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    The Kid's been here for 4 years and has left sweat/blood on that field and you talk down about the kid? He never got into trouble and was a leader of men on and off the field. Come on man, show some respect
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    They are probably as good as Troy from last year which could be a disaster if team blows another Bowl game to what fans consider an inferior conference.
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    Me At First Then Realizing its Old News
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    Awesome! Congrats Mason & Riley for not only playing football at a high level, but excelling in the classroom as well.
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    It is how you say it. Preston, as many have noted, has been a great teammate, student, student leader and has been active in the community. The young man lost his starting job and never caused a problem which shows a lot of maturity. He could have been selfish and sulked all year, but if you watched you would realize he was always trying to keep his teammates up and motivated. I have a lot of respect for the young man and wish him nothing but the best. I will follow him next year.
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    Welp, this was looking like a classy thread until ↑ that ↑ post. Wish you all the best, Ashton.
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    Nice grammar dumbass. P.S. I heard that is @Harry in the background. Told the woman he runs GMG.com. Just a rumor, not confirmed.
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    HaHa! That's really funny. Doesn't fit my position at all on climate change, but heck...that is darn funny. Welcome back by the way.
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    5'10" 185 lbs. Also holds offers from Boston College, Indiana, TSU-SM https://247sports.com/player/parker-washington-46042319/
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    http://1130thetiger.com/final-match-up-prediction-for-the-2018-independence-bowl/ So if my math is right, that means we're going to look towards Conference USA to fill that spot. North Texas plays their home games just 3 and a half hours from Independence Stadium, and has never played in the Indy Bowl before. Their fans have been feeling it this year too, going as far as setting a record for attendance at their home, Apogee Stadium, when hosting Louisiana Tech this season. They're a team that would be excited about the call, and their fans would likely travel...especially if it meant a date with Miami, and possibly a statement win for the program.
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    Tommy Tuberville had the highest rated recruiting class in Tech history and he didn't have "Texas Ties"
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    I don't hate Wells, but in my opinion, Tech is a unique place. Wells has no ties to Texas, and doesn't know the area. It is an interesting place in that the people that go there love it and people from outside can't figure out why. Wells is a good coach, but I will be curious to see what happens to their recruiting. Honestly surprised they didn't go after Sonnie Cumbie.
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    You are either the snake to my mongoose or the mongoose to my snake.
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    Not to mention he is a student leader on campus outside of athletics.
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    I'm just equating him to being a great football coach. Shitty person, but good coach. Preston may not be a great player(not questioning that) but he's a good person. I'm saying I'd take 100 Ashton Prestons on my team over a single Shawn Oakman, Tevin Elliott, or Sam Ukwuachu. Wouldn't you agree?
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/fine-mayfield-named-to-c-usa-all-academic-team/article_44a67d4a-176d-551a-8eba-fd8eb786ff1b.html
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    He seemed like a hard worker and definitely someone who was a positive force in many aspects with the team. I hope he finds a fit where he can excel next year. Best of luck, sir.
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    I mean one could argue that Quinn Shanbour isn't "very good" but by all accounts has been an incredible teammate and person. I haven't heard anything that would make me think any different of Mr. Preston. It's pretty shameful that you would rather lose players who "aren't very good" even if they have been upstanding teammates and people. You must be a huge fan of Art Briles. He sure did win a lot of football games.
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    If it is Buffalo in Dallas, I wonder if their notorious naked guy is gonna make it? https://twitter.com/ubnakedguy?lang=en
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    I hope that we play BYU at Whatever Bowl. Best name appointment I've seen that would excited the UNT casual fan base.
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    Personally, I love New Orleans, just not the opponent. I say we try to get the Sugar Bowl.
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    I saw an Indy bowl rep walking around at the FAU game so i know we have at least talked to them/ they have had some interest in us
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    Who wouldn't travel to get away from Buffalo?
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    Played on the very first day of bowl season last year. Don't wanna play on the very first day of bowl season this year. It takes away practice/planning time, and most of all, if i'm being honest, it just feels cheap & spare. Later in the season the better. New Mexico can get right the hell out. (Also, i still low key want Indy. It just feels/sounds like the most important bowl of the bunch because of it's history, it's almost guaranteed to be against a P5, and I want to drink free booze and gamble in Bossier before and/or after a Mean Green win.)
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    I hope he lands on his feet at a good University and can get some PT for his last year
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    I'll bet Wells will be able to find some guys to place on his staff that will have "Texas ties". For instance, he may be interested in an ace recruiting special teams coordinator from Denton.
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    Hollywood baby!!! Great fit!
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    I did not love those Jerseys. The pants had a retro look to them which I didn't mind but the tops were way too plain. It looked like their Mom's ironed on Mean Green. It needed some pipping or something.
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    Kingsbury named USC OC. http://www.kvue.com/sports/report-trojans-to-name-former-texas-tech-head-coach-kliff-kingsbury-new-offensive-coordinator/618798342 ( Sent from KVUE NEWS )
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    Sounds like Coach Bro is headed out west. Some interesting thoughts in the article. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/College-football-coaching-news-125373815/#125373815_24
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    Beyond crappy. That would really make us want to be bowl eligible next year, now wouldn't it? 😞 G5 is not where I thought North Texas would be after my Junior year in 1975 but for those who've never been anywhere except G5 (or the equivalent) I guess it really doesn't matter to them, now does it? Sad. GMG!.
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    so its classless in wanting a player thats not very good at his position gone?
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    I get all of that. so we cannot question his ability on the field?
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    Nice hire, I can not figure out why the hate for Wells going to TXTech, is it homerism seeing that SL is not as attractive as fans would like to think? Wells has the 2nd best G5 team in the Country right now. Tech will do well. SL will not even sniff the Colorado or KState jobs. Maybe Vandy if Mason leaves but that would be it.
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    nice guy but bad player. There is a reason he lost his role.
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