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    I see from the down vote that we still have some KSU fans hanging round.
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    I've chosen not to post on the threads related to our coaching situation because I have no insight and can provide no new information on the matter but in reading much of what's been posted, it feels like where GMG.com represents "the voice of the fans" it can start to feel like Mean Green fans are quick to assume the worst, inclined to feel betrayed by the idea that an individual might consider options outside of Denton, and hasty in withdrawing support for individuals who have represented our University in a mighty way I think, however, there's a silent majority of Mean Green fans who have chosen to be patient, waiting for things to play out understand that it would be irresponsible for someone to choose not to consider all opportunities (refuse enough interviews and the requests will dry up) recognize that we've enjoyed one of the best 3 year stretches in school history and will never not appreciate the effort of those who contributed I hold out hope that things end with Littrell and his staff returning to bring us a CUSA title in 2019 and many more in following seasons, but should things not work out that way, I will unwaveringly stand behind our Mean Green and its leadership while also supporting those who have given much to the program and chosen to move on.
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    I am not a premium member on any KSU sports board but from reading the thread headings on one of them I gather that there must be some Wildcat fans trolling this board and I want to make it clear that these fools do not represent all KSU fans. Not by a long shot. If this is happening I want to apologize and tell you that every Wildcat fan I personally know would be deeply ashamed to be associated with such behavior. I know legendary living hall of fame head coach Bill Snyder would be very disturbed to know this was being done by fans who would have absolutely nothing to cheer about if it hadn't been for him coming to KSU in 1989 and building the losingest program in college football into a respectable one no one could ever take for granted while he was coach. It will be very hard if not impossible to find anyone able to fill his shoes. However things work out, I want to wish you fans of the University of North Texas all the best going forward. And sorry again for those internet flamers who claim to be KSU fans who are causing any grief here. I reject them and their atrocious behavior, and I know Bill Snyder rejects them too, Go Mean Green!
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    This is the kind of hor$hit WB and the AD Dept has to deal with in regards to the Denton Record Chronicle. Our softball team and it’s new coach Rodney DeLong traveled last Friday to College Station and kicked ass. They went 4-1 overall in the Aggie Classic that included a run-rule curb stomping Saturday of the host and 20th ranked A&M team 10-2, our first win over a ranked team in three seasons. We won 9-0 over UNC and won 8-7 in an extra inning marathon (12) over Cal Baptist Friday evening. We then run ruled A&M Saturday afternoon then lost by 1 in extra innings (9) Saturday evening to Cal Baptist. Then we run ruled Northern Colorado 8-2 Sunday morning. So what do the morons at the DRC put accross the top of the sports page this morning? They print a headline teaser across the top of the sports page that UNT Softball “lose in tourneys”. No DUMBASSES!!! North Texas WINS in tourneys! North Texas outscored their opponents 40-17. North Texas won Sunday’s game and went 4-1 in the tournament and kicked the crap out of the ranked team. And yeah, I know it’s the printed version and not online. Despite what you may think or say a lot of potential donors/season ticket holders/supporters of NT Athletics still read the print paper.....but that’s completely beside the point here. It’s the mindset and the negative attitude this paper has always had and always will as long as the Patterson (Ok State Alumni) family runs it. North Texas spends a lot of money advertising in that POS rag. North Texas is Denton’s largest employer. You’d think the days of the constant little negative jabs and back stabbing would be over? It’s not. Effing pisses me off man!!! Rick
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    As I spend this Christmas Eve on duty and away from my personal family I’ve been reflecting back on the great year I’ve had with my Mean Green Nation family. From a phenomenal CBI National Championship to one of the greatest road trips ever to Fayetteville and back. Regardless if we’re at each other’s throats fighting and arguing over something trivial about the Mean Green or slapping high fives together in celebration at Apogee & The Super Pit....it’s been a blast and I wouldn’t trade any of y’all for anything,.....not even for a bag of Kettle Corn. Well, maybe I’d trade Bert Frito? Nah, just kidding...Bert. Anyhow, wishing everyone and your families a safe, peaceful and Merry Christmas. It’s All Good...And All Green! Rick
