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    With the NFL playoffs starting this week and the BCS wrapping up whatever it does, I thought I would write out a thought I had over the weekend of what the NFL Playoffs would look like if they followed the model used by the NCAA and the BCS. =========================================== First of all,. the playoffs would only be represented by the NFC EAST, the NFC North, the NFC West, and the AFC West. These are the automatic qualifier conferences. The other conferences just don't get enough TV time to be considered competitive so they are out. The Patriots, Steelers, and Saints might be allowed in but only if they are really, really good (undefeated for like two years in a row). So the first round of the playoffs will look like this. The first semifinal will be the Bears vs the Rams . The second semifinal will be the Cowboys vs. the Chiefs. Sorry, that is how they got ranked. The Super Bowl will the winners of the Bears/Rams game and the Cowboys/Chiefs game. There will also be playoff games featuring the Saints against the Seahawks, the Vikings against the Eagles, and the Chargers against the Redskins. These games don't really mean anything but they are playoff games in our system. Just be happy you got to play in an extra game. The Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Colts, and Steelers had good seasons as well and while their records were better than the Redskins, the Saints claimed the spot from the non-qualifying conferences so there were no other opportunities. Yes, the Redskins only had 7 wins, but they were legitimate wins. Also, next year the NFL will reduce the money allocated to the conferences of the non-automatic qualifier conferences to amount normally given to one team in an automatic qualifier conference. You still have follow the same rules and provide the same benefits, but do it will less money. And if you are really good, we might let you play in a playoff game. And don't complain to the NFL - this is how TV wanted it.
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    Yes Holgorsen is a better coach than Applewhite, and this is more than just getting the WV coach. You have to consider his history at UH even if it was just 2 years. Holgorsen was the coach most responsible for Case Keenum's development. He was OC for UH's 1st bowl win in almost 30 years. OC for UH's 1st win against a ranked opponent in almost 25 years and then had more wins like that. And UH had some of their 1st sellouts in years while he was there. Which brings me to possibly the biggest reason to fire Major and hire Dana. Season ticket sales had decreased both seasons under Major. If he returned, you can guarantee they would have been the lowest in years. Dana will sell a lot more tickets, season and individual. Maybe not the best reason to hire a coach, and it might not have been the main reason, but it had to have some influence
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    Okay, so my awesome bride got me this sweet, new, spiffy smartwatch for Christmas and the big thing I've noticed is the lack of UNT-themed faces. You see, it was always a dream of mine back in the day to get me a Fossil watch that had a UNT theme to it. Well, now with the beauty of smartwatch technology, I just went out and made myself some. I'll probably make more as the mood strikes me, because it's fun. But, I'd love to get y'all's thoughts on them and tell me what you think! I'll make more if people keep clamoring for them. Check them out here! -- Stephen
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    Hasn't worked out to well for Boise St. and they've been pretty successful for a number of years.
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    glad u reminded it is only Wed, when u retire you lose track of days.....lol. I most likely would have shown up tonight.
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    I agree, but they probably think the same of us and some of our conference mates.
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    Increase the number of play off teams will make a huge difference. Being a top G5 is also our goal and we are just starting!
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    Do the teams in the automatic qualifier conferences get better/extra draft picks since more players want to play for them?
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    I only break out the Western Civilization bit during conference and/or NCAA tournament time. I think I may have also brought it out in the CBI last year too. 😎
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    Wait a minute...did I just agree with Ben Gooding on something??! 😮
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    Cement City needed to be knockdown in the late 1970's. It sucked bad when I lived on Louise Street. Still, remember the slum lords company Fox&Jacobson. The University should annex the land and knock it all down. It has become a high crime area.
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    DRC: Big outing in win over Rice by Smart a good sign for UNT https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/men-s-basketball-smart-finding-groove-at-just-the-right/article_3c348018-dabd-5b45-a300-933394c3f0c9.html Chalk talk: Louisiana Tech at UNT https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/chalk-talk----louisiana-tech-at-north-texas/article_298e90e1-cd14-5642-bfbf-390a48438b45.html
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    On average, I bet he does. Let’s just hope there’s a slight curve early in year 1 & we catch them for a good OOC win next year.
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    Though markets are important, I don't think it's held at such a high regard as it was just 5 years ago. We have a thing in the state of Texas that runs deeper than anywhere I have ever seen...t-shirt fan-itis. It's a state wide epidemic that starts with the Cowboys and UT and trickles down. No one in this state wants to be a diehard fan until it's convenient to be a diehard fan, at least from what I have seen and experienced.
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    Yeah, figured we'd fly in there Thursday Mid day into San Fran, and Go up to Wine Country Friday. Wake up Saturday morning in a fog and head over to Berkley, watch UNT whoop up those Silly Bears and Stay in Berkeley that night. Fly out of Oakland the next day. Sounds like a pretty nice weekend, might try to go to Bed Bath and Beyound..... I dont know, I dont know if i'll have enough time!
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    No, you cannot use this excuse. It's the same one schools like Alabama used to make after losing to a Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Texas is just whipping Georgia right now. I don't much like it either, but the Bulldogs have no excuse at all.
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    What is funny is that the “experts” will now say that UCF clearly doesn’t belong because of an 8 point loss to LSU. Strangely, they will leave out that Baylor lost a TON of games for years in Big XII play, Kansas loses the majority of their league games, Vanderbilt doesn’t sniff conference titles, Arizona is no perennial winner, and the P5 is littered with teams that would have lost by 8+ to LSU...yet they are all still afforded a “legitimate” seat at the table.
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    no one "failed" to put together an at-large bid caliber schedule. one wasn't put together because it wasn't what this team...and more importantly, what this program...needed. the CBI run was great, but people so readily seem to forget that last season's team was under .500 in conference and overall and lost 7 of it's 8 last games before the tournament run. and even without the CBI, one could easily say all that was a great first year accomplishment. this schedule was clearly pieced together to continue to capitalize and build on that momentum...wins are what this team need for confidence and what this fanbase needs to get re-energized for quality basketball. I like a lot of what I've seen this season. that said, if we drop say Commerce, Maine, UMES and Pine Bluff and add resume builders...say, TCU, SMU, Wichita State and a CBI rematch with San Francisco, I think there's a decent chance we're 9-5 and not having this conversation.
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    That’s not lack of interest, that’s price inflation in the ticket market (and it isn’t helped by ticket brokers and private citizens who buy them up and double the face value). There are a TON of OU and Bama fans that would gladly make the trip...but not for $750+ a ticket.
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    The Rick Villarreal Sucks Big Farts Arena
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    College Inn is still there so my memories are intact...
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    Simple solution, if you think there are too many bowl games, just don't watch them. It is fairly simple to identify the bowls that have the top teams and those that don't. There may not be much prestige in getting invited to a lower level bowl, but it easily beats staying at home. As far as upping the necessary win total, never going to happen. As much as I hate the P5 mentality, there is no logic in making a 6-6 SEC team stay home and having a 7-5 Belt team in a bowl. I was around to see a 10-1 Fry NT team sit home as well as some very good NT teams of the late sixties. Yes, those were the good ole days, when bowls were more exclusive.
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