately, it looks like his nagging injuries will prevent him from capitalizing on his natural talent. I "thought" he had one more year...but not sure.
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    I tried to pay people to go to the coaches show to ask JJ if he had planned on exploiting our height advantage against FAU by posting Josh up on Taylor.
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    I don't know when they plan to open the new arena either, but I doubt they will spend the money to perform those upgrades because they plan on building the new arena.
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    NDSU would not be a sure thing. Let’s focus on our first sell out versus UH! GMG!
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    Portland state is on the phone....
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    Here is the write-up for NTSU in the 1965 issue of Texas Football magazine. We followed 5 pages about the Houston Cougars and a sophomore flanker named, Warren McVea and we were right after Abilene Christian and right before Austin College. We've come a long way since those days and I'm thinking that the 2019 issue of DCTF should have Mason on the cover. I know, the results of the Sugar Bowl probably negated that possibility, but I'll be writing to them anyway.
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    To me, this makes a lot of sense: "It'd be a surprise if UNT doesn't go with a minority candidate who has experience coaching running backs."
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    Yep...and I meant bowl championships, trophy’s and such...which in order to win those pretty little things you must do three things: 1. Run the ball. 2. Stop the run. 3. Play Solid Defense. Rick
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    This is such a dumb meme. Does it matter who's name is on the deed? The money comes from the same place, and at the end of the day the president and board of regents are in charge. The university isn't going to schedule a HS graduation and force Athletics to move a game. Athletics wants a new flashy arena. That's fine. But it shouldn't be because they don't want to share.
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    I am aware the SP was build with state funds, but that has little to do with how it is scheduled. Who is this academic side of NT that you keep mentioning? The President and his administration under the guidance of the BOR have control of all the assets of the University. They are going to make the big decisions on how the SP is used no matter which division of NT has technical ownership of the arena. Yes, I made that assumption to make a point on the decision making process concerning the SP. NT would probably maintain both arenas and obviously this would increase usage options. ..
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    It is being reported that the Jets and Cardinals are interested in him as their head coach.
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    We'll have a Bryce English emoticon by then.
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    I still for the life of me can not figure out what is up with Ryan's shot. I've seen him coldly knock down rhythm jumpers/three's and I've seen him airball free throws. I agree that he's definitely still a bit banged up if not just a bit gassed from cumulative minutes. I've been pleased with Gibson's quick development on the ball/decision-making of late...I think his place as sixth-man as both points and a trusted one in place of Ryan is going to pay major dividends as the conference season slogs on.
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    I think if we come back at 17-1 we average 6k for the 3 game homestand.
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    UTSA, WKU & FAU might be a toss-ups, and ODU will be VERY tough, but otherwise things look very good for the remainder of the season GMG
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    I don’t think there is any plan to demolish the SuperPit. New arena or not. If a new arena gets built, the superpit will still exist. That thing hosts way more events than basketball and it would be freeed up to host more.
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    A lot can be learned by sitting out a year. He knew the rules when he signed on the dotted line. Embrace the suck.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-expected-to-fill-opening-for-running-backs-coach-in/article_049a9d0b-3bfc-5e39-91a4-2a75b82894c4.html
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    I hope your right,......especially if the Giants, Eagles and Redskins change to it. Rick
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    Exactly! The man made a COMMITMENT! This will taint his tenure at USC with its administration and its fans, not to mention his credibility. The word "whore" also comes to mind.
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    They eliminated the "names on the seats" idea many many years ago. There was a plaque in the concourse listing the donors. I looked for that plaque recently during a game, but could not find it. I am wondering if it was taken down during the recent renovations and if it will be returned or not.
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    All I am saying is....should we win these next two on the road, I'll be disappointed if we don't average 5K for Rice and UAB. At that point we'd be 17-1 and probably knocking on the door of the Top 25. If that doesn't start to fill up the Super Pit, nothing will.
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    The mean green room use to be very nice, but now I believe that toll is reserved for people who have donated over 500,000 or something. There was always food and drink and all maybe 20 of us would fit.
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    This is absolutely true. We built it with academic funds and not athletic. That is why our girls basketball team had to play a home game at TWU just a couple of years ago. The academic side needed the Pit and took it. Another example is how miserable the Mean Green Club room under the pit looked for years. The academic side would not allow the athletic side to upgrade the room. Years ago, the Longhorns and Aggies built their facilities with academic money. The legislature then changed the law so nobody else could too. Every other school in Texas has been scrambling to catch up ever since. We did what we had to do at the time to get it built. But, the academic side of the university has generally been uncooperative when it comes to upgrading the Pit. The Pit is an arena that can host a basketball game when not in use otherwise.
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    We could be maroons, and go the maroon route too. Maybe half and half.
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    I think you’ll see another bump in attendance if/when we make the dance. ESP if there’s ever a S16 appearance.
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    Agree...and also to be fair...some don’t. 😂😂
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    Last time I checked 1-0 in bowl games is 100% Rick
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    I am wondering when some of the previous GoMeanGreen.com members that used to attend every home game will come back. If there ever was a great time to attend Mean Green home basketball games, this is it, and the home crowd seems to make a positive difference for the team and their performance. We have seen on Twitter/Facebook, etc. that the players definitely pay attention to the crowd size and crowd support. Rose even gave a Twitter shout out to last night's (Southern Miss game) crowd for their support. Also wondering when the students might embrace this team and start coming to the games in much higher numbers. Crowd size is growing, and the attendance for the last few games has been outstanding. Here's hoping that continues and grows.
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    Always a tough place to go play. Even with the Miners struggling, I am very concerned about this game.

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