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    after our results maybe it would have been better to go the FRB.
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    A couple stand out and I can't do just one: A game ball from a game we won signed by the captains after I recovered a fumble that led to us winning the game. I got player of the week that week and later special teams player of the year. Both surprised me. (Especially the plaque at the banquet.) We won our conference too. My Dad got to see the game ball before he died a few weeks later. Really cool. That season led to another cool item which was a conference champion ring. I really like a flag I had framed. But I really love a little t-shirt both my minions wore that almost ended up at Goodwill but ended up framed too. (My wife played soccer at UNT so I get away with pretty much anything UNT related.) Lastly, the Mrs. and I both have North Texas diplomas. We were both on scholarship, Letterman every year we played, we still have our letter jackets, and technically got paid to go to college at NT. Love my Mean Green!
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    Here's mine...my 11 y/o son made this himself as a Christmas gift last year
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    My North Texas State University degree. It earned a lot of "green".
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    Our game vs SMU next year will be much more difficult with Hicks gone.
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    I feel bad for all the first responders that were given tickets to this game as a show of thanks for all they do. Know that you mean more to us than to ESPN.
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    https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2018/12/26/18151796/old-dominion-monarchs-starting-quarterback-blake-larussa-to-leave-odu-for-seminary-school?fbclid=IwAR14raHZi5JPPJ6bc04tZ10cQhZj2InfiqSlxoyZm3c-mRp_961ISwP9rtY "The 5’10” junior completed 63.4% of his passes this year for a total of 3,015 yards and 19 touchdowns. LaRussa played in 11 games this season, earning him Conference USA All-Conference honorable mention accolades."
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    Texas State highest paid assistant last year made 140k. North Texas had 7 assistants over 145k. With 3 over 250k. Texas state may have drastically raised assistant pool. But I doubt it. If UNT wants him they could get him. He has connections with Seth, Mainord, Graham and Joel. He could also be one year away from bouncing to back to a p5 with seth. As opposed to beginning a rebuild in San Marcos. If Seth and co want him I think they could get him. But I think there is another name Seth has higher on his list.
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    When I first read it in my car ride home, I laughed so hard I freaked the dogs out.
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    If one (or both) of the teams had been local, I wonder if that would have increased the odds of rescheduling for the next day.
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    The New Mexico Bowl just got a lot more prestigious in my eyes.
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    Southern Miss is probably feeling like a little justice is being served to that bowl committee.
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    Just because we have to post the opening doesn't mean we don't have candidates in mind, or unofficially hired.
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    ESPN was carrying the game. They are also carrying the 4:15 pm Quick Lane Bowl. Their focus is definitely on the TV viewers and not the butts in seats (or UNT likely would have found its way into this bowl). I'm betting that the butt pain of having to shift it to a different ESPN channel or just streaming it was more that the good ole boys at ESPN wanted to deal with.
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    No kidding. I'd be furious if I traveled all the way from Boston or Idaho.
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    A lot of frat bros would pay a pretty penny for that golf shirt. Very cool!
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    The fastest thing in the world is a cafeteria tray on an icy hill.
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    Maybe you should wear when you mow your lawn the neighbors will be green with envy.
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    In 1974, Hayden Fry commissioned a set of beer mugs for his staff and was kind enough to include one for me. It shows the flying worm, my last name, and the words "Super Hack", his theme for that year. All done in that infamous lime green we used at that time.
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    Well.. not as cool as a MGB, but my game worn lacrosse bucket and jerseys. Our green jerseys looked just like the current MBB team green kit. Can't decide if I want to frame it or keep it in the open to wear occasionally.
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    He threw a very catchable ball. Problem was, it was very catchable by either team.