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    I don't know if they'll let us play two bowl games in the same season...
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    The Kid's been here for 4 years and has left sweat/blood on that field and you talk down about the kid? He never got into trouble and was a leader of men on and off the field. Come on man, show some respect
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    https://meangreensports.com/news/2018/11/29/football-mayfield-fine-earn-all-academic-honors.aspx Congrats to QB Mason Fine and OL Riley Mayfield
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    Best bowls, unscienterrific list Menudo Chili Ramen Potato Toscana from Olive Garden. Underrated, really Posole Poke
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    Actually that was played in New Orleans from 2001 - 2004.
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    So Brett Vito confirms what we already know about the bowl situation. Nothing.
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    Not surprising given he lost his starting and back up roles this year to underclassmen. Wish him the best. He seemed like a good guy.
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    They are probably as good as Troy from last year which could be a disaster if team blows another Bowl game to what fans consider an inferior conference.
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    My sources (me) say that we are working hard for the Independence Bowl. Count on it πŸ™‚
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    I think it's pretty good. Matt Wells is USU's ALL TIME LEADER IN WINS at 44-33. That school historically has been almost as bad as we are. He has an OC that has experience under Gary Pinkel(He was the OC for Chase Daniel and Blaine Gabbert) with stops under Leach and Oregon, so the offense fits, and he's had much better defensive numbers in arguably the most competitive G5 conference. He's been to 5 bowl games in 6 years and is responsible for 2 of the 3 ten win seasons at USU(and was the OC for the 3rd). Recruiting in the middle of nowhere with much bigger names to compete with in the state(Utah and BYU). Sounds like he fits Tech perfectly.
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    Alright big z let me know if you need anything else.
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    This would be friggin FANTASTIC. Can't believe we would possibly get rewarded like this just for hanging around, but hey, it happened last year to SoMiss.
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    I prefer Dallas against BYU. Haven't played them in awhile, and they'll bring more than a few.
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    Nothing like bleached meat for the masses.
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    Me At First Then Realizing its Old News
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    Awesome! Congrats Mason & Riley for not only playing football at a high level, but excelling in the classroom as well.
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    It is very likely that the Big doesn’t fill this spot and we get another UNLV (or Buffalo), which means the team should try for Shreveport if it is an option or NM to play a top MWC team.
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    Can we now refer to Vito as the Liberty University of sports writing?
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    I just realized I had posted about bowls outside of the megathread. I feel dirty.
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    Bowl priorities, unscientific: A game we can (and do) win An opponent that achieving the above would have some relevance Best opportunity for next year's @MeanGreenFB to improve between now and game day A date and location that favors a good turnout A fun time for players (see the first bullet) A fun time for fans (see the first bullet) Generally, those favor Dallas. Who we play makes a difference, though. GMG
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    From SMU through the end of the LaTech game, Easly was handed the ball 12 times on short yardage situations (2 yards or less). He converted 8 of them Torry, in the same stretch, was give 11 tries. He converted 7 of them.
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    Lots of projections now showing us in the New Mexico Bowl. πŸ™ I'm just not that enchanted about this bowl as others.
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    Good for him! Thanks for all your contributions over the past few years & best of luck at your next stop Ashton. We'll be rooting for you, unless you pop up on the schedule.
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    I will take my Austin-area Local news updates (ball) and go home if you want, @Christopher Walker
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    UTSA did it a couple of years ago, the North Texas Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl
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    UAB and all 500 of their fans that can travel the day after Christmas. That'll look hilarious in the Cotton Bowl
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    As someone who just got the 26th off from work against all odds, I’d really like to be rewarded with the First Responder Bowl. Also, something fun about getting on the train in Denton and be able to go all the way to the bowl.
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    No to the New Mexico Bowl. I rather play in the Frisco Bowl then the New Mexico Bowl.
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    Who cares about sources it's a fan board not a college dissertation or court proceedings. Read: It doesn't invalidate claims since this is just a forum
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    Did I ask if You asked Me @Big Z? NO But Seeing how this is a public forum and not an intimate conversation between you two, might want to calm down there bud
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    But at least we got to learn which of our fans are ready to go to bat defending the sacred honor of the Briles family name. You can't put a price on that, baby!
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    Forgive all of us who have seen mostly pure suckitude for the last 40 years for enjoying this season.
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    It is how you say it. Preston, as many have noted, has been a great teammate, student, student leader and has been active in the community. The young man lost his starting job and never caused a problem which shows a lot of maturity. He could have been selfish and sulked all year, but if you watched you would realize he was always trying to keep his teammates up and motivated. I have a lot of respect for the young man and wish him nothing but the best. I will follow him next year.
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    Nice grammar dumbass. P.S. I heard that is @Harry in the background. Told the woman he runs GMG.com. Just a rumor, not confirmed.
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    Funny true story. Back in high school I actually worked at a (now closed) Food Lion in Allen, TX during the bleaching scandal. Was pretty creepy how empty the stores were for months after that. Lots of time "facing the HBA" aisle to look busy. πŸ™„
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    If Satterfield, Wells and Littrell get poached and Troy Is on the vine then 3 ADs need to have heads examined and Wren needs to be on a plane to Troy with a contract that will double Browns pay
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    Torrey must be the first running back in college football history to run for 977 yards without anyone ever laying a hand on him. Rick
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    1hr longer drive than New Orleans to play a MWC team over a Sunbelt! Worth it!!
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    I certainly understand this "destination" argument, but like is ABQ a good destination for the players? Is New Orleans? Is Shreveport? The only thing you're going to experience in ABQ is good crystal meth. This is still a business trip for them and I'm really not sure they'd encounter much in the way of culture or activities they haven't seen before. You have to look at bowl games from a 30,000 ft level. Sure you want the kids to have a good time. But we also want to win, and for it to mean something for the entire program and university. Potential attendance, prestige, opponent, location, etc should all factor in. If we wanted a destination we should have just accepted Hawaii or Bahamas.
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    Not beat out. Kendal went off the table when he signed new deal. Texas state moved on to Jake. πŸ‘Œ
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    Love that DMN can post articles about a non-existent football program at UTA, but no mention of the Mean Green and the upcoming bowl season!

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