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    This is the kind of hor$hit WB and the AD Dept has to deal with in regards to the Denton Record Chronicle. Our softball team and it’s new coach Rodney DeLong traveled last Friday to College Station and kicked ass. They went 4-1 overall in the Aggie Classic that included a run-rule curb stomping Saturday of the host and 20th ranked A&M team 10-2, our first win over a ranked team in three seasons. We won 9-0 over UNC and won 8-7 in an extra inning marathon (12) over Cal Baptist Friday evening. We then run ruled A&M Saturday afternoon then lost by 1 in extra innings (9) Saturday evening to Cal Baptist. Then we run ruled Northern Colorado 8-2 Sunday morning. So what do the morons at the DRC put accross the top of the sports page this morning? They print a headline teaser across the top of the sports page that UNT Softball “lose in tourneys”. No DUMBASSES!!! North Texas WINS in tourneys! North Texas outscored their opponents 40-17. North Texas won Sunday’s game and went 4-1 in the tournament and kicked the crap out of the ranked team. And yeah, I know it’s the printed version and not online. Despite what you may think or say a lot of potential donors/season ticket holders/supporters of NT Athletics still read the print paper.....but that’s completely beside the point here. It’s the mindset and the negative attitude this paper has always had and always will as long as the Patterson (Ok State Alumni) family runs it. North Texas spends a lot of money advertising in that POS rag. North Texas is Denton’s largest employer. You’d think the days of the constant little negative jabs and back stabbing would be over? It’s not. Effing pisses me off man!!! Rick
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    247 Page: https://247sports.com/Player/Brendon-Lewis-46036862/ Hudl Page:http://www.hudl.com/profile/7929951/Brendon-Lewis UNT Football held its 2019 Junior day on Monday February 18, 2019 (Presidents Day this year). A highly ranked group of prospects attended the Denton event. These top 2020 targets were invited to come check out the facilities and meet and hang out with the staff. They also were able to meet with the new staff additions, including new offensive coordinator Bodie Reeder who was previously at Eastern Washington. One of the biggest recruits in New Denton Monday was Melissa High School 4-star Quarterback Brendon Lewis. In his junior season, Lewis led Melissa his with over 4000 total yards and 50 touchdowns. His big junior season has culminated in over 15 offers, including teams like Mississippi State, TCU, Texas Tech and Nebraska. Despite that lofty listing, Lewis likes what he has seen from North Texas so far. Seeing what Seth Littrell and Mason Fine have been able to accomplish together in their 3 years in North Texas has made it a compelling destination for offensive players. I had a chance to talk to the 4 Star QB to see how his visit to New Denton went. GMG: How was the atmosphere at JR day today? Brendon Lewis (BL): “It was great, the coaches made me feel like family. They just gave off a good vibe and I felt a great connection with all of them.” GMG Did you have a chance to meet new Offensive Coordinator Boodie Reeder? BL “Yes, I spent almost the whole day with him. I love him already. He’s a great guy. He’s smart and I just loved talking ball with him. He knows what he’s doing, and our relationship is already great. He made a good impression on me. I could go on and on about him” GMG Mason Fine has had a lot of success with the North Texas offense the last few years. With him graduating after next season does it intrigue you that quarterback position will be wide open, and you could come in and start at QB early? Or is that not a major factor? BL “It is a pretty big factor seeing how well Mason is doing it and Coach Littrell’s history of developing QBs. It makes me excited to have a chance to come in early and compete for the job and playing in that offense that would be a lot of fun.” GMG What other factors are going to be big factors in your decision. Close to home? Biggest offer? or best fit? BL “Really the place that feels like home and the coaches who make me feel like family. And just being real with me. I want to go to the place that is the best fit for me to accomplish my dreams and aspirations which are to play at the next level as well as providing a good education for my life after football.”
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    I don't mean this to be bashing GH, because I really have a lot of respect for him and his family, but did we just upgrade at OC? Obviously time will tell, but I feel really good about this.