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    247 Page: https://247sports.com/Player/Brendon-Lewis-46036862/ Hudl Page:http://www.hudl.com/profile/7929951/Brendon-Lewis UNT Football held its 2019 Junior day on Monday February 18, 2019 (Presidents Day this year). A highly ranked group of prospects attended the Denton event. These top 2020 targets were invited to come check out the facilities and meet and hang out with the staff. They also were able to meet with the new staff additions, including new offensive coordinator Bodie Reeder who was previously at Eastern Washington. One of the biggest recruits in New Denton Monday was Melissa High School 4-star Quarterback Brendon Lewis. In his junior season, Lewis led Melissa his with over 4000 total yards and 50 touchdowns. His big junior season has culminated in over 15 offers, including teams like Mississippi State, TCU, Texas Tech and Nebraska. Despite that lofty listing, Lewis likes what he has seen from North Texas so far. Seeing what Seth Littrell and Mason Fine have been able to accomplish together in their 3 years in North Texas has made it a compelling destination for offensive players. I had a chance to talk to the 4 Star QB to see how his visit to New Denton went. GMG: How was the atmosphere at JR day today? Brendon Lewis (BL): “It was great, the coaches made me feel like family. They just gave off a good vibe and I felt a great connection with all of them.” GMG Did you have a chance to meet new Offensive Coordinator Boodie Reeder? BL “Yes, I spent almost the whole day with him. I love him already. He’s a great guy. He’s smart and I just loved talking ball with him. He knows what he’s doing, and our relationship is already great. He made a good impression on me. I could go on and on about him” GMG Mason Fine has had a lot of success with the North Texas offense the last few years. With him graduating after next season does it intrigue you that quarterback position will be wide open, and you could come in and start at QB early? Or is that not a major factor? BL “It is a pretty big factor seeing how well Mason is doing it and Coach Littrell’s history of developing QBs. It makes me excited to have a chance to come in early and compete for the job and playing in that offense that would be a lot of fun.” GMG What other factors are going to be big factors in your decision. Close to home? Biggest offer? or best fit? BL “Really the place that feels like home and the coaches who make me feel like family. And just being real with me. I want to go to the place that is the best fit for me to accomplish my dreams and aspirations which are to play at the next level as well as providing a good education for my life after football.”
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    I rewatched some of the game this morning from my hotel room. Here is what I noticed, and it won't make any of our fans happy. We made mistakes...true. Our QB went down early...true. But we were outmatched by a better team. Their lines were better. When they wanted to get pressure on our QB they did...when we wanted to send pressure we were mostly stonewalled. They ran with pretty good success both when we expected it and when we didn’t...it was tough sledding for our backs all night. Their secondary was better. Save a few breakaway plays (like the Guyton tD) there was a defender all over our receivers when we caught the ball...they ran a 7 on 7 game against our secondary AND got open deep with little problem. They were just a quality team, and we are not yet. But here is the other thing to think about. We have yet to really put a quality recruiting class on the field. The same players that went 1-11, with the key additions of some skill position players have turned in back-to-back 9 win seasons. There are guys with D1 size (and speed) that we brought in last year and didn’t play yet (guys like Jaxon Williams, KD Davis and Reggie Williams), we brought in guys like Dayton Leblanc and Derrick Shaw who have real DL size. And this year’s class (still #1 in CUSA) will bring more of an upgrade in talent. We are not a “great” team yet, but we have managed “good” with culture, duct tape and bailing wire.
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    After gathering some info and taking it all in. This is what i predict will go down. 1. Seth new super agent has used the Kansas State job to get Seth a pay raise. I think Sexton camp was the one that put Seth's name out as a top candidate. Even thought I think he was 3 or 4 on the list. I think Seth will interview just for the experience. But before the bowl game Wren baker will announce a contract extension for Seth making him the highest coach in CUSA and top 5 in G5 (will also have a nice buyout). Kansas State will sign one of Jim Levitt or Chris Klieman. 2. North Texas will win the bowl game against a #23 ranked Utah State. 3. North Texas will sign a large portion of F19HTCLUB 5 days later 4. I believe there will be some changes to the coaching staff. I will leave that at that. 5. IPF will be complete 6. North Texas led by Seth Littrell and Mason Fine will win 10 games next season, along with winning the CUSA championship and goign to their 4th straight bowl game. 7. Incarnate Word led my Eric Morris wins back to back Southland titles while leading the top 10 ranked team on a nice playoff run 8. Seth will move on to greener pastures. UNT will cash the nice buyout. UTSA will part ways with Frank Wilson after another sub 500. year 9. UTSA will try to poach the coach from across town. UNT will sweep in and Get Coach Morris right out from in under them. #GMG #InWrenWeTrust Disclaimer: Step back from the ledge Mean Green Family. Its all going to work out. This is just the beginning not the end. Enjoy the ride
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    I had a young man come over this morning (Sat) to mow my yard. He showed up in an Arkansas sweatshirt. I asked him what his Arkansas connection was. He said he doesn't like it anymore and only wears it to mow yards. He said he stopped liking Arkansas after the North Texas game. GO MEAN GREEN
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    That is a great honor. Congratulations to Brett.
