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    These recruits on Twitter act like they just got on stage receiving a Grammy.
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    Meh, good luck finding an up-and-coming coach who's not already at an Elite Power 5 program who isn't going to entertain the possibility of moving up the coaching ladder.
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    If Littrell testing the waters was enough for him to decommit, he wouldn't have wasted an official visit here the next weekend. And his twitter feed would not look anything like it did just a few days ago. This is not on Littrell in the sense that he was shopping. This is a business decision by both Littrell & Johnson. And I highly doubt he'll sign with us anymore, because we wont have room for him after we pickup another commit elsewhere from a guy who wants to be here.
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    I never thought I'd see the day when a kid decommits from my school in order to explore options at my wife's school (Syracuse). House divided now, if it wasn't before.
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    It appears NT wanted him to sign tomorrow and he still wants to wait for that magic offer. That is his decision. I have watched the recruiting game too long to worry about any one player. He might turn out great or far from it. NT is deep right now at rb, so this is far from a critical signing. I also wonder if some of you bother to watch the games, few teams run the ball significantly more than at NT. Exception being those few that run a triple option attack like Army.
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    Good luck to Mr. Johnson if he decides to leave. Think he’d be missing something pretty special, though. The journey to greatness can many times be more fun than the actual destination. AND.....Fact remains that Seth Littrell did not accept the KSU offer extended to him with conditions he would have had to accept. He turned down the damn jobs, folks. If he was so desperate to leave Denton & make couple more million a year he would have. Let’s not give him reasons to want to get the hell out of Dodge; that is, let's not burn our barn down to kill a mouse. ❇️ We've got a fancy new Indoor Athletic Facility that will have the largest weight room of any Texas Big 12 & SEC school. Other venues on the way! Remember when we didn't have all this happening up there? I do. GMG! Celebrate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rO_R5puXs6E
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    He obviously read all the negativity on this message board.
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    We didn't come prepared like they did - plain and simple and the talent gash was too big to overcome it. https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/utah-state-spends-the-night-in-hot-tub-with-porn-star-richelle-ryan-win-bowl-game-next-day-by-39-points
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    Forget him, go find another running back, we definitely need another one. Easley, will recover and probably start next fall; we need a big running back that has quickness and speed that's at least 200lbs. or more!
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    Update: confirmed he wanted to wait.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/manvel-running-back-garrison-johnson-deommits-from-unt/article_3340f3ae-4b33-5985-87bc-62275f11a7dd.html
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    As long as the shirts don't show the final score.
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    His original waffling commitment was the anomaly of our class. The rest of whom seem to be pretty excited about signing.
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    UCF is a gigantic school with a ton of resources. NT is a gigantic school (not as big as UCF), with not as many resources... yet. We're getting there. We just have to accelerate the process. The IPF will be huge. I don't know when the new B-ball arena is supposed to be built, but that will also help. And, of course, winning... Need to keep winning 9 games/yr (or more!) and continue building basketball success over the next 3-4 years, and it could happen!
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    We did struggle. But I don't put it all on the RB. Just a little creativity in the play calling would've helped... And Torrey may not run over people but he made adjustments when there was no were to run. Look at his TD in the Bowl game. That was all him...
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    Yep. Garrison must not have had much faith in Wren Baker.
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    Another bump with a video of one of UNT’s multi-millionaire supporters & watching that video about our future venues sure as hell beats many continuous negative comments about a bowl game that (basically) didn’t have our franchise QB & future NFL receiver in the game. 2 losses this team could ill afford to lose. GO AHEAD NOW! GET BEHIND YOUR MOMMY’S DRESS & GIVE ME SOME RED! GMG!
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    How much confidence do you have in RB Jeff Wilson Jr. carrying the ball in that final drive considering his history of fumbling the last two games, also today in the first half? “It was tough, especially how it’s gone since he’s been in and what happened today, but [RB Matt] Breida went out on that last drive, so you don’t have much of a choice with it and now that he went in and the way he finished running and the fact that he did hold on to the ball, it was great to him. When he started off that fumble early, then dropped a screen pass, we were going to keep Breida in as much as possible. Then Jeff went in at the end because Breida got hurt and it was awesome the way it ended because now that should give him some confidence and make him ready to get out next week.” From their HC press conference: https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/12/17/18144275/kyle-shanahan-press-conference-transcript-jeff-wilson-nick-mullens-matt-breida-49ers-seahawks
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    How can anyone look at original verbal and still be surprised: “ I am committed to NT but open to being recruited by others”
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    I hope you stick around here. I like your bit.