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    Waiting on the NT Daily to write a response to this. Since they failed massively when they talked about the athletic department's finances a few months ago.
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    Decided to get some different angles of the IPF today to obtain a sense of how it changes the Eagle Point skyline.
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    Two straight years we look bad offensively all season, never really get it together, and falter down the stretch once we start getting exposed and have almost no bench production. The season isn’t over, but Mccasland can’t hide the truth of this season behind our win total. I get that Duffy is hurt (which we already knew he was injury prone), but in two years the only bench player who has brought consistent scoring is Gibson who has now been forced to start, leaving us with almost zero bench scoring. Why is that? Because we’re not deep. Why are we not deep? Because we have used a lot of scholarships on guys who give us nothing. Wise and Mohamed are redshirting. Tikhonenko has played zero conference games in 2 seasons under scholarship. Alcindor came in with no scholarship offers and picked up more fouls than points this year, and Mccasland doesn’t even trust him with essentially no bench. Mccasland is showing that he sees Alcindor as unplayable. So right there you’re down to just 9 scholarship players. Of those 9, one of them is spent on a former walk on who is a 5’10” shooter but is shooting barely over 20% from three in conference. Another is spent on a player in Duffy missing time for his fourth different injury in two seasons. Another is spent on a 6’4” forward (Jahmiah Simmons) whose shooting splits in conference play were 34.6%/0%/31.3% before he was injured. 0-7 from three and 5-16 from the free throw line on conference play. That leaves six players. One of those is Tope Arikawe who has a -7 offensive box plus/minus, which is the second lowest only to walk on John Weger. Then lastly, we have Roosevelt Smart who seemingly hasn’t recovered from his preseason injury, and is almost single-handedly sinking us in these losses. Smart is a combined 4-32 (12.5%!!!) in our last three losses. Our single-season school record holder for points in a season has a shooting percentage that looks like a pitcher’s batting average in these huge conference games. The truth is, he has been a bad basketball player this season and we don’t have any other options because of our lack of depth. The good news is that if this is the worst that it gets, that’s not so bad. The problem is this is the second straight year, and we only have two scholarships left and we have quite a bit to replace in Miller and Duffy, plus we need to add some quality size. I really don’t think Mccasland can just stick with the status quo this offseason. He has to make some tough decisions, really make good use of the scholarships instead of spending it on guys who don’t play, and get the guys we have right (mainly Smart). I don’t know how much can be done before the season is over but the offense can’t look this bad and our bench can’t still be this shallow next year.
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    I’ve know his dad (Brian) for quite a while and he is a good friend of mine. Great family man and he has coached both of his boys growing up and was an excellent coach. The Lewis family never stops working and always looking to get better. Brendon Lewis is a young man that I hope we can get to play here! Here is what Brendon’s father wrote on his Facebook page today. GMG!
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    Largest donation in UNT history. May be moved to another board but good news. https://www.dentonrc.com/news/unt-board-chairman-donates-million/article_17e20d4a-4170-52dc-9f15-63193951b1bc.html
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    Spotted this helmet at Duke’s Travel Plaza in Mt. Vernon this morning.
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    I love the way we keep talking about Mason in terms like "lightly regarded" and pretending that Harrell took this raw clay and made a masterpiece. The kid was the two-time Oklahoma player of the year and between his junior and senior high school seasons passed for 9,233 yards and had a touchdown to interception ratio of 124:13. Other than height, this kid was not some scrub unworthy of a chance.