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    Wren Baker‏Verified account @wrenbaker 3m3 minutes ago More Replying to @ntdaily I think you guys are confused. I attempted to bring clarity to the reporters but obviously failed. The debt you reference is for facilities (largely stadium). It has dedicated revenue streams that pay for debt service payments. It isn't related to the annual budget. Wren Baker‏Verified account @wrenbaker 5s5 seconds ago More This article is misleading & was written without visiting with the athletic department CFO (as suggested) who would have helped you understand so you could write something accurate & factual. We value student journalism & are always willing to help you get the story correct. #GMG
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    I thought I was told on this board that Mason Fine would never be able to throw the deep ball... Update he can. He is actually the best in the nation at it..
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    I will regard them as invaders and treat them accordingly. Build the wall.
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    Hi - Thank you all for the posts! It is all so interesting to me and my family. My dad was Steve Ramsey the QB you are speaking of. My son, John Stephen, is now 8 and loves football! He is also so interested in looking up his stats etc. on the internet. It has been really fun and interesting to see these posts and hear about my dad. I really miss him. He died in 1999. Keep the info coming! (ie I didn't know they were suppose to play in Texas Stadium, but it wasn't finished!!!) Thanks - Kim Ramsey Kavanagh
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    It's just misplaced virtue signaling. Nobody here disagrees with honoring veterans but it wasn't really germane to this post on this board.
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    I just wish the fan base would give up the mentality that we need Seth. We need a competent administration that is committed to investing in athletics and we have that now. The coach we hire after Seth will be a good coach because we have smart people making the decisions now, we have resources, and this is an extremely attractive job.
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    Just picked up my 2019 edition of DCTF. Thought I’d start a thread where folks could share their thoughts on this year’s offering. One of the greatest things I noticed was that while they list NORTH TEXAS AT SOUTHERN MISS as UNT’s Game of the Year, they list SMU’s Game of the Year as SMU VS. NORTH TEXAS. Greatness.
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    Jalen Guyton came to Edinburg in South Texas today to have a combine style camp for kids of all ages. Even threw up the talon. Good luck to Jalen.
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    I was talking to a guy I know who played LB at SMU just after the Death Penalty. I asked him if he pays any attention to SMU much these days and he was quite frank in saying no. I asked why and he said, "Look, I went to SMU when we were in the SWC. I played Texas, Arkansas, A&M, Tech, and Baylor, plus teams like Notre Dame in OOC play. I've tried to care after that, but its impossible to care about anyone on our schedule except for TCU and maybe Houston." I told him that as a North Texas guy, this was a big game every year and we have it about as good as we ever have had it, conference wise, as well as playing SMU every year. He didn't even know we played them in OOC. He just shook his head and said, "And people wonder why nobody follows SMU anymore..." Arrogance meeting apathy...only thing I agreed with him about was that this was an incredible fall from the top of FBS to not even being thought of anymore in the college football world. Couldn't have happened to a better group of a$$holes.
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    Mods can move if they wish, but when any of our teams are playing for conference championships, it should get football board publicity. Opponent is Middle Tennessee. Double Header Saturday beginning at 1pm. Game 3 on Sunday at noon. If NT wins all three it is guaranteed the CUSA regular season championship and #1 seed in the conference tournament by virtue of its head to head tiebreaker with La Tech. We need to pack the stadium this weekend with fans. Even if you haven't paid the least bit of attention to softball so far this year, make a point to go out and support. If you demand big time wins before supporting a team, well this team has them. Two top 25 wins including one over a top 10 team (and that team is STILL in the top 10 today). Almost certainly the biggest series in the history of NT softball. Let's pack the stadium for it. GMG!
