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    Convinced the family to come with me, plus a friend. Total of 6 headed up tonight! Thanks for the Throwback Thursday discount AD!! Go Mean Green!
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    Framed, under glass autographed game jerseys of Patrick Cobb and Jamario Thomas commemorating their back to back NCAA Rushing Leaders 2003 and 2004.
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    https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2019/01/02/dak-prescott-expecting-epic-environment-saturday-night-att-stadium-one-request-cowboys-fans This story reminded me of a post from early in the football season about how MF tries to get the Apogee crowd quiet when we have the ball. It was something about when he motions his arms, he's not flapping like and eagle but trying to get fans to settle down. Too funny!
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    I agree that Houston seemed to go stale under Applewhite. Getting people into that stadium was a huge priority and holgerson gave them the juice they need. I also don’t think they will struggle like most first year coaches do in a new town because it’s an old town. They know each other and the curve will be shortened. That means there is a war scheduled for the end of September in Denton. I think this will be one of the toughest we’ve had in Apogee since opening. I hope MF brings some senior magic and the gigantic crowd in Mean Green will be celebrating deep into the last weekend of Sethtember. GMG
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    Shook his hand and patted him on the pads after the NMB, and told him we appreciated him. He said, " I'll be back."
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    Hopefully it's not a nagging injury like Rico, as hamstrings tend to be. Losing Rico for a game or two due to his hammy is a big deal. Losing Fine for a game or two is a massive problem. Our back-up QB situation will be something to keep a close eye on going forward. Bean, Martin, Aune, Pearson? Or does Kuehne step in as a true freshman.
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    It would be nice if there weren't cheerleaders egging the fans on.
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    That’s true, actually.
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    I will be there. Come hell or high water, I will make it. I am not going to let the weather stop me.
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    Sad our snow drought continues, but glad the drive will be easier. Everyone be safe! GMG!
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    https://winnersandwhiners.com/games/ncaab/1-3-2019/louisiana-tech-vs-north-texas-prediction-7002/ Latest prediction - so far, everyone has us winning! GMG
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    The helmet, the jersey and the player!
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    This says less about the entirety of FBS and much more about the fact that the P5 itself is splitting, with BiG, ACC and SEC on one side and PAC 12 and Big XII on the other. We're barely into January, and the XII has already lost coaching competitions to the AAC and CUSA. There's trouble afoot.
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    This is the best idea. They have the videos for 3rd down (when on defense), so it seems they could easily do this. Send in the request!
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    Good news is he hasn’t been sacked in the last few weeks! GMG
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    Maybe do a video of Mason Fine shushing on video board??? Or.....Maybe one of the following
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    So true. Next season we need to have a scoreboard message about quieting down when the offense has the ball. One problem the Cowboys have is that AT&T usually contains a very large portion of the opponents fans. And, while those fans might be a minority, they are usually loud. As long as there are a large group of opponents fans at AT&T, there is going to be noise when you have the ball. Of course, this is not a problem at North Texas. It is our fans yelling when we have the ball.
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    Nice work! Keep it up. I've just been getting faces and putting green on them.
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    Had to share your comment with my wife. 2505 Louise. 2nd place that my wife and I lived (early '70s) after we got married out Jr. year. Dyed blue shag carpet, paper thin walls, meanest landlord ever, and you didn't dare leave anything outside. Memories....not good ones...but it built character. Then we moved to 910 Eagle and never had it so good.
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    How long will he stay invested at that level in the AAC playing the likes of Temple, UCONN, Tulsa, Tulane, etc...? They aren't moving up because the P5's are monopolizing the money and aren't about to add another slice to the pie. The only hope is to see P5 bottom dwellers like Kansas, Baylor, Vanderbilt, etc... relegated down and that isn't going to happen with the units they bring to basketball, etc... Houston is throwing a lot of money at a situation that isn't about to change enough to help them.
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    Have they faced a defense like our's? Our defense, IMHO, is underrated and underappreciated.
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    The Herd is on its way down South to Frisco, Texas https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.herosports.com/amp/fcs/football-ndsu-weekend-frisco-bars-bzbz
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    Anderson scares me most about our matchup with you guys.
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    Fall of 1967. My freshman year home away from home. Apparently, the girls stopped coming to the pool at some point before my time there.
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    looks like weather will not be an issue. i should be their tonight! cant wait
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    La Tech highlights from win over USM. They can shoot the 3 ball.
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    No true point god is a killer. Thank goodness we have Woolridge.
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    It is like a cockroach (seen a few there). It will never die.
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    I watched Mason go down, get up, and go down again in the New Mexico Bowl. Like it or not, as goes Mason Fine, so goes the Mean Green. I have heard exactly zero about him since his injury. Does anyone know what his rehab is and how it's going ?
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    They were short defensive backs. Given the scenario of UCF right now, that's where I would want to be short. Also to note, you're exaggerating the truth. LSU came into that game down 3 starters = injury, NFL sitout, and a LB that was out first half only due to a 2nd half targeting call vs ATM the game before. It's not UCF's fault that Delpit targeted and was tossed, an injury, and a another DB tossed due to throwing a punch. Cute try though.
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    When you stand outside the dorm creepily watching the girls, then blaring John Mayer outside their windows from your phone, of course he's going to know that.
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    100% on board with a “quiet while we are on offense” message on the Jumbotron. It get ridiculous at times
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    Agreed. I married one of them nearly 49 years ago. She and her roommates had the premier room, #201, right above the front door. It was the best viewing spot for keeping up with the various "goins on".
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    One of the most frustrating things about attending UNT football games: Our fans screaming their lungs out when we go for it on 4th down. Shut the F*** Up. It's not that hard
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    Line is currently UNT -4.5 GMG!
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    That’s sad to hear, any alumni support?
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    Those look great!
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    I just read an interesting article in SportsDay on how Holgorson, UH and WVU all got what they would like out of this deal. I haven't figured out how to link articles from my eEdition of the DMN to here on my iPad! I'll link later from my computer. But the gist was he wanted out of WVU and they wanted him gone but didn't want to pay to fire him. UH wanted him back but still wanted to have money for assistants and waiting a few days would do that. While it looked amateurish to me, I can understand waiting a few days to save over a million dollars. The article also points to a big realignment being the UH goal and the need to sustain both wins AND $4 million or more a year through at least 2025 to make that happen. Maybe they can, maybe not.
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    Texas Football Today on the Holgorson hire. Some fresh thoughts, including a possible personal relationship between Holgorson and the Houston mega donor. Segment begins at 3'47" LINK
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    I am with you on this. I left UNT for one semester to attend UTA. I hated it there and came back to UNT and never looked back. Although I did not like UTA, I do not waste my time going to their fan page, if they have one, just to bad mouth the school because I did not like it there. We get it, he doesn't like UNT. But for someone who didn't like UNT and left, he sure spends a lot of time on our page. He is like the a person whose girlfriend broke up with him and he says he doesn't care about her, but yet spends all his time following her around and bad mouthing the new guy that she is dating. Sounds like to me he is bitter that he didn't graduate from the Mean Green.

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