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    Re-watching this great win over the past few nights. So much I could say about the game...first two quarters the Razorbacks shot them selves in the foot...our offense struggled at times...defense and special teams really stepped up, and I’m not talking about the fake fair catch - Arkansas ‘ starting field position and penalty after penalty really took their toll...both teams committed too much penalties. But In the 3rd we settled in and really took it to them. Our offense began to impose its will on the Razorbacks defense...several great receptions for long yardage...also some great rushes. What a quality win. SEC wins are hard to come by for the Mean Green historically. Watching the game again I see how fantastic this win was for our program, regardless of Arkansas’ record at the end of the season. Remember this win. Special season and team for our Mean Green. Sometimes I forget how awesome this win was for us...9 wins is such a great accomplishment, especially wins over Arkansas and SMU - certainly Arkansas who would’ve gladly used us as a primer a few years ago for their “real” schedule. Someone pointed out on another thread how our non-conference shedule in the past was so much more difficult, and I agree. It’s what makes this win so special. Really proud of these young men and the coaches. Screw the hogs. Great to see our Mean Green beat em down. Great to re-watch it again. And again. Go Mean Green.
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    I think by the number of assistant coaches Seth has sent to the P5 ranks it is safe to speculate. As far as the most recent hirings Jennings has been one of the best if not the best DB coach in the region in the last 10 years. Bodie led one of the top 3 offenses in the FCS the last two years and led on big playoff runs. His up tempo pace and Seth air raid will be a fun combination to watch next season. As for Cobbs idk if you could have found better fit for a G5 RB coaching vacancy. Hall of famer at Alma Mater, TXHSFB coaching experience and relations ship and NFL experience. He Killed It.
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    Y’all are getting a good one! Here’s a good article on him. https://pistolsfiringblog.com/chalk-talk-why-bodie-reeder-should-be-osus-next-offensive-coordinator/
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    Thursday, January 30, 1969, North Texas State University, Denton, Texas. Basketball. When the Eagles were at home, my future wife knew where we were going. Glad we were there for this one. Returning home to “The Snake Pit”, the Eagles took on the highly ranked Drake Bulldogs. At this point in the season, Drake was 10-3 with wins over three of the top 20 teams in the nation (by the end of the season they had victories over seven top 20 teams). The Bulldogs were much in need of a victory against NTSU to keep their chances of winning the Missouri Valley Conference alive. But the Eagles, led by guards, Joe Hamilton (NTAHoF ’89) and Crest Whitaker (NTAHoF ’94), both of whom ended the year averaging over 20 points per game, had other ideas. The Bulldogs faltered early in the game and NT’s blistering shooting attack was something to behold that night. The final: NTSU 118 – Drake 99 in one of the all-time great basketball games in North Texas history. In that game, Chest Whitaker scorched Drake with 36 points, hitting 13 of 19 field goals and 10 of 11 free throws, and his counterpart Joe Hamilton poured in 31. No three-pointers in those days. It was something to see! That game was a high point for us in a season that saw us finish with a very respectable 15-10 record and a fourth-place finish in the MVC which was one of the toughest basketball conferences in the county. We won 12 of our 13 home games that year and averaged 99.8 points per game at home. The 1968-69 season was North Texas’ first winning season in 15 years and no NTSU team had ever finished higher than 7th in MVC play. It was also Drake’s last loss in the regular season, which they finished out at 20-4, and received a bid to the NCAA tournament. Victories over Texas A&M (81-63) and Colorado State (84-77) gave the Bulldogs a 12-game win streak and a trip to the “Final Four” where they faced the #1 team in the nation, the UCLA Bruins who were led by 7’2”, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Drake gave Abdul-Jabbar and UCLA a run for their money coming up just three points short (85-82) of beating the eventual National Champion Bruins. Two days later, Drake beat North Carolina to finish at #3 in the tournament and ended their season with a 23-5 record and a #9 ranking. I included a photo of the “old man” of the team, 27-year-old, Wendel Hart. It didn’t matter how loud it was in “The Pit”, when Wendel got up off of the bench to check-in to the game, it got louder, much louder, “Wendel, Wendel, Wendel”. Many times in the 67’-68’ and 68’-69’ seasons we loudly encouraged Coach Spika to put Wendel in the game. Wendel had been a JC All-American at Dallas Baptist and served four years in the Air Force before becoming an Eagle. Today’s “It’s a Small World” story. One of the starting guards for Drake that night in Denton was a young man named, Don Draper. And here we are 50 years later with, I am told, our own member of the family, #55 D.J. Draper, grandson of Don Draper and a big part of the reason that NT is 18-3 this season. Fly Like An Eagle!
