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    I think this forum is a good place to call out the National Anthem at the New Mexico bowl. If you weren't there, this may have been a top 3 highlight besides the TDs. The audio system was acting up as the army sergeant I think (apologies if that isn't correct) was singing. At some point the static and cut outs totally quit, leaving it up to the crowd to pick up the slack. It wasn't a bunch of mumbling, instead it seemed like everyone on both sides of the stadium all joined in and sang like a fine tuned choir. And instead of a bunch of complaining and quick remarks about the audio guy at the end, the whole place applauded each other for a job well done. It was my best star spangled banner experience, ever. Thanks.
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    We are all very happy with our #1 recruiting class that is about to sign in a few days. In all my years of following the Mean Green I can't remember the last time North Texas had the best class in our conference. Littrell and his staff should be recognized for their hard work. It is yet another sign that UNT is improving. Having made that perfectly clear, it is my belief that our leadership must make signing the best possible offensive and defensive linemen their top recruiting priority. They are out there. Utah State found them. I don't care if they have to scour the entire country, and spend the bulk of their recruiting budget. We can find high quality skill players locally, but we have to place the best possible talent we can in the trenches, and we have not been able to do that locally. I believe without much better play from both of our lines, we will continue to struggle with good teams.
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    Yeah, that was awesome & it happened again w/God Bless America. The C130 & Blackhawk flyover was awesome as well!
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    My final thought... I haven't seen a UNT team this poorly prepared for a game in a loooooong time... Coaching staff should be embarrassed - they did not represent our university well. After the 2 FAU debacles last year plus last year's bowl debacle, I thought they would have learned how to get a team prepared for a game like this year's bowl. I 100% support Littrell and Company for all of the great things we've seen over the last 3 years - but they really need to not let this happen again.
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    Thank you. I have enjoyed watching you be a part of turning our program around. Best of luck in the future. Nate Brooks, Kemon Hall, Ashton Preston, Rod Young, Jordan Murray, Cudjoe Young, Quineton Jackson, Cedric Fernandes, Ulaiasi Tauaalo, Quin Shanbour, E.J. Ejiya, Brandon Garner, Cannon Maki, Ted Fausak, Jevin Pahinui, Riley Mayfield and Cole Hedlund
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/men-s-basketball-unt-to-face-new-mexico-team-bolstered/article_15cb6778-905f-5a88-852f-d76f22d43519.html
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    Coach Choice retweeted. Looks like he’s trying to help We have a lot of youth and depth at RB. Good luck to him.
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    Pick up the pieces the football team left behind.
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    You know, it's not even losing that's the issue. It's the way we lose. We are completely outmatched in the trenches. Every. Single. Time. And is this program really headed in the right direction? Every QB we threw out their outside of Fine looked like a deer in headlights. That's terrifying, because realistically, without Fine, we're 6-6 at best. We may be in for a very rough year next year. Offense can only carry you so far, just ask Kingsbury
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    ❇️ BIG GOIN’s ON’s in the MEAN GREEN ATHLETIC VILLAGE! https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/UNT-Has-Big-Plans-for-Athletic-Facility-Expansion-494848021.html GMG! PS: What kind of UNT fan would downvote this video? Oh! Probably not a Mean Green fan at all, but rather a UAB homer (or one from other CUSA outposts) & on a UNT fan forum to boot?
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/get-your-rear-on-the-record-review/article_2e9c01c5-3deb-58ec-a6f8-baa506f89da2.html
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    This hurts. Torrey exploded but he's such a small guy. Easly won't be ready till mid season at the earliest. Nic Smith has been mediocre. The others are not lead backs.
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    I think this could be the game that defines where we are as a team.
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    Honestly? I'd might be okay with going 0-4 if we didn't look like total chumps every single time. I expect us to get kicked in the crotch every time a big game comes along.
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    SBCUSA... Those that could leave, did. Those that can’t, they are stuck—see USM, Marshall, Rice, and UAB.
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    did they make it to New Mexico? If so, how many students attended & where did they sit? I didn't see many students around me.
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    I must say that the singing of the National Anthem was moving, it felt good. The Fly over was cool as well. The UNT alumni tent, tailgating with UNM fans. I had a great time. Too bad about the outcome, we hung with them for a quarter and then..... Next year's schedule is tough, how about three nine win seasons row! GO MEAN GREEN BEAT acu!
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    Get him to send some of those East Texas young men our direction.
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    Pregame tailgate party. Prior to kick off. Rick
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    Brammer is just a freshman and is converting from playing TE in High School. He is adding weight. He will only get better.
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    Yep USU made us look like chumps
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    You can beat better teams than you are. You just got to be mentally prepared and frickin want it more. The way NT gets its arse handed to it in championship games, something not clicking with the team overall in planning strategy or in the locker room.
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    In each of our 4 post season games under Seth, we looked like we had no business on the same field as our opponents.