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    First I hope everyone made it home from Albuquerque safe and sound. UNM is easily one of the easiest drive-to destinations you could ever ask for. Cheap gas and hotel stay made it that much better. Including stops for food and gas we got back home in 9 1/2 hours. The New Mexico Bowl is a nice event. The city of Albuquerque and the University Of New Mexico greatly supports it. The UNM fans love having this game in their stadium, ....and it’s a damn nice stadium btw. (The dumbass that ranked it as one of the worst stadiums doesn’t have a $&@#ing clue what he’s talking about). The UNM fans were out tailgating early yesterday morning, some brought in RV’’s and big smoker pits. Their fans picked a team and sat on that team’s side of the stadium and cheered for them. There were a lot of corporate and local businesses present all throughout with lots of give-away stuff. The local radio and TV stations covered it really well also. The UNT Alumni Association, AD and University put on another great blowout for us all and we had a good turnout. Good food, good drinks and great fans. Overall this is easily the best bowl North Texas has participated in from my perspective. It’s GREATLY supported in all facets by the city that hosts it and they go out of their way to show their appreciation for both schools and their fans. Rick
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    I know you are snooping around our forum, as we are yours. I just want to politely correct one of your comments in your forum regarding the size of our school: "Having been around small schools before, I'm not surprised. Anytime there are creditable rumors of one of the big boys snooping around, you worry because you know if the big boys go with a full-court press, there is little chance that it can be matched and they'll get what they want. Every off-season with a successful HC, a small school usually has to sweat out the rumors." Kansas State Fall 2018 Enrollment - 22,221 North Texas Fall 2017 Enrollment - 38,094 Now, I am not sure I am correct, because I studied my math at little old North Texas. But, I am pretty sure that 38,094 is bigger that 22,221.
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    While I appreciate you thinking I am a sports agent making the big bucks, I assure you I am a real-life, middle-class, working female. 😊 Yes, I realize I am probably the only female commenting here on this thread/on this site. A few things: I know more about football probably more than the average female, grew up with 2 football-playing brothers their whole lives, grew up going to UNT football games with my brothers and dad (both parents are Alumni; Dad was Scrappy for a year back in the day), am an Alumni myself (in the Todd Dodge days 😬), have been a season ticket holder since I graduated, still have connections in the Athletics department to keep up with the drama (though I could always come to this page), and I keep my mouth shut on things I don't know much about. I'm fairly knowledgeable with the football program and the history of the program. That being said, I know my place here and many will probably "Skeptical Eagle" on me because I'm a female and that's fine. But, I see no problem in adding to a post when I know something - hence my earlier post. Like many of you, I love MG Football and just like to stay up-to-date on the latest. Also - I am a new user to the site as of last month, which is why you've "never" seen me post. Sorry to burst your bubble. But, if you talk to Jimmy, feel free to tell him to send some of his millions my way. 💸
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    Oh and of course I loved seeing all the NCAA records my dad set....not only was he an amazing athlete, but an amazing human being ❤️ - Kim
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    This is the first pass of the paint scheme for a cornhole game that I am making. Looking construct it this weekend. I will post photos when I am finished.
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    It's really a small world. We are currently on vacation in Dublin, and I ran into a couple wearing North Texas gear. I yelled out Go Mean Green and talked to them for a few mins. It's really cool running into alumni in other countries.
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    Why, because he's 20 years old and having fun?
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    I don't blame him for going home. He gave his all when he was here. I am rooting for him.