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    I am thankful for his services in the awesome turn-around in our football program. We clearly have an improved offense, and I think his name/reputation in Texas helped recruiting. Maybe it's just me, but I not overly saddened by this loss. I thought that he was still coming into his own as offensive coordinator. He often had good first half game plans, but our second half always seemed lacking....He didn't seem to adjust/adapt to the half-time adjustments made by the other team, and he struggled to win many of our the big games, including bowl games. I felt like he was still in the early growth stage of his offensive coordinator career, but with massive potential... As such, I think that this hire may be a little early for him and USC. I think we can at least replace what he was doing, and possibly improve on it, with the right, experienced offensive coordinator hire. Nonetheless, I wish him absolute very best and thank him for his role in the massive turn-around of our football program.
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    So that only leaves money games at Texas A&M in 2020, Missouri in 2021, and Wisconsin in 2025. I'm okay with ending all those series. Future home and home with Houston, Cal, Baylor, Tulane, Wyoming, Army, and Texas Tech. I'm glad we are telling people to come to Denton or we are not interested.
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    When 2027 rolls around those games against Baylor will probably be Conference games.
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    I like the fact that when they don't need it, it can be deflated and then quickly aired up again when needed. Sort of an "Instant Rice" facility.
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    I'll say it, this is straight bullshit.
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    You have the right to your opinion but I respectfully disagree. They actually have had a pretty representative group of speakers and have raised a lot of money for UNT. Allen Dershowitz voted for Hillary Clinton and is a lifelong democrat. Richard Fischer who was head of the Federal Reserve Bank ran as a democrat against Kay Bailey Hutchison and lost. General Keith Alexander was appointed by Obama to lead USCybercom. General Michael Hayden served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency in both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. General Hayden has been a fierce Trump critic. Admiral James Stadrivis was appointed by Obama to lead NATO forces. I think the point of the series is to look at the accomplishments of the speakers not the politics. It shows the world that UNT is no longer just a "Teachers College" and is a top notch academic institution.
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    DRC: UNT legend returning home to coach the Mean Green's running backs https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/breaking-news----unt-to-add-cobbs-jennings/article_10ef5043-2904-50ca-890e-038a748c7d0e.html
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    I know you've had trouble understanding this, but the fact that it was a raccoon is irrelevant. What does matter is that this was cruel and sadistic behavior. Being disturbed by such behavior is not "dumb".
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    Said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: I love this athletic administration. One of the best things we ever did was fire RV.
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    I happen to at lunch close by TSU and ran into Johnny. As always he took a few minutes to chat about his new gig and North Texas. He definitely follows the program. I still would like to have some of us in Houston take in a TSU game with a happy hour before the game.
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    hoooooo boy we made it to dollar general!
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    BIG win for the ladies in Bowling Green. 76-67. First ever victory there. Back over .500 at 12-11.
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    home run hire. Love that he went out side the box and got a very bright young mind. He is not afraid to branch out like so many coaches are.
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    This is huge news. Seth was one of the best OC in the country before coming to North Texas. Wish this would have happened sooner. But better late than never
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    I didn't mind that. He seemed engaged with his group and was able to captivate them. Didn't like the shorts and what not, but I am sure his band loved it. Never met the guy, but from afar he seems like a genuine good dude.
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    Good riddance. That IHOP was way too small and I’ve always thought it looked tacky next to the university seal and entrance way.
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    Athletics. The window through which UNT is viewed by the Nation/World and “UNT Alumni”.
