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    I don't know if they'll let us play two bowl games in the same season...
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    Actually that was played in New Orleans from 2001 - 2004.
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    So Brett Vito confirms what we already know about the bowl situation. Nothing.
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    Not surprising given he lost his starting and back up roles this year to underclassmen. Wish him the best. He seemed like a good guy.
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    Alright big z let me know if you need anything else.
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    This would be friggin FANTASTIC. Can't believe we would possibly get rewarded like this just for hanging around, but hey, it happened last year to SoMiss.
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    I prefer Dallas against BYU. Haven't played them in awhile, and they'll bring more than a few.
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    Nothing like bleached meat for the masses.
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    Lots of projections now showing us in the New Mexico Bowl. 🙁 I'm just not that enchanted about this bowl as others.
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    Good for him! Thanks for all your contributions over the past few years & best of luck at your next stop Ashton. We'll be rooting for you, unless you pop up on the schedule.
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    I will take my Austin-area Local news updates (ball) and go home if you want, @Christopher Walker
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    UTSA did it a couple of years ago, the North Texas Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl
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    UAB and all 500 of their fans that can travel the day after Christmas. That'll look hilarious in the Cotton Bowl
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    As someone who just got the 26th off from work against all odds, I’d really like to be rewarded with the First Responder Bowl. Also, something fun about getting on the train in Denton and be able to go all the way to the bowl.
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    No to the New Mexico Bowl. I rather play in the Frisco Bowl then the New Mexico Bowl.
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    Who cares about sources it's a fan board not a college dissertation or court proceedings. Read: It doesn't invalidate claims since this is just a forum
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    Did I ask if You asked Me @Big Z? NO But Seeing how this is a public forum and not an intimate conversation between you two, might want to calm down there bud
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    But at least we got to learn which of our fans are ready to go to bat defending the sacred honor of the Briles family name. You can't put a price on that, baby!
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    Forgive all of us who have seen mostly pure suckitude for the last 40 years for enjoying this season.
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    we had an entire season of football built around the last year at Fouts stadium... and we had one of the biggest opponents come in to close it out... I feel like we honored the final game their properly... we just didnt tear it down soon enough.