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    Should have been around during the original orange seat era. You would be happy with the current color.
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    Wren also went on to say this does not include the Cross Country CUSA Championship. Also worth noting that both basketball coaches took over for coaches who failed to even make the CUSA Tourney in their last year and football infamously was coming off a 1-11 season and last place in the division.
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    When is Ravon joining the team?
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    Haven’t fact checked this but that was the Derrick Rose Memphis team.
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    In all seriousness... they really should put the cameras in a way that if you stand up you aren’t obstructing it. This shouldn’t be on the fans. They need to move the camera to a better spot.
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    It works 20% of the time
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    NT 65 -------- USM 62 Final
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    Dan McCarney agrees. 🙂
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    We were NOT selected in this writers top 25, however there was a section at the bottom for top 5 underdog teams. We were on that list and so was UAB. Houston was as well, which is relevant because we play them next season. Edit: Forgot the link: https://championinsiders.com/college-football/early-top-25-college-football-rankings-2019/
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    The Wren speaks the truth.
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    I think it is surprising the NFL is after him.
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    There is absolutely nothing in it for us playing NDSU. We won’t be doing that.
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    Whether it should have been or not, the Cowboys game was a major detriment to the attendance today.
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    Competing with Cowboys today and students still off campus. Hope it keeps getting better throughout the season.
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    Yeah for one winning season in five years!!!
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    So you were the one ruining it for us all. Thanks man. But no. I wouldn’t complain to the AD about this.
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    We’re you the one standing in front of the camera on the last NT possession because you totallly blocked the whole view of the court!
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    I missed most of Miller's drive thanks to you. also...were you wearing a flat-billed hat to the side? because...stop.
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    Gutsy win against the best defense we’ve faced since OU. 15-1 Rick
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    And the entire board is TRIGGERED!!! BO MCCALEB!!!!
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    To be fair - some of us live quite far from Denton.
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    The first game of a season during the successful part of the Johnny Jones era was played in the old Pit (Mens Gym) do to a robotics event that was scheduled at the Super Pit at the same time i believe it was. Also, someone already mentioned that the woman had to play a game at TWU one year as well. So yes it does happen that athletics gets bumped due to scheduling. They also want a new arena so they can add in the premium seating options like suites and such that can't be done at the Super Pit unless you decrease the number of seats, and that aint happening due to the College and HS graduation ceremonies, plus the other events that need the 10k seats that the Super Pit provides.
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    And why would the P5's agree to this arrangement?
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    The data looks good for UNT..
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    True story. When we moved from the Pit to the Super Pit in 1973, I recall very well my astonishment upon seeing 10,000 seats painted in burnt orange! I am not sure what anyone was thinking, or if they were thinking at all, but earth tones were all the rage in those days.
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    The women thoroughly dominated Southern Miss yesterday. Maybe their OOC schedule is starting to pay dividends. If they can keep this up, I expect a lot more wins. Plus, they did that away from the Super Pit. They are 2-0 in conference. They have some firsts as well. This week was the first wins in Ruston and Hattiesburg. They did not leave any doubt in both games who was the better team.
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    And taking a job then trying to get the next job within a couple of weeks is ok?
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    USC should have expected this when they refused to let him interview. That not a good way to treat your coaches.
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    Our AD should consider orange seats.
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    Well we went to a three year old’s birthday party, went to the UNT game, and made it home for the Cowboys.
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    On a side note New Mexico just beat the #5 Nevada team. Makes our win look a little better.
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    Pretty sure we saw the back of y’alls head often haha. Couldn’t see the play that led to free throws or the ball anywherenear the corner. Maybe they need the cameras higher? I’m not sure, but y’all did take up a good 35% of the screen space haha. It could be worse. Last year I was chewed out for standing the last 44 seconds of a game and told by the gentleman that “he would kick my ass” and a few other choice words... I had to just walk right by him at the end of the game as he yelled at me. 😕
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    Not at the game, but Jacob Holmen is in the house.
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    He and Miller are the two guys I think hustle buzzer to buzzer. They are probably my two favorite guys on the team. I wish Arikawe would get more minutes.
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    our coed flag football team just won the national tournament as well
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    This is ego for USC! It was mentioned they are paying him $3m to tie him up! Kliff is a lot better coach then some people on this site believe! The NFL is changing to a Leach type system he is the perfect fit.
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    They dont play where the Spurs play and call it their home court?
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    I agree. I think he's probably a good candidate for a coordinator position in college, but he really didn't do enough at Tech to merit the same position in the NFL. I thought he was in over his head at Tech.
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    Ten years from now we'll have to explain to new fans why we occasionally ask about someone named "Bryce English" and when he will return. 🙂
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    I tried to pay people to go to the coaches show to ask JJ if he had planned on exploiting our height advantage against FAU by posting Josh up on Taylor.
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    This just is not true, it makes absolutely no difference who is the technical owner of the SP. If the SP was demolished and a new arena build as part of the athletic department; the NT administration would still use the facility in what they think is in the best interest of NT. I doubt there is a college arena anywhere that the AD has full control of scheduling that facility.
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    Good write up overall, but I'm confused by this point: "UNT will head out on the road for its first games away from the Super Pit in C-USA play." What about Rice?
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    For all the complaints we get about the Super Pit having too much seating for the demand.... You would think they could eliminate seats that block out the cameraman when the occupants stand.
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    Quite a bit of work done in there over the last few years.
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    Yea. It use to be a whole lot darker. It doesn’t bother me because I like have the spotlight on the court.
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    I am really surprised that UAB is being mentioned as the favorite. They are losing a ton of players.
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    3267 according to the USM site. Disappointing if accurate. This team and coach deserves better.
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    We have played really good defense under Mccasland but these and-1s we are giving up today are examples of embarrassing defense. Keep getting out of position and giving up easy driving lanes then fouling when it’s way too late.
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    Did you know Hayden Fry coached both football and basketball in 1910 and we would have won the national title if the NCAA had recognized our 134-0 record?

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