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    Mac Engle wrote a nice article in today's print edition of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram about how far our football program had come in the last few years. It also mentioned basketball but only briefly. It is also on their web page for those who want to read it there. We are finally getting some good publicity from sources other than the Denton Record-Chronicle.
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    “Harrell leaves a program, which was once one of the worst in football, that is now firmly established as one of the Big mid majors in America.” How sweet is this?? GMG
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    well, that hardly looks indoors to me...I blame RV!
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    What if this raccoon took out Ray so many yeas ago? That change anyone's opinion?
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    BTW...Your Mean Green just walked out of WACkO with #20 Baylor’s hardware. When was the last time we’ve have a team beat two ranked teams in the same season, much less in three weeks time? Rick
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    Huh? Draper and Wooldridge are LITERALLY the only Benford recruits on the team. Some of you guys don't seem to know how the scholarships work. Alcindor is redshirting. He only played against non D1s. Tikhonenko is injured. He only played in 8 games and will likely get a medical redshirt. Wise is redshirting too. None of this was an issue and we scored fine until injuries mounted up. It does seem they missed on Tope. We just don't get much out of him. And I question the decision to put DJ on a scholly. It's a feel good story but DJ just isn't athletic enough to be counted on. But redshirting the guys he has redshirting is a great sign to me. It says Grant is building a program. If he wanted to win and get out of here, he'd burn the redshirt. But he hasn't. Does everyone griping realize we were missing two starters (Duffy and Ryan) and our 6th man (Simmons). We played with 6 guys, one of which was DJ. And I've never seen a player struggle post injury like Rose has. That couldn't have been predicted. We should end the year with a top 120 RPI, maybe top 100 following last year's 190 rpi. Benford never finished above 275 and finished below 300 multiple times. If you look at what Kelvin Sampson has done at Houston GMac has exceeded his 1st two years. Kelvin was 13-19 (4-14) in year #1 and 22-10 (12-6) in year #2. In my opinion, Grant is doing a really, really good job.
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    What I am upset with the most right now is not that we lost with a ridiculously short bench. It’s that we get 13 scholarships to use and 3 of those 13 being out relegates us to having 6 playable players. Yes, I know Tikhonenko is also out so technically it’s 4 players out, but he has played in 13 minutes against D1 opponents in two years. Guys who struggle to get off the bench probably wouldn’t help much even when we’re this depleted. Mccasland and his staff do not get a pass because of being short-handed. They are short-handed because they have not made effective use of all of their scholarships.
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    Bodie up tempo pace is very appealing to Seth. It was frustrating last year when we would be on drives and have teams on the ropes. Then sub and allow the defense to get fresh legs in. I believe it was equally frustrating to SL. I know Briles is hated for his actions or lack there of. But he was a hell of a football coach. I would not be surprised to see North Texas offense ran next year very similar to what Briles did at Baylor. The air raid with uptempo pace that allows you to wear down a defense and catch them off guard. Seth had a lot of mutual respect for GH and I think that is why he didnt step on his toes. But GH would like to let the defense set up. Then make the play calling decision off what the defense is giving you. As versus the other way around. Will be exciting to watch it Develop
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    I have gotten my affairs in order and my will written out so I can make the following statement: I would rather have had a Riprock's burger and fried green beans, oriental express, Sabrosita, the taco place across the highway, or the stuff Katz was serving before eating some generic sub with NY paraphernalia plastered on the walls. It was nice knowing y'all.