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    Easly will be back next year. We still have Torrey, Smith, and Evan Johnson. We also had that RB from UCONN transfer in and sat this season. We are fine. Would love to see Garrison Johnson, but we need to focus on guys who want to be apart of this Fl19ht Club
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    I wish him well, but am not sure where he will end up. He had better rushing stats as a junior, was second on Manvel in rushing this year and seemed to play more on the defensive side for Manvel. Throw a shoulder injury on top of that, and I will be curious where he will end up. Ladarius Owens was their leading rusher and he is committed to Texas Southern. I think Adaway will be our RB for this class and I would love to see us go after that kid from Oklahoma that hasn't garnered any offers yet.
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    Yessir. Me too. I wonder if our coaches have an offer at the ready, or have someone they'd like to flip.
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    No doubt. And I wish the kid well wherever he ends up.
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    sometimes when I read these articles I get sad about how small a G-5 fan base really is. Can you imagine the number of responses if UT or aTm did a get your rear on the record?
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    West Division North Texas, Texas State, UTSA, Rice, La Tech, Ark State. East Division Marshall, App State, Georgia St., Southern Miss, UAB, Charlotte, ehhh...why not hahaha 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    There are a ton of variables. One of them is NT's commitment to being a top-notch Athletics program. This commitment is only recent. We still have a few more years before all of the current conference TV Deals (mainly Big12) expire. If NT can position ourselves as a successful program over the next 3 years (we're already on the way), I think joining up with the Big12 leftovers is a possibility. Or, if the big12 leftovers decide to take SMU, we would simply backfill their spot in the AAC. Both of those scenarios are "more likely" to me than creating some regional spare conference and joining in.
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    All good points. I just think the uncertainty of Littrell combined with a really bad loss has provided even more fuel to the negative recruiting against UNT and in doing so probably created just enough doubt in his mind to make him reconsider.
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    Wouldn't hurt to talk to this kid. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/indiana-high-school-fullback-is-dominating-his-opponents-but-doesnt-have-a-scholarship-offer#
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    I guess we aren't.... I'll agree with the O Line but once Easly went out....I don't think people realize what Torrey did. UTEP 70 yards on 19 carries USM 95 yards on 17 carries 3 TDs UAB 35 yards on 13 carries Then the last 3rd of the season he was phenominal averaging over 7.5 yards per carry and scoring 7 TDs Rice 130 yards on 15 CARRIES 3 TDs ODU 145 yards on 25 carries 2 TDs FAU 184 yards on 17 CARRIES 1 TD UTSA 155 yards on 24 carries 1 TD We don't desperately need a running back...we need to give the one we have the ball more...
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    Just great. We get to play UNM on the day that their most famous alum passes away. RIP Penny....AKA Laverne
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    He's talented enough that offers will come in. Sucks for us, and he's the kind of guy that could change the game for us. I would have had no issues waiting for him if I'm Littrell. And if he happened to get poached before February's signing day, Littrell would find some other gem that fell through the cracks like he has the past few years (I'd take another Darden!).
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    Don't send anyone the tape jumping over the fumble in New Mexico.
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    Gotta work on that running game if we wanna keep running backs and not be limited to a passing attack, ya'll.
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    There would not be butts in seats, no interest, and no, it would not be fun to watch.
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    Hard to say with Easley. I think this was his third ACL tear? He might end up retiring.
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    And also, a lot of Torrey's run plays were off-tackle, sweep, stretch plays to space. Or, he would get a draw play on a pass down & gash the middle of the defense. Easly was able to run between the tackles more effectively IMO. I just wonder if we'll see the same Easly return. He's been banged up pretty bad. This was not his first catastrophic knee injury.
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    The real question now, is: Is this just an outlier? Or are we going to see more decommits over the next two days due to similar reasons?
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    Sure I would think so on Barbers, and yes UNT is committed to SL, but he is not committed to UNT except in interviews talking about family.
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    Get the #30 commit from Oklahoma...none one has offered this guy! Miles Davis, RB, Lawton, OK...."the best RB in Oklahoma". He's too small for OSU and OU.....get this guy!
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    Voertman's is still open? That used to be my stop every time I was in town. Now, it doesn't even cross my mind. So sad what it has become.
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    Doesn't help that our wonderful OC doesn't want to work in an actual running game.

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