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    I posted this after the UTEP loss and, unfortunately, the events of the rest of the season seemed to back it up. “For the last two years Fine, the receivers, the coaching staff, and a few other stalwarts have hid the fact that, from a talent standpoint, this roster has not been built up to the level that their record would indicate This offensive line still does not have all conference guys, and has been exposed. The defense has played well but we’ve also seen lack of depth hurt the team in recent games.  This is a good team, and a solid roster, but this was never a UCF type, 13-0 roster. That’s why it’s not just “oh we barely beat one of the worst FBS teams, that’s not good.” It’s that there are some concerning trends and some weaknesses that we were always winning in spite of to begin with being exposed more recently.” The question I keep seeing asked is why can’t Seth Littrell win “big games?” Well, other than Fine and a few other key players, do we really have the roster to? Who are the best teams that we have actually beaten under Littrell? This year and last year, who are the best teams we beat? Two 6-win teams in Liberty and Southern Miss this year? Last year, UAB and Army at home on last-second field goals? Whenever we would win I kept seeing the “I thought this staff couldn’t recruit” comments, but this roster as a whole was made up of lower-half CUSA recruiting classes and McCarney classes that understandably failed to stay intact through the coaching change. It really isn’t that surprising that teams who are actually good seem to take us to the woodshed. The good news is that we are finally set to sign a number 1 in CUSA recruiting class this Wednesday, and I would expect something similar for the 2020 class. The bad news is, Fine is a senior and we don’t know what we have behind him. Plus, most players from this class won’t be able to help next year and most of those that will are going to be a downgrade from the guys they’re replacing (i.e. Ejiya, Garner, Brooks, Hall). Also, we have enough guys coming back next year where we absolutely can take that next step. Gonna be a huge offseason for this program to make sure they capitalize on the last year of Fine and make sure they are setup well for life after him.
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    And we should be happy for him when he gets one. For now, I'm thrilled he's staying with us. #stayLitt
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    My thoughts today. Seth is a very good coach and will be great whereever he goes. I think this is all a product of Jimmy Sexton’s doings. There needs to be some damage control ASAP. We have a bowl game in a little over a week( which he hasn't won and i feel would be high on his to do list) and signing day in 2 weeks( we currently have a top 60 in the country class and #1 in CUSA something he has came no where to doing in his tenure). We have a TON of talent returning and a TON of talent coming in. I am not asking Seth to be the next Gary Patterson. But I am asking him to Shit or get off the pot. This is not helping the team, recruits, staff, fan base or athletic department. Either commit to one more year or accept whatever job Fat Jimmy can get you an offer at( because it isn't K-State so far). North Texas is not the same North Texas it was 20 years ago. This is one of the top 10 G5 programs in the country ( with one of the best administration in the country) and would be a hot opening if it came opened and we don't have to be drug around like a side chick/ back up plan. ACCOMPLISH THE MISSION
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    Yeah. I knew what he meant. However, there are a ton of uneducated fans out there who think a schools athletic budget is directly related to the school size. My Ex-wife was an U of Oklahoma graduate and was stunned that North Texas had a larger enrollment than OU. In fact, she refused to believe it. So, I divorced her 😉
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    I feel like the narrative online is omitting some key points: - the family that owns this property is wealthy, so it is not like they don’t have the ability to move nearby. The son is interviewed but I believe the father owns the property and the tax info fowards to a million dollar home. - despite this wealth this whole section of four buildings has not had meaningful investment in forever, the buildings and pavement are in poor shape and that is being generous. - they are being offered $700k almost triple the tax value for a small building built in the 60’s. So school bullies young hard working owner is the easy narrative to write but I feel there is a more accurate one that hasn’t been put forth.
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    Christian is slated to be a Hybrid TE. Will play majority spread out but will come down on the line to block and prevent defenses from switching personnel in a high tempo offense.
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    Not directed at you, but none of this downplays freaking D-Day. Everyone knows it was a pivotal moment in a brutal war where the good guys sacrificed so much and won out. America is freaking great, but you know what, Mason Fine is great, too! Maybe not America great, but still great. Also my sister's birthday is 6/6. We just yell at her NO PRESENTS FOR YOU JERK BECAUSE IT DOWNPLAYS HOW MUCH SACRIFICE THIS COUNTRY HAS GIVEN UP. Misplaced, misguided, and sanctimonious. Of effing course we should be commemorating American sacrifices that happened on that specific day, but those exact sacrifices have allowed the rest of the world to keep going and we all appreciate it. Not to mention there were pivotal battles over different continents happening on different dates and different wars.
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    Aune looks like #2 and Martin looks like #3. Bean still tries to make up for his indecision with his legs. He does have good wheels, but then, just about everyone else does too. BV is right, Keune will probably redshirt. He does have some Fine-like qualities however. Addaway looked pretty good. He weaved through the middle of the defense for his first TD. He has very good speed, but I still haven't been able to evaluate his power running. Siggers is getting back into rhythm as a rb after spending a season at DB. White looks pretty good and Shorter made some pretty good catches, but he seemed a bit off after taking an uncomfortable fall in the endzone going for a fade pass. He got mugged most of the day by the DB's...…...as did all of the WR's. It looks like our DB's are being turned loose to go bonzai on the receivers. Hopefully they will then learn to dial it back. #20 and #40 looked good out there at LB. #32 was a monster. All the starting DL's were putting a lot of pressure on the QB's and I saw a lot of #45 and #46 around the ball when they were in there. That's good, because they both look like they are capable of jamming up the middle. just going by todays efforts, #47 seems to have the strongest leg. #49 under kicked a 50+ yrd FG attempt, and #47 had more than enough leg, he just missed. All the receivers had to battle a brutal cold gusty wind today. It never got over 48 degrees and the wind averaged around 15-20 mph. I was sooooo glad to get back into my truck.
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    I don't mean this to be bashing GH, because I really have a lot of respect for him and his family, but did we just upgrade at OC? Obviously time will tell, but I feel really good about this.
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    Waiting on the NT Daily to write a response to this. Since they failed massively when they talked about the athletic department's finances a few months ago.
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    Catch all the mean green basketball games at East Side In Denton. If its streaming we will be showing it. #gmg
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    People might want our coaches, the NFL might want our players and high school players want to come here. I don't even recognize this program amymore.
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    Wren also went on to say this does not include the Cross Country CUSA Championship. Also worth noting that both basketball coaches took over for coaches who failed to even make the CUSA Tourney in their last year and football infamously was coming off a 1-11 season and last place in the division.
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    Thank you. I have enjoyed watching you be a part of turning our program around. Best of luck in the future. Nate Brooks, Kemon Hall, Ashton Preston, Rod Young, Jordan Murray, Cudjoe Young, Quineton Jackson, Cedric Fernandes, Ulaiasi Tauaalo, Quin Shanbour, E.J. Ejiya, Brandon Garner, Cannon Maki, Ted Fausak, Jevin Pahinui, Riley Mayfield and Cole Hedlund
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    The NYT isn't going to be popular with some on this board, but it's really big for one of our players to get some press there. Edit: and we still cant get decent press from the rags in Ft Worth and Dallas. It's laughable.
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    Hmm. AAC leadership apparently has friends in high places, but I'm legitimately wondering if that conference has figured it out.... to the point that even after Texas/OU/OSU/Kansas leave the Big12, schools like Houston & SMU won't want to join up with the Big 12 leftovers, rather staying with the AAC. If NT can keep up momentum better than we have (football & basketball), we can position ourselves nicely to fit with the Big12 leftovers if SMU decides to stick with the AAC. Also, pretty please can we get rid of McCleod & bring in someone who can run a conference? C-USA has done nothing but backslide under her leadership.
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    I’ve know his dad (Brian) for quite a while and he is a good friend of mine. Great family man and he has coached both of his boys growing up and was an excellent coach. The Lewis family never stops working and always looking to get better. Brendon Lewis is a young man that I hope we can get to play here! Here is what Brendon’s father wrote on his Facebook page today. GMG!
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    I hold Patrick Cobbs in very high regard. I have yet to post this story, so now seems like a good time. This season near the end of the Incarnate Word game, and with a 2 and half hours drive in front of us, my wife and I headed out. While putting our seats in the trunk of the car, I realized the canvas back of my seat had fallen off somewhere along the way. These North Texas stadium chairs are no longer available, so I was intent on finding the backing. After tracing my step and not finding the item, I found myself at the entrance to Apogee. The ladies at the gate were very understanding of my situation, but couldn't let me back in the stadium with my ticket that had already been scanned. Out of nowhere, Patrick and his wife stepped up and handed me one of their club level tickets. What wonderful people that truly love and support our athletics. They are great representatives of our university and Patrick certainly has the credentials to coach our running backs. I would be beyond enthusiastic if Littrell were to hire Cobbs.
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    I've never understood the dislike of GH here, he does a good job IMO. The offense has gotten better each year and continuity matters in college football. I'm happy (if) he is staying. GMG.

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