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    My toasted Ham & Salami at NYSH today before the game was as good as your going to find. That plus chips and a drink for $8.25 is a good deal. Rick
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    Pomeroy has y’all at 63% chance winning. I’d bump that up to around 99.3% chance. I never bet but if I did I’d never bet against Pomeroy. I’ve subscribed to him for around 5 years and it’s uncanny how accurate his site is. After seeing how you violated Marshall last night I feel even worse about Saturday. Our last trip west we beat USM and had to turn around and play early Saturday against La Tech and got smacked around Peter Dinklage at a Dwarf Tossing Renaissance Festival. I see we play at 5:00. Maybe our guys will be awake by then and give you some semblance of a game. Here’s a breakdown of our starters: #23 Charles Bassey - It’s been a pleasure watching a 5* all year. We’ve had some dipshits picking at every nit on him. He is a rebounding machine. He can also be a turnover machine but he just turned 18 in October. He reclassified to sign. He should be playing high school kids. He has a better shot than you might think. He’s more of an old school inside player. Has a pretty good knack for blocking shots. #4 Josh Anderson - The masked man. Dude from La Tech ‘accidentally’ broke his nose in that game. So now he’s wearing a mask. He’s an X-Factor. His outside shot and free throws improved more than any kid I’ve ever seen here in one year but that’s mainly because he was terrible at both last year. He is very explosive off the dribble. He had a pretty key posterize dunk down the stretch last night. #1 Lamonte Bearden - This guy is one of my all time favorite knuckleheads. He drives Stansbury crazy and a lot of our fans. Dude definitely marches to beat of his own drummer. Last year he quit going to class with a month left in school because he was going to ‘the League’. Lmmfao. Maybe the league of distinguished gentlemen but he found out quickly the offers weren’t flying in. So he came back. But had to sit out a semester to get his grades up. He had arguably his best game as a Hilltopper last night with 16 points 11 assists and 0 turnovers. He does something every game that amuses the hell out of me. I will miss his antics. I expect to see him grab our PA announcers mike on senior night and ask “Are you not entertained?” Antics aside he can play when he’s dialed in. #2 Jared Savage - He couldn’t guard Mr. Cherry’s statue on top of Western’s hill (Mr. Cherry started the university and is honored by a statue. It doesn’t move much). He will jack the ball up early and often. Our fans have been ready to run him out of town for not playing dee. He’s a local Bowling Green boy that spent 2 years at Austin Peay and put up numbers. There’s a reason Ray Harper didn’t recruit the local. He won’t play dee. So you watch whoever he’s matched up against. They’re going for a career night. Book it. But. In his defense he crushed UTSA with 3s in the overtime win. He’d thrown up gangster brick after gangster brick all game long but nailed 3 in overtime. #11 Taveion Hollingsworth - Jivvahn Jackson was the only freshman I saw in the conference last year that I thought might have been better than this guy. He broke Courtney Lee’s (PBUH) freshman scoring record last year. He’s leading us in scoring this year. But he is not himself right now. Really, really struggling from the field. When he’s on there’s not a better mid range shooter (a disappearing skill) in the conference. If we can get him back on track we’ll give anyone we play a game. Our guards are big. But they can’t guard the jet quick guys that litter this conference. There are some really good guards in this conference this year. We play really old school ball. Go to the rim. Try to shoot a ton of free throws. Last night we shot a lot more 3s than normal. Stansbury was not there. Bad back. Assistant Coach took the helm. You know the old saying of when the cat’s away the mice play? Our mice were jacking 3s. That’s not our game. We don’t get the ball to Bassey nearly enough. That has gotten better since LaMonte has entered the starting lineup. I honestly wanted a split out of this trip but I knew Rice was no pushover at home. They are not that bad. Not as bad as their record indicates anyway. So we have our split. I would be thrilled if we give you guys a game but it’ll surprise me if we’re within 10 when the horn sounds. Life on the road is tough. Good luck only not too much good luck.
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    No need to move the thread... Football played a role.
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    My scenario- Missouri gets kicked out of the SEC for these violations, plus the on-campus problems; Texas takes Missouri's place in the SEC; Big 12 invites UNT to take Texas' spot. We're instantly P5. You heard it here first!
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    I agree that those are some important questions this off season, but my biggest burning question is... When will our offensive and defensive lines be the equal of the better G5 bowl